Brian and Kara Finally Getting Laid

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All characters are at least 18.


The girls were in the water when the guys arrived at the pool. As Kara had promised, they were dressed a little more conservatively than they had been the day before. The guys dove into the water and swam with the girls for a while. When they got out of the water, the four of them moved over to the lounge chairs and sat down. The two that Bob and Kara sat in were separated from the two occupied by Brian and Jill. The two couples engaged in separate conversations. The girls did insure that they were getting plenty of sun. Although the bikinis were fairly conservative, the girls had untied the strings while they were sunning themselves. When they turned their bodies from one side to the other, they did not concern themselves with keeping their boobs covered.

On several occasions, the guys got a good look at the girls’ boobs. Although the girls had started out dressed conservatively, they managed to keep the guys’ cocks hard for most of the time. Brian was in the pool when Kara sat up and retied the strings to her top. She jumped into the water and swam over to Bob and began to kiss him. She then swam over to Brian. She told him, “I’m taking Bob inside. We don’t need you or Jill to come looking for us. We will probably be busy.”

Brian had mixed emotions as he watched his sister lead Bob into the house. He was a little jealous that Bob was going to be playing with the same body that had given him so much pleasure earlier that morning; but he knew that this was something that his sister wanted. He was not about to deprive his sister the pleasure that she so much wanted and deserved. Brian looked up on the deck and saw that Jill appeared to be sleeping. He got out of the water and sat next Jill.

As Kara closed to door to her room, Bob asked, “Did you want to talk about something?”

Kara put her arms around his neck and said, “Talk is the last thing on my mind. I thought that maybe we could pick up where we left off last night.”

Bob pulled Kara closer to him and murmured, “I was hoping that you would.”

They began kissing and Kara was trying to maneuver them closer to the bed. Bob pushed her toward the bed and as soon as she was on the bed, Kara realized that their swimwear was still wet. When she pulled away from Bob and stood up, he asked, “What’s the matter?”

She told him, “Our suits are still dripping wet. We’re going to get the bedding all wet.” Kara reached for the waistband of Bob’s trunks and smiled, “Let’s get these off now. It will just save you some work later and there will be less chance that you will rip my bikini.” It was a struggle to get his wet trunks down over his hardening cock. Kara pulled them down to his ankles and when Bob was stepping out of them, Kara pulled at the strings on her bikini. Bob had played with that gorgeous body the night before; but it had been too dark in the car to see her clearly. Now, he was looking at it in all of its glory.

Bob just looked her body over for a bit and then started to take her into his arms. Kara pulled away from him again and Bob was beginning wonder if she wasn’t starting to get cold feet. Kara reached into her nightstand and removed a couple of condoms and set them on top of the nightstand. She declared, “Now, I think that we have everything that we need. Come here.” Bob took her into his arms again and they began to kiss.

This time when Bob tried to push her back down on the bed, there was no resistance from Kara. Bob’s tongue was dancing with hers, as his hands worked on those large firm breasts. The thrill that he felt from looking at them paled in comparison to the fantastic rush that he was experiencing from the feel of those well-sculpted orbs. Those proud nipples were hardening in his hands, as Bob’s fingers ran over that firm, unblemished flesh. When he moved his mouth over those tits, he thought that he would cum. He hoped that he could casino siteleri hold out long enough until she was ready for him to slide his hard cock into that lovely pussy.

Bob’s fingers had been probing in Kara’s wet pussy for sometime, when he suddenly removed them. Kara was getting worked up; but she wasn’t ready for his cock yet. She was relieved when she learned that he was just removing his fingers to make way for his tongue. His tongue was working miracles on her pussy. Jill was the most talented pussy eater that Kara had ever experienced; but Bob was not too far behind. He was actually a little better than her brother was. Kara came several times while Bob’s tongue was probing her pussy lips and her clit. When Bob reached for one of the condoms on the nightstand, Kara noticed how much pre-cum was leaking from the end of his dick. The amount of pre-cum that was leaking and the pulsing of his cock told Kara that he wouldn’t last anytime at all if his cock was inside of her.

Kara took the condom from him and said, “You won’t need this for a few minutes. If I let you slide that thing into me, you’ll get off; but I’ll be left hanging.” She pushed him to his back and took his cock in her mouth. Kara had been right about how close he was to cumming; it didn’t take any time at all for him to spew a copious amount of cum down her throat. When Kara had sucked him dry, she took her mouth off of his cock long enough to tell him, “Now, maybe you can last long enough to make me happy. We’ll have that thing hard again in no time.” She resumed sucking on that soft organ until it had reached its full length again.

