Breaking My Girl Ch. 02

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CHAPTER TWO: A Proper Birthday Present

I hadn’t given my daughter her present yet. The holiday, yes, but not her proper present. I hadn’t given it to her sweet mouth, her tight cunt, or her hard little ass. And we were leaving the next evening to go home. I’d blown it. I’d had three weeks to fuck my daughter, and even though I was certain she was waiting for me to start something, I hadn’t.

As we sat for dinner in the local taverna, I adjusted the boner in my pants and tried to relax. It’s difficult to even look at her across the table without throbbing, without imagining her holiday tan wet with Daddy’s creamy semen. I tried to think of her beauty instead. My daughter is so beautiful, even more so because she seems so modest about how truly delicious she looks. In bloom, still a girl. I’d cum a thousand times thinking about her in private, remembering that school skirt or that short denim mini, but I was only now allowed to look with intent, rather than shirk a guilty glance at the forbidden.

I wanted to take my cock out and jack-off right there in front of her as she sucks on her cocktail straw and strokes the stem of the glass. “Oh, Daddy you’ve got such a big fucking dick…make it cum, Daddy, make it cum for your babygirl.”

My mind was awash with her imagined dirty mouth. “Faster, Daddy…”, as she unbuttons her dress and shows me her tender little a-cups, “…come on, Daddy, I’ll always be your little girl…I promise…my Daddy’s little babygirl..”

My seemingly innocent Lisa, who I want to make so dirty. Daddy’s li’l whore, tummy full of cum, asshole gaping, her cunt tender from a thousand lengths of Daddy’s thick prick. I knew she thought of it, late at night, in her room, one hand strumming her clit, the other with a dildo in her fist. If I imagined being on top of my daughter, banging her snug cunt, then she must imagine her Daddy deep inside her. I wondered whether she said the words out loud, “Cum inside me, Daddy…I want you to…” Or just in her head as she bites her lip and cums all over her dildo.

“I need a pee,” she said.

When she excused herself, I waited until nobody could see me and unzipped my pants, wet my fingers at the tip of my weeping cock and spread my pre-cum on her spoon. I was wondering how I could cum into her cocktail when…

“I ordered at the bar.”

Lisa sat back down and smiled and I noticed that two extra buttons had been undone casino şirketleri on her dress and it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra. She noticed me looking and she took hold of her necklace.

“I love it,” she said. “Thank you, Daddy.”

“I’ve got one more present for you,” I said.

“You spoil me,” she said. “Can I have it now?”

“I’ll have to give it to you later.”

“Is it a big present?”

“I’m pretty sure you’ve never had one before, I think you’ll like it.”

“I’d love anything that you wanted to give me, Daddy.”

She reached out and took my hand and smiled. Lisa had the prettiest face. Big brown eyes and dark lashes like her hair, with bee-stung lips that could make a man’s dreams all come true. The only thing that restrained her vanity was her shy dilemma about her small breasts. Ironically, that was what kept her looking so innocent and perfect and my forever babygirl. The consolation for Lisa was that she knew damn well how hard her li’l tits made me, hence the bikini top coming off at every convenience.

I want to rub my swollen head over my daughter’s little tits, pre-cum kisses for her hard nipples. And fill my daughter’s mouth with my cunt-flavoured cock as I’m ejaculating.

“Swallow, that’s a good girl…”

It’s all I could think about a she ate with her pre-cum spoon.

Just that, and my load running from the corners of her mouth and down her neck faster than she can swallow. And her eternal voice in my head. “Sorry, Daddy…..” Then my voice. “It’s ok, babygirl, next time I’ll push it into your throat and then you’ll not spill a drop…”

Lisa sucked on her spoon and asked me whether I wanted to go dancing at the bar next door.

“Of course,” I said, “anything you want…”

“Anything?” she asked.

“Anything for my babygirl,” I said.

Lisa giggled and chewed on her straw and said, “It’s been a long time since you called me that.”

“You’ll always be my babygirl,”?I said.

“Always,” said Lisa. She stroked the length of my fingers and added, “You wanna dance with me now?”

I love it when my babygirl touches me.

Almost certainly, this was the moment we knew, not only I, but Lisa too, that something was going to happen. She wanted to dance with me, but what she was really saying was, “You wanna fuck me now, Daddy?”

