Brother Helping Brother

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Jeremy and Jackson were a year apart as close as many twins. They had very similar looks, both six foot even and about a hundred and eighty pounds. Jeremy was thirty-one, while Jackson was thirty. They were both married but to very different types of girls. Jeremy was married to Macy, who was one year younger than Jeremy. She had dark hair and dark features, tall at five feet nine with big tits to match her frame. Jackson is married to Anna, a twenty-five-year-old redhead. She is small and petite at five feet one with a tight ass and small tits.

Jeremy and Macy have been married for six years now with a boy and a girl a year apart. Jackson and Anna married a year later but have not been able to have kids. They have tried to conceive since they married but so far have failed. Macy and Anna have become very close with their husbands spending so much time together and living only a block apart.

Anna called Macy to come to her house to talk. Macy thought that Anna was crying by the tone of her voice. When Macy got to Anna’s door she was sure.

“What’s wrong Anna?”

“I finally convinced Jackson that we need to both get tested to determine why we can’t get pregnant. We took the test and I just got the results,” Anna said bursting into tears.

Macy hugged Anna trying to comfort her. Anna couldn’t speak so she just handed Macy the paperwork. The report stated that Anna had no issues and was fertile. Jackson, the report stated, had very low to nonexistent sperm count. The report went on to detail that it was likely the result of an accident to his scrotum when he was a boy.

“How do I tell him?” Anna said crying. “And what do we do about it?” Anna went on crying about how she desperately wanted to be a mother.

Macy tried to help her by giving her some options. She suggested adoption or a sperm donor. After considerable conversation, Anna calmed down. She still wasn’t sure how she was going to tell her husband but agreed that they would look into other options.

A week later Macy was at Anna’s having coffee at Anna’s request. Anna wanted to discuss the options they learned. Anna told Macy that she broke the news to Jackson who while emotional took the news as well as could be expected. The fertility clinic gave them several options that included adoption or artificial insemination using a sperm bank just as Macy had suggested. Anna said that adoption was not something they would consider so they were given the details of artificial insemination. They were told that their insurance would not cover the cost and could be over $5000 with no guarantee of success.

Anna said that she and Jackson had decided that they were not comfortable with an unknown sperm donor nor did they really have the money for the artificial insemination treatments. Macy gave her a puzzled look not knowing what other options were available.

“That’s why I wanted to talk to you before Jackson talks to Jeremy. If you say no then we will drop it.” Macy looked even more confused at Anna. “We would like to use a blood relative’s sperm,” Anna said stopping before saying the obvious.

“Okay, I understand you want to use Jeremy’s sperm. Makes sense, they are so similar. But if you don’t use artificial insemination, how do you… ” Macy trailed off not finishing the sentence. “You are proposing that the insemination would not be artificial, right?”

Macy was shocked that Anna was proposing this. Her husband had told her that Anna was a virgin when she met Jackson and had come to know Anna as very conservative. “I know, I can’t believe I’m asking you this but with money tight and the clinic saying that we could pay all this money and still fail to get pregnant. Jackson and I are asking you guys for help. It is a huge ask and I would understand for so many reasons why you would say no, but we are desperate.”

“Just so we are clear you are talking about my Jeremy fucking you to get you pregnant, right?” Macy asked bluntly.

“I wouldn’t exactly put it that way, but yes sex would be involved,” Anna said tearing up.

Macy reached out and hugged Anna tight. “I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine what you are going through. I know how bad you want a baby. Are you sure this is the way?”

“We looked at every other option and we were left with this. I think I understand all that is involved and the problems that could result. Our husbands are so close, I would hate for this to come between us.” Anna said lowering her head.

“What is a little sex between brothers for such a good cause?” Macy said laughing. “Seriously, I think it’s a good solution.”

“There is another thing: this would not be a one-night thing. The clinic said that we have sex each day for the two days before ovulation and the two days after. We would have to have sex five days in a row and if it didn’t work then try again the next month. Does that change your mind?”

“I was assuming that much sex would be involved, we fucked a lot of days in a row to have our two kids.” Macy laughed again. She hugged Anna casino şirketleri again. “You have my blessing to do whatever it takes and to use my husband however you want. I assume that Jackson is going to ask Jeremey, when is your next prime cycle?”

