Brooklyn Party

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… you have climbed down the fire escape and looked into the room where you saw a woman, chained spread eagled to the bed, begging for help. You didn’t hesitate a second to climb in, because you wanted to help. But as soon as you had climbed in and were heading towards the bed, a circle of well dressed party goers in black tuxedos closed in on you. Technically you were a thief, an intruder who had climbed into a different apartment and committed a crime. Most of the men in the black tuxes were holding champagne glasses in their hands and all of them wore little black masks above their eyes as if they were going to a costume ball. Behind them stood a couple of astonishingly attractive women, wearing nothing but black G-strings and lacey bras which delicately exposed their hard nipples. The women looked like European aristocrats at a decadent fundraiser.

One older guy with a grey beard seemed to be the master of ceremonies. He addressed you with a warm baritone. Only later you became aware of the malicious undertones. He talked to you in a serious manner, as if he wanted only your best, while the other onlookers giggled and gave you spiteful looks. Behind their straight faces, they could hardly control the urge to break out in laughter.

“Welcome to our little party, Bonnie. It wasn’t necessary to commit a crime and stage this little break in, because we might have invited you anyway one day into the future. You might not know us, in fact, we’re sure, you don’t know us, but we know you!” He chuckled. “In fact, we know you better than you might like.” He turned to a TV in the back of the room.

Your eyes had to adjust to the dim light. “Oh my God!”, you thought. It was you! You could make out that it was you in your bed. The picture was only black and white. But you could see yourself with your legs spread. How had they gotten a camera into your apartment? You now saw yourself inserting a butt plug into your ass. One of the women in the expensive lingerie looked at you, lifted her hand and moved her two fingers in an obscene gesture rhythmically through a circle she had formed with the fingers of her other hand. She increased the speed. You looked at the grainy black and white picture again. You couldn’t hear yourself, but you saw yourself moaning and panting. The woman imitated your moaning with a malicious grin while everybody stared at you. Oh my God, I look pathetic! you thought. Everybody laughed when the woman on the video seemed to have difficulties pulling the butt plug out of her ass after her body had shuddered under what must have been a powerful orgasm. You wanted to explain, “But the lube had dried up. I was so carried away that day, that I forgot to lube the butt plug again. It really hurt when I had to pull it out after I came. But I didn’t want to have it inside me when I went out that night. How would I have been able to sit down?” The broad grins told you that nobody wanted to diminish your shame by listening to your excuses.

“Why did you have to interrupt our little party, Bonnie? Well, we might never find out your reasons or we might get them out of you in a little while, but things have happened and we can’t reverse them. What I want to tell you, is that our rules are very simple, deceptively simple.” The gentleman with the gray beard pointed towards the other corner of the room. The circle of guests opened silently in the direction in antalya escort which he was pointing. What was that? A cage?

“Well, Bonnie … this might be the last time, I’ll call you Bonnie, because you and us might agree on another name for you. Well, what you have correctly made out over there is what looks like a cage and is, in fact, a cage. There are about a dozen men in there. Bad men, Bonnie. All these men were released today in the morning at a subway stop in Queens after serving between five and fifteen years in high security prisons upstate. You know what that means, five to fifteen years? It means that these beasts have committed every conceivable crime you can imagine. We have rapists, arsonists, some murderers, child molesters – the scum of society. We could have had so many drug dealers that we only took the ones which weigh over 250 pounds and have also been accused of other, violent crimes. These guys have been serving their prison terms pumping iron, constantly jerking off (and this point one of the women mouthed the words s-c-u-m) or raping their fellow inmates. We recruit a new batch for each of our parties. We’re paying them a relatively decent fee just to be themselves and amuse ourselves. Imagine what these beasts would have done in their prison cells if somebody would have provided them with a single female inmate!” He laughed cruelly. He was obviously enjoying this. You had difficulties following his story. He continued.

“We have locked them up here in this room in this cage since 7:00 a.m. this morning and these fellows are ready to go.” He smiled. The woman mouthed the words b-l-u-e b-a-l-l-s.

“He guys,” the man yelled out,” might I introduce you to Mrs. Bonnie. She’s a burglar!”

You heard some loud groaning from the cage. Hands with fingers as thick as sausages were wrapped around the heavy metal bars. An unshaved guy with thick pearls of sweat on his bald forehead pressed his head between two iron bars as if he wanted to squeeze through. You saw a fat black cock hanging out of the cage between two metal bars, disappearing between the dirty hands of a man whom you couldn’t make out.

“I hope you don’t mind, Mrs. Bonnie, that we committed another of your neighbors to this cage because of an otherwise unrelated offense!”

Now you saw bodies moving and humping. Oh my God, there was the bookish special-ed teacher from the second floor. You didn’t know her name. She had always looked so unapproachable with her black horn rimmed glasses. You wanted to help her! She was naked but for her glasses. She was sitting or kneeling, no, now you could make it out, she was riding the cock of a man who laid flat on the floor of the cage with his pants down. Her face was covered with cum … sperm … thick white semen … and she was surrounded by four or five pricks, some black, some yellow, but none of them white. She had only two hands and one mouth and when one of the men in the circle jerk felt neglected he simply pulled her head back by her wet hair. Her face looked delirious, as if she was on fire with a high fever. You would have called her name if you would have known her. You wanted to help her! She was so anxious and scared that she didn’t look at all at the people who admired her lustfully outside the cage. Instead, she tried to serve as many cocks as possible. Now one big black hand slapped her brutally and something fethiye escort like drool seemed to leak out of her nose. She hastily gulped down the cock of the man who had slapped her. Another guy seemed close to his climax. Three or four guys jerked her head back right under his cock and screamed “Look at it! Look at it, bitch!” You had to force yourself to continue watching. You noticed that some of the party guests had made a few steps closer to the cage. They seemed to enjoy the spectacle! You saw slender female hands sneaking into the pockets of trousers. Other women pushed their exposed behinds against the groin area of the well dressed men.

