Birthday, Chapter 2

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Abella Danger

Every time she fingered herself, now, she found her mind wandering back to that fateful afternoon: the mystery, the domination, the intense orgasms. She and her husband would watch the videos every few times they fucked, and after several months they started talking about how to go about doing it again. When it got warm enough she would just leave the door open again whenever she masturbated, hoping for the best. Then she started tying a red balloon to the mailbox as well. By the time her birthday rolled around again, she was starting to think it would never happen.

She lay on the bed with a dildo in each hand, sucking on one and teasing her pussy with the other. She tried to recreate the feeling of being double penetrated, but it just wasn’t the same. Her husband watched from the monitor in his office closet, with his pants around his ankles and his dick in his hand. He loved watching her pleasure herself, and last year when that trio of men in masks had invaded their home and fucked his wife on their bed in the next room, he had cum three times watching it on the monitor.

His wife got up and went to the nightstand. She wore a slutty black dress, flowing and backless, that looped around the back of her neck for easy removal. It was floor length with slits up the sides to her ribs and a neckline that plunged almost to her navel. Underneath it she wore only a black string bikini, with bra and panties tied on the sides in bows. She kicked off the strappy stiletto heels she had been wearing and clasped soft, strong manacles to her wrists, attaching them to each other like handcuffs. Then she blindfolded herself to help her imagination bloom and, walking unsteadily back to the bed, lay down again and resumed her sexual focus. In about ten minutes she was panting hard and striving to cum. And that’s when she heard it: the sound of a door creak.

Hear heart skipped a beat. “Maybe they’re back,” she thought, and quickened her pace. The house was silent again but the very implication was enough to send her careening over the edge of her orgasm in no time at all. Her orgasmic cries were lusty and genuine, and she let them ring through the house especially loudly. She knew her husband liked to hear her cumming and she hoped against hope that the intruders would return.

When she heard footsteps in the hall outside her door she sat up, waiting, heart racing. She heard the door opened and multiple people step in, maybe three. She leaned forward on her arms, pivoting her legs behind her as she sat there taking shallow breaths, unsure of what to do. She could hear them undressing and she got up on her hands and knees, hoping to put thoughts of double-teaming her in their minds. She spread her legs and coyly tried to look away with feigned shyness.

Her heart was pounding its deafening drumbeat in her ears as all three of them mounted the bed from each side. She drew in a breath when the first one knelt between her calves and started caressing her ass through the fabric of her dress with his strong, rough hands. The second one put his hands on her shoulders and raised her up into a kneeling position, and she drew in a sharp gasping breath when he slid his thighs up against hers from the front. The slits in her dress let their legs make direct contact, and she almost cried out in excitement to feel one cock pressing against her ass crack and another against her navel.

A third pair of hands slipped under her dress from the side and started cupping and stroking her breasts through the triangular fabric of her bikini top. She lifted her fingertips to grip the swollen member in front of her, remembering to stroke him lightly and tickle his balls as she cooed her enjoyment and leaned into their touch. The one behind her was dry-humping her ass now and she wished her hands were free to reach back and stroke his rock hard cock, too. Instead, she leaned her face into the chest in front of her and started lightly kissing her way down his muscular torso to his crotch.

Now the shaft behind her was rubbing against her pussy as he slid along the cleft in her ass, and she could feel the bed shaking a little from the one beside her jacking off. She kissed her way down to a tuft of groin hair and along his shaft until she reached her swollen, silky destination. She licked her tongue along the underside of the cock’s head before wrapping her lips around its ridge. It jumped in her mouth and she smiled as she slid slowly down his shaft. A wave of pleasure wafted through her as she felt his coarse hands on her head and shoulders, pulling her close so she couldn’t take her mouth off of him.

The one behind her slid her dress aside and she moaned at the feel of his cock against her ass as he ground it hard along her pussy. Her pussy in turn splayed wide to accommodate him as if reaching around the silk string of her bikini bottoms to stroke the thick, hard shaft. The third one started playing with her tits again with one hand and ran his other hand along the bare skin of her back. A second orgasm was already building in her loins and she moaned long and hard, caught up in the sensation of three men caressing her body.

She felt a finger hook aside her panty string and line up a swollen dick for penetration. He pressed himself inside her and she wiggled her hips, so eager she was to be double penetrated again. When he bottomed out she froze in a long, low moan of satisfaction, her year-long desire finally sated. She couldn’t see the second man motion to the third man, and didn’t notice him getting off the bed and leaving the room. All her thoughts were of cocks and fucking, being manhandled and double-penetrated, wondering if she would be triple-penetrated again and hoping it would last forever.

The men chuckled at her eagerness when she started bucking back and forth between them, alternately bottoming them out in her pussy and her mouth. She smiled to herself and moaned to let them know she was enjoying herself. For a few minutes they enjoyed themselves in her eager body, and she rode the edge of an orgasm as they rode her slowly to make it last. Finally the front door creaked, though she was too engrossed to hear it, and the men pulled out.

Holding her by the shoