Brother and Sister’s First Holiday Ch. 02

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In chapter one Nick and Alison spent their first night together and helped each other orgasm. As described in the first part of this story, they are a brother and sister in their fifties now both single and holidaying together. When they were younger both of them had blonde hair which had darkened as they grew older. Now Nick has more grey than brown hair and Alison has her hair dyed blonde to match the natural colour of her childhood and teens.

Like most women Alison would view her body critically if looking in a mirror, she has filled out as a result of bearing children but if pushed she was still proud of her body. Her 38C breasts might not be as big as she would have liked and might sag more than they did when she was younger but she knew that she drew admiring glances from men. Her bottom had also filled out and she thought her thighs were big, but her stomach was still flattish and thanks to fitness classes she kept herself toned. All in all, at 5 feet 6, she thought her 38-36-38 body was doing pretty well for her age. Again, looking in the mirror she saw more lines forming than she would have liked in her face, but she had been told that she had pretty blue eyes, she thought her nose was cute and was proud of her smile. All in all, she was pretty and knew it, without being conceited.

Like most men, Nick would pretend that he wasn’t concerned about his looks, his grey/brown hair suited him and the lines in his face added character. At 5 feet 11, he could carry extra weight, but a few years before he had decided that he was getting too heavy so had started exercising more. His regular exercise and gym routine had not only reduced his weight but toned his muscles, giving him a flatter stomach and nicely shaped legs and arms (not that he would tell anyone, but he was proud of his body). Eyes the same colour blue as his sister, one difference was that his nose took after his father – he had been teased that he could plough a field with the beak that nature had given him. If he cared about fashion he might have done something about his hairy chest and stomach, but he liked it and so had his ex-wife, besides shaving his face every day was enough grooming without worrying about other bits of his body.

Nick lay on his back with his arm round her as Alison snuggled against him, her head resting against his shoulder and her hand on his chest. She couldn’t resist playing with his chest hair, twirling it with her fingers and stroking. Nick raised his free hand and stroked her hair gently, caressing her. Alison’s hand moved to Nick’s nipple and gave it a tweak, feeling his body stiffen, but he didn’t complain so she squeezed harder raising a moan.

“I see, that’s casino şirketleri your game is it,” Nick exclaimed, “let’s see if you like it.”

With that his hand moved to Alison’s breast and he lightly seized her nipple between thumb and forefinger, squeezing then pulling so that her breast was drawn out towards him. It was Alison’s turn to moan as her nipple was extended, but she didn’t complain as her brother rotated her nipple in his grip, merely returning the touch, pinching and pulling his nipple.

Nick lowered his head and Alison automatically raised hers so their lips met, with a long passionate kiss as they continued to caress each other’s bodies. Alison running her hand over Nick’s chest as he ran his free hand over her exposed breast. They could each taste their own juices in the other’s mouth, Alison had been tempted to taste herself before and she was surprised by how sweet it was; Nick had never realised how erotic it could be to kiss a woman and realise that part of the taste was his own spunk. Eventually Nick broke the kiss.

“I want to suck your nipple Ali, please.” There was a pleading tone in his voice as he stated his wish.

How could Alison deny him when she so wanted him to do it, she lifted herself up so she was astride his stomach and lowered her breasts towards his eager mouth. Nick could feel the heat of her body on his stomach, her open legs meaning that her warm, wet pussy was pressing against him. As Alison lowered her breasts she automatically slid her bum backwards, meaning that she could feel her brother’s hardening cock resting between her buttocks. Nick lifted his head upwards to reach a hard nipple, sucking it into his mouth, closing his lips over her breast as he sucked as much in as possible before gripping her nipple with his teeth and pulling. His hand sought and found her other breast, squeezing and playing with the nipple as he continued to suck and pull at her nipple with his mouth. Alison was in heaven, she had always loved her breasts and nipples played with, and her brother was an expert. Nick swapped breasts, first kissing round her nipple then licking it, circling with his tongue. Alison gave herself over to pleasure, rubbing herself up and down Nick’s stomach, as he sucked her nipple into his mouth. Each time Alison moved backwards she felt Nick’s cock press against her buttocks.

