Brother in the Box

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Cecilia always looked thin and puny for a 19 year old girl. Living with Sara, her widowed mother hovering in the early 40s her life wasn’t full of any teenage adventures. Cecilia’s 22 year old brother, Melvin, kept himself preoccupied with some courses in the city and remained a bookworm to the hilt whenever he came home. He naturally enjoyed more benefits at home and amongst their relatives as he was ‘brilliant’, a remark which irked Cecilia more often than not. Whenever he came home for vacation, the house buzzed with activity as friends and relatives started pouring in to see the ‘genius’. Naturally, Cecilia envied her brother for all the undue attention he kept stealing during each one of his visit.

He was planning to visit for Christmas and obviously it wasn’t very pleasant news to Cecilia. She was amused and annoyed to watch her mother running from pillar to post preparing for Melvin’s visit. The groceries were flooding the kitchen while the refrigerator began overflowing with milk and soft drinks. Cecilia was fuming in jealousy seeing the elaborate arrangements her mother was making for just yet another visit by her pampered brother. She had a special reason for envying her brother; he was perhaps the most sought after guy amongst her own friends. While Melvin was blessed with the good looks of their mother, Cecilia was cursed to resemble more of her deceased ugly father. Not many guys evinced any interest on her while a whole lot of girls kept chasing Melvin whenever he was in town. Melvin’s other side of being a secret freak neither seemed to bother his mom nor his relatives.

On the other hand, Cecelia’s stint with flirting wasn’t worth mentioning. She did receive a proposal for dating from one of her classmates a year ago. However, it turned out to be a nightmare as the bastard cunningly took her to a motel where he and his friends screwed her from afternoon till late evening before having the mercy to let her go home. Since then she had been vary of guys and never tried to scale the wall again.

Anyway, Melvin reached just a couple of days before Christmas and Cecilia could only watch helplessly as he bathed in the hospitality of all the relatives. The siblings seldom spoke to each other for quite some time. It was Melvin who broke the ice by inviting Cecilia for a movie. Although Cecilia wasn’t interested, she finally obliged as there was plenty of persuasion from her mother. Honestly, she wasn’t requiring too much of it as she always loved to watch movies. Melvin took her to the best theatre in town to watch a Hindi movie with Cecilia’s favorite star in the lead.

They were just the two in the whole box as the movie began. Melvin was watching even the commercials with rapt attention .Cecilia was getting bored as she might have watched those advertisements a few hundred times and couldn’t let out a gentle yawn. However, she wasn’t aware of the future shock which slowly unfolded once the main movie began.

Melvin was sitting to the left of Cecilia. As the movie began, his right arm went around her back and rested on her right shoulder. As Cecilia looked up at her brother, he flashed his magic smile while the sister was wondering what he meant by that smile. But the worst shock was waiting in the wings.

“What went wrong in the motel?” Melvin literally pressed his lips against Cecilia’s ears sending a terrible shock wave into her.

“What do you mean?” she fumbled initially to brush off the topic before her brother could probe any further.

“You certainly know what I mean,” Melvin spoke with a smile which flashed in the semi darkness of the theatre. “I heard about it almost immediately through casino şirketleri one of my friends.”

“Then you shouldn’t be asking me,” Cecilia turned her face away as though she wasn’t interested to discuss about the nightmare anymore. She tried hard to concentrate on the screen with her heart beating faster and faster.

“I was told they were four,” Melvin spoke as he tightened his grip on her right shoulder with sarcasm overriding in his tone.

Cecilia began cursing herself for being so naïve to have come with her teasing brother. She had always a few reservations about her brother and it was another occasion to prove yet again that her brother was a sadist in the making.

“No,” Cecilia pushed off his hands from her shoulders and snarled at Melvin. “In fact they were six. Now will you let me watch the movie or should I go home?”

“Six?” Melvin exclaimed pretending as though he didn’t believe what he had heard.

“Yes,” Cecilia quipped in a firm tone. “But I must tell you that they were far better than you.”

“I hope you didn’t disclose this to mom,” Melvin said with a mischievous smile.

“No,” Cecilia felt nervous with overwhelming fear. “You know she won’t cope up with that.”

“You are right,” Melvin smiled again. “I know for sure.”