Kara took her mouth off of that hard staff and rolled the condom over the end of it. She stepped over him and slid her slippery cunt over that thick spear. Although Bob’s cock was not as large as her brother’s, Kara still felt filled by that organ. She rocked up and down and back and forth on his cock. The blowjob that she had given him had given him increased stamina and Kara felt the thrills of several strong orgasms before Bob could hold out no longer. They fell against each other and enjoyed the post-orgasmic glow for some time.

About ten minutes after Kara and Bob went inside, Jill woke up. She noticed that her top had adjusted so that one boob was exposed. She saw Bob looking at it and asked, “Did my top move while I was sleeping or did you do that?”

“If I had anything to do with it, they both would have been exposed.”

“Yeah, I can believe that. … Where are Bob and Kara?”

“They went inside a little while ago. Kara said that we weren’t supposed to come looking for them.”

“She told me that she thought that she would take Bob to bed today. Think that’s where they are?”

“I don’t think it; I’m sure of it.”

Jill thought for a few seconds and then told Bob, “When she told me that she thought that she was going to take Bob to bed today, she asked me if I planned to go to bed with you.”

“What did you tell her?”

“I told her that it might be today; but it might be a couple of days. I think that your sister just helped me make up my mind. Let’s go inside.”

Jill realized how silly she looked with one boob hanging out and the other almost exposed. She pulled her top off, as she said, “It’s coming off in a few minutes anyway; I might as well get a head start.”

Brian put his arm around Jill and escorted her to his room. He took her in his arms and began to kiss her, before the two of them toppled onto the bed. As he fondled Jill’s bountiful breasts, Brian thought that he had always dreamed of fucking a girl in his own bed. He had begun to wonder if that dream would ever come true and now he was going to enjoy his second girl of the day in that bed. Prior to that week the only sexual activity that had occurred in that room had been the occasional porno that Brian watched on his television and the regular jerk-off sessions slot oyna that he had been forced to settle for.

When Brian’s hand slid under her bikini bottoms and his fingers began to work inside of her moist pussy, Jill began to wish that she had not stopped him the night before when he tried to reach her bare pussy. She had seen that large bulge in Brian’s swim trunks and had felt the shaft of his cock through his pants the evening before. This afternoon, she was going to see that large member and she was going to feel that staff penetrating her. She had walked in on her brother when he was beating his meat one time, so she new that his cock was not small; but from all appearances, Brian’s dwarfed the size of her brother. She had felt several cocks in her hand and a few in her pussy; but she knew that Brian’s had to be classified as extra-large, at least. His mouth on her breasts and his fingers in her pussy prompted Jill to reach under the waistband of Brian’s trunks to feel that large member.

The restraints of Brian’s tight trunks were making it difficult for Jill to wrap her fingers around his shaft. To Jill’s chagrin, Brian removed his hand from her pussy. He pulled his swimsuit off and tossed it aside. As Brian began to remove Jill’s bottoms, she marveled at the beauty of his erect cock. It was larger and more beautiful than she had thought that it was. When her fingers were wrapped around his shaft, Brian decided not to slide his fingers back inside her pussy. He moved his mouth from her fine breasts and began to kiss her pussy. As his tongue slid deeply into her wet channel, Jill arched her back to meet his lips. Kara and several other girls had eaten her pussy before; but Brian was only the second guy to do so. The first guy had not been that adept at this art; but Brian appeared to have a good idea of what he was doing.

After she had about three cums, Brian reached up by the pillows and secured a condom that was there. Jill had not seen him place two of them there when they were getting into bed. Jill watched in awe as that large lovely member was sheathed in latex. She was overcome with anticipation and fear as Brian moved above her. She wanted so badly to feel that cock sliding into her pussy; but she was concerned that if he rushed things, taking that monster inside of her might be painful. Her fears were soon allayed, as Brian slid the tip plus a small amount of his cock into her. He slowly began to stroke that cock into her. It took him several strokes before their pubic hairs were meshed together. He barely had his entire length inside of her when she began to cum. Jill continued to cum as Brian stroked his cock in and out of her with slow rhythmic strokes. Brian’s pace accelerated and he was pounding that large tool in and out of her. As Brian expended his load, he pressed his tight body against Jill’s beautiful breasts.