Alison’s pussy was getting wetter, but she needed more. She lifted herself up, so Nick’s cock swung forward and slapped against his stomach then lowered herself again so she was sat with his cock resting against her pussy lips. Nick reached round and gripped her bum to encourage her as Alison began sliding backwards and casino firmaları forwards rubbing her pussy up and down his hard shaft. Alison’s eyes were half closed as she lost herself in the pleasure, her brother’s cock was rubbing against her in just the right place, his hard shaft rubbing and pressing against her clit. Nick lay there enjoying the sensation, his stomach was already slick with his sister’s juices now his cock and balls were getting drenched. He could feel her hot cunt lips sliding up and down his cock, from base to tip, long slow sensuous movements; his sisters hips moving backwards and forwards.

“God, I need you!” Alison moaned, throwing her head back and thrusting faster.

“Lift yourself.” Nick commanded. Assisting his sister in raising herself he held his cock upright against her lips.

Alison was beyond caring that this was her brother, she was so horny all she could think about was the hard cock beneath her and wanting it inside her. She slid down slowly impaling herself on his rigid member.

Nick couldn’t believe how tight Alison was, even though she was so turned on, his hard cock slid slowly inside spreading her vagina until their bodies were together.

Then Alison started riding him, lifting herself slowly up and thrusting back down. Enjoying every inch of his cock deep inside her. Nick pressed his thumb against her clit, pressing hard so she was rubbing against him as she rode his cock.

“Wow, I’m fucking my sister and she is loving it.” He thought, before realising that in fact she was fucking him. Nick concentrated on not cumming himself, letting his sister be in charge, riding him for her maximum pleasure.

Alison continued to ride Nick, her pace getting faster. Her tight pussy walls gripping and releasing him as she moved up and down, occasionally leaning forward to slide up and down his body and kissing her brother passionately before sitting upright again. She could feel her orgasm building as a warm glow round her clit and spreading throughout her body, until she moaned loudly and he felt her pussy pulsing and gripping his cock as she came hard. Alison slowed and stopped, with Nick still inside her, a contented smile on her face.

“That was wonderful Nick, did you cum?” Alison asked.

“No, I managed to think about my tax return,” he said with a smile.

Which earnt him a playful slap and a hard up and down movement of her body as punishment.

“Perhaps I had better let you then or I will never hear the end of it,” Alison said, “how would you like me?”.

“I’d like to be on top please,” Nick said.

“Mmmm, my favourite,” Alison purred as she climbed off.

As güvenilir casino Nick’s cock slid back out of her there was a wet sound and a release of her juices, drenching him even more.

Alison positioned herself on her back, knees bent and feet in the air. As Nick knelt between her legs he couldn’t help himself, he had to pause and look. His sister’s pussy lips bulged within the downy hair, gapping open slightly so he could see her pink insides which looked so welcoming. Nick positioned his cock near then Alison reached down, gripped him and guided him inside her.

“Come on Nick, fuck me!” She urged. “I want you deep inside me, I want you to fuck me hard, I want your hot spunk deep inside me.”

How could any man say no? With one hard thrust Nick entered his sister. Their bodies coming together with a slap, Alison gave a deep primeval moan as Nick pulled out then thrust home again. She arched her back as Nick thrust into her time after time, their bodies as one. Alison lifted her legs higher and wider, to get Nick as deep inside as possible, feeling him stretching her, probing her, fucking her.

Nick couldn’t believe the sensations going through him, time seemed to pause, nothing existed except the two of them. He could feel a sensation building with the need for release but fought against it not wanting this feeling to end.

Alison was in heaven, feeling her brother’s hard cock thrusting in and out, his body slapping against her with each thrust. The room was filled with the sounds of their loving, the sounds of his cock thrusting in and out of her wet pussy and their moans of pleasure, totally lost in the moment. Alison lifted her legs higher and Nick helped her put them over his shoulders, now he picked up his pace, harder and faster, deeper. Alison felt her orgasm build again, and abandoned herself, trying not to scream as her whole body shook, once twice, three times, then it seemed like a whole series running into each other. As she let herself go Nick could hold on no longer, the sight of his lover caused him to lose control and his orgasm surged. It seemed as though his whole body was concentrated in his member buried in her pussy as his semen shot inside her. Nick slumped spent and as she recovered Alison managed to move her legs from his shoulders to lay them on the bed, Nick’s shrinking cock was still inside her as they kissed again.

“Wow!” was all Alison could say. Then struggling for words, “Wow!” again.

After a while Nick finally found his voice, “It has never been like that for me before Ali.”

He lay down next to her and Alison snuggled in to him, with his arm round her.

“Well my darling I think we need to make sure that it is always that good,” She purred as she reveled in the wonderful contented feeling of great sex.

Neither of them had any idea how long their lovemaking had taken, but both of them knew that they had entered a new exciting time in their lives.

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