Breanne Scenario Pt. 02

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Well, my lovely wife and her lifelong friend after careful planning set up a gang bang where Bree gets all of her holes plugged. Now Bree for those of you who don’t know is a twenty five year old single woman who has been part of our escapades for years now. The whole thing happened this past weekend and she is still sore. She was stretched out real good.

I played my part as the resident ejaculate eater and ate every last drop of sperm that was spent. My belly was full of cum. Bree even did a few ass to mouth cock sucking’s. All in all it was a great time and it went like this.

It was at a nice hotel by our house. We walked into the lobby and Bree and my wife were all jittery with excitement, we rented a suite with a separate living room and a separate bedroom. We stopped at the bar and grabbed some drinks then headed to the room. It was awesome, really large. My wife told me to get naked and then set up the video equipment in the living room. (Yes we videoed it for posterity.) Bree quickly got nude and is strutting around with a smile she can’t wipe off her face. Its 5:00 o’clock and my wife said we have to get ready because the men will be showing up soon.

My wife explained how it was going to go. She told Bree to just sit on the couch naked and the guys will just start meandering in eventually getting their cocks out. That would be the sign for Bree to start sucking cock. I was told to be fully dressed and to just sit in the arm chair till it was time to play my part. All I was to do was open my mouth and swallow sperm, if I was good maybe something else would happen later.

It wasn’t 10 minutes later and the guys showed up. There were 20 of them all different sizes and types. It wasn’t but a few minutes and Bree had a huge black cock in her mouth. As other guys were in various stages of undress watching her suck that dick. Before we all knew it that guy was filling her mouth with his load. She mumbled as he shot her mouth full. Then she stood up and walked over to me, she pried open my mouth and let that large load drip into my open mouth. When she had no more she closed my mouth and told me to swallow. I did, she quickly turned and asked “who was next.”

Up stepped the next guy, he had her lay down on the floor and proceeded to tear her pussy up with his dick she moaned with every hard thrust as he drove into her as deep as he could. Shortly his pace quickened then slowly and deliberately he deposited his seed deep in her pussy as he let out a moan of pleasure. He pulled out and stood up while Bree reached down and put her hand over her pussy lips in an attempt to hold the sperm in place. The guy stepped up and straddled her chest as if to say, clean my cock off now. Bree didn’t understand so casino şirketleri he reached down and grabbed her head, he lead her face up to his dick and then smeared his cum soaked cock all over her face. Then she opened her mouth as he pushed his cock to the back of her throat. Upon his withdrawal she sucked his dick clean.

She motioned for me to lay down beside her, once in position she worked her cum filled pussy over my face and removed her hand so it could drip out. Her pussy looked all red and swollen but still pretty. She and I have never had sex but I always wanted to tear her up if I ever got a chance. I could see the sperm emerging from her inner depths and decide I was going to not just let it drop into my mouth. I reached up and grabbed her hips then suddenly and forcefully crammed her cream pie into my face and waiting tongue. I drove my tongue hungrily into her hole and dug for all of that cum. She worked her way off of my face and scolded me that I wasn’t supposed to do that. I just shrugged and said sorry, but I quietly said to myself girl you taste good, now go get me some more sperm.

Bree looked at the guys standing around the room all of them jacking off at various speeds “I need to be double penetrated right now, fill my holes boys.” with that, two stepped forward and said they were up for the challenge. One guy sat on the couch and grabbed Bree, he told her to sit on his cock. She promptly worked her pussy down over his fat hard dick and bounced up and down on it. The next guy stopped her bouncing and maneuvered behind her. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her butt hole and told her “get ready because I’m going to stuff your ass full and balls deep.

He slowly worked it in and started to pump her ass. The first guy started to pump too. Pretty soon they were both going to town. She said for them both to cum in her mouth. Shortly the cock came out of her ass and was being jerked into her mouth. Once that guy finished the second guy told her he was going to cum, she hopped off his dick and inhaled into her mouth. He came a lot because the sperm overflowed her lips. She gestured for me to come over, I knelt beside her and she emptied the contents of her mouth into mine. I swallowed it all as she smiled at me.

