Brother Comes Home

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Anina Silk

Life hasn’t really been going the way you wanted it to. School isn’t going to great, your boyfriend of two years just dumped you for some slut, you have no job, and all on the eve of your 18th birthday. To top it all off, our parents don’t treat you like you’re almost 18. They still leave you with a baby sitter, ugh, the old lady from next door. Mommy or Daddy has to come with you wherever you go. Everything seemed to be falling out of place for you. That is until you and your parents receive that letter in the mail.

You aren’t there the day it arrives. School, even though much to your displeasure, you still have no choice but to go. It is when you arrive home that day that our parents summon you to the living room.

“We got a letter today,” Father tells you.

“It’s from your brother,” Mother says. “He’s coming back home to see you for your eighteenth birthday.”

You sit there in silence, not fully believing them at first. I had been gone for close to six years now, fed up with how our parents treated me. Now 25, I would be returning to visit my beloved sister. You feel a pit open up in the bottom of your stomach. The widening void is soon filled with excitement and anticipation. Finally, someone who could understand you, someone who could love you.

You do your best to hide the happiness brewing within yourself by smiling and keeping quiet. Father rises to his feet and walks over to you. He hands you the already open envelope. Hesitantly, you take it from him, trying not to quiver. You stand to your feet and exit the living room. You head up the stairs and retire to your room where you can be alone.

You close the door behind you and lay down on your bed. You pull out the letter and read it.

“Dear Family, I’m returning home for my sister’s 18th birthday this Saturday. I know I said I’d never come back, but I figured she’s worth more than our differences. I hope we can put our feud aside for her special day. I’ll be arriving in three days.”

My words send shivers down your spine. You remember the day I left. You were twelve, but it is still so vivid in your head. Mother and Father had caught me with my girlfriend at the time in my bedroom. They kicked her out and forced me to break up with her. I realized that I could never be free as long as I lived in their house, so I left. It has been six years since that incident. You feel special, love. You take the letter and stick it under your pillow. You turn off your bedside light and try to sleep.

“Three days,” you think to yourself as you fall asleep.

You wake up Thursday morning, briefly forgetting about my letter. You quickly rip up your pillow and breathe a sigh of relief; it’s still there. You jump out of bed with renewed vigor and get dressed, ready to face the day.

In spite of all of the negative things that have been weighing you Bomonti Escort down in life, you face the world with your head held high. Even your best friend noticed the change in your mood.

“What’s with you today?” Lidia asks during lunch. “You seem chipper!”

“Well, I don’t want to get my hopes up,” you say, “but I got this letter.”

You reach into your bag and hand her my letter. She carefully reads over, then looks up at you, then back to the letter, then back to you again. Shock is the expression on her face.

“He’s coming back?!” she whispers.

You nod your head with a semi-held back smile.

“I haven’t seen him in five years… I don’t even know what to say. He’s been gone all this time and he’s coming back for me.”

You grin to Lidia. You look into her eyes and you can tell that she’s happy for you. The bell rings and your day continues.

Nothing special happens the rest of the day. Once you arrive home, you go straight to your room. You place your letter under your pillow and just relax on your bed.

The next couple of days drag on worse than the first one. You spend your time attempting to forgetting about me and my letter by distracting yourself with smaller things such as going to the movies, surfing the internet, and playing video games. But alas, they aren’t very helpful.

Finally the day arrives. You wake with a start this morning to a loud banging on your door. Our father burst in your room.

“He’s here,” he says.

And just as quickly as he came, he left. Your heart beats faster and faster. You press your hand to your chest and jump out of bed. You strip your clothes off and rush to get dressed. Right in the midst of your morning preparation, you stop at seeing yourself in the mirror. You observe your naked body. You touch your breasts and look at the shape of your body.

You’ve never really had great self esteem, but today, now that you’re eighteen years of age. Something seems different. You smile and dress yourself in a black lace thong and matching bra. You slip on a tight, short skirt and a low cut top. You sit before your mirror and put on just a little bit of make up and smile to yourself.

It’s time. You exit your room and make your way down the stairs. You walk slowly, your heart beating faster and faster. You hear talking in the living room and I am the first one you see. You gaze upon my muscular structure, standing 6 foot 3. My eyes meet yours and I stop talking to our parents.

“Hey,” I say to you.

“Hey,” you respond, descending the rest of the steps.

I walk over to you and reach my arms out. Once you are within distance, I pull you into my body and hug you tightly. I release you and look you up and down. You’ve grown so much since I saw you last.

“We were just telling your brother that we’re going Bomonti Escort Bayan out for the evening,” mother says. “We’ll be back late. Just catch up and…whatever. See you later.”

