Bound in Blood pt. 1

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“Jack, I’m going to need you to get someone to switch out this end cap right away,” Don the co-manager says, I hate that guy. “Don’t let me see it looking like this when I get back from lunch.”

He’s always berating people for anything he can find. He’s such a bully. What really pisses me off is who am I supposed to get? They’ve laid off most of the employees who worked in my departments. We’re now down to 270 employees. Half of the department managers won’t take me seriously. Most of them are older than me of course and it doesn’t help that I have a babyface. Especially when I keep it shaved. It’s my first job out of college and I hate it.

Now I have to figure out what to do about this stupid end cap. It’s practically empty and it’s in the paper product section. I walk over to Ed, the department manager for non-food consumables who got the job because no one else applied. “Hey, Ed. I just noticed that the end cap on the paper products is getting kind of low. Could you swap it out with something else?” I ask.

“Ehhh. I’ve got to take my lunch. I’ll get it when I get back,” he says with a shit-filled smile.

“Don asked me to have someone change it before he got back from lunch. Could you please take care of it now?” I ask.

“Sorry, can’t miss lunch. Rules are rules. Can’t you find someone else?” he says as he swipes his card through the time clock. “Now, I’m technically off the clock and you’re not supposed to talk to us off the clock.”

Ed is such a dick. Fine, I’ll do it myself. I stomp over to the non-food consumable backstock and fill up a U-boat with garbage bags and odor eliminator air spray. I march out to the end cap and fill it up.

“Jack! Where is the report I asked you for an hour ago and why are you stocking shelves?” Roxanne, the store manager asks.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have it. Don wanted the end cap swapped out and I had no one else to do it,” I say.

“You’re the Assistant Manager, not a stock boy. I don’t pay you to fill the shelves, I pay you to manage. Get your shit together and get me the report I asked for,” she steams. Her puffy cheeks fuming red. She huffs and waddles away. The earthquakes with every step she takes. I hate her and I hate this job. What was I thinking, taking a job at a MegaMart?

“Hey Jack,” Alicia says, one of my friends. She’s the department manager for electronics.

“Hey Alicia,” I say.

“Are we still on for our Aratheon campaign tonight?” she asks.

“Yeah, totally,” I say.

“Great, I’ll let everyone else know,” she smiles, brushing a string of her bright blonde hair behind her ear.

As I make my way to the backroom to put away the overstock I couldn’t fit on the endcap, I hear my name. I turn to find Martha walking up to me. She’s a sweet old lady that works in cosmetics. “Jack, thank you so much for giving me my birthday off and the sweet card. You’re such a nice young man.”

“You’re welcome Martha, how was your birthday? Did you do anything special?” I ask.

“I just spent some time with the grandkids. They’re growing up so fast,” she says.

“Yeah? Has Mark decided on what college he wants to go to?” I ask.

“He has, he decided to go to that fancy new tech school in Detroit. I think it’s called Gennecho,” she says.

“I heard about that new school. I hear they don’t charge tuition. I wonder how that works. Well, tell him I wish him the best of luck,” I say.

“I will. Thank you again,” she says before she walks off. What a nice old lady. Kind of crazy, but still very sweet.

“Jack, there you are!” I turn around to see another one of my friends Avery coming up. He’s my age and he also works in the electronics department under Alicia. He’s a bit shy and somewhat feminine. “Thanks for letting me have last weekend off. I appreciate that. So, Alicia says we’re on for Aratheon tonight?”

“Yeah, definitely. And no problem.”

“Awesome, I can’t wait!” he smiles. His long brown hair covering half his face.

“Well, I’ve got to get the boss her important report that she could easily do herself with all the time she spends in her office. I’ll talk to you later,” I sigh.

I get her the report she asked for and she calls me into her office. “Jack, we need to have a talk. You need to get your shit together. When we hired you, we were taking a chance with someone fresh out of college. We’re going to need you to step up and fill the role. Be a manager. Manage your people.”

“What do I need to do to step up?” I ask even though I feel like I’ve been thrown into an ocean without a life jacket and now I’m drowning.

“Well, because our sales have fallen short of last year, we’re going to need to make some layoffs. Here’s a list of employees we need to let go,” she says, handing me a large list of 40 people. I look down the list to see both Martha and Avery on the list.

