Brother and Sister Fuck Buddies

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Christine always looked up to her older brother Kyle when she was a little girl. To this day one of her favorite picture of them together with her in a short little baby doll dress looking so cute and innocent and him standing there looking bored wanting to be outside playing with his friends.

As they got a little older they liked rough housing, she was a tomboy and liked to get physical with him picking at him calling him names just to get him to notice her.

As they approached adolescence she noticed how he would get these uncontrolled erections that she loved to tease him about it. He would be embarrassed and get even rougher with her which she began to enjoy and even craved as time went on.

At first their parents were oblivious to it until one of their nosey neighbors commented that they were getting a little too old to be during that. They had been playing on the slip and slide and she had inadvertently given her sibling brother a bulge in his swim trunks that made the other mothers stop and take notice.

She remembered that none of them looked away or seemed to be too outraged, some actually had a strange smile on their face looking at the unexpected woody that would have been impressive on a full grown man and now on the body of a little boy not even yet a teen conjured up images of a Greek god that still brought a smirk to her face all these years later. The next day their mother laid down new ground rules that put an end to their innocent games.

When Christine was 16 in high school and Kyle was 18 he began dating one of her girlfriends Jenny Caudill. Jenny was always bragging about how good looking he was and making some teasing little remarks about the fact she was with him and they weren’t.

Christine made the mistake of repeating some of Jenny’s comments when they were with some friends and Kyle broke off the relationship and moved on to another girl friend at a different high school.

When Kyle graduated from high school he went off to college in the northeast and got an engineering degree and Christine only saw him on holidays and they drifted apart.

When the time came she went off to college in Florida and got married as soon as she graduated. She moved away to the gulf coast and had been married for about 4 years with no kids when she finally ended it with a husband she barely knew and at the end could not stand to be in the same room with.

She had been divorced now for 2 years she kept the nice big house with an even bigger mortgage. She had a good job that payed the bills but did not give her a lot time or extra money for a social life.

She had dated a couple of guys since the divorce but was still so bitter about her ex that she drove them all away which was no big deal since none of them were prince charming anyway.

One evening sitting around sipping her second glass of wine wishing there was something on TV to watch she got a call from her long lost big brother.

He now worked for an engineering firm that just got a big contract in her town and had been assigned to come down and oversee the project. He was looking to get a furnished apartment for a year until the project was over and asked if she knew any good places for rent.

She said “Come live here and pay me the rent, I could use the extra income if you don’t think it will cramp you style.”

“I don’t have any style these days” he lamented. “My job keeps me too busy and I never get a chance meet any women in the office here, their all married.”

“Yeah I know the feeling” she concurred.

He moved in a week later bringing only his clothes and some work related items like his laptop and some sports stuff.

He worked long hours and was rarely there.

It was Friday afternoon and the beginning of a three day weekend so she called in sick and took the day off guessing that nothing was getting done at work anyway and she hated the long commute to downtown.

It was a nice day and she decided to relax and get some sun. She enjoyed lying out by the pool in a string bikini getting as much sun as she could on her body. Christine loved the way the rays of the sun penetrated her skin and her whole being and how it left her body warm and glowing and her mind could meander off and escape the problems of the real world.

She often went topples a lot when they first moved in, but then the idiotic kid next door got a drone with a camera for Christmas last year so she stopped, but now he was gone off to college and she could have some private moments again.

She took a break and went into the house to get a cool drink and maybe a late lunch.

Kyle came home early because they had closed the work site down early for the holidays.

He walked in with his hard hat in hand set it on the dining room table. Christine immediately scolded him don’t put that dirty thing on my good table. He grab it put on his head and said “yes boss” and proceeded to make himself some lunch and get a beer out the fridge still wearing the hard hat. bahis firmaları

She laughed at first then she noticed He looked cute in the hat. She realized she was still in her string bikini which left very little to the imagination when air conditioner came on and the cool air caused her nipples protrude out.

