Bringing Kiera Home Ch. 07

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This is the final chapter of this series. I have some ideas for Part Two, where Keira will explore both her masochistic side and her little side. I will write it, if there is enough interest.


Keira hadn’t officially agreed to move in with Jamie; there was still some resistance, a sense of uncertainty, something holding her back. She needed to feel sure of his unconditional support. But she was spending a lot more time at his place.

After the shopping centre episode, Jamie suggested to Keira that she should consider wearing nappies more. It was less a suggestion and more a thinly veiled instruction, but Keira was having none of it.

“I wear them all the time indoors; there’s no way I’m wearing them out there amongst…you know… people,” she rejected the idea with fierce conviction.

“What? You’d rather risk having an accident in front of…you know… people,” Jamie echoed her words back to her hoping she’d hear how ridiculous she sounded.

“All I need to do is avoid drinking, and I’ll be fine,” she insisted.

After much back and forth, she reluctantly agreed to wear them whenever she was with him, be it indoors or out, “just as a precaution” he asserted, but they both knew he was lying. The truth was he liked seeing his little girl in nappies, and she only acquiesced because, with him, the humiliation of having to wear them seemed to dissipate.

She’d never yet had an accident in public. She was super careful with her alcohol consumption, completely avoiding it when out of the house, only drinking when she was sure she was staying in for at least a few hours. Even then, she limited herself to one glass of wine or a bottle of beer.

At home, though, she was becoming much more accepting of the inevitability of the nappy. She no longer broke down in tears every time she had a genuine accident; when she couldn’t stop the torrent from breaking free and filling her nappy. She still felt disconcerted when that happened, like she was slowly losing any vestiges of the control she was trying to hold on to so desperately. And when it did happen, she’d go and change herself and then snuggle up to Jamie for one of his reassuring “Daddy hugs.”

She spent most weekends prancing around the flat wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a nappy, and she was beginning to enjoy the freedom of wearing it. Not only that, she was also beginning to enjoy using it. She still used the toilet to pee, but very often, she didn’t bother. On movie nights, she’d snuggle up with Jamie beneath a blanket, and if she felt the need to pee, she’d fill her nappy rather than pause the movie. Or on mornings when she didn’t have to go to work, she chose to stay wrapped in Jamie’s arms and feel the warmth spreading over her groin, rather than rush out of bed in the cold morning air.

And Jamie loved it too. He’d pat her swollen bottom, massaging her wet nappy from the outside as he brought her to orgasm. They’d also discovered that some of her best climaxes came from applying that lethal vibrating wand to the outside of her full nappy, where she added to the deluge with squirting pussy juice.

And just last night, as Jamie was trying to watch some stupid sports thing on TV, Keira climbed into his lap and began grinding her hips in his lap. He reached under her tiny pink frilly top and squeezed her breasts as she bounced her little padded bottom over his ever-growing erection. She freed his cock, glistening with precum, from his shorts and holding it against the front of her nappy she began filling it with sweet amber warmth. Jamie spurted his appreciation all over both their laps.

“Oh, it seems I’m not the only one who has little accidents,” she giggled.

And for that sassy remark, Jamie made her get on her knees and clean his lap with her tongue, which she did with jubilant obedience. She didn’t stop there, of course. His cock, still semi-erect, quickly found its way between her lips. He still tasted of cum; she loved the taste of his essence on her tongue. Then with a sudden surge of curious desire, she reached inside her nappy, pressed her fingers against her most recent emission, and licked the salty tang off her fingers with uninhibited glee.

“You dirty little girl,” Jamie exulted in absolute pleasure and pride. He beckoned her to stand up and bend over the arm of the couch. As he removed her wet nappy, he grabbed her hair and growled in her ear, “you know what happens to dirty little girls?” His cock spearing her puckered little asshole was all the answer she needed.

Later as they showered together, she opened her legs, and as she peed deliberately in front of him, she looked him straight in the eye and pressed her hand against her cunt letting her pee flow through her fingers. As she slowly licked her hands clean, she knelt and staring up at Jamie simply said, “I’ve tasted mine, now I want to taste yours,” and she obligingly opened her mouth to accept his golden stream.

When he finished christening her tongue, breasts and pussy, he picked her up, pushed her against the casino şirketleri shower wall, and fucked her tight little cunt from behind.