Bree says next she wants to be face fucked even throat fucked. One lucky gentleman stepped up and said lets go, you better lay down on your back with your head hanging off the sofa, that way i can go balls deep. She got in position and he lined up his long dick with her mouth. He said open the hatch. Bree opened her mouth and he slid his dick in a few inches. He withdrew it then slapped her cheeks with his cock head. Now deeper he exclaimed and into her mouth he casino firmaları went, this time about four inches worth. He started slowly pumping her mouth with his meat. In and out he went till he said you’re getting it all this time. He pushed past the four inch point and wiggled his dick deeper past her mouth and into her throat. Deeper and deeper till his balls were kissing her nose. He stayed the momentarily and trying to wiggle it in deeper till Bree protested for some breath. He withdrew and she gasped for a breath and said again but this time stoke in and out so I can breathe. No problem the cock master replied as he entered her mouth again. This time he was fucking her throat, you could see her neck swell with each plunge deep into her. After no more than thirty seconds he pulled out of her throat and past her lips and spent his load as he jacked off into her open eager mouth till he was empty.

Bree sucked every last morsel of cum out of him and then waved her finger at me to come closer. She rolled up to her knees and grabbed my face with both her hands. She pulled me closer and I opened my mouth. She emptied the contents into my open lips and smiled while she told me to swallow. It was a large load but I got it all down the old hatch.

Next she told me to lay down on the floor. she then crawled over the top of me on her hands and knees till my face was under her pussy and her face was over my pants covered crotch, she relaxed onto her elbows then told the remaining 15 men to line up and fuck her in her pussy or ass, then cum either in her, on her or jack off into my face. She then rested her face into my lap and nestled my hard but still covered dick with the side of her face as she stuck her ass in the air begging to be pounded.

The first guy waddled up stroking his dick and got into position. His cock and balls were just over my face as he touched the tip to her pussy lips and stroked them with it. They spread open and swallowed his cock till he was buried balls deep. He proceeded to fuck her with deep powerful strokes. It wasn’t anytime at all and he was driving her with a desperate purpose, his balls tightened as he gave her one deep stroke and moaned that he was cumming.

I watched his balls quiver filling her from my close vantage point. He gave her a few more slow strokes then pulled out of her, his dick glistened with his and her juices coating it. He stepped away and the next man stepped up. I knew her pussy was full of sperm but nothing was coming out, I didn’t know what to do next so I just laid there as the next guy pushed into her. Bree moaned as he slid into her pussy fully as I could hear a swishing sound as he hit bottom. Slowly, in and out he pumped. I was mesmerized with güvenilir casino the action above my eyes. Suddenly he pulled out of her pussy, stepped back and started to jackoff. My eyes followed his movement when suddenly a huge glob of cum splashed right on my nose covering my nostrils and drooled down my cheeks. My eyes were diverted to her pussy only to be redirected by the jack offer now shooting his load into my face also. My face is coated as he shook his dick lobbing the last drops of cum towards me and amazingly hit my open mouth as he backed away.

The next man stepped up and proclaimed that he was going pound her asshole. He slid his dick head through Bree’s bright red pussy lips for a little lube and proceeded to her asshole. Bree dug her finger nails into my legs as his fat cock spread her asshole. Deeper and deeper he went as Bree cried out. He buried his complete cock in her and then started to pump her slowly but forcefully bucking her hips when he was balls deep. The action forced some more sperm to drip out of her pussy and towards my face. i opened my mouth and tried to catch it but missed it hit my face around my mouth. This guy pulled out and stoked his dick till he shot his cum all over her open gapping asshole and down her ass crack. The drops of cum leaked down into my open mouth as he too backed away.

Bree was moving her face around and rubbing my dick through my pants so much I began to cum and I shot my load coating the inside of my pants. The next guy steps up and said he too was going to fuck her ass. He stepped up and easily slid up her now wide open asshole, I peeked a glance at the line of men and wondered if they all were going to do her ass. I thought her ass is great looking but was going to be destroyed. This guy pumped away as she kept digging her nails into me. Sperm kept dripping down onto my face as he too pulled out and jacked off except he gave me a facial as I instinctively open my mouth to give him a target.

On and on it went as each of the remaining guys either fucked her ass or pussy then just pumping her full of cum. Once the last guy stepped up she was leaking sperm pretty good from both holes. The last guy pulled out and took good aim at my face and plastered my face with his load. I glanced up at her bright red pussy lips all stretched out and leaking cum, her ass was gaped wide open, properly destroyed and leaking also. I felt sorry for her and started cleaning her up with my tongue. I stuck my tongue in both of her holes in search of more cum. After I cleaned her up. She collapsed down on top of me, her face buried into my crotch, too bad my rock hard dick covered under my pants, Because her was face rubbing on it again and coaxing another load out of me and into my now cum soaked pants.

Once Bree gained her composure she climbed up off of me and said she was worn out and her ass hurt. My wife guided the men to the exit, once they all left, she and Bree sat around chatting and commenting about what just happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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