There was something about her older brother in that hard hat was making her feel a little strange and nervous walking around in a bikini and she decided to excuse herself and go back out to the pool. She told him “Come on out and take a swim later.”

“Okay” he said “let me finish up here and I will join you.”

Christine went back to chase lounge and lay down on her stomach and untied her top to feel the sun. She could sense the areas of her body touched by the outline of her bikini bottoms the difference in the temperature of the areas covered by the fabric and those exposed to the sun and the slight pressure of the outline of the garment against her skin. She drifted off for a few moments when she heard the patio door open.

Kyle walked out carrying a towel and two beers and offered her one she quickly tied her top and set up. He handed her a beer and as she set up inadvertently throwing her shoulders back trusting her tits outward giving him an unintended view of her impressive breasts.

“Damn sis you filled out nicely.” He said.

“Thanks, it’s a good thing mom is not around to hear you say that.” she said smugly.

“Oh yea I can still remember the talk.” He laughed.

“You only got it once, I got the speech every day for the next 2 years until you went off to college about what good girls do and don’t do.” She said.

“Yeah I am not sure what she thought we were doing.”

“Pissed me off at the time and caused me to start making out with Tommy McMann and he was not even my boyfriend. He did ask me to the prom so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.” Christine lamented.

“Oh damn you are bad, very, very bad. My bad little sister although you are not that little any more” starring at her barely covered mounds.

She smiled putting on her sunglasses, “Give me an extra month’s rent and I will let you motor boat my tits for 10 minutes.”

“Hell for an extra month’s rent I should get at least 20 minutes and maybe a hand job.”

“In your wettest dreams” she smiled and lay back on lounge chair.

He realized he was staring way too much at her boobs and said “I’m going to take a dip in the pool and cool off before I get in trouble and have to go looking for new place to sleep.”

She lay back relaxed and smiled realizing that she had been flirting with own brother saying slutty things she had never said to any man. What the hell is wrong with me? She thought.

She liked being naughty it felt good something she didn’t get to do very much around the bunch of uptight ass holes that she worked with.

He stayed in the pool and relaxed not saying a thing giving her some space and privacy.

After about 20 minute she got up and headed into the house to get something cool to drink. “You want anything from the kitchen?” she yelled.

“A beer would be nice” he yelled back.

She returned a few minutes later with a couple of glasses of bourbon and a bong and some pot she had been given by some friends after her divorce. “We are out of beer but I am sure you will not mind the alternative” she said as she walked over to the edge of the pool and sat down with her legs dangling down into the water.

“Did you learn those skills at your big name party school?” he asked as she loaded up the bong and pulled out a lighter.

With a grin that was both mischievous and euphoric, Christine said “You have no idea what I learned or did in college. Let’s just say that the good little girl you remember is long gone and fucked into oblivion which is where she belongs and plans to stay.”

“Someday maybe I’ll show you the other skills I learned in college if you think you can handle it.”

“Hey I was in a frat, I’ve seen it all.” he said.

“Oh I’ve had plenty of frat boys in my time sometimes all at once and left them all in the dust wanting more.”

“I think some evil demon has taken over my little sister’s body. You have turned into real freak” he said.

“It’s in our DNA” she said after taking long hit from the bong, “I know because I use to sneak down the hall in the middle of night and watch mom and dad have sex, now let me tell you they are the real freaks.”

“Just light up the bong I need to be severely medicated after those mental images you just put in my head.”

He took a couple of long drags and began coughing.

“I am little out of practice” he said.

“It’s’ just like riding a horse or in your case Jenny Caudill, you just need to get back in the saddle, hold on to the reins and ride that mare.” She snickered.

He slipped back into water his eye were now beginning to get blood shot and glassed over.

“Hand me my drink” he requested.

She kaçak iddaa picked up the glass and opened her legs and motioned for him to come closer

“Beg for” she snarled.