“I don’t want you to talk about this again,” Cecilia got closer to Melvin and whispered. “At least you will never tell mom about this.”

Melvin nodded his head in agreement with closed eyes. “I think I shouldn’t be telling this to anyone for that reason.”

“Promise me,” Cecilia extended her right hand letting her palm stay inches away from Melvin’s face.

“Not so easily,” Melvin giggled. “Nothing comes free of cost.”

“Don’t ever try to blackmail me,” Cecilia snarled again.

Melvin stopped laughing, looked into her eyes for a moment and said with a smile, “Then we should better watch the movie.”

The siblings tried watching the movie for a while even though neither had any involvement whatsoever in what they saw. While Cecilia kept wondering what she should do keep her brother from revealing the motel episode, Melvin was running out of patience as he looked determined to tease his sister further.

“I want you to keep your mouth shut,” Cecilia spoke without moving her eyes of the screen.

“That is quite easy,” Melvin tilted his head towards her and spoke into her ears. “Provided you listen to what I say.”

“You have to assure me that you won’t ask me anything silly,” Cecilia wasn’t relenting. Melvin got annoyed for the first time as he stared at his sister visibly upset.

“Dear sister,” Melvin spoke making a conspicuous attempt to remain calm. “You can’t dictate terms with me if you want me to keep silent.”

“That’s alright,” Cecilia conceded finally. “What terms are you going to dictate?”

Melvin didn’t answer at once. His rigid face soon bloomed with a mischievous smile as his left hand unzipped his pant in a flash. Cecilia felt like being hit by a hammer on the head as he slid his body downwards and began pushing his pant from the waist. Here he had already freed his throbbing cock from the captivity of his brief which looked more menacing than those guys who went on a rampage in the motel. He held his shaft right in between his palms and began gently churning his meat closing his eyes.

“Melvin,” Cecilia spoke in a voice sounding like thin air unable to believe what she was seeing. She couldn’t help staring at her brother’s vigorous meat which stood tall well above nine inches perhaps.

“Will you give me a blowjob?” Melvin asked opening his eyes briefly.

“W..h..a..t?” casino firmaları Cecilia stammered.

“I assure you,” Melvin winked at her. “I will do a neat sucking job once you are through.”

“This is a theatre and I am your sister,” Cecilia gulped her saliva as she spoke with her eyes pinned on her brother’s gigantic dick.

“There is nobody in the box,” Melvin leaned into her ears and whispered. “It doesn’t matter to me being your brother.”

Melvin suddenly started playing with his rod. His hands went around her again pulling her body towards him. Cecilia’s tender breasts brushed against his right arm sending a mild chill through her nerves. His left hand reached beneath her abdomen to tease her pussy mount.

Cecilia closed her eyes at once and immediately started recollecting her first erotic adventure with her friends in the motel. ‘It all began like this,’ she told herself. She was held from behind by a guy while two guys had spread her legs wide enough to let her boyfriend have a go at her pussy. All the guys kept reaching out to her young tits in turns, squeezing them hard enough to send her screaming out in pain. She opened her eyes in an attempt to shrug off those haunting memories.

“Open up,” Melvin smiled unashamed. “Tell me how you feel your brother on your young pussy.”

“Not here,” she fumbled for words. “May be we should try this at home.”

Melvin wasn’t listening to her as his hands moved rapidly up and down all over her body. His left hand cupped her right breast gently just to let his palm brush against her nipple. Cecilia realized that he was trying to be very gentle with her unlike those pervert guys in the motel.

“Will you fuck me here, Melvin?” Cecilia queried with a bit of anxiety.

“Yes,” Melvin replied in the affirmative and began moistening his lips while his right hand entered inside her shirt through the top open.

“Really?” Cecilia murmured. “We need to be careful.”

Melvin pulled out a colorful pack of condoms from his pocket and unleashed it like magic. Cecilia’s eyes widened to see his big dick getting wrapped by the pinkish condom as though he had enormous experience in using condoms.

“Take of your skirt and shirt,” Melvin ordered in a hurried voice. “Turn around, hold the chair and keep bending forward.”

Cecilia’s hesitation was short lived as her brother’s hands went about stripping her with amazing ease. She got on her feet at once as if she was expecting this, leaned forward gripping the armrests of the chair.

