Brittni at Last

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I had always thought of Brittni as a beautiful girl, I had known her since freshman year in high school. She was cute then, she had brown skin (she was mixed Puerto-rican and black), her breasts A-cups that hardly moved as she bounced with bubbly enthusiasm. She wasn’t very tall, about 5’5

That was 4 years ago, We have been good friends our entire high school career together, flirting often and it had always seemed that nothing would ever come of it. She was know even more beautiful she hadn’t grown much height-wise, but her breasts were now double-D’s (according to her, as she was very proud of them) and her ass a non-existent body part when we met had now grown some form of its own.

I recalled several instances in which I became overwhelmed by her sensual nature through out the years, one of the most memorable being her statement to me that she and her boyfriend had recently had such intense sex that she came 3 times. Another more personal memory was when she got massages from me in English senior year and she would moan like someone was eating her out, while she sat on my leg I could feel the heat build between her thighs. But even more than her physical beauty I felt a connection to her emotionally we both enjoyed writing poetry, and sharing it with one another, she shared a lot of her struggles with me over the years, and me with her and I felt that we were truly very close to each other.

I had always expected us to remain friends and even though we danced together during prom, nothing ever came of it. Until, one night in the middle of the summer, I had finally gotten up the nerve (after four years) to ask her out to a movie, it wasn’t a great movie, but that gave me time to put my arm around her and pull her close, which she responded to with her head leaning on me.

Afterwards I invited her back to my house since no one was home not planning anything sexual, merely seeking to extend my time with her. As she toured my home she looked out the back window and perked up, and said, “You have a pool?”

“Yeah just cleaned it before I picked you up tonight,” I said.

“Oooh really?” she said coyly,

“Wanna go for a dip?

“Sure, but I don’t have anything to swim in,”

“My sister might have something go check through in the room at the end of the hall, all the stuff on the bed is clean I did laundry earlier.”

“Ok casino şirketleri be right back,” she said smiling, as I headed downstairs I thought about the fact that my sister was several bra sizes smaller than Brittni, which could cause her difficulty finding a fitting top.

I changed, grabbed two towels, and came upstairs, as I opened the door, I saw her, standing there in a black lacy top and matching bottom.

“I don’t remember my sister owning a suit like that,”

“She doesn’t have anything that could hold me so I had to go with just my bra and panties, you don’t mind do you?”

I was speechless, she was standing there beautiful, sexy, and alluring.

“Lets go,” she said perkily.

“Uhm-,” is all I could utter, as we headed outside and we entered the pool. I had left the lights off so that the neighbors wouldn’t complain but the moon was full and kept everything well lit.

We swam around joking and talking about plans for college, and as we did she swam up behind me in the deep end and push my head just below the water, I could feel her swim off and as I rose up she said, “Tag you’re it,” I quickly began to swim after her and tagged her on her foot, as I swam away I could sense her getting close so I swam under the water and into the deep, I opened my eyes and saw her swim over me and I quickly swam back to the shallow end of the pool.

“You cheater!” she cried out playfully,

“Swimming under the water isn’t cheating,” I laughed. As she swam back towards me I got an idea and as she got close I lowered my self in the water as she stood, and waded through the shallows, and as she reached out to tag me I sprung up grabbing her in my arms as we both went up, spinning. As we came down my arms loosened placing her on her on her toes, my arms slid down to her hips and we locked eyes but it was different from any other time we had stared at each other. We weren’t just friends anymore, we weren’t classmates, or even flirters anymore.

Slowly I leaned down and she rose up and we kissed, at first it was a peck, but then as it held I felt her tongue pass my lips and mine did like wise, and as we continued to kiss I stepped backwards slowly, pulling her with me and I found the pool stairs where I sat down and she sat near me, we continued to kiss for what felt like hours and finally she pulled casino firmaları away giving me a smile, not her normal coy smile, a different more gentle smile than I had ever seen, she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra and her breast hung there relatively unaffected by gravity I placed one hand on her right and she moaned. I slipped her left nipple into my mouth, and she moaned louder, as I was growing harder by the moment.