As he moved closer she grabbed him by the hair with one hand and pulled his face into her crotch and she took a sip from his glass with the other hand leaning back slightly to enjoy the image of his head between her thighs.

He offered no resistance at first, he was either too stoned or was so entranced by the sight of her muff through the bikini bottoms.

She set the glass down and grabbed his head with both hands began rubbing his face against her pussy.

“Do you remember how we use to wrestle when we were little kids? Let’s see if I can still give you a hard on.”

He jerked back looking confused and a little disorientated.

“What the hell are we doing? You’re my little sister we should not be doing this.” He cried out.

“Yes you are probably right” she remarked nonchalantly as she took another sip from his glass and then handed it to him.

She got up and walked back to the chase lounge making sure he got a perfect unobstructed view of her ass as she walked away giving him her best naughty girl walk swaying her hips and working it like a street hooker looking to turn a trick.

Pretending as if he wasn’t there, she untied her top laid back in the lounge chair with her hands above her head, her legs more than slightly open and her bare tits pointed up to the heavens.

Her dark sun glasses hid her eyes allowing her to watch him watching her. The way he was trying not be too obvious just casually glancing over at her without staring he was so cute and awkward and clumsy in his attempts to check her out. He was still that same awkward little boy that she was enamored with as a little girl before she knew what it was to be a real woman and what she could do to a man when she wanted.

She had never had to visually seduce a man before, usually she just walked into the room and they were ready to mount her. She soon realized that this game was just as much fun as the actual sex and she knew the fact they were brother and sister was driving him crazy making the torture she was inflicting all the more enjoyable.

He got out of the pool and walked over took a drink of bourbon and began fumbling with the bong.

Christine stood up without giving the slightest consideration to putting on her top, walked over to him said “you really are an amateur at this aren’t you?”

She grabbed it from his hand then loaded it up, lit it up, and took a long drag herself then handed it back to him and said “if your frat buddies could see you now, what a loser.”

Christine walked down to the shallow end of the pool and walked into the water to the point that water came up to the edge of her bikini bottoms. She had seen that once in a music video and knew that guys went crazy over it. Playing up the fact she was topless, she lifted up her hair like she was trying to cool off while at the same time causing her tits to stand out in all their glory. She knew she was wicked, and she loved it.

She delighted in the look of confusion and anguish on Kyle’s face. She probably should have been more sympatric towards him since after all he was her brother but instead she enjoyed feeding on his tormented look like a vampire feeds on the blood of their victims’.

The power she had over him was intoxicating and addictive. She had not had this much fun or control over a man in a long time and her ego needed it. It wasn’t just the fact that she was horny and needed to get laid, it was the trill and taboo aspect of her doing something so immoral so lecherous it made her crave it even more, along with all those pre-adolescence feelings that she had never been able understand or explore, the feelings and images that still haunted her dreams. This was a train wreck that needed to happen and she had already passed the point of no return.

Kyle took two more hits from the bong and then slipped back into the pool. He was no longer being subtle but instead he was staring directly at her making no attempt to hide his interest in seeing his little sister’s half naked body.

She thought of making him come to her but her impatience got the better of her and she slowly worked her way over to him.

Christine moved to within arm’s length of him, removed her sun glassed and laid them on side of the pool. She said nothing for once taking the passive approach waiting to see what Kyle would do.

They stood there for what seemed to be an eternity staring at each other making a non-verbal connection that she had never actually felt before with him. Up to this point she had been driven by the erotic aspect of the brother and sister taboo but suddenly she felt an almost mystical connection. She was not expecting that feeling and it took her a moment to process it.

Kyle eventually gave in to his desires and began fondling her breast with one hand and running his other hand kaçak bahis into her bikini bottoms and lightly rubbing her clit with other hand. At first Christine did not reciprocate but rather stood there giving complete control of her body over to him.