But now, she was standing in front of the mirror, holding up various items of clothing, and discarding them with a frown.

“Aren’t you dressed yet?” Jamie asked in exasperation, “we’re going to be late.”

“I have nothing to wear,” Keira whined.

“Really?” Jamie raised his eyebrows as he regarded the pile of clothes on the floor.

They were heading to a black-tie gala charity event hosted by Jamie’s company.

“You don’t understand,” Keira pouted, “I know you like this whole nappy thing, and I do too, mostly, but no matter how adult we sometimes get about it,” she blushed, and Jamie grinned at the memory of last night, “I still feel like a little girl, and so unsexy when I wear it. Just for once I want to feel like a grown-up; like a hot, horny, adult,” she practically stamped her little feet in vexation.

“Sweetheart,” he picked up a sexy black cocktail dress from the floor and handed it to her, “I will never appreciate how difficult this is for you sometimes, and I promise you I will do better to make you feel more seductive and grown-up, but for the love of God, will you just please get dressed. And that face you’re making right now,” he noted her petulant pout, “is really not helping your case any.”

She slipped on the dress, and then twirled this way and that in the mirror, smoothing it down from behind.

“Does my butt look big?” she asked, meaning if it was evident that she was wearing a nappy.

“Darling, have you ever seen your butt?” Jamie chuckled, “your butt wouldn’t look big even if it swallowed a whole other butt. Now come on,” he swatted her padded behind, “let’s go. And by the way,” he added with a lascivious smile, “that dress makes you look very very grown-up.”


“You know you can have a cocktail tonight if you want,” Jamie told her as they drove to the event.


“Firstly, they have toilets there, and secondly, you have a back-up just in case,” he pointed to her crotch.

“No,” her eyes widened in horror at the mere thought, “I couldn’t.”

As soon as they arrived, she carried out her recon, something she lately did whenever she entered a new building; finding the ladies toilets, so she knew exactly where to go when she felt the urge.

Jamie introduced her to his boss, Nathan and his wife, Emma. Nathan offered them both a cocktail, which Keira politely declined.

They chatted for ten minutes or so. Nathan, Emma, and Jamie were all sipping their expensive concoctions, and Nathan kept asking Keira if she was sure she didn’t want one. Eventually, she accepted because she was beginning to feel that it was rude not to, but she had no intention of drinking it.

“Darling, it’s okay, drink it. I want you to enjoy yourself like a grown-up,” Jamie coaxed.

Keira relented and took a sip. Whatever it was, it was delicious, and she drank it slowly, savouring it. God, she missed cocktails, but the payoff these days was just not worth it.

About an hour after she finished her drink, during the charity auction, Keira suddenly felt that familiar sensation; the urge. She thanked heaven that she had scoped out the toilets earlier, and trying to maintain an ounce of dignity, ran towards them.

She was grateful that she’d at least cleared the conference room and made it to the hotel lobby before her bladder gave out on her.

Jamie knew the minute she walked back into the room that she didn’t make it to the toilets, and his heart almost broke for her.

“I’m never gonna feel like a grown-up, am I?” she tearfully sighed with resignation as they drove home after the event.

Jamie undressed her, changed her, and held her as she cried in his arms like a little girl until she fell asleep.

The next night she slept at her place. She just wanted to be alone to come to terms with the realisation that this was her life, and there was nothing she could do to change it. Jamie hated that she was dealing with it alone, but he gave her the space she thought she needed.

A couple of nights later, Jamie came home with an announcement.

“Nathan and Emma want to take us to dinner on Saturday. They were completely charmed by you. And darling, I’m going to make sure that you feel like a proper grown-up seductress.”

“How?” Keira had already accepted the painful truth that her wish could never be.

“Leave it to me,” Jamie assured her.

They’d arranged to meet at the restaurant at 7 pm; a celebrated Michelin star restaurant somewhere in the city, which ordinarily required booking months in advance. But Nathan had connections.

Saturday afternoon, Jamie asked Keira to join him in the bedroom. On the bed, he had laid out a stunning blue/green dress that shimmered in the light, a pair of silk stockings, shoes, and, the cherry on top, a very expensive bra and panty set. casino firmaları

“This is for you. For tonight,” Jamie gestured to the display on the bed.

