Breaunna’s Family Initiation

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“Oooooowwwwww God, Fuck Me Tommy!! A strange female voice screamed.

“Harder, You Bastard, Fuck me with your big cock!! Oh that feels Sssooo Gggooooooddd!!” She screamed out.

“Do you like the feel of my cock working so deep inside of you slut?, A familiar male voice grunted loudly. It was my father and this was one of many women he had brought home since my mom died.

“Yyyeeesss Tommy, Fuck Me, Fuck me Harder!!” She screamed breathlessly.

“Take my big cock Bitch!” Dad yelled.

“I’m Ccuummmmiinngg! Oh My God, You are sssooo big!!” She wailed.

“Open that mouth Slut, I’m going to cum now!!” Dad demanded.

“Uuummm Uuummm you taste so good Tommy,” She cooed.

Those were the words I heard ringing through the hall as I walked past my Daddy’s bedroom door. Dad is working his magic again, I thought, laughing as I drew closer to my room. He can be merciless at times when he’s really into a good fucking. I knew the girl he was working up, into such a frenzie, must be having the time of her life as so many before her had too! My dad sure has a way with the ladies!

Honestly, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be a ladies man. He’s 42, and very good-looking, kinda has that Pierce Brosnan look going on but only with more muscle, and he has these piercing blue eyes that can send chills up your spine sometimes. I would say he’s stands about 6’4″ and weights probably around 225 pounds. Talk about a buff daddy! He is a very sexy man even if I have to say so myself. But then again, I’m a little prejudice since I’m his one and only daughter.

I’m 18 now and have pretty much been doing things for myself since Mom died two years ago. It was a rough time for Daddy and myself but we got through it. Somehow our relationship is now stronger than it had ever been before. Mom had always been my sounding board. We confided to one another about so many things and I really missed her now. There’s a lot of subjects that a girl just can’t seem to approach her Dad about. But we manage to muddle through it.

I was in my room, trying to do my homework, when I heard Dad’s door open and close. I knew that his latest fuck toy must be leaving and I’m really glad that she is. Her screaming would have been a big distraction and I really need to study for this English final tomorrow. Not to mention the fact that I would have to start dinner soon and I really wanted to get in some study time beforehand. I hate to cram for a test at the last minute. I’ll be so glad when my senior year is over and I can relax for the summer. The front door closing brought me back to reality and I realized that I needed to get changed, out of my school uniform, and into something more suited for cooking. I hated wearing that uniform anyway but what’s a girl to do when that’s what is required when you attend a private high school.

I was standing in front of the mirror with just my panties on and began to let my hands roam over my body. Reflections of my 5’1″ body gazed back at me with the same eyes as my father. I realize that I’ve changed so much in the past year. My raven hair hangs half way down my back, my breast has increased in size, 36C, and my whole body has took on a new curvy appeal. I’m not a very big girl. In fact, I’m quite small for someone who recently turned 18. At least, that’s what Sean told me the other evening as he was trying to get into my pants. I don’t know why boys feel that they can buy you dinner and take you to a movie and then you should put out for them. It takes alot to keep from giving into temptation but I want to save my virginity for that special someone. I had just put on my favorite hoochie mama shorts and a cute little cropped tee shirt when I heard a light rap at my door.

“Breaunna, Are you decent?” Daddy asked.

“Yes Dad”, I replied as he stuck his head inside my door.

“What have you planned for dinner tonight? I’ve worked myself up a real appetite,” Grinning from ear to ear as he spoke.

“I thought we might grill out some chicken since it’s a warm evening,” I said blushing bright red.

“Sounds good. I’ll get the grill warmed up after I take a quick shower,” Dad stated.

“Ok Dad, I’ll go ahead and put the chicken on to marinate while you do that.”

With that said, He closed the door and disappeared into the confines of his room to shower and do whatever else he does in there. I hardly ever go into his room unless it’s to put his freshly washed clothes away or vacuum.

I was in the kitchen putting dinner together when he appeared in the doorway, “Sorry about the noise earlier Bre,” Bre is Dad’s pet name for me.

Startled, I looked up saying, “It’s Ok Dad.”

He chuckled, at startling me, and walked toward the sliding glass door that leads to the patio where the grill is. As he walked by, I caught a whiff of his manly scent. He smelled of soap and that new cologne he bought a couple weeks. He claims that it’s his ‘lady killer’. I have to admit that he chose the right cologne because he sure did smell sexy and, judging from casino şirketleri the noise that bellowed from his room earlier, it must work.

