Black Teacher

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She was always there whenever I felt that rock-hard sensation in my boxers. Alison Nightingale.

An expert in English and Drama, and the teacher almost every student dreamed of fucking. Her ebony skin was as dark as chocolate and she had long black hair to match it. Everyone knew she went to the gym regularly, and she was very curvy yet toned as a result. Once, a guy in our college described her as “The Black She-Hulk” which isn’t entirely inaccurate.

Almost every male student in our college wanted to fuck her, myself included. We all fantasised about her, and most of us didn’t get much English or Drama work done. I was one of the few who did-despite being a man, I can easily focus on two things at once-my work and her body. It was that ability that made me lose my virginity, more than anything else.

It was coming up to the summer holidays and Alison was very impressed with my work. I’d got a Distinction Star in English (the best mark possible) and I’d scraped a Distinction (second best) in Drama. She told me that, if I wanted, she’d come round to my house to give me extra English tutoring on more “adult-themed” books than what we were working on in college. I asked her to give an example (while struggling to restrict my gaze to her face) and her first example was “Delta of Venus”

My heart speed seemed to double-studying an erotica story? With this hot ebony beauty? How could I possibly say no?

We arranged to meet up at my house during weekends once the summer hols started. It started off innocently enough, Alison wore formal wear to our sessions. We started with “Delta of Venus” (which was okay), moved onto “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” (which was pretty good, even if it dragged on a bit) and we were studying the “Fifty Shades” trilogy when it happened.

Over the holidays, the weather got warmer, and Alison has to wear less and less clothing to stop her getting too hot. One day, she was helping me make notes about EL James’s storyline, but she was only wearing a sleeveless vest and a pair of jeans. The look the clothing gave her was striking, it was one of those “sexy badass” looks-and it got me turned on.

My traitorous cock twitched slightly, enough for Alison to notice. She sneaked a look down, which was enough to tell her that I had a hard-on. I could practically hear the gears turning in her mind. I’d never gotten a hard-on from studying these stories before, and this was the only time she’d worn these specific clothes when casino şirketleri visiting me for one of our sessions.

Then, to my astonishment, the tiniest of smiles creased her mouth. It was quickly replaced by her former, neutral expression though. She also ended the session early that day, saying she had an appointment to get to. I could easily see through the lie though-if she had an appointment she would have told me when she walked in. I thought I knew why she wanted to go early-it later turned out I was half-right.

The next day I didn’t see Alison because I was at a car boot sale with my parents but I couldn’t shake that look she wore out of my mind-that look that you could interpret as saying “I may be sexy, but don’t cross me, or I’ll kick your ass” It was a damn good look, and her ebony skin made it even more catching. That night I did something that I would normally never do-I prayed. I prayed that she would wear the same clothes tomorrow, and that I would get an opportunity to take things a little further. I didn’t expect that my prayer would come true.

But it did. The next day, Alison wore those same clothes that gave her such a sexy look. I let her continue with our studying of Fifty Shades, and she kept looking down to see if I was hard yet. She then stopped for a break, she claimed it was a break, anyway. During those minutes, she brought up a topic I half-expected her to-her relationships.

“It was 2 years ago, now” she told me, surveying me with rather greater interest than before. “Two years ago that my husband dumped me, saying that I was too cheap and ugly to be his wife. Two years have gone by and I haven’t had a single man in that time.” she told me.

“Too ugly?” I repeated “What, is he blind? I don’t know a single person who would ever call you ugly, even if they were drunk and high at the same time” I replied, not quite catching on to what she was doing. Yet.

“You’re very kind.” she commented “Does that mean you think I’m beautiful?” she asked, uncrossing her legs. It was then that I realized that I wasn’t getting an opportunity to fuck this black beauty-it was the other way around. Not that I was going to complain.

“If I told you you’re the sexiest woman I know, would that answer your question?” I replied, as smoothly as I could.

“Yes it would.” She answered, spreading her legs a little further apart “So, given the opportunity, would you fuck me?”

“Hell yes” I replied, though my dick casino firmaları had answered the question for me-it was rock hard.