“But we already made cuts last month. When is it enough? These people have families and depend on this job. We can’t just cut them,” I argue.

“Trust me, I hate this as much as you do. More so. These employees are my family, but in order to survive, we need to make cuts,” she says. Yeah right. If she really cared, she’d take a cut to her salary. I know she’s making at least 200k a year.

“Can’t we instead just cut our salaries? As hard as it’ll be, I can take a cut in pay,” I say, even though I’m barely making enough to pay the bills, put food on the table and pay off my massive student loan.

“Believe me, if I could, I would, but this is coming from above me. They want to cut the budget and the best way is to cut the dead weight,” she says. Deadweight? Is she serious? Most of the people on this list work hard and she considers them dead weight…

“Now, I want the people on that list let go by the end of the week. Have one of the other assistant managers help you with it,” she says.

“Okay…” I get up and leave without saying another word. I can’t believe we’re going to cut all of these hardworking people. Some of these people are my friends. They’re like family. Martha is a good person and does great work at her job. Avery may be a little shy, but he works hard and knows the most about electronics. It makes me feel sick to my stomach.

“Hello there, would you mind telling me where I can find some rope?” a man in a black suit coat with bright white hair asks.

“Yeah, you’ll be able to find rope in the hardware section,” I say.

“Thank you,” he says as he walks away. That guy gave me the chills.

After work, I head over to Alicia’s apartment. Everyone’s already there and the table is set up.

“Finally you got here,” Quinnell says as he and everyone else sit at the table. I take my spot and we begin.

“So we left off where Avery discovered the secret passageway down into a crypt in the basement of the house,” Alicia says. Do I tell Avery the bad news now? I don’t have the stomach to. “Jack?”

“Huh?” I look up to all of them staring at me.

“Are you with us?” Alicia says.

“Oh right,” I say. “Where are we?”

Rolland facepalms. And then shakes his blond hair out of his face. “We’re in the basement of the haunted house.”

“The house is haunted?” Avery asks.

He lets out a sigh. “Well obviously. It’s definitely not a day spa. Why else would we need to investigate it?”

“Okay, well, what exactly do we know?” I ask.

“A quick summary of what has happened so far is that you were all hired to investigate the mystery of the house on the hill by the town mayor. You head up to the old abandoned mansion and search the house but find nothing out of the usual in your initial search. Upon further look, Avery discovered a secret passageway to an underground crypt. You went down it and you see a door to the left and a dark passageway in front of you and the right, but you can’t see very far down either of them,” Alicia says.

“Okay, well… Let’s check out the door to the right,” I say.

“Are sure you want to do that?” Alicia asks.

“No, not really, but why not?” I ask.

“Is there gold in there?” Quinnell asks. “My dwarven nose will sniff it out.”

“I much prefer some booty,” Rolland says. “Any locked up maidens for me to rescue?”

“You’ll just have to find out for yourself. You look at the door to find it’s locked.”

“I can pick the lock,” Avery says.

“No point in picking the lock, let’s just knock the door down,” Rolland says.

“Fine,” he says.

“Step aside, time for some orc muscle. I’ll take out my Axe and bash the door in,” Rolland says.

“Roll strength check,” Alicia says.

Rolland rolls and gets 1s and everyone chuckles beside Rolland. “You take a big swing, the ax slips from your hand and the broadside smacks you in the head, dealing 2 damage,” Alicia laughs.

“Let’s let Avery try to pick the lock,” I smile.

“Go ahead and roll dexterity,” Alicia says. Avery lets the dice fly and gets a 15. “Avery successfully picks the lock and the door swings wide open. The room is pretty dark, but you can barely make out several cages with people in them.”

“Any women?” Rolland asks.

Alicia’s face falls flat. “Yes, two out of the 4 people are women.”

“Let’s help them and let them out,” I say.

“As you walk in, the prisoners all flinch and fall back into their cages. One of the women begs you to end her suffering.”

“We’re not here to hurt you,” I say. “We just want to help.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll save you,” Rolland says moving his character to one of the cages with a woman in it. “Especially for a kiss. Can I free them?”

“You can try to break the lock, but with your skills, you’re better off letting Avery picking it,” Alicia says.

“Hey! That was an unlucky roll. I’m going to smash the lock with my ax,” he says.

