Bree Is In Control

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Bree Is In Control
Bree Is In Control

I rang the doorbell.

I look up and see the camera. Suddenly, I feel her eyes on me. Assessing my physique. I view myself as a fifty year-old man that looks like he just broke into his forties. Regular gym visits and an active life keeps me in good shape. But I’m not obsessed…until now.

I can’t get her out of my mind. Bree is beautiful with dreamy legs that go on forever. She has dark eyes that make men and women weak at a glance and she loves to film herself masturbating while dressed up as various cosplay personalities. My first view of her was when she was wearing black stockings with a black and silver halter-top. Bree is the loveliest gurl I’ve ever seen. She has a 7-inch cock and she loves to show her beautiful body off to the world.

She’s a movie star.

First time I watched her pleasure herself, I was stroking my cock and within a few minutes I pumped a load of hot cum onto my chest. I played with my own cum and eventually put it all in my mouth. I fantasized that it was Bree’s cum spurting into my mouth.

The click of the door lock snaps me back into the present. The door opens and Bree smiles and says, “hello Claude. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Her body movements hypnotize me as I walk through the door. “You are more beautiful in person,” I said. “Thank you for….”

“Take off all your clothes now.” Bree had stopped smiling but her eyes were sparkling with intensity. I removed my jacket, shirt, and pants. Apparently, I was not fast enough.

“Claude, I said now!” She grabbed my hair and forced me to my knees. I felt strong hands grab my arms and I realized that someone else was holding me. “Hey, what the…” I said.

“Don’t turn around!” Bree’s voice was commanding and I fell silent. I was on my knees in the middle of a large room. Bree said, “You know what to do”

“Yes.” A male voice answered.

“Put your hands behind your back. My name is not important,” the new voice said.

I did what was demanded of me. Bree smiled and let go of my hair. I felt rope wrap around my wrists. I gasped as I felt cold steel on my skin and realized that the man behind me was cutting my underwear into shreds. As I felt the fabric fall to the floor, he lifted me back to my feet.

“Turn around, “ he said.

What I saw when I turned around was stunning. A man with blonde hair was standing before me completely naked. He was completely hairless except for his head and beard. His cock was at least 10 inches and was becoming hard. After a few moments his length was more like 12 inches. He stroked himself and a little pre-cum flowed from the tip.

He still had the rope in his hands that was tightly güvenilir bahis siteleri holding my own hands behind my back. He pulled me to my left and then my right. I had lost sight of Bree completely but as I moved awkwardly to my right I saw a black bondage horse with various cleats and clamps at either end. There was padding all over the modified gymnastics horse and a place for someone to sit, kneel or otherwise contort oneself.

“Lie down on your back, Claude,” I heard Bree say. She was still out of my sight.

That was not an easy task while having my hands behind my back. My own cock was now hard and I was wondering what torment Bree and her lover had in mind.

I finally got myself in position on the bondage horse. The end of the rope was then tied to one of the cleats on the horse to hold me in place. My head was at a slight angle resting on an adjustable headrest. Further adjustments were made so that my mouth was just at the right height for his enormous dick.

“Start fucking Claude’s mouth, “ Bree said.

I still had my eyes open as the man pushed his dick against my lips. As he continued to press his hips forward I opened my mouth and allowed the head of his cock into my mouth. He started to fuck my mouth and I moaned in pleasure.

“Grmmth,” was all I could say as his 12-inch cock moved in and out of my mouth. With each thrust his cock moved deeper into my throat. I had never tried to suck such a huge one! The man with no name was looking down at me and smiling as I tried to get his whole shaft down my throat.

“Nobody but Bree has been able to take it all. You’ll need some more practice, “ he said. For the next ten minutes the only sound in the room was of the 12-inch cock being licked, sucked and deep throated by me. A few times the man’s thrusts became more aggressive and I tried to swallow his entire shaft.

“Stop.” Bree moved into my field of view. She had taken off her dress and I saw her standing next to the man wearing only white stockings and garters. Her own cock was erect and she said, “Jason, please suck his cock now.”

The man who I could identify by name now walked around the bondage horse so that he could look at Bree and myself. He rubbed his own cock against my own and I could see a faint glistening of pre-cum string between our dicks. He knelt down and started sucking my cock. He teased the head with his tongue and only occasionally sucked my cock completely into his mouth and down his own throat. I was mesmerized by his expert ministrations when I heard Bree speak.

“Open your mouth, Claude.”

My eyes looked away from Jason and I saw Bree’s beautiful butt. She had canlı bahis spread her checks slightly and I reached out with my tongue and started to rim her. She gasped in pleasure and started to stroke her own cock while I pushed my tongue as far as I could into her ass.