“But…” Keira began

“Sweetie, no nappy for you tonight. Tonight I want you to feel sexy and grown-up,” Jamie smiled indulgently, “now go, have a nice hot bath, take your time to get ready. I want you to pamper yourself. I want you to feel as beautiful as you are.”

Keira could have cried, but instead, she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. “Thank you, thank you,” she kissed him on the lips before running off into the bathroom.

She got dressed and exulted in the sensuality of sliding the stockings up her legs and embraced the eroticism of lace on her crotch. Oh, how she missed wearing sexy underwear. When she was fully dressed, she went to the living room and with a twirl, saucily asked, “will I do?”

Jamie turned to look at her. Heavens above, she looked radiant. He wanted to throw her on the floor right there and take her, and he would have if he weren’t afraid she’d kick him in the crotch for ruining her hair.

“You’re absolutely breath-taking,” he beamed.

Jamie wanted to get to the restaurant early. He needed to for his plan to work.

They arrived at 6:30, only to be informed that they had to wait to be seated until all members of the party had arrived. Jamie placed a tentative hand on Keira’s stomach, and offered a handshake with his other, “surely you can make an exception.”

The host took the hint, pocketed the bribe, and bid them to follow him.

“Perhaps a table not too far from the facilities, you know how it is,” Jamie tipped a nod towards Keira’s empty belly.

“Yes, yes, of course,” the host simpered and led them to their table.

Keira struggled to control her giggles.

Jamie sat Keira in the chair with the easiest exit. She sat down and relaxed in the soft, cushioned upholstered seat.

“This place is super fancy,” Keira whispered, almost afraid that words would somehow sully the ambience.

“Compared to the way you look tonight; this place is a dump.”

Keira glowed at the compliment.

“Now listen to me, sweetheart,” Jamie’s tone became more serious, “I have devised a plan to make sure you can feel as sexy and grown-up as you look. I want you to enjoy yourself like a proper adult, so you will have one small glass of wine with your meal.”

Keira’s brow furrowed. After last week’s event, she wasn’t sure.

“Listen to me. You can do this, darling. Last week at the event, how long from when you had your drink until you needed to go?” he asked.

Keira thought for a moment, “about an hour.”

“Okay, so about 45 minutes after you have your wine, you will excuse yourself whether you feel the need or not.”

Keira nodded. She loved how much thought Jamie had put into this.

“And maybe, my sweet girl, you wanna go use the toilet now, just to make sure. And I promise you, that is the last time tonight that I make you feel like a little girl.”

Keira smiled at him gratefully and did as he suggested.

Nathan and Emma had arrived by the time she got back from the bathroom.

When the waiter came to take their drink orders, Keira hesitated for a moment, but Jamie spoke for her, “she’ll have a small glass of Cabernet,” he squeezed her hand under the table in reassurance.

Keira’s drink remained untouched until their appetizers arrived, and then she dared take a small sip, and then a couple more once she tasted the full-bodied texture on her tongue.

The second course arrived soon after they finished their appetizers, and Keira kept a nervous eye on the clock. She’d only had half of her wine so far.

She still had 15 minutes to go on their planned timing, when she suddenly felt it. The desperate urge overcame her, and she knew that if she attempted to stand up and make it to the toilets, she would humiliate herself in front of everybody. There was nothing left to do but remain seated for the inevitable.

The hot stream gushed out of her and she felt it seeping into the expensive upholstered seat. Warm rivulets trickled down her stockinged legs and pooled into her high-heeled shoes.

She wanted the floor to open and swallow her into the dark stain that was spreading at her feet.

Jamie noticed the sudden slump of her shoulders and instinctively knew. He glanced down; his suspicions confirmed by the slow trickle from Keira’s seat to the expensively carpeted floor. He looked at her and saw that she was about to burst into tears right there at the table.

“I’m sorry, Keira’s not feeling well,” he made his excuses to Nathan and Emma, “I need to take her home.”

He stood behind her chair and helped her out of it and then pushed it back in as she stood up. He walked behind her, shielding the dark stain on the back of her dress.

“We should do this again,” Nathan called after them.

“Yes, yes,” Jamie hurriedly replied as he ushered his girl out the restaurant. güvenilir casino

They had barely stepped outside, when Kiera slumped to the floor, leaned against the window and broke down in tears. Jamie sat down next to her and held her as she bawled her eyes out. He ignored the strange looks from passers-by. All he cared about was his girl, and he wished he could take her pain away.