“Very well, go ahead and roll,” Alicia sighs. “If you chop your own hand off you can’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Rolland rolls and casino şirketleri this time gets a 20 for both. “You successfully break the lock off and along with breaking the cage door.”

“I open the cage and take the woman into my arms. Can I get a little privacy?” he asks. Everyone sighs.

Alicia rolls a dice and gets a 15.

“Wait, what are you rolling for?” Rolland asks.

“The woman sinks her teeth into your neck,” Alicia says. She rolls again. “You’re dealt 4 damage.”

“What the hell, I saved her life!” Rolland sighs. “I push her off and attack her with my ax.”

“Wait, is she a vampire?” I ask.

“Yep,” Alicia smiles.

“What a bitch. I’m going to kill this hoe,” Rolland says.

Alicia smirks. “Maybe if you didn’t try to take advantage of her, you wouldn’t be in this mess. Everyone roll initiative.”

“Wait, shouldn’t we try to get her back in the cage, she’s probably just a victim here,” I say.

“I’m the victim here. She tricked me! I saved her life and she bit me,” Roland says.

“Oh don’t play the savior, you were just being a perv,” Alicia says.

“What? Shouldn’t I get a little reward for saving her life?” he asks, tossing his wavy blonde hair to the side.

Alicia facepalms…

It was dark after I left my friends. It’s a long way back to my apartment and there’s a sudden chill in the air. Oddly enough, I feel as if I’m being followed, but when I look over my shoulder, no one’s there. The subway is eerily empty. A chill goes down my spine as I get on. Something smells funny in the air. Like a metallic scent. For some reason, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being watched.

The flickering of the pale white lights, makes my skin itch. We had to run a campaign featuring vampires. Now it’s dark out, I’m walking home alone. Perfect conditions for a vampire to sneak up on me and attack.

What am I talking about? Vampires aren’t real. Right?

After I get off the subway, I make the long trek back to my apartment. I look up to barely be able to make out a full moon above the city lights. Could this night get any more creepy? I look around to see someone in what looks like a black trench coat and hat. Is he following me? No, I’m just being paranoid.

I continue on my way and that man is still behind me. I take a detour and turn down a road before quickening my pace. I see the man make the same turn. My heartbeat quickens as well as my stride. I can hear the clapping of his boots behind me. I make another turn, zig-zagging street blocks to get to my apartment. The man’s still behind me. Am I still being paranoid? This can’t be a coincidence…

My apartment is only a block away. I just have to make it there. Should I call someone? Maybe he’ll bugger off if I’m on the phone and someone knows I’m out here? No. I’m almost there. I just have a half of a block left. He’s closing the distance between us.

The building is insight. Not far now. I just have a few more steps. I come into the light of the streetlamp outside my apartment. I look back and the man is gone. I blink a few times, but he’s nowhere in sight. Was it all just in my head?

I head up the elevator until I reach my floor. As I walk up to my apartment, someone is waiting outside my door. Oh god… Is it him? How did he get ahead of me? No, wait… It’s a woman. She’s wearing a black dress that has a slit in it and shows off her light brown skin long legs. Her dark raven black hair is tied up to the top of her head and a ponytail comes down past her shoulder blades. Her dark brown almost black eyes meet mine and there’s something familiar in them. A bright beautiful smile appears on her face. Is she here for me?

“Jack, it’s been a long time,” she says. I look deep into those dark eyes of hers. They look familiar but I can’t put a name to her face. “I take it you don’t recognize me. I know it’s been a while since high school, but come on… We were best friends.”

I think back to high school, I had a lot of friends, but only one best friend. Jenna… Wait a second. The last time I saw Jenna, she was in the middle of her transition. “Jenna?”

“Yes! I knew you’d remember,” she says as she dives into my chest. I wrap my arms around her. God, she looks nothing like she did back in high school.

“You’ve changed a lot,” I say.

“In a good way?” she asks, looking up at me.

“Yeah, I’ll say. Where did you disappear off to?” I ask.

“It’s a long story,” she says.

“Well, are you in town long because I’d love to hear all about it.”

“I can be. Why don’t you invite me in and pour me a drink and we can talk,” she says.

“Okay, yeah definitely,” I say as I unlock my apartment.

She lingers at the door. “Are you coming in?”

She breathes in deeply and steps inside. She takes a look around. “Not much to it, huh?”

“Hey, I’ve got student loans to pay off,” I laugh.