“Jackson is going to do that today and if we all agree we would start next Friday. I do have a couple of issues,” Anna said meekly. Macy nodded to her. “As you can imagine; I’m very nervous about having intercourse with my brother-in law. I think we should keep our clothes on, except the parts that have to touch. I also think we should try to keep the touching to a minimum.”

“Anna that is a nice thought but sex should be enjoyable. I’ve read studies where women get pregnant more often when they orgasm during sex. My husband’s dick will be in you however way you do it, have fun with it” Macy said to the surprised look from Anna.

“The clinic said the same thing. I just thought it might be easier on all of us if we made it less personal. I just don’t want us uncomfortable after we do it.” Anna said looking down.

“Anna, I know this is hard for you. Hell, it will be hard for the guys. But it’s sex; don’t feel guilty if you like it. Nature made sex to feel good so we will fuck and have babies.”

“I just don’t think I can enjoy it, so I want to try it this way. Thank you for being so understanding.” Anna said hugging Macy.

That night Jeremy brought it up first when he came home. “I guess you talked to Anna today?”

Macy nodded with a grin on her face. “Crazy, isn’t it?”

“No, I think it is the best solution for a bad problem. The real question is can you and your brother deal with this?” Macy said grabbing his hand. “Is he going to be okay with you fucking his wife?”

Jeremy was surprised at how blunt his wife was. “That’s funny I didn’t even think of him having an issue. I was more worried about you.”

“That’s sweet honey, I know you love me and it is for a good cause. Don’t even pretend that you are not excited to have sex with your sister in law.”

“Well uh, I… ” Jeremy stammered embarrassed.

“Stop right there. I want you to do this. Anna desperately wants a baby and this is how we get her one. You need to be careful with her; she is determined not to enjoy this, thinking if she does enjoy it she will be cheating on her husband. We need to make this comfortable and enjoyable for her so she doesn’t regret it later,” Macy said very seriously.

“We?” Jeremy said quizzically.

“Yes, all three of us need to do whatever it takes to make her comfortable with having sex with you. You need to follow her lead and do as she wants.”

“Wow, you make it sound like torture for her to fuck me,” Jeremy said back.

“Don’t worry big boy I’m suffering too. You know we can’t have sex till you get her pregnant, we can’t be wasting your sperm.”

The big day finally arrived with Macy and Jeremy meeting up at Anna and Jackson’s house. Macy had dropped the kids at their parents for the weekend. The four had a nervous dinner with Anna clearing the table and asking if everyone is ready.

She said she wanted to go over the plan once again so everyone is in agreement. “Macy and Jackson will go to their house to watch a movie or whatever for two hours then they will return here. Jeremy and I will go up to the bedroom and I will keep my clothes on taking off my bottoms once I’m in the bed under the covers. Jeremy will do his thing and hopefully I will get pregnant. We do the same tomorrow and the following two days.”

Macy broke the tension. “Two hours? Jeremy won’t need that long.” They all laughed but Jeremy who finally joined in laughing.

Just over two hours later Macy and Jeremy were back home getting ready for bed. “So how was it?” Macy asked.

“It was okay, pretty much as Anna had described.”

“Oh no you don’t, I want details,” Macy said climbing into bed.

“Anna turned off the lights and climbed into bed. She had a t-shirt and either panties or shorts on, I couldn’t tell. I had on my boxers and a t-shirt. She told me she was ready and I was to get under the covers too. I slipped my boxers off and asked her how she wanted me to do it; we really hadn’t talked about that before. She told me to get on top of her that would be the best way to keep my sperm in her.

I moved over top of her trying my best not to touch her as agreed. I asked her she needed lubrication. She seemed a little embarrassed telling me that would not be necessary,” Jeremy said.

“Was she wet?” Macy asked.

“Oh shit Macy, she was soaked. I wasn’t allowed to touch her, but my cock slid right in. I could tell she was stifling a moan when I entered her but she didn’t move. I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would. I think it was because she wasn’t moving. Finally, I let go cumming in her. I felt like it was quite a bit because you cut me off since we agreed to this.”

“Hey that was for the cause, you have no idea how horny I am and have to listen to you casino firmaları getting off. Did Anna cum?”

“I don’t think so; she had the sheets in a death grip the whole time,” Jeremy said.

The next few days went the same way with Jeremy fucking Anna in the dark in the most mechanical fashion possible. Jackson and Macy spent time in a very uncomfortable fashion also. Macy had started a discussion with Jackson; telling him that he needed to tell Anna that she needed to enjoy herself during the sex or she would not get pregnant. Jackson agreed with this premise but was unclear how he could help.