A few minutes later, he stepped back inside and asked if the chicken was ready to put on the grill as I stepped toward him with the platter ready to go. I then asked him if he wanted a beer to drink while he cooked and he replied “That would be great! Thanks Bre.”

Dinner was good and the dishes were done so I told Dad that I was going to get some study time in before my final tomorrow. I kissed his cheek, told him goodnight and headed off toward my room leaving him to watch a movie of some sort. An hour later I heard a light knock on my door,

“Yes”, I replied.

“Breaunna, Can I talk to you for a little bit?” Dad asked as he stepped inside my bedroom.

“Yes, of course Daddy, Come on in,” I said turning from my desk.

“Listen Bre, I’ve been doing some thinking about how things have been lately and I would like to know how your feeling,” He said as he sat on the edge of my bed.

“What things Daddy?” I asked, pulling my chair closer to him.

“Well, it’s kind of hard to explain without going into detail”, He said blushing this time.

“Daddy, if your wanting to talk about sex then you should know that I’ve been taught all about that,” I replied.

“Who taught you about sex Breaunna?” He insistently asked.

“Daddy, Mom had the girl talk with me before she got sick so I know all about what goes on between a man and a woman,” I told him.

“Well then, Does it bother you that I bring women home sometimes?” he asked.

“Why do you ask me that Dad? You’ve been bringing them home with you for sometime so why are you just now asking me how I feel about it?” I asked him getting huffy.

“Well, it’s just that lately you’ve been acting different toward me and I was wondering if I’ve upset you somehow,” He said sheepishly.

“Let me say this Dad, I know you get lonely and you’ve only been dating for about a year now but I do wish you would find another place to go and have sex with them,” I said matter of fact.

“Why didn’t you say this to me earlier Breaunna? I wouldn’t have brought those women here if I knew you felt that way,” He replied.

“Like I’m going to butt into your love life Dad,” I said. “Geeze, do we really have to go into this now?” I was growing more and more exasperated by the turn in this conversation.

“I think we should talk about it Bre, especially since you’ve been putting some distance between us lately and I really don’t want to have to bridge that gap again. We’ve come a long way since your mom died and I thought you could talk to me about things that are bothering you, especially now,” He stated.

“Look Daddy, I’m telling you now and so you can do whatever it is that you want to do. I’ll be going away to college in the fall anyway so a few more months of screaming women isn’t going to make too much difference,” I said with a little contempt in my voice.

“It does matter to me how you feel about this Breaunna, because I love you and I want you to feel comfortable in your own home. So if my bringing women home bothers you then I won’t do it anymore. Ok?”

“Ok Daddy, That’s fine with me. I really do need more quiet now anyway. Especially since I have finals the next two weeks.”

“Good, now that we’ve got that settled, I’ll leave you to your studies. I know you’ve got a big test tomorrow so hopefully, now that we’ve talked about this, it will help out with the stress level here at home.” he said placing his hand on mine.

“Can we hug and make up now?” He asked.

“Sure Daddy, I love you,” I said as we hugged.

“I love you too sweetie. Let’s not keep our feelings from one other anymore,” He said releasing me from his big bear hug. With that said, he got up and strolled from my room, winking at me as he shut my bedroom door.

“What has got into him?” and “Why has he suddenly become so concerned about how I feel?” I asked myself. I went back to my studies, shrugging off my questions until a later time.

The next two weeks flew by without a hitch. My finals were over and graduation was Sunday, just three days away! My dad told me, over dinner, that my Grandpa and, my Dad’s brother, Uncle Jim were coming in for my graduation and they would be vacationing for a week so we needed to get our house in tip top shape. I know how he likes for things to be so-so when we have company so I told him that I would get the house all cleaned up tomorrow, after school. I knew this wouldn’t take me away from anything because it was the last day of school. YEA!!

“I woke up Friday morning, stretched like a big lazy cat, and looked outside my window as I adjusted my sight to the brightness beaming into my bedroom. Today is the last day of school and I want to make a lasting impression on all the boys who wouldn’t get to see me until our 10 year reunion so I really made the extra effort to look as stunning as I possibly could. Not that it took that much work, casino firmaları but still, I want to go out with the proverbial bang. I was about to open the front door when I heard a whistle come from the kitchen. I stopped and moved back toward where the whistle came from and saw my Daddy looking at me as he had never done before. “You look great today sweetie,” He said with a gleam in his eyes.