“Okay Jack, always the responsible one,” she smiles. I can’t help but chuckle. “So, about that drink?”

“Oh right,” I say as I head over to the kitchen. “I’ve got cheap vodka or cheap rum. I’ve also got coke if that sways your decision.”

“I’ll take the cheap rum and coke,” she says.

“Okay, 1 cheap rum and coke coming up,” I say as I pour us both a glass and hand her it before taking a seat next to her at the table.

“So, tell me what you’ve been up to since high school,” she asks. I have to say, her appearance isn’t the only thing that’s changed. She’s much more confident and sure of herself.

“Well… It’s not all that complicated. I went to college, got a girlfriend, got dumped by my girlfriend, and regrettably took a job at the MegaMart as an assistant manager,” I say.

“Is that so? What’s so regrettable about it?”

“Oh, it’s awful. Trust me. At the MegaMart, our employees are just numbers on a spreadsheet. If we’re not making enough money, we subtract some of our hard-working ‘numbers’ from employment. My boss just told me I have to let go of 40 employees and they’re good people. My friend is one of them and there’s this sweet old lady I have to fire. She basically implied if I don’t do it I’ll end up getting fired myself. It wasn’t said, but the boss has a way of pushing out people she doesn’t like,” I say.

“That’s awful, so what are you going to do?” she asks.

“I don’t know…” I sigh. “I don’t think I can go through with it.”

“I’ve got to say, you haven’t changed much,” she says.

“Really?” I ask, feeling my eyebrows raise.

“It’s a good thing. You’re still a kind and compassionate person.”

I relax a bit. “Oh… Thanks. So what about you? Where did you disappear to and why didn’t you say goodbye?”

“I feel bad about that,” she says as she rubs her arm, her eyes drift away from mine. “You had such a bright future ahead of you and I didn’t want to drag you down with me. I was going nowhere, and had no hope of living a normal life.”

“I was your best friend, you could’ve come to me, I would’ve been there for you,” I say.

“But not in the way I wanted you to be,” she says.

“Oh… right.” Remembering back to the way she kissed me, and how I reacted. I regretted that day. “You caught me off guard.”

“Let’s be honest, Jack. You couldn’t get past the fact that I was born a boy. And I wasn’t all that passable back then either,” she says.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to react the way I did. I just… I don’t know. I was trying to figure who I was,” I say.

“It’s fine, Jack. The past is the past,” she says. “Besides, you don’t have to apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong. I shouldn’t have expected you to feel the same way about me. Especially since I had just started transitioning and was still trying to figure things out.”

“Still, I regret it,” I say.

“Maybe we can start over,” she says.

“I would like that,” I say.

“I still have a cock you know,” she says.

“That doesn’t matter,” I say, taking her hands in mine.

Her smile makes my heart flutter. “You really mean that?”

“I do. There hasn’t been a day that has passed in which I haven’t thought about you. I would love nothing more than to start over. I love you because of who you are. And your… uh… cock is a part of you,” I say. “I can learn to love that as well. Just be patient with me.”

She smiles. “And you’d just love to suck it? Or better yet, would you spread those beautiful cheeks of yours and take it up that tight butthole?”

“I uh… I…”

“Relax I’m just fucking with you. But seriously, I do prefer to be on top,” she says, biting her lip. She then laughs. “God, the look on your face is priceless.”

“If that’s what you want… Does it hurt?” I ask.

Her eyes go wide before a smile curves on her lips. “Are you serious? Don’t tease me like that. And it does hurt just a little at first, but it feels so damn good after you get adjusted.”

“So why are you here? Why now?”

She lets out a deep breath. “You know, I thought about how this moment would go, seeing you again after all these years and after everything I’ve been through. I’ll be honest with you, I’m still a little nervous. I came here because I’ve changed.”

“I can see that,” I say.

“No, you don’t understand,” she says, leaning up in her chair.

“Well, help me understand,” I say.

“Fuck it, I’m just going to flat out say it.” She takes her drink and jugs it. I take a sip of mine. “Jack, I’m a vampire.”

I spit out my drink everywhere as I try to contain my laughter. “Good one, Jenna.”

She laughs. “I’m not joking.”

“Seriously? Do you really think I’m going to fall for one of your pranks? You haven’t changed…”

She leans in and looks me directly in the eyes. “Jack, take your clothes off.”