She could feel the thin veil of propriety that he had been using to shield himself from her was now gone and he needed this as much as she did. Her body and mind were on auto pilot she was no longer able to manipulate the situation, only to be cared along by ragging river that now consumed her.

Christine caressed his face and gave him a reassuring look, first giving him a light kiss then returning for a long passionate one the kind that she had been waiting to give him all her life.

Kyle started to remove his hand from her clit and she immediately, instinctively returned it to its rightful place. She then moved her hand into his swim trunks and began slowly rubbing his shaft like it was magic lamp ready and willing to grant all her carnal wishes.

Christine broke off her kiss momentarily and smiled at him. She wanted to tell him just how many times she had wanted to do that, how many erotic dreams she had about him rehearsing for this moment. Again she decided to be silent for once and not to jeopardize the moment with words or actions that her older brother might not be able to accept or deal with.

He suggested they get out of the pool and move to the patio where she untied her bikini bottoms and let it fall to the ground discarding it along with all her inhibitions. He took the cue and removed his swim trunks tossing them across the patio as if he never intended wear them ever again.

Christine’s breasts were exposed to the cool afternoon breeze and her nipples responded immediately, standing out like small chocolate kisses ready to be popped into his mouth and enjoyed.

She sat down next to Kyle. His cock was already standing at attention. Alcohol and pot are so damn good for removing inhibitions! She thought to herself.

She moved in front of him and rose up so that her breasts were right in front of his face. He was captivated with her body just the way she hoped he would be.

Kyle pulled her to him and started sucking on one nipple and then the other, then rising up to kiss her, then back to her nipples. He didn’t seem to remember, or care, that she was forbidden fruit.

Christine felt so naughty, so decadent sitting there naked in the open air while being pleasured by her own brother.

Kyle was using one hand to squeeze her breast and then pinch and pull on her nipple, alternating back and forth, while his other hand was using two fingers to stroke in and out of her pussy, rubbing small circles around her clit between strokes it was only a few minutes until Christine was in heaven.

Kyle lifted her pussy to his face starting out with a light touch of his tongue sliding up and down her slit, delving in just a bit to catch her clit. Slowly licking and savoring her. Sometimes he would just breathe warm air onto her clit to tease her then start flicking his tongue and alternating the way he would suck her clit sometimes rough and sometimes gently at the same time hooking his finger up into her cunt finding and teasing her G-spot all at the same time.

Kyle peered up from between her thighs making those yum yum noises telling her that big brother was having the best meal of his life and had no intention of finishing any time soon.

He began alternating the direction and speed of his tongue enticing Christine’s whole body to shudder and writhe begging him to stop but hoping to God in heaven that he never did thrusting his tongue a little deeper, spreading her lips apart burying his face a little deeper, trying, to climb inside!

His tongue ran up and down the length of her slit, Christine was now using her thighs to slow him down to make sure he paced himself, and more importantly so she didn’t lose control before she needed to.

Christine’s hips began pressing forward, her hands on his head pulling him closer. His hands over her thighs or under her ass pulling her to his mouth not letting her up no matter how she squirmed and struggled.

“Good boy” she moaned “From now on you’re my official personal pussy eater. You can go down on me whenever you want, but now it’s my turn.”

Christine seized him by the head and pulled him up onto the lounge chair leaning him back pushing his legs apart where she could have full access all his family jewels and the man pole that she had admired for so long.

She climbed on top of him; her naked body was pressed against his while at the same time forcing her mouth into his face, ferociously devouring him like a wild animal before slowly transitioning to an erotic meeting of the lips.

She eventually broke away from the passionate kiss they had been sharing and started to move down his body letting him feel her nipples and her long blond hair brushing against his skin as she lightly kissed her way down his torso, his anticipation of the soon to come oral gift she was preparing for him had his cock throbbing as she dragged a nipple from the wet eye of his cock downwards over his balls before her nipples came to rest on his legs.

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