Brotherly Love Ch. 02

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“Crawl onto the bed,” Shawn instructed Luna. The two of them had stripped, and Shawn was sitting on the bed, his legs out in front of him, his cock hard. Luna stood at the foot of the bed, and as she bent over to climb onto the bed, her C cup breasts swung under her, giving Shawn a marvelous view. She crawled in between his legs and waited for more instruction.

“Good, now start with a hand job,” Shawn commanded. She did as she was told, wrapping her hand around his thick dick. It was so large that her fingertips didn’t even touch. Luna slowly began to move her hand slowly down the shaft and then back up.

“Very good. Now I want you to move to a blowjob. Did you do any of that with Evan?” Shawn asked her, wondering just how much his best friend had done with his sister.

“Yes,” she told him honestly. She could barely believe what was happening. How long had she dreamed of this? She lowered her head until her mouth was at just the right level, and then she opened it, snaking her tongue out and around this tip of his mushroom-like head. She tasted his precum and moaned in delight. Then she began to lick slowly down the underside of his shaft, until she reached his balls. She fondled them with her hands and sucked on them before licking her way back upward.

“God Luna, you’re a natural,” Shawn encouraged casino şirketleri her. She licked around his head again before engulfing it in her mouth, a few inches at a time. She’d take an inch more in and then pull back, and then do the same thing over again. Her hand moved down to her clit, playing with it, moistening her sex.

When he hit the back of her throat, she gagged and pulled off, or rather, she tried to pull off, but Shawn wouldn’t let her. “Uh-uh,” he said, shaking his head “I want you to swallow my cock. Let it slide down your throat.” But Luna didn’t want to, and she tried even harder to pull off. After a few minutes of struggling, Shawn let go of her head and she took her mouth off of him.

“That was an asshole move,” she told him.

“No. You want to learn? You do everything I tell you. If you say no again, or resist me, then I’m done. It’s up to you,” Shawn responded, one eyebrow cocked. Oh, he was going to have a lot of fun with her if she agreed to that. He could just imagine what he could get her to do. He licked his lips as she nodded and apologized.

“I’ll try again if you want,” she offered.

“No,” he said, waving his hand in the air as if dismissing the idea. “Today we’ll just have sex, but you’re in for a lot of training. It’s going to involve things you don’t casino firmaları want to do. I’m going to push your comfort zone the max. But for today, just do whatever you’re comfortable with, OK? However, I am going to talk dirty to you, if you’re not okay with that, let me know.”

She nodded and straddled him, wanting so badly to feel his huge cock inside of her. “You sure?” Shawn asked, knowing that this was about to happen, and wanting to give her one last chance to turn back. She nodded and impaled herself on him, moaning loudly in pleasure as her vagina was stretched out by her brother’s large stick.

“Shit,” he groaned “your cunt is so fucking tight, sis,” he told her as she began to move up and down on him. One hand of his came up to massage one of her breasts while the other rested on her hip, helping her move on him.

It wasn’t long at all before she was bouncing up and down on him like she’d been doing it her whole life, moaning and squealing in pleasure as his balls slapped up against her ass. “I’m gonna cum,” she told her brother, breathless, right before it happened. He made her ride through the pleasure. Her entire body shuddered and spasmed in bliss, and her walls tightened around his cock, gripping him even tighter than before.

Had Shawn not been as experienced as he was, güvenilir casino he would have cum right then and there, but he was able to hold out longer. He planned to fuck her in at least two different positions, maybe three, before letting himself go. It all depended on her, if she was a true natural, she’d have him cumming in no time.

As she came down from her orgasm, Shawn told her to get off of him and to get on her hands and knees. He told her he was going to ram her like a mutt that needed to be punished, and she did exactly what he wanted. He aligned himself with her before sliding in and groaning. She squealed, still not used to the feeling.

“Massage your clit while I fuck your pussy,” he ordered her, beginning to pick up speed as he rammed into her time and time again. Her hand slithered down her flat stomach to her throbbing clit and her fingers began to play with the sensitive nub.

It was a good thing the two of them didn’t live in an apartment, because the noise alone would have gotten them evicted. Luna was quite a squealer and she had an amazing set of lungs. Each time she came, she screeched, and she came a lot.

By the time that Shawn came, she’d came at least nine times. He thrust one last time, pumping every inch of him into her, and let loose. He hadn’t thought about condoms until that moment, and it scared him to death. He almost pulled out. But she felt too good for him to remove himself. He squirted every last drop into her, pulled his limp penis out, and collapsed next to her on the bed, where the two of them promptly fell asleep.

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