Before I realize what I”m doing, I start stripping in front of her. I can’t stop myself. It’s like someone has taken control over my body and the next thing I know, I’m completely casino firmaları butt naked in front of her. She laughs. “I thought your dick would be bigger.”

“Hey! I’m 6 inches hard. The average dick size is 5 inches, so according to google, I have a big dick. At least it’s above average,” I say.

“Okay, Jack. Whatever you tell yourself to sleep at night,” she says.

“For the record…”

“Save it. I’m just messing with you. Some things never change. You’re way too easy,” she smiles.

“Okay, so how the hell did you get me to undress? It felt like my entire body was being controlled by someone else,” I ask.

“That’s because I’m a vampire. I use blood magic to compel you to do what I want,” she says.

“So you weren’t joking?” I ask.

“I can show you my fangs,” she says. Suddenly the whites of her eyes become blood red as her canine teeth grow into fangs.

“Holy fucking hell!” I say nearly, falling on my ass.

“Relax, I’m not going to hurt you. That’s the last thing I would ever want,” she says as her face returns back to normal.

“So, what do you want then?” I ask.


“What?” I ask, sitting back down.

“Let me tell you how I became a vampire. After high school, I traveled around a bit. I discovered new places, continued my transition, but I found it was really hard to get a job. I eventually ended up on the streets here in New York. Then I ran into a man who happened to be a vampire. But he was more like a monster. He wanted to do terrible things to me, but a woman intervened. She too was a vampire. She saved my life and was badly hurt in the process. I, of course, let her drink my blood and she made me an offer. She offered me an opportunity to become a vampire-like her, but in order to do so, I’d have to become her slave for a period of time. I accepted and here I am today.” She looks back up into my eyes. “Now, I can have my own slave and they will become a vampire eventually.”

“So you want to turn me into a vampire?” I ask.

“Yes. Of course, that is if you’re willing to be my slave for a while. And yes, that would most certainly include sex. And you already know I prefer to be on top so that means if you accept you’re going to be sucking and getting fucked by my dick a lot,” she says.

“I… I’m lost for words,” I say. “I mean, Jesus Christ, I didn’t even know vampires existed until you forced me out of my clothes and now you’re telling me I can become one?”

“Yep…,” she says.

“What’s it like being a vampire?” I ask.

“It’s unlike anything you would ever experience,” she says.

“Really?” I ask.

“Yes, it’s far better than any drug. I’m hypersensitive to everything which makes sex out of this world. I can smell your neighbor giving his girlfriend a facial. I can hear the person below us jacking off to some really fucked up shit. Well, compared to what I’ve seen it’s pretty vanilla,” she says with a smile that could make the devil shiver. “Oh, I’m also stronger than 100 men, faster than you can comprehend. Humans will do whatever I tell them to. I can even see their memories and thoughts by drinking their blood.”

“I can certainly see the appeal,” I say.

“There are a few cons to it. It’s not without a downside,” she says. “Sunlight just doesn’t agree with my skin. Silver isn’t all that good either. Holy water is a no-no. Stakes are bad. I also don’t like the fact that I have to depend on blood to survive. It makes me feel like a monster.”

“What about garlic and mirrors?” I ask.

“Most vampires can’t be seen in mirrors, but some of the stronger ones can. Garlic is a myth that someone started to throw people off. Same with crosses. Neither do a damn thing. I personally am not a fan of garlic. Of course, the food itself makes us vomit. At least the weak vampires. They can’t stomach it. But the stronger ones can,” she says.

“You keep saying stronger and weaker vampires. What makes a vampire stronger?” I ask.

“Well, it’s complicated. You see, the first vampires were turned by what many call a god of blood named Alastar and his daughter Sylvana. They were these beings beyond the reach of death. They let a few ***********ed mortal beings a drink of their blood. Those that they turned into the first vampires are called purebloods and they’re the strongest. At least this is what I have been told by my mistress. I haven’t verified this. Although, I have laid eyes upon Sylvana. By far she is the most beautiful being I have ever seen. She had this aura about her that put me at ease. Anyway, the purebloods started their own covens and turned other humans into vampires. The vampires that the purebloods turned were much weaker than themselves. Therefore, any vampires turned by the vampires who were turned by the purebloods are weaker yet. And it continues to trickle down from there.”