“You aren’t that bad,” Melvin spoke mockingly as his hands landed on her waist. “You have a nice pair of round firm ass cheeks.”

Cecilia had just unclasped the bra hooks to let her young tits hang in the free air. Melvin’s hands caressed her silky stomach for a while before moving upwards to clutch her young tits. His thumbs found her nipples to knead and tweak them for a while.

“You are going to take the whole of mine inside,” Melvin said as if he was cautioning her while he began searching for his young sister’s wet pussy with the tip of his dick. Within seconds his hard meat had made an entry into her cunt sending a tremor all over her body.

“Let it inside,” Cecilia said taking a long breath.

Melvin pushed his demon further deep into her willing pussy and began rigging. Soon his thighs began banging against ass cheeks as he drove his dick in and out of her pussy mercilessly.

“Melvin,” Cecilia tried hard not to scream. “It feels very big inside.”

“Take it,” Melvin spoke biting his teeth. “Perhaps your pussy is still tight after the plough güvenilir casino you got in the motel.”

Melvin kept increasing the momentum while Cecilia’s hands occasionally slipped off the armrest as her young body struggled to cope up with her brother’s fucking speed. Her tender breasts swayed in the air as Melvin ripped her pussy apart like a machine relentlessly. She was struggling hard to contain her forced moans of utter joy. Melvin too was breathing hard while he kept mumbling ‘Take it’. Cecilia kept pushing her ass backwards not to let her brother’s rampaging cock get out of her oozing pussy. The siblings went along fucking while their bodies slammed against each other with loud noise.

“Melvin!” Cecilia screamed apparently due to her fast approaching climax.

“Goddd,” Melvin called out loudly as he could feel his dick exploding and filling the condom with enormous loads of his cum. His body soon rested on her back and gripped her waist more firmly.

“Why did I cum so soon,” he murmured still gasping for breath.

Cecilia turned around and was a bit amused even in exhaustion to see her brother’s shrunk dick going down like a defeated soldier. She hesitantly reached to her clothes to dress her up although she wasn’t sure if her brother had finished off with her yet. She was a bit disappointed to see that Melvin seemed to be more desperate to dress himself. The siblings settled on their seats smiling at each other.

It was yet another song sequence on the screen when Melvin pulled Cecilia’s face towards him and pressed his lips firmly against hers. What looked like a never ending kiss culminated in the horny brother’s hands once again reaching on the sister’s breasts to knead the perky nipples. It wasn’t difficult for Cecilia to guess what would happen next as Melvin began teasing her pussy again. His hands were quick enough to undo her skirt leaving his little sister in surprise. Cecilia moaned as Melvin drove a couple of his fingers inside her wet hole to dive in and out gently. Melvin looked like a guy in hurry as he got off the seat, went on his knees and buried his face between Cecilia’s shiny slender thighs. Cecilia’s body arched like a bow feeling his rough lips teasing her soft pussy lips.

Melvin began slowly by brushing her public hair with his lips and soon his tongue popped out as though it couldn’t remain patient. Cecilia’s back was pressing hard against the seat while her legs began spreading enough to let her brother get his way. Her right hand rested on his head clutching his hair while her eyes watched with sheer amazement as he got quicker with his lips and tongue on her pussy. She began grinding her waist, gripping his face with enormous strength whenever his probing tongue ventured inside her moist cunt.

“Oh Brother,” She groaned as she felt his teeth occasionally pressing against her soft tissues.

Cecilia was getting wild with her brother’s oral tease as she unbuttoned her shirts again and this time around pulled off her bra as well. Melvin looked up after a while and smiled with glowing lust in his eyes. He inched upwards towards the freed breasts and started sucking her nipples in alternate. His finger had replaced his mouth on her wet cunt as he kept poking her cavity. The little girl soon approached another explosion unable to cope up with the speeding fingers inside her moist pussy. Melvin was equal to the task as he descended at once to slurp her juice by letting his wide opened mouth press against her oozing clit.

Cecilia held his head firmly against her pussy for a while after which her grip loosened. Melvin stood up and returned to his seat again.

“It was fantastic,” Cecilia whispered into her brother’s ears.

“That was just a preview,” Melvin said winking at her. “Wait for the main movie soon at home.”

The siblings kissed yet again thoroughly excited about the prospects of the days ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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