Breakfast at Mom’s

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“Good morning Robert, what would you like for breakfast?”

“You know what I want, but since you won’t give me the slightest thing I ask you for, I’ll just get some coffee.”

“Oh Robert, it’s too early in the morning; why are you doing this?”

“You’re the one who always says that the only way to get through something is to talk it out until you’re done; so I’m talking.

“Robert, this isn’t just ‘something’; this is crazy.”

“Why is it crazy that you’re attractive to me? Lots of men find you attractive and want to go out with you. I see what they see. I just want to touch your soft skin and be close to you. Just open the top button so I can slide my hand in.”

“No I can’t Robert… I’m not a whore… I’m your mother. I can’t let you do it. Please stop it. I’m begging you.”

Nola was almost crying. She’d tried everything she could and it was getting worse. Her son Robert had been the perfect son for nineteen years. Everything about him said “normal”. He went to school, became a mechanic and went out on dates.

About three months ago, he started making sexual innuendos in front of her. He told her how sexy she looked and what a nice figure she had. He complimented her legs and said she should model stockings. She just laughed and thanked him thinking he was just being cute and playful.

After a few days of that he started asking her questions like “mom, what size bras do you wear and what size panties and stockings?” They seemed a little strange but she thought perhaps it could be curiosity or maybe he wanted to buy her a present, so she answered them. She even explained the different sizing telling him her bra size was 36C American but 80C European.

The questions got more detailed and intimate. She had always answered his questions about sex when he was young and now talking about her first experiences with him had re-kindled the excitement. When it got to the point of him asking her if she had ever had anal sex she began realizing that it wasn’t about curiosity or presents.

They were having breakfast and she was wearing a nightgown as she always did before getting dressed for work. He said “you know mom, most women your age start to sag but you still look great without a bra.”

Initially she almost said thank you but then she thought, “What’s going on here…?” She said, “Robert, is that a way to talk to your mother?”

“It is when she looks like you. You have beautiful breasts: is it terrible that I tell you?”

“It’s not terrible and I’m flattered but you should be telling these things to the girls you go out with not to me.”

“I casino şirketleri don’t want those girls anymore. I don’t really find them attractive any more. I want a woman who’s sexy and smart – like you mom. I want someone who makes me feel like I want my hands all over them every time I see them. I just don’t feel that with those girls.”

“Give it time baby: you’ll find that woman.”

“I already have; it’s you mom. You have a body any man would want to make love to. Why wouldn’t I want to touch this beautiful breast?”

She saw his hand coming but she didn’t stop him until it was too late. She gently removed his hand but not before his fingers brushing across her nipples caused them to become erect.

She thought, “It’s just the physical touch that did it. I haven’t been touched in so long, if a stranger in the street accidentally bumped my tits I’d probably get turned on.” What she said was, “Honey this isn’t appropriate.” He walked off without a word.

For days after that he kept asking to touch her. She refused but he was persistent. Nola thought that maybe if she gave in a little he would be satisfied or at least he would calm down enough to listen to reason.

“Look honey, if I let you put this lotion on my legs will you talk to me reasonably?”

Nola sat on the couch with her long legs across his lap. She had just shaved her legs and the lotion felt soothing as he massaged it in. His hands slid easily along the silky smooth skin up to her creamy thighs. She closed her eyes and thought of how long it had been since anyone had touched her like that. Her second marriage ended badly and she hadn’t even wanted to go out for the last five months. When his hands started gliding dangerously close along her inner thigh, she returned from her reverie.

“Only up to here please. Now talk to me. I care about you and I want to know what brought this on.”

“What brought this on is my hard-on for you”

Nola was stunned into silence. What baffled her was that he was behaving as he always had in all other ways. He went to work, he spoke to his friends on the phone, he took care of all the things he usually did around the house but the sex talk kept coming up. Again she tried talking to him.

“Robby, have I done something to upset you?”


“Is it that I didn’t keep my body covered enough in this small apartment? Have I teased you? Is it that I only wear a small towel around me when I come out from the shower that started this?”


“Then what is it?”

“What it is is I want to take you to bed.”

“But you can’t; I’m casino firmaları your mother.”

“You keep saying that. Don’t you think I know you’re my mother? You’re my mother and I want to be between your legs. Is that plain enough?”

“Robby we have to talk to someone about this; we can get you help so you won’t feel this way.”