“I understand. Have you met a pureblood?” I ask.

“I have. The leader of my coven is a pureblood and you will meet her too if you decide to join us. I was turned by my leader’s second in command who was permitted to expand and start her own coven. You will be one of our first members outside of the vampires that came with us. My mistress had already turned 5 vampires before me.”

“What’s your mistress like?” I ask.

“I love her completely. She can be cruel, but she can also be compassionate and kind. When I first accepted her offer and became her slave, I admit it was hard. It was humiliating and degrading. I had to endure a lot of tests to prove my loyalty. But eventually, we connected on such a deep level. She let me see her memories and of course she saw all of mine. She not only knows of you, but she’s seen all that we’ve done together. She’s very excited to meet you if you accept. Of course, you will be just as much her slave as mine.”

“What will being a slave be like?” I ask.

“I’m not going to lie, it won’t be easy. It’ll be very degrading at times. But it’s worth it. According to Astrid, being a slave is meant to humble you. It is meant to strip away who you were, so you can become so much more. You will also learn loyalty above all else. Our coven has thrived through the centuries because we all share an undying loyalty to each other and to our leader. Each and every one of us would lay down our lives for our coven, our leader, and our goddess Sylvana. It is a test to weed out any who are not worthy of being a part of our coven,” she says.

“I see,” I say.

“I truly believe you have what it takes,” she says.

“What makes you say that?” I ask.

“You never give up. You never back down from a challenge. And you are the type of person who is loyal.”

“Well, thanks,” I smile.

“Of course,” she smiles. She takes my hand in hers. “I have to tell you that I thought about you constantly after high school. I still love you. You were the only person who really cared about me and I want to spend the rest of eternity with you by my side. My life wouldn’t be complete without you.”

“That’s very sweet of you. I would very much like to spend forever by your side.”

“But?” she asks.

“Well, to be honest, the whole vampire thing kind of scares the shit out of me. I’m also not so thrilled to be a slave. Will I have any freedom?” I ask.

“No… Because I love you, I’m not going to lie to you, if you choose to take my offer, you forfeit everything. Do you understand? Everything that is yours will be ours. Your very life is in our hands. If we decide you aren’t worthy, you’ll be a slave until you die, but I don’t think that will happen. I know you’ll prove worthy.”

“How long does the slave process usually take?” I ask.

“There’s no certain timeframe. You’re a slave until you prove you’re worthy of being a part of our coven as a vampire. It could take a year or it could take 10 years,” she says.

“That doesn’t sound very promising,” I say.

“I think the prize of being a vampire and being a part of our coven is worth any price,” she says. “Not only will you be practically immortal, but you’ll also be a part of something more. You’ll be our brother. You’ll also get access to pretty much unlimited wealth. Our coven has been in existence for over a thousand years. We’ve accrued enough wealth to surpass the U.S.A. and as soon as you prove yourself worthy, you can buy anything you want. Trust me, I have my own penthouse in SoHo. I also have a place in Florida and Michigan. Both beachfront property. I’ve got my own staff of employees to cater to my every need. I can get on a private jet and go wherever I want.”

“For someone who doesn’t like the sun, why would you have a place in Florida?” I ask.

She laughs. “I have protection from the sun. I have an item that allows me to go out in the sun without being barbequed to death. If you are proven worthy, you’ll have one too.”

“Okay. Fair enough.”

“Any more questions?” she asks.

“Are werewolves real?”

“Yep. So are witches and demons.”

“No shit… What about Wendigos?”

“No idea,” she says.


“Maybe. I don’t know everything about the supernatural. I’m not a god,” she says.

“But you’ve met a god,” I say.

“Yes… I guess. But it’s not like I gained some insight into the universe or something. As far as the underworld of the supernatural goes, I’m only slightly more informed than you. Remember, I’ve only been a vampire for a little over 2 years. I’m pretty sure my Mistress is several centuries old and our leader is over a thousand years old. I know nothing compared to them.”

“Okay, fair enough.”

“So? What do you think?”

“Well… My entire beliefs have been burned to a crisp and now I’m totally and utterly lost as to what to believe in. I don’t think I can just return back to a normal life after tonight. But… I am happy that you’re here regardless of the circumstances. Jenna… I wish I could have that night over again. The night you kissed me… You have no idea how many güvenilir casino times I have replayed that night over in my head, wishing things would’ve played out differently. Wishing I would’ve kissed you back.”