With that our parents leave us all alone. I walk over to the window and watch their car pull out of the driveway and down the street. I turn back to look at you.

“So how have you been?” I ask.

For the next couple hours, we spend our time reminiscing about old times and we each of us has been doing these past years. During this time we decide to put in a movie and watch it in the dark. We sit together on the couch, you leaning on my shoulder.

After talking for a while, we sit in silence to watch the film. It’s and old drama in black and white, a classic though. All is going well when a romantic and passionate love making scene comes on. I keep my eyes fixed on the television.

You notice this and lean in closer to me. You move your hand across my stomach, feeling my solid abs, then up to my chest. Even though you are nervous and aren’t really sure what you’re doing, I don’t stop you. I look down at you from the corner of my eye. I reach up and you immediately take your hand away. I grab it and put it back on my body. Just lower this time.

You look up at me and I look into your beautiful eyes. On your own, you move your hand down a little lower. You then feel it. My throbbing, hard member. At first you are afraid of it. You had sex once or twice with your last boyfriend, and my cock is much larger than his. Despite all the dangers though, you feel, at 18, adventurous.

You rub my cock through my pants as I lean in to kiss you. We both hesitate for a moment, then close our eyes and dive into ecstasy. You run your fingers through my hair and I grab you around your waist as we share a most passionate kiss. My hands run all over you luscious body as you shove your tongue in my mouth.

I pull you on top of me so that you straddle my lap. You take off your shirt and I start to lick and suck on your chest and neck. You moan into my ear as I grab your ass under your skirt. You can feel my erection rubbing up against your pussy lips, making you wetter and wetter as time goes by. You unhook your bra and toss it to the side. My mouth instantly finds your nipples. I push your gorgeous tits together and start sucking.

You throw your head back and buck your hips into me. I pick you up and turn around so that you are now seated on the couch. I reach up under your skirt and pull your underwear down your legs. I spread your legs as you watch on with anticipation. I then dive into your freshly shaven pussy. My tongue explores inside, tasting your juices ad flicking across your clit.

You squeeze your legs together around my head as I eat you out. I reach up and grab your tits, caressing and squeezing them, Escort Bomonti pinching your nipples. You let out loud moans. I shove my tongue deeper into your pussy and lick harder and faster. I grab your hands and pin them to the couch next to your thighs so you can’t move. I vibrate my tongue on your clit, sending shocks of pure pleasure shooting through your body. I decide to tease you, licking slowly over you clit, then all around your pussy. I do this for several minutes.

At this point in time, I decide to give my sister the greatest orgasm she’s ever had. I grab your thighs and hold on tight as my tongue dives deeper into your dripping wet pussy. My tongue knocks around your clit, making you convulse all over the place. Then at the peak of your pleasure, you cum all over the couch and in my mouth. You take several heavy, moaning breathes as you come down from your climax.

I stand up and remove my shirt and pants. My cock stands straight up. Your eyes widen as you stare down my one-eyed monster. I lay you down on the couch and spread your legs. I stare you down with lust in my eyes as I position myself. I slide my long, hard dick in your pussy. It takes your breath away. You pull at your own hair out of sheer pleasure. Once I’m all the way in, I don’t stop.

I slide in and out slowly, matching the rhythm of my hips with the pace of your breathing. I wrap my arms around your hips and start to pump in faster. You stare into my deep eyes and I stare right back. I move my hands down to your thighs and lift your legs up. I fuck you harder and faster, watching your beautiful breasts bounce back and forth. I push your legs even further until your knees are up to your chest, then I pound into you as hard as I can. You scream in pure pleasure.

“Fuck me brother!” You pant. “Fuck me harder!”

My thick cock plows into you harder and harder, literally taking your breath away. I slam my dick in you one final time and explode in your pussy. I shove it in as far as I can as I finish dumping my load into your sweet hole. We kiss hard. But I’m not finished with you yet.

I get up off of you and sit on the couch.

“Get over here,” I say, staring you down.

You immediately get up and straddle my once again. Only this time, my cock is going up your pussy. You slowly sit down on my hard dick. I wrap my arms around you and kiss you from your stomach, up between your breasts. As you ride me, I take your nipples into my mouth and suck both at once. I grab your ass and bounce you up and down harder. I release your tits and suck your neck. You moan and scream as you dig your nails into my back.

I smack your ass hard, leaving red hand prints. Once. Twice. Three times. You moan and buck your hips onto my cock harder and harder. I grab your tits hard and moan loud as I ready to cum again. I push my self into you as deep as I can and explode once more. You arch your back as you climax as well. You collapse on top of me, panting heavily. I gently kiss your neck.

We silently enjoy our passion until we hear the sound of car doors outside in the driveway. Mother and Father have come home early.

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