“Yes,” I said, “I’d love to dance with you…”

Of course, what casino firmaları I hoped she’d heard was, “Yes, my babygirl, I’d love to fuck you. I want to feel my cock deep inside you, in every conceivable way…”

A few minutes later we were in the bar. It was so fucking hot, the two of us were glowing even before we began to dance. Her brow was damp, her long hair sticking to her shiny face. Her golden tan appeared wet and her summer dress clung to her petite frame. I could only imagine how hot it must have been between her long legs, between those teenage thighs. I caught her glancing to my swollen pants and felt almost delirium when considering how fucking wet her panties must be, how torrid my daughter’s young tight cunt must be in the heat of the night and the heat of the almost unbearable sexual tension brewing between us.

I wanted to pull her to me, hand up her dress and inside her panties and finger-fuck her right there on the dance floor. Have all the drunken revellers around us form a circle and watch me get her down on the floor and finger her right there for all to see – and she would say, between gasps of pleasure, to the spectators, “It’s okay, he’s my Daddy…”

But I didn’t pull her to me, not until later, when we’d had a couple more cocktails and the songs were becoming slower and more romantic.

Somebody turned the glitterball on and a ballad began. We hesitated for a second, until Lisa reached up and drew her hands around my neck. My arms coiled around her waist and I drew her flat stomach onto my boner. Her arms slipped down and around my waist and my palm stroked across her hip and I grabbed a bit of her dress and drew it up her thigh, just a little bit, to give her a further hint as to what I wanted. Her body responded as her embrace tightened and her stomach pressed against my rigid cock. My shaft throbbed once, and again, and she held me tighter, which encouraged my hand to roam over the small of her back.

Lisa rested her head against my chest and as we turned slowly to the music, her stomach massaged my aching dick through my pants. At that moment I dared not fantasise. One mental image might have made me cum in my shorts. She must have been soaking wet. I wanted to feel how wet she was. I wanted to taste how wet she was. I wanted to lap at her sodden twat and stick my tongue in her mouth. And I wondered what she was dreaming of at that moment? The rim of my sticky, bloated güvenilir casino cockhead against her swollen clit? My stiff, veined shaft sliding back and forth through her sweaty ass-crack?

I was going to cum, right there on the dance floor. One more fevered fantasy and I would, just as one small lick of her tingling clit would bring my daughter to a violent orgasm.

I want to make my daughter cum. I want to make her cum so hard, again and again and again and again and….I wanted to see her hips bucking hard and hear her scream out my name, “Yes, Daddy, yes! Don’t stop, Daddy, please don’t stop!”

But what I heard was, “I love you, Daddy.”

I opened my eyes to see her looking up at me. She looked into my eyes, to my mouth. She bit her lip and as she rose onto her tip toes to kiss me, the ballad rudely ended and the house lights came up, bright and intrusive.

Police were there, breaking up the party. No music after midnight.

“You wanna go?” I said.

Lisa nodded and I led her out of the bar by the hand, and down toward the beach. The cool sea breeze cooled us down for the moment and we walked barefoot, hand in hand along the water line. Her dress fluttered in the breeze, parting at the middle to flash her white panties. The cooler air must have felt good between her legs, soothing her flaming clit and calming her tight fuckhole. If my still hard cock was any measure, her panties must have been soaking wet and her pussy must have been gagging to be filled by Daddy’s big dick.

After a while without words, Lisa said, “What are we going to do?”

“We can’t carry on like this,”?I said.

“I’ll go crazy,” she said.

We both stopped walking at that point and turned to one another. She looked up at me and took my other hand in hers. She drew one up to her chest and flattened my palm across it, and as she looked into my eyes once again, I could feel her heart beating hard and fast.

She said, “When I said I love you at the bar, I didn’t mean like I love you as a daughter.”

“I know,” I said. I pushed her hair from her pretty face. “I love you too.”

“So what are we gonna do about it, Daddy? I want you. And I know you want me…”

I looked up the beach to the light on the porch of our villa and said, “Not here.”

Lisa looked up the beach to where I was looking, then to me and said, “I’ve missed you calling me babygirl….can I be your babygirl again, Daddy?”

“Does this mean you’re going to want a piggy back, too?”

She shook her head, took my hand and said, “Just hold my hand, I’m a big girl now.”

That night, I would fuck my daughter for the first time.

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