“You have to let her know that it is okay that she enjoys sex with your brother. I’m sure she is worrying about how you will react to her having an orgasm with him. It is just as natural as you getting hard sitting here talking with me about sex.” Jackson was immediately embarrassed and covered his crotch.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I’m horny too. This not having sex so our spouses can fuck is tough on both of us.”

Two weeks later, Anna called Macy sounding very down. “My period came today. Can we talk?” Anna said on the verge of crying.

Macy hurried right over hugging her at the door. “I don’t know if I can do this again,” Anna cried.

“We’ve gone this far we can’t stop now. We need to do it right.” Macy said hugging Anna.

“What do you mean right?” Anna asked.

“You agreed with me that the clinic advised you that you needed to enjoy the sex to increase the odds impregnation, right?” Anna nodded. “Don’t be mad at me but Jeremy told me you were very wet the first time and the other times.” Anna looked down embarrassed. “Anna, you are supposed to like it. Fucking is supposed to feel good. Nature made it enjoyable so we would fuck to produce babies. You need to let go and enjoy it.”

“But what will Jackson think? I feel bad for him that I’m enjoying sex with her brother.”

“He wants you to have a baby as bad as you do. I have an idea, but it is a little out there. What if your husband had something to keep his mind off you having sex with his brother?”

Anna looked up at Macy and cocked her head, “are you proposing what I think you’re proposing?”

“Fair is fair, right?” Macy said with a sly grin.

Anna thought for a moment started to speak then paused another moment, “I want to be clear that you are talking about you and my husband fucking, right?” Macy nodded. “I’m not sure how to argue with that. I can’t believe I’m saying this but that sounds logical. Can I tell you something just between us?” Macy nodded again. “I really did want to enjoy it but I felt I was betraying Jackson. If we do it your way you think I could enjoy it?”

“It couldn’t hurt to try. Anna, it is just sex with a purpose,” Macy said.

Anna perked up, “on my next cycle we are going to do this again just no rules and we all four enjoy sex. I don’t know how I will tell Jackson.”

“Leave that to me. I will tell Jeremy and then after we leave you two head upstairs I will take Jackson to our house to explain it. Are you good with that?” Macy asked with Anna nodding.

Time came for round two and the plan was the same; dinner, then the couples would split up. The dinner was not quite as tense as the first time and ended quicker. Anna kissed her husband and went upstairs. Jeremy waited while his wife and brother left out the door.

Jackson and Macy made it quickly back to the house settling in on the couch.

“Did you tell Anna it was fine to enjoy the sex?” Jackson stammered then looked to the floor.

“You’re lucky I did it for you. Her biggest worry was about you. She was afraid you would be mad if she orgasmed with your brother.”

“That’s silly, how did you fix it?” he asked.

Macy grinned running her hand across Jackson’s crotch. “I told her that I would keep your mind off what she and Jeremy were doing with a little activity of our own.” Macy grabbed Jackson’s cock over his pants and squeezed. “I told her that while she was enjoying herself I would make sure you were too.”

Jackson grabbed her hand on his crotch. “Anna agreed to this?”

“Yep, I told her if she wanted a baby she had to commit to fucking Jeremy and not just have mechanical sex. To do that she needed to not worry about your feelings. The only way was if fair is fair.”

“Fair is fair? What does that mean?”

“Our spouses are fucking, right? So, fair is fair that we fuck too. That way we are even and nobody can be jealous or upset with the other. Unless you object, we are going up to our bed and fuck. I figure that every time Jeremy goes over to help make a baby, you and I are going to do the same.” Macy stood up holding out her hand to Jackson. “Deal? That is if you want to fuck me?”

“Anna agreed to this?” Jackson asked again.

“Again, yes she did. Are we going upstairs or are we watching a movie?” Macy held out her hand again.

Jackson grabbed her hand. “As much as I want to see this movie, I think I would rather güvenilir casino fuck my hot sister in law.”

The two walked upstairs to the bedroom with Macy starting to strip her clothes off when they reached the bedroom. “Is this really on the level?” Macy ignored him pulling her shirt off and releasing her bra. “Oh my God, your tits are as magnificent as I have imagined.” Macy continued to ignore him pulling her pants down and her panties.