Her face burns up in hot red cinders. “Well… What if we had a do-over?”

“A do-over?”

“Yeah, let’s do that night over again,” she says.

“How could we do that?”

“Turn some music on,” she says.

“Let me get my clothes back on,” I say.

“No, you’re fine just the way you are,” she says with a smile.


“Yeah, besides we both know where this is going to end, let’s be honest with ourselves,” she says.

I nod before I go over and connect my phone to the speaker and turn on some light music. She holds out her hand. “May I have this dance?”

I smile and take her hand. “You may.”

With my hand in hers, she puts her other hand on my shoulder while I wrap my arm around her waist. We sway with the beat of the music as our eyes fall into each other’s. I can’t help but look into those dark eyes and see all the possibilities.

She takes her hand from mine and slides it up around my neck. She holds on to me as she rests her head on my shoulder. “I missed you so much, Jack.”

“I missed you too.”

We sway to the sweet melody of a love song as if we were one soul. I can feel her lips against my skin and yet, even though she’s a vampire, I’m not afraid. It’s Jenna, she’s been my best friend since we were kids. She kisses her way up until her lips meet mine. Instead of pulling away like I did last time, I lean into her kiss. I hold her tight. My hands slide up her back as hers’ run through my hair. She bites down on my lip, but not hard enough to make me bleed. She brings her lips to my ear. “I want you so bad.”

I pull back and look into those dark possessive eyes filled with longing. She takes my hand and leads me back to the bedroom. She pulls her hair over her shoulder and presents the zipper of her dress to me. I tug it down and she lets her dress fall down, revealing a body as perfect as any goddess. Her hands slip under the hem of her thong and she slowly pulls on it until it falls to the floor. I can’t pull my eyes away from her butt “Like what you see?”

I swallow down the lump in my throat as I nod profusely. She laughs and then she turns around and a dick bigger than mine swings out. My eyes go wide. She laughs even harder. “The look on your face is priceless. Relax, it won’t bite, but I might.”

“I didn’t expect it to be so big,” I say.

She snickers. “It’s definitely bigger than yours.”

“You just love that fact, don’t you?” I ask.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t,” she says.

She steps in closer and wraps her arms around my shoulders. “Just relax. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“Okay,” I say.

She leans up and presses her lips against mine as her cock covers over mine. “We can take it slow.”

She kisses down my neck and then she breaks away and pulls me into the bed with her. She has me lay on my back while she straddles my legs. Once again, her lips meet mine and we lock together. My hands find their way up her thick olive tone thighs. Hers slide up my chest and take ahold of my face. Her thumbs slowly caress the skin of my cheek, sending ripples of tingles through my body.

Kissing her is unlike anything else. I could get lost in her touch. Her lips burn into my skin. My own cock is rock hard.

She slides down my body, taking my dick in her hands. “You know, I’m not going to lie, the thought of my dick in a vampire’s mouth kind of scares the shit out of me.”

She laughs so hard, a snort escapes. I’m glad to see some things don’t change. “I won’t bite… hard.”

I nearly choked trying to swallow. She giggles. I hold my breath as she slips my cock in between her lips. “You can relax, I’m not going to mutilate your manhood.”

I let go of the air in my lungs. But holy hell, it feels good to have her lips wrapped around my cock. She slowly bobs up and down on my dick, waking it up from its slumber. Her eyes never leave mine. A moan slips from my lips. She slides her tongue up and down the underside of my cock, applying enough pressure to make me squirm.

She lets my cock fall from her mouth and climbs up my body, straddling my waist. She brings her fingers to my lips and pushes them in. I suck on them as she explores my mouth. She then pulls them out and brings them back behind her while she bites her bottom lip. She then wraps her hand around my cock and starts to rub it up and down the crack of her ass. Soon she starts to sink it against her tight butthole.

Urgh, god it feels so good. I watch her eyes roll back into her head as she takes the tip of my dick inside her tight ass. Soon, my cock is wrapped snugly inside her butt as she continues to lower herself until her cheeks meet my thighs. She then falls down, bringing her lips against mine. God, she’s so tight. She slowly starts to rock her hips up and down. My hands roam up the soft skin of her thighs as hers take ahold of my face while her tongue slips between my lips.