I continued and I slid my free hand into her panties and began to massage her hot mound, and alternating between taking her left and right nipples into my mouth all the sudden she began to cry out moaning like I’d never heard.

“Oh my god, keep rubbing there matt, OH MY GOD!!!,” she yelled as she placed her hands on my head pressing it into her breast. She was cumming, and hard her whole body trembled. “Oh my god matt Its never been like that before I’ve never cum like that without something inside me!”

As her hands released, and her body calmed I continued, focusing more on her mound, and then I slid a single finger into her hot snatch, “Oooooh!” she moaned as I began to press my finger in and out rhythmically, then I snuck another finger in, then another as my pace increased I lifter her up out of the pool and pulled her panties all the way off, my rhythm now non stop I began to lick her outside as her inside was stimulated with my fingers, and then I slid one of my other finger into her asshole, she gasped, “ Oh fuck, matt that’s unbelievable, oh oh oh my GOD!!!“ She exclaimed as she began to shudder locking her thighs on my ears as she wailed.

“Oh shit,” she sighed as her body calmed all her muscles hardly able to move, “TWICE!? Twice and you haven’t even really been inside me!! How can you be this good aren’t you a virgin?”

“Well yeah,” I said, “but that doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about sex”

“Well you’ve proved that, don’t stop now,” she pleaded.

“Lets get back in the water” I said as I lifted her to take back into the water. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and she wouldn’t release I pulled my hands off long enough to pull my own trunks off and as I did so my eight inch dick sprung out and rubbed against her snatch,

“Give me more, please,” she pleaded I turned her around facing away from Me.

I bent down and whispered into her ear, “Before güvenilir casino I give you anymore I need something from you” and I squeezed her ample ass cheek, she smiled back at me and began to lean over.

“I haven’t had anal in about two years, I doubt you can work your magic in there,”

I disagreed I slid my dick slowly in to her tight asshole, she began to moan even louder than before I began to pick up speed pounding her harder and harder aiming my thrusts at her g-spot on the other side of the canal’s wall, her moans grew louder as well, “OH…” she cried, “Oh my GOOOODD!! I’m cumming I’m cumming!! Her hole locked up so tightly I couldn’t pull out, and it was so warm, and tight I couldn’t hold it any longer,

“I am too,”

“OH MY GOD!!!” she continued, Not hearing what I had said!

I came intensely, load after load emptied into her ass, as it relaxed I pulled out. “holy shit, I’ve only cum three times in a single time only once in my life and all of it was from the man being in my pussy, and certainly never from anal.”

Without saying a word I rolled her over onto her back and lifted her up and eased her slowly onto my dick, “Mmmm,” I moaned.

“As good as you imagined,” she said amid heavy breathing,


“you too” she smiled,

I leaned in and we began to make out as I slowly thrust into her. She just gazed into my eyes and I looked back at her, I began to pick up speed her breast moving back and forth as I pumped in and out,

“ugh, that’s good,” she groaned, “I can’t believe this is your first time,”

“Mmhmm,” I grunted as I continued to speed up, and shifted my angel to get to her g-spot again.

“OH GOD, MATT!! That’s the best its ever been keep going, OH!… go until you cum…Holy shit… I want to feel you fill me up… get me pregnant even, I don’t give a damn just fill me up, OH MY GOD!!!” she shrieked as she went into her fourth orgasm of the night and as she did he canal closed in tight around my cock and I began to cum also

We both collapsed, her on top of me, in the pool, the water echoing the waves of pleasure that were still rolling over us.

“I love you, Brittni,” I said looking at her, the haze of passion had lifted from me and I realized that I truly loved her, sex or not, I loved her.

“I love you too,” she said smiling weakly, from exhaustion.

“You need to sleep. You can borrow my bed, no one will be home the rest of the weekend” I said, brushing her hair from her face.

“I’d rather we shared it.”

It was a great weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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