Brian and Jill cuddled together for some time before they decided that they should get dressed. As they walked through the house, anyone who saw them from the neck down would believe that they had only come into the house to talk. One look at the face of either teenager would tell you for sure how sexually satisfied they both were. They spotted Bob and Kara sitting in lounge chairs as they came out the back door. As they were sitting down, Kara asked, “Where did you guys go?”

Jill replied, “We just went inside to talk for a while.”

Kara laughed, “Did your talk make you cum as hard as our talk made me cum?”

Jill smiled, “I wasn’t there to see how hard you came; but I may have cum harder.”

Brian interrupted, “Hey, I thought that you girls didn’t like guys who kiss and tell. Isn’t that what you’re doing?”

Jill rubbed Brian’s thigh before telling him, “You guys don’t understand how girls are. We don’t like to blab to everyone; but almost every girl has a close friend that she tells almost everything to. Kara and I are that close. canlı casino siteleri We won’t tell our other girlfriends about this; but I had to rub it in Bob’s nose that I was getting fucked at about the same time that he was. Until last night, he thought that I was a virgin that he had to protect.”

Bob remarked, “The conversations that I had with Brian and you yesterday convinced me that I only have to protect you from assholes. You’re a big girl and you can make your own decisions. I won’t get pissed at Brian for having sex with you until he hurts you. I think that he has the same feeling about me having sex with Kara.”

Brian echoed Bob’s comments and Kara argued, “You have no business getting pissed at any guy, even if he hurts one of us. If he physically hurts us, I agree. If a guy just hurts us emotionally, that is part of growing up and we all have a lot of that to do. We only need your comfort and your support when we are hurt emotionally. We don’t need you to kick the shit out of the guy.”

Brian countered, “We do have a right to get pissed when a guy hurts you. You’re right that we don’t have the right to kick the shit out of the guy if he has only hurt you emotionally; but we do have the right to try to steer you away from guys that we think are assholes. These kiss and tell jerks tend to tip off how they treat women and sometimes, your older brothers know what they are talking about.”

Jill said, “Your right, Brian. You do have the right to warn us; but we have the right to ignore your warnings. If the guy has a history of physically hurting girls then you should ignore us when we tell you to fuck off; if he is just an asshole, you should let us find out for ourselves.”

The subject changed and the four of them talked for some time until Brian asked, “Jill, do you want to go somewhere with me on Friday night. We can discuss where we will go later and you guys are more than welcome to come over to use the pool tomorrow. Friday, I would like for the two of us to go somewhere alone.”

Kara tried to kid, “Brian, you want to go somewhere alone with her so that Bob and I won’t know that she wasn’t happy with the sex and she won’t give you a second chance.”

Jill exclaimed, “Not being happy with the sex is definitely not the case. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I think that I know what Brian wants. He would like for us to be alone so that we can learn more about each other.”

Brian jumped in, “Exactly. Bob and I both know that neither of you are sluts that just fuck everybody that comes along. We all seem to click together; but we need to know more about each other, if these relationships are going to be more than short-term.”

Bob had been silent for some time; but he added, “Brian is exactly right. Kara and I need to spend some time together so that we can really know each other better. Most of what we know about each other is what we have learned from our sister or our brother. Apparently we like what our siblings have told us or what happened this afternoon would never have happened. I have really enjoyed being with Kara, and I’m not just talking about the sex; but we each need to know more about the other.”

Kara looked at Jill and commented, “You know, Jill, our brothers are not as dumb as we think they are sometimes.”

The Sampsons prepared to leave a short time later; but not before it was decided that they would go out on Friday evening. Each couple would go out separately. The four of them would be able to get together during the day, if they desired. As they were walking toward the door, Kara got Jill alone and asked, “Was Brian really as good as you said by the pool?”

“Oh god yes, He was fantastic. How was Bob?”

“He was great too. You ought to try him sometime.”

“What? You want me to fuck my brother?”

“Hey, he’s good and I know that you love him.”

Jill’s emotions were again mixed. She couldn’t believe that her friend was suggesting that she and her brother should have sex; but she had to agree that she did love her bother. Although the thought intrigued her, she had no immediate intention of acting on it.

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