“Thanks Daddy. I wanted to make a lasting impression on all the guys at school so I took a little extra time to get ready this morning,” I replied.

“Well, I’m sure you will see alot of tongues wagging today,” He said with a chuckle.

“That’s the idea Daddy,” I said as I spun around. “I gotta go now, I’m going to be late if I don’t hurry,” I said as I headed for the front door once again.

“Have a great day Breaunna. Knock em dead pretty girl,” I heard him say as I was closing the door.

I came home from school beaming from the great day that I had. So many guys asked for my phone number, saying they would be calling to ask me out sometime. So now it looks like I won’t be spending all of my free time lounging around the pool. At least, now I’ll be going out on some dates with whomever chose to call on me.

Oh man, now I had to clean this house. I guess I should just start somewhere and get it done before Daddy gets home from work. He’s an architect with a large firm and he usually works from home but today he had to go into the city to get some plans “tweaked” as he calls it, so he won’t be home until about 7:00 pm this evening. That should give me plenty of time to get this housework all done and then hopefully we can go out for dinner tonight. I feel like celebrating. Afterall, how often is it that you have your last day of high school anyway?, I thought with a chuckle.

Daddy got home just when I thought he would and was so proud to see that I had done what he asked of me. The house was sparking clean. He told me to get myself all prettied up cause we were go out for dinner. Little did he know that’s what I planned on doing anyway. I laughed inwardly. I know my Daddy so well.

Dinner was so good. I always enjoy going out with my dad. Although, we do sometimes draw attention from people. I don’t know if it’s because people think I’m his date or if they are just thinking lewd thoughts about me. Either way, It doesn’t matter because I’m with one of the most handsome men in this city and I don’t care what people think. On the way home, we talked about graduation and what I would be wearing under my cap and gown. I told Daddy that I would like to have a new dress to wear and he said we would go shopping tomorrow. Oh boy, I thought, Does he spoil me rotten or what? He must have been sensing my thoughts because he looked over at me and winked. That wink, something about it makes me get this butterfly feeling inside my stomach.

Saturday morning we went shopping. I think I wore my poor Dad out, going from shop to shop, trying to find that perfect dress but if he was tired, he sure didn’t utter a word about it. He’s such a good sport when it comes to my shopping splurges. The dress I picked out was so pretty. It was a sleeveless, light pink dress that clung to my curvy body. When my dad saw it on me, he stated that he thought it might a tad bit too short for a graduation dress but I assured him that my gown would cover it so it really didn’t matter. With that, he said that we should get all the accessories to match it, which is exactly what we did. On the way home, I couldn’t help but envision myself in this lovely dress. I know the color really makes my olive complection pop, not to mention, my dark hair. I felt really good and sat back to enjoy the ride home with my Daddy.

“Grandpa, Uncle Jim!” I exclaimed as they came through our front door about 8:00 pm that same evening. I ran and flung my arms around each of their necks and kissed them both on the cheek. I love my Grandpa and Uncle Jim so much but we don’t get to see them as much as I would like. They live a 6 hour drive from us and it’s really difficult for all of us to get together as often as we would like so the time that we do get to spend together is often full of fun and lots of laughs. We stayed up until late catching up with everything going on in our lives. We had some laughs and I decided at 1:00 am that I should head for bed since tomorrow, or rather today, was going to be a busy day. I left my three favorite men alone in the living room to talk. Sleep must have enveloped me because the last thing I remember was lying my head down on my cool pillow.

“Have you told her yet Tommy?” Grandpa asked.

“No, I’ve been trying to find the courage to tell her but the timing just hasn’t been there,” Dad replied.

“Well don’t you think she’s going to be a little pissed when she finds out the real reason were here?” Uncle Jim asked.

“I’ve tried to tell her but I look into her eyes and all my courage goes out the window,” Dad said with turmoil.

“Well, Do you know if she’s still a virgin? At least, Tell güvenilir casino me that you’ve asked her that much Tommy,” Grandpa asked angrily.

“I think she is Dad but No, I didn’t come out and bluntly ask her that,” My Dad retored.

“Fuck Tommy, Don’t you think it was important to find this shit out before we got here to take care of this?” Grandpa said pissed off.