Naked, Macy climbed on the bed. “Jackson, we don’t have all night and I’m really horny right now. I haven’t been able to have sex with your brother so he could save his sperm for your wife. I think I deserve a good fuck.”

Jackson stripped his clothes off, crawling next to his sister in law. He slowly reached to fondle her tits. Macy knew that her brother in law had always been fixated by her big tits, she caught him many times trying to get a peek down her shirt.

“Your brother loves my titty fucks. Why don’t you slide your cock between my tits and see how they feel to you. You know, once Anna gets pregnant, hers might get big enough to give you a titty fuck,” Macy said while Jackson sucked her tits.

“I’m embarrassed to say this, but how do we do it?” Jackson asked.

“Don’t be embarrassed, straddle me and put your dick between my tits. Then fuck them like you’re going to my pussy.” Macy pushed her tits against the side of his cock as he thrust between her tits. She leaned down to kiss the head of his cock as it came up between her tits.

Jackson moan, “Oh my God, this is incredible. Damn, to think I thought I was going to have to jack myself off tonight after sitting with my hot sister in law.”

Macy pulled her head up form Jackson’s cock. “Aw, that’ sweet. As much as I’m enjoying you fucking my tits, my pussy is dying for your cock inside it.”

Jackson, without saying a word, slid his body down between Macy’s legs. His cock found her pussy soaked. It slipped inside to the moans of both. Macy pulled his head to her lips. Jackson had told himself that they shouldn’t kiss but when her tongue pressed through his lips his tongue found hers and swirled around it. Jackson kissed her hard and fucked her hard.

Jackson grunted loudly shooting his load into Macy. He collapsed on top of her. “Sorry I wanted to last longer for you.”

Macy looked at the clock. “Don’t worry, we have enough time for me to get you hard again to finish on time. If you are not done, Jeremy can wait while you finish fucking me.”

Jeremy walked upstairs after Macy and Jackson left for his house. He was surprised to see light coming from underneath the door. The other four times the lights had been off. Jeremy knocked on the door. “Are you ready?” he asked hesitantly.

“Yes Jeremy, I’m ready for you,” Anna said in a sexy voice.

Jeremy opened the door to find Anna standing in front of the bed wearing a lacy pink bra and pantie set. Anna reached behind her as Jeremy walked in the room unclasping her bra letting it fall to the ground.

Jeremy stood shocked, “Wow, what happened to the rules?”

“Didn’t Macy talk with you? Oh shit, she didn’t, did she?” Anna said putting her hands over her tits.

“Talk to me about what?” Jeremy asked walking toward Anna.

“We talked about the studies that say if you orgasm during sex you have a better chance of getting pregnant. Macy was pushing me to stop with the mechanical sex as she put it and enjoy it. We decided to do away with the rules if you know what I mean. She was supposed to have discussed that with you.” Anna said obviously embarrassed still covering her tits with her arms.

“Relax, Anna, I think that is a great idea. I could tell you’ve been holding back.” Jeremy pulled her arms from her breasts to hug her. “Getting to see and touch your sexy body is only going to make me produce more sperm.”

Jeremy stepped back peeling his clothes off. He kissed her lightly on the lips then indicated to her panties. “May I? I’ve been dying to see that little red muff of yours.” Jeremy pulled her panties to the floor. “Oh my God, it is as beautiful as I thought it would be.”

Jeremy pushed her back onto the bed sticking his tongue into her pussy. Anna threw her head back moaning, while Jeremy licked her pussy. Anna squirmed with Jeremy’s tongue fucking her pussy. She was letting herself enjoy being with Jeremy but was anxious to get his cock inside her. Anna stopped him by pulling his head to hers. She kissed his pussy juice soaked lips for their first-time kissing.

“Jeremy, I want to kiss your baby maker before you put it in me.” Anna was not much on oral, the giving part. Jackson would have to practically beg her to get a blow job, but she wanted to give Jeremy’s little swimmers some encouragement.

Jeremy rolled off Anna onto his back. Anna crawled down to Jeremy’s shaved crotch and examined his hard cock. This cock had been in her on four previous occasions but this was her first time seeing it. She took the shaft in her hand and knelt to kiss the head of his cock. She could taste a little pre-cum when she kissed it.

Anna moved down cupping his ball. “Good luck, little guys. Swim hard and find my little egg.” She kissed both balls. She looked up at Jeremy. “Now don’t you dare cum in my mouth.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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