“Look at it bitch!” Another blow hit the woman’s face hard. The guy exploded with a loud scream all over her face. His cum streamed into her mouth which was forced open by fingers parting her lips on both sides of her mouth. The inmates laughed. The party guests applauded delicately and sipped on their champagne as if a toast had been delivered. The guy who had ejaculated wrung his dick out over her face and your neighbor eagerly licked up the spare cum drops like a well trained puppie. “You certainly have potential!” The man adjusted the cum smeared glasses of your neighbor with something which could almost be called tenderness.

“She’ll never get out of here,” you heard one of the lingerie models whisper. “They’ll kidnap her, take her home and enslave her.” Her companion coughed, “I don’t want to know what will happen to her. But she had another choice. Ruben was right, she was just too boring. She could have done better!” The woman laughed and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. “You always say that!” she said with a teasing smile. “You can never get enough!” You wondered about this strange couple. You detected some foreign accent. Were these two married? How could a couple enjoy this together?

“Fuck her up the ass, up the ass, up the ass!” was the chorus you now heard from the cage. Some guys tried to pull your neighbor away from three cocks she was servicing at the same time. A big black guy, practically a bear, the guy, who had rubbed his enormous dick in the cage while he was looking at you, positioned himself behind your neighbor. She seemed terrorized when she took a look at his organ over her shoulder. The inmates were laughing.

You saw an older guy who looked like a street bum pinching one of the woman’s nipples really hard. Your neighbor screamed but the noise was instantly muffled by the fat cock being shoved into her mouth. The bum was still pinching the nipple. A woman outside the cage with a velvet mask, long sleeves up to her elbows and a long cigarette holder said “Delicious, simply delicious!”, as if speaking to herself. She tipped the man in the tux in front of her slightly on the shoulder. He instantly moved aside to give her a better view. A long slit in her elegant skirt exposed a beautifully shaped leg. You now saw that she polished her clit with enormous speed with her other hand, whispering every one and then, “Delicious … simply delicious!”

“Well, Bonnie, the rules are deceptively simple.” The warm baritone voice of the master of ceremonies brought you back to reality and the circumstances of the situation. You had been caught. How long had these people videotaped yourself? What did they know about you? You were trapped. Some of the guests kaş escort seemed to be police officers, judging from the uniform hats they were wearing.

“The rules are deceptively simple. We have a party. We want some entertainment. Not a video, but the real stuff. We don’t want to force you. You will do everything out of your own free will. There is only one rule: if you refuse or if you’ll stop entertaining us, we’ll give you to our friends in the cage. It’s all up to you. You can sip champagne with these gents and our beautiful ladies. You can converse, you can dance, you can become intimate … or you’ll be given to the lions in the arena which will … well, you saw what happened to your neighbor. Did you know her, your neighbor, the teacher? She was such a boring do-geode’s, wasn’t she? Well, what a …” he seemed to be searching for words, “change in personality.” The guests laughed. He looked satisfied with himself. “What a remarkable change of personality in a single, never married woman of her age, a socially minded woman with strong values and all the right convictions.”

You heard more hard slaps from the cage and a muffled scream. You wondered whether the big fat prick was breaking her asshole in at this exact minute. The woman with the velvet mask and the gloves was tiptoeing towards the cage without taking her hand from her clit.

“It’s all up to you Bonnie. You can entertain us. Come up with a good show! Something racy, something extreme, somewhat more edgy than what we saw on video. Please, let your mind wander. Do me a favor: keep my guests happy. Especially in your case, I would be heartbroken if we would have to push you into the cage together with these animals who by that time might have worn out your friendly neighbor.”

All the guests were staring at you. Their faces were partially covered by masks, but you had the feeling that some of them were smirking. Were they enjoying this? Were they getting off on this? What should you do? Your neighbor in the cage might already have fainted. Now you remembered her name: Melissa. You searched for her last name. Something vaguely Hispanic. Big boobs, big ass, white skin, fashionable glasses. What had these people seen on video? What did they know about you? Would they really welcome you in their midst if you would entertain and amuse them or was this a trap? How long was this party to last? Would they really let you go back to your regular life?

“Nu, Bonnie …? Time is pressing. Why don’t you begin?”

Your mind went blank.

“Or do you want to refuse? Do you want to reject us??”

You shook your head without thinking.

The woman with the velvet mask and the long gloves stepped right in front of you. She moved her burning cigarette dangerously close to you. She opened her mouth:

“Maybe …”

You heard her breathing heavily.

“… maybe …”

She pushed her crotch forward. You could see herself massaging her clit in a frenetic, almost abusive way. Your pussy would have been sore by now if you would have rubbed yourself as long as she had done. Her cunt lips were long and fleshy, like obscene leaves hanging heavily between her spread legs. The woman shot you’re a fiery look.

“… maybe she wants to go into the cage right away!’

The woman’s smoky voice seemed to collapse at the end of her suggestion. Her ass was shivering and her whole body was shaken by convulsive contractions. You realized that she had just come right in front of you, masturbating here in front of you, almost on you.

You felt the firm grip of two hands on your arms.

“That’s enough, Mrs. Bonnie. What will you do?”

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