“Then I suppose you’d like it if I did this?” she asked, taking off her tanktop to show her bare breasts-she wasn’t wearing a bra.

I was speechless. Her tits were 32D at least, and the nipples were rather large. My dick was bursting to be free of my pants at the sight of them. Alison noticed, naturally. She walked over to me, swinging her hips and making her tits sway slightly.

“Come on, let it out.” she said, there was nothing in her voice except lust and desire. The teacher-student relationship was out of the window. From that moment, nothing mattered expect her perfect black body, and the knowledge that it was going to take my virginity.

I undid my jeans and took them off as quickly as I could. My 7 incher was sticking straight up at the ceiling, and Alison was pleasantly surprised to see it.

“A dick this size on a virgin? I must be dreaming.” she commented, getting onto her knees.

She immediately started licking the head of my dick, and her tongue was magical. She swirled it all the way around the head before moving a little further down. She was definitely a veteran cock-sucker, and I was loving every moment of this ebony beauty’s mouth wrapped around my dick.

When she got to the end, she lashed her tongue against my cock in multiple places, I started breathing slightly heavier, and she slowly brought it out of her warm, wet mouth. I didn’t need to guess why-she wanted my virgin dick in her soaking wet pussy.

She wanted it someplace else first though, as evidenced when she lay down on the floor and spread her massive tits apart. I got on my knees, placed my rock-hard dick in-between her massive jugs, and started moving it back and forth. Her smile and moans of pleasure told me that she loved being titfucked as much as I loved titfucking her huge jugs.

She soon stopped, though, and stroked my cock slightly while she told me her favourite position: “How do you want to do it? Doggystyle, like the stallion you truly are?”

“I was thinking the same thing” I told her smiling face, getting up “But what about-“. “Don’t worry” She replied, reading my mind “I’ve had my tubes tied”

She crawled over to the sofa on all fours, swinging her ass from side to side as much as she could to shake off her jeans, which she had already loosened. She looked like a brown lioness, the way güvenilir casino she crawled like that, and when she reached the sofa, she playfully growled at me, as if to say “Come and get me”

I walked over to her, and position the tip of my massive cock at her pussy, then; without warning or hesitation, I shoved it into her dripping wet cunt whole. In the moment, the nanosecond that I penetrated her, I almost heard my virginity snap in two-and it was fucking amazing. I started fucking my beautiful ebony teacher’s hot, soaking wet pussy, each push feeling as good as the last.

I cannot describe accurately what it felt like; for there are no words for it, but every push into her dripping wet cunt, every slap of my stomach against her butt-cheeks, every moan of bliss that she let out, seemed to make me go even faster and deeper. It felt amazing, how her pussy lips seemed to swallow my cock with every push.

The only person who seemed to be enjoying this as much as me was Alison-every push of my massive dick into her dripping wet cunt caused another moan of pleasure to leak from her mouth.

“Yes! YES! Fuck me!” she shouted, as I pounded her cunt with my big cock, she suddenly let out a scream of delight, and I realized she was cumming, which speeded me up even more. It didn’t take long for me to start breathing heavily, and she panted “On my tits! Cum on my tits!”

I pulled out of her dripping cunt and she lay down on the floor. She reached up to my cock and started stroking it onto her nipple. It didn’t take long for me to explode-not only over her tits, but on her face as well. Half of my cum went onto her perfect black jugs, the other half landed around her mouth. She licked it up and gave her approval: “Delicious”

I got up and staggered onto the sofa-I wondered if sex was always this tiring, or if it was just the first time. “That was fucking amazing” I told her, as she smiled at me.

“That goes both ways.” she told me “I actually envy you-the first time is always the best. You did excellent for a virgin.”

“I’m glad my virginity was taken by such a fucking hot woman.” I informed her, while she licked the remaining cum off of her big, black tits. “You think we can have some more of these sessions when I come back to college after the holidays?”

“Well, I normally charge students if its during the college term. But I think you can pay me in cock instead of cash-on one condition.” she told me

“What?” I asked, though I thought I could guess the answer

As she swallowed the last of my cum, a grin spread across her face and she said “We have them at my house. You see, I’ve got a brand new bed arriving after the holidays that’ll need breaking in…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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