Birthday Surprise: Anal Playtime Ch. 02

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As my daughter laid down to have to body oiled up again, I reached for the large bottle that had fallen to the wayside on the sheets of the king sized bed and took it in my hands. I crouched over my baby’s thighs, with my persistent erection almost touching the cleft of her butt cheeks.

I started slowly, squeezing the bottle lightly to allow a thin trail of baby oil to drip onto my daughter’s lovely back. She flinched with the sudden cold sensation, but remained otherwise still. The trail of oil went from the top of her toned shoulders down her back, where it pooled in the ditch her spine created when it was relaxed. This pool of oil ran down her body, slowly and deliberately towards her butt crack, and upon reaching that it soon flooded her ass crack as well, until the oil began dripping down over her vagina, mixing with my daughter’s lubricating juices.

I started again at the top of her shoulders, making wider lines of oil in a zig zag pattern starting from one shoulder to the next, moving slightly down with each line. Once her upper and lower back were more or less covered with oil, I began massaging her.

I set the bottle down and leaned closer to my girl, placing both hands on her trapezius, the muscle between her shoulder blade and neck. She sighed with content as I squeezed, raising her head in pleasure as I relieved the tension in her casino oyna muscles. I went from the her trapezius to her shoulders, cupping her thin frame in the palms of my hands, working my way down over to the larger muscles of her upper back, kneading into them and massaging them slowly.

I repeated the same thing with her lower back, but rubbed more lightly, running up and down slowly, then side to side, my hands spreading the oil on her naked body continuously. While moving up to her upper back, my penis worked its way up to the entrance of my daughter’s vagina. Upon feeling this sensation, my girl opened her legs, moaned and tried to get my dick inside of her. But I pulled back farther with a laugh. My baby moaned in disappointment, but seemed to forget it once I began vigorously massaging her athletic body.

After about ten minutes of massaging her upper body, I turned my thoughts to her booty. My hands had at this point become tired, so I decided to treat her lower body to kisses rather than massage. Her butt crack had drained most of the baby oil off of her, leaving a stain on the sheets below her. She lifted her butt up as I shifted down and placed my hands on her cheeks.

Upon feeling my touch, goose bumps sprang up along her white flesh, an indication of her arousal. My daughter was a skinny girl of a hundred and twenty pounds, but her ass slot oyna and bust were proportionally large. Her butt jiggled if I were to spank it, or when she jumped. I spent a few minutes doing just that; gripping the muscular yet fatty flesh in my hands and moving her butt cheeks every which way. My girl’s ass was too large for one of my hands, so I just grabbed handfuls of it, squeezing the cheeks together to form a deep crack, then releasing them and watching her butt jiggle back to its native state. As I squeezed her soft cheeks together, dimples of cellulite became visible, and I did my best to try to kiss each one. Grabbing her ass more, I rubbed my face along her soft cheeks, burying my face in her butt crack, where it sank in a few inches.

Once I was done playing with her butt and kissing it, I gripped her hips and make her rise more, her ass contracting and her anus becoming more visible. The pinkish brownish hole was as cute as ever, and as I spread my daughter’s butt cheeks she winked her little asshole back and forth, the wrinkles on her butthole becoming smaller, then larger, while the thick inner sphincter remained more or less the same. I leaned into her butt, my face fitting between her cheeks. “Smell it Daddy” my baby breathed.

As I massaged my girl’s calves and legs, I smelled and licked her booty hole, which by now was more or less devoid of canlı casino siteleri oil. My daughter moaned with both sensations, and her moans of satisfaction increased as I both massaged her thighs and stuck my tongue into her butt, causing her to use one of her hands to push my face deeper into her butt. The sensation of my cheeks pressed against the soft cheeks of her ass was incredibly arousing, and I stopped massaging to enjoy playing with my baby’s butt. I looked around from this view, noting the details. There was the butt crack where my nose was touching, the flesh of the cheeks with tiny goose bumps raised on the skin, and the sensation of being cut off from oxygen as my daughter pushed me deeper and deeper into her ass.

I used my hands to prop her ass cheeks apart, feverishly licking the asshole now, jamming my tongue inside as my testosterone demanded I find release, and soon. This feverish mentality continued as I suddenly flipped my daughter over, pulling her thighs up so I could lick her rosebud, which my daughter threw her head back and moaned.

The time had come for my penis to find a hole to go into and release itself. My daughter was desperate for some sort of sex as well, as when I put her legs down she grabbed me and pulled me close, forcing her tongue in my mouth and pulling me on top of her.

After a few moments of us wagging our tongues against the other’s, she stopped, looked into my eyes with an adorable, pouty expression on her red lipstick-stained lips, and said “I need to have you Daddy.” Needless to say, I was more than happy to comply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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