“Geeze Dad, She’s been through so much shit in the past 2 years. I guess that I felt that I owed her more than this,” Dad said getting angry.

“You know the rules Son. She has to go through this initiation immediately after her graduation,” Grandpa stated, calming down a bit.

“Tommy, It’s part of our lifestyle. It’s been this way for decades now. You know this and she should have been told, in order, to prepare herself for it,” Uncle Jim spoke up.

“You mean, Like you prepared your daughter Jim?” My Dad said with anger all over his face.

“Fuck You Tommy! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Deidra. You’ve seen how fucking hot she is,” Uncle Jim retorted.

“Yes she is a looker Jim but you didn’t stick to the rules, exactly like you should have, either. So stop chastising me for not preparing Breaunna,” Dad stated.

“Hey, I only finger fucked Deidra, maybe played with her tits a little too but that’s as far as it went Tommy,” Uncle Jim said.

“Alright boys. Enough about this shit with Deidra. She’s already had her turn and now it’s time to focus on Breaunna. She’s got to be prepared and if your not going to do it Tommy then perhaps I should,” Grandpa stated, matter-of-factly.

“No Dad, I will tell her first thing in the morning,” Daddy hurridly spoke up.

“You better Fucking get your shit together Tommy. I’m sick and tired of you boys not doing what is expected of you when it comes to these damn girls,” Grandpa said then turned and walked to his bedroom. Daddy and Uncle Jim followed in suit.

“Good morning sunshine,” Dad said to me as he gently woke me up. “It’s time for you to get up and get prepared for your big day baby girl. But first I want to ask if you’ve planned anything after your graduation this afternoon?” Daddy asked, chickening out once again.

“No Daddy, I’ve not planned anything,” I said stretching once again like a lazy cat.

“Good, because Grandpa, Uncle Jim and myself have planned a wonderful affair for you this evening and I didn’t want anything to hender our plans,” Daddy stated.

“Plans? You make it sound so business-like Daddy,” I said teasing.

“No baby girl, it’s nothing like that and I’m sorry if I sounded like it was but we do have a very big surprise for you. In fact, three to be exact,” He said laughing with excitement.

“Oh Goody, I love surprises Daddy. You know that!” I exclaimed.

“Well sweetie, you are sure to be totally satisified with yours,” Daddy said getting up, from my bedside, he turned and gave me that wink again.

I got up and went to take my shower and was really enjoying the feel of the water pellet my skin to it’s awakening. Suddenly, I heard the bathroom door open. I didn’t know who it was, but then again, I had nothing to fear. I figured whoever it was heard me showering and quietly stepped back out. Then I opened the shower curtain and was reaching for my towel when I saw Uncle Jim standing there watching me. I squealed out and immediatedly had my mouth covered, by his large hand, as he backed me against the shower wall. Then he began to roughly tug at my erect nipples with his other hand. I was in such shock and I didn’t know why he was doing this to me. I began to struggle and tried to pull from him when he grabbed me by both of my arms and hissed “Shut the Fuck Up Slut!”

He then proceded to suck my breasts. He took each one into his mouth and sucked as if he were a baby. I didn’t know what to do except just stand there and let him finish what he started. It’s like he was a totally different person, perhaps possessed by some vile demon. I didn’t know what he was going to do next and then he spoke, “Your such a hot Cunt Breaunna, You will learn to subcumb to my wants very soon little girl.” With that said, he pinched my nipples very hard and then turned on his heels and walked out.

I lost all the feelings to my legs and slowly sank to the shower floor. I didn’t understand why my Uncle Jim had done this to me. I felt as cheap as a twenty dollar hooker! How could I look at my Uncle the same way ever again! Then I felt a trickle of something seeping down my thigh. I went to wipe it off my leg when I felt more of it coming from my quivering pussy. “What had caused this to happen?” I thought, as I bagan to regain my composure. Quietly, I dried my body off, put on my robe and hurried to my room.

“That Bastard!” I hissed inwardly. “If my Dad ever finds out what he did then it will be too bad for Uncle Jim!” I thought as I smiled at the sight of Daddy beating him to a pulp. I began to put on my new pink dress with shaking hands. I did my best to steady them so that I could finish getting ready but all that I could think about was what had just transpired in the bathroom. I came to the conclusion that I will tell Daddy what Uncle Jim had done after graduation. If I told him now, then I would never get to the ceremony and I knew that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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