Her kiss is beyond words. I could get lost in her body. She’s become my whole world. The way our bodies connect makes us feel as one. I wrap my arms around her and hold her while my hips thrust up into her. We both moan in unison. Our breaths mingle. Her dark black hair cascades down over me. I let out a gasp as she bites down on my lip. Her hand slips down my chest until she finds her cock and slowly strokes to the tune of the rhythm of our hips. My hand runs down her arm and slips underneath her fingers as I take hold of her cock. She looks at me with eyes full of joy and kisses me wildly.

The feeling of being so connected with her at this moment is worth everything. I would give anything to carry on like this forever, but I don’t think I can last much longer. I… Oh god. I yell out as an intense heat takes over my body. I press up into her and my cock explodes. Jenna gasps out as her cock erupts all over both of us. She clamps down on my dick, causing another spurt to blast out.

She collapses on top of me. We’re both panting for air. My softening cock falls from her ass as she leans up and kisses me. “That was so much better than any of my wildest dreams,” she whispers.

“You’re telling me, I can’t think of a better way to lose my v-card than this,” I breathe.

“You mean to tell me you were still a virgin?”

I nod. She kisses me again. “That means you’re mine.”

“Is that so?” I ask.

She nods. “Yep.”

“I could think of a worse fate,” I smile.

She laughs and kisses me again. “Fuck, now I’m thirsty.”

“Let me get you something to drink,” I say as I try to unravel myself from her.

She holds me down. “Not that kind of thirst.”

“Oh..” My eyes go wide at the sudden realization. “Oooooh.”

“Relax, I’m not going to bite you. Sex just makes me hungry,” she says, caress my chest as she rests on top of me.

“Does it hurt?” I ask.

“At first, but it’s rather intimate. Especially with a vampire higher up on the pecking order. There’s a connection between the two. Vampires can use blood as a way of communication. Through blood, we can look at each other’s memories and thoughts.”

“How long can you go without blood?”

“More than a couple of weeks before I desiccate.”

“When’s the last time you had it?” I ask.

“It’s been a couple of days,” she says.

“It won’t like, change me will it? Will I become a vampire if you bite me?” I ask.

She laughs. “No silly, you only become a vampire by consuming enough vampire blood.”

“Oh… In that case, do you want to… I don’t know, drink my blood?”

She looks up into my eyes. I bite my lip. “I mean, of course, I am a vampire after all. But are you sure? You’re opening yourself up to me and I can see you on a very vulnerable level. I’ll see your thoughts and memories.”

“Jenna, you’re the one person I trust completely. And I care about you. I don’t want you to desiccate or whatever that means.”

“You’re so sweet,” she says as she leans up and kisses me. “If you’re sure you want to do this, give me your wrist.”

She rolls on her back and I present her my wrist. She takes it in her delicate hands. She looks up at me. Her eyes turn blood red as fangs grow out from her front canines. Suddenly intense pain shoots up my arm as she sinks her teeth in my wrist.

“What a freak,” Tanner says as he pushes Jenna into the lockers and grabs her gym clothes out from her hands.

“Hey, leave her alone,” I say, rushing over to help her up.

“Stay out of this Jacky boy,” Tanner says pushing me. “Besides, that freak is a dude not a her.”

Before I can gain control of myself, my fist connects with Tanner’s nose, sending him back a couple of feet. His friends hold him up as he reaches up to his bleeding nose. “You piece of shit. You broke my nose. Grab him!”

His friends grab my arms and his fist connects with my stomach, knocking the air out of my lungs. Another punch cracks against my jaw and the metallic taste of blood rushes into my mouth as I fall to the ground. They start kicking me. I hear Jenna screaming at them to stop.

I shoot up out of bed as my alarm screeches into my ears. I smack my hand against it, desperately trying to stop the irritating sound. My wrist hurts. I turn the light on to see it’s all bandaged up. I feel more than a little drowsy. The memories of last night come rushing back. Jenna! I look over to see the bed empty.

She’s gone. She can’t just leave after a night like that. She… She can’t. I get up and rush out of the bedroom to find an empty living room. There’s no trace of her beside a note. I pick it and read it.

“I’m sorry Jack. You deserve better.”

No! I’ll never be able to find her.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed it, please give it your honest rating. Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comment section below. Feel free to reach out to me through my profile and check out my other stories.

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