“I can’t do this anymore” she sobbed in his arms… “Jamie… I can’t.”

He didn’t even try to find the words to soothe her; she needed to cry this one out.

She sobbed pitifully for about five minutes, heaving into his chest. “I just want it all to stop Jamie… I just wanted to be normal… just for one day.”

“I’m so sorry sweetie…” he trailed off, not sure what to say.

“I know… and I love how much effort you put into tonight,” Kiera spoke between sobs. “I was watching the clock so carefully… and I was fine… and then it was just there… and there was nothing I could do to stop it.”

“It’s getting worse, isn’t it?” Jamie asked with real concern.

“Daddy, you have no idea what it’s like for me. Everywhere I go, the first thing I do is check where the toilet is. I live in perpetual fear that I’ll have an accident. Last week someone brought some rum and raisin ice cream to the office… all I had was two spoonsful, and twenty minutes later I had to run to the toilet, and my panties were already damp.”

Jamie had no idea how bad it had gotten. That, and her use of Daddy, something she only called him when she was feeling really vulnerable, sprung him into action.

“Stand up sweetie.”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

“But… your car…” she remembered his reaction when she’d nearly pissed on his car seat a couple of weeks earlier.

“I don’t care about that. You’re all that matters now.”

They were just about to get in the car when he pulled her into a kebab shop, “but first food. I’m starving. I mean what the hell were they serving in that restaurant? I felt like I was eating a child’s art project.”

Keira sniggered through her tears.

He ordered some greasy takeaway and then back to the car and drove to her flat.

“Sweetheart, you are not going to go through this alone. I’m not going to let you. I don’t care if it takes all night, but we’re packing up your stuff, and you’re moving in with me tonight.”

First, he helped Kiera out of her wet clothes and into a pair of fluffy pyjamas. No nappy. Even though she no longer found humiliation in it, he didn’t think she could handle the simple act of submitting to it tonight.

They sat at her table, eating their kebab and chips; at least he did, she just picked at hers.

Afterwards, they began packing her stuff and, as they did, they talked about food she didn’t like, sports she didn’t understand, politics she didn’t care about, and jokes she didn’t find funny — anything to avoid talking about how she, and her fractious bladder, would fit into his future.

She was sitting on the floor creating piles of chuck/keep/donate when she brought it up “Jamie… are you sure you want me to move in with you. I will understand if you say no, but this is not going to get easier.”

He sat down next to her, “sweetie, I told you are not going to have to deal with this alone ever again. And I mean it. It’s you and me from now.”

He paused for a moment, “you could always give up alcohol completely.”

She nodded, “I could, but I hardly drink, and sometimes I just need something to unwind… and besides…” she hesitated, lowering her eyes, not wanting to look at him, “I don’t think it would help.”

“What do you mean?” he asked, puzzled.

“It’s not just the alcohol anymore. I hardly ever drink in the evenings, and still, I’m rarely dry in the mornings. When I’m out of the house, I don’t drink at all, and yet, I’ve had days when I’ve had to change my underwear at work because they were too damp to put back on. I only wear skirts to the office because leaks are easier to hide.”

“Oh, sweetheart, why didn’t you tell me?” Jamie reached out and hugged her tightly.

“I didn’t even want to admit it to myself,” she cried softly, “as long as it was the alcohol, I could control it, you know, tell myself that if I didn’t drink I’d be fine. The alcohol makes it worse. When I drink, I get no warning, I feel the urge for a minute, and then it just pours out of me. But now… there’s nothing I can do.”

“You could start wearing nappies full time,” Jamie ventured.

“You think I haven’t thought about it… I have… but what about work… if people found out… I couldn’t stand it,” her tears came faster now.

“You can get really discreet ones; nobody would ever have to know. And wouldn’t you rather that, than risk having an accident at work that everyone would definitely see?” he rationalised.

“It just feels so final… like I’m losing control of everything,” she bit back another deluge of sobs.

“No, no, darling, don’t look at it that way. It’s not about you losing control; it’s about you taking back control. You say that you live in fear of having accidents, that you’re always making sure you’re not far from a toilet. Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about that anymore.”

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