“Mom I’m not crazy. I don’t want to not feel this way. It feels good to want you. I like thinking about your long legs and how your ass looks in a tight skirt and how it would look out of a tight skirt. I’m just at the point where I’m not going to go on with the charade of pretending I don’t want to sleep with you. I’m not going to pretend I don’t want this.” His hand rested on her panties as his finger searched over her clit for her opening.

Nola put her hand on his and fought the urge to rub with him. “Noo… no…” He took his hand away.

“Mom, I know you have needs don’t you? I think you need me in you as much as I want to be there – don’t you?” Her mind clouded and she became aware of the moisture between her legs. She thought “yes I need it” but it came out, “how can I let you …how can I…”? He showed her.

He put his hands on her hips and she didn’t stop him. He pulled down her panties and she lifted her ass to let him. He guided her to turn and get on her knees on the couch. She held on with both hands as he entered her.

“How did this happen?” she wondered. “My son’s cock is in me. My son is fucking me and I’m letting him. His big cock is filling me up. What am I doing? Oh it feels so good…so good to have a man in me again…oh I need this…he’s so far in me with his big cock…I am a whore…I’m a whore who’s getting fucked by her son…”

“Mom…mom…you’re so beautiful…I finally have my cock in your cunt…I’m fucking you so deep and you’re so wet. That’s where you want my cock isn’t it mom?”

“Yes…Oh God… Oh…you’re in me so deep I can feel you on my ass…oh Robby you’re fucking me and I don’t care…I’m a whore for my son and I don’t care.”

Her juices flowed as her son’s cock explored the hot dark wetness between her legs. She couldn’t remember ever having her channel filled so completely or a cock that touched the spot her son’s cock was touching so deep in her belly. He reached around with both hands and the buttons on the top of her blouse came off as he struggled to free her breasts. He pulled the bra down exposing the perfect globes. They felt full and bursting as the still clasped bra pushed them up and out. His fingers circled the roundness of his mother’s breasts and nipples. She was on the edge of orgasm and began trembling.

“Robby, güvenilir casino tell me you love me…ohh…tell me I’m not a whore.”

“I love you mom and you are a whore: you’re my whore. Every time I fuck you, you’re going to be my whore. Every time you want my cock inside you, you’ll be my whore.”

“Oh…yes, I want your cock in me…my son’s…cock…” She went over. “Robby…yes…yes…I’M…COMING…OHHH…ROBBY…your…whore…FUU…CK…MEEE…OHH…OHH GOD.”

Wave after wave hit her as she came on her son’s cock. Just as she thought she was finished he slid his finger into his mother’s ass and a final jolt rocked her. He stayed in her rock hard as she finished spasming and grinding her ass on his pole.

Robert took out his glistening cock and put it to his mother’s lips. When she saw it, her cunt began to ache for it again. “Now mom, show me what a cocksucking whore you really are.”

As she opened her mouth to accept her son’s pulsing meat she said, “Yes… I’ll be a cocksucker for you…I’m your whore.”

She sucked on the head and tasted herself on him. He began fucking his mother’s mouth and she spread her legs to rub her swollen clit.

Then she surprised him. He was down her throat. His mother knew how to deep throat!

“You sly bitch” he laughed, “where did you learn that? Ohhhh… that is good. Nobody ever swallowed my cock before. So mom, this isn’t the first big cock you’ve sucked is it?”

His mother stopped sucking long enough to tell him, “no but it’s the best. It’s the one I want… to fuck my puss…the one… I want… my son to fill…his mother’s…pussy with…” She licked his balls between the words and then returned the now straining rod to her hot mouth.

All he could think about now was coming. He felt his balls tightening. He wanted to come in her mouth, on her face, in her ass. He started to pull out of her mouth to fuck her again and she grabbed his dick and started jerking it. He exploded. The first jet of cum hit his mother’s cheek and slid down her pretty face. She opened her mouth and aimed the second cord at the back of her throat. He bucked in her hand and the next shot landed on her tits and dress. She wrapped her soft lips around the big head and took the rest of the sticky milk into her mouth. She sucked and licked and swallowed until only saliva covered his dick and balls.

The next morning at breakfast, the same words echo in the small kitchen. “I want you now…I want to touch you… I can’t wait until tonight…” Nola says, sitting naked, as her son approaches.

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