Jason continued to suck my cock as I worked my tongue in an imaginative pattern that brought cries of delight from Bree. She eventually turned around and knelt down and kissed me for the first time. Our tongues flicked and darted like lightning. She then stood up and started to fuck my mouth with her beautiful penis. Now Jason and Bree were spit roasting me simultaneously. It was incredible to feel Jason suck and deep throat my cock while Bree fucked my mouth while being tied down on the bondage furniture.

Bree finally stopped her thrusts into my mouth and said, “You are going to make me cum. But not yet, Jason gets to fuck you first.”

Jason stopped deep throating my dick and released the rope knots that were holding me down on the bondage horse. “Get up, “ he said.

I struggled to rise and as I tried to regain my balance, I started falling towards the floor. Jason expertly caught my fall using only the rope that was still holding my arms and hands behind my back. As he pulled the rope to keep me standing, Bree said, “I think that we should use the stocks.”

Jason grinned and pulled me over to a corner of the room where there was a large black quilt covering a large device. Upon removing the quilt, I saw that it was a bondage stockade. Jason finally untied my hands.

He said, “ get on your knees and put your arms and head through the holes.”

I did as he commanded. I had uttered less than a dozen words since Bree opened the door to her home. Now I was held securely by a bondage stockade and my legs were spread and I felt Jason’s fingers start to fuck my ass slowly. First one, two, three and then his whole hand was fucking my ass. My cock was hard and pre-cum was flowing out onto the floor. When will I feel that huge dick? I waned THAT DICK in me and fill me up.

Suddenly Bree was standing directly in front of me. Her beautiful cock was a few inches from my mouth. She smiled and said, “Jason, I want you to fuck Claude now.”

“Thank you, Bree.” We both said.

I felt Jason’s cock enter my ass. As he continued to push his 12 inch dick deeper into me I started to moan and pant. I realized that I had never been so vulnerable before. I couldn’t see him as the stockade blocked my view.

“So deep! Oh.. ah…God, he’s going in me so…deeeppp!!”

Jason’s thrusts moved with a faster tempo. In front of me I watched Bree stroking her cock slowly, güvenilir bahis occasionally stopping to take a drop of pre-cum from the tip of her own penis and rubbing it onto my lips and tongue. I wanted Bree’s cock in my mouth. I wanted her to fuck my mouth until she exploded. I wanted to savor her cum like a starving mans last meal.

Jason was still fucking me hard. I felt his cock thrusts going deep as possible. His balls were touching mine at the point of maximum penetration. I was making noises that were becoming incoherent. I never knew that I could have so much pleasure from a man’s cock.

Bree was still stroking her cock. She knew that she was teasing Jason and I. But I could see that she was close to cumming.

“Jason,” Bree said. “It is time.”

I felt Jason’s dick slide out of my ass. I was sad that he didn’t fuck me until I pumped a load onto the stockade wood.

Bree lay down in front of me. Her cock was standing straight up and pre-cum was streaming from the tip. Jason appeared again into my field of view. He forced his cock back into my mouth. I could taste myself as he pushed his dick completely down my throat. “See? You can take my whole length down your throat now.”

Sadly, I only realized that I had taken his cock all the way down my throat after he had pulled away from my head that was still held by the bondage stocks. Jason knelt beside Bree and started to suck her beautiful cock. She closed her eyes and her right hand started to push his head up and down in an escalating rhythm that could only end in one lovely creamy result. I watched in awe at Jason’s cock sucking. His eyes widened as Bree cried, “yes…oh…fuck!”

I saw Bree’s cum flow from Jason’s mouth. He allowed the wad to flow all over Bree’s cock. I wanted that cum for myself! Jason started to stroke his own cock and within seconds long, ropey jolts of cum pulsed onto Bree’s still erect cock. While all this was taking place before my eyes, Bree was looking directly at me..

“Release Claude, “ Bree commanded Jason.


Jason unlocked the stockade and allowed my to stand.

“Fuck my mouth, Claude” Bree commanded.

After such an intense experience, I tried to last as long as I could. But in a few moments I felt my climax building and I started cumming in Bree’s mouth.

I fell to the floor, exhausted. Bree still had my cum in her mouth. I instinctively knew what she wanted. I opened my mouth and she allowed my cum to flow into my mouth. When she was finished Jason was suddenly there. Bree opened her mouth again and Jason’s outstretched tongue was covered with the semen that just a few minutes ago was on Bree’s cock and stomach. We started kissing and sharing each other’s cum until there was nothing left.

“Welcome to my home, Claude. Perhaps you can bring your wife next time,” said Bree

“I am sure she will accept your invitation.”

Jason, Bree and I were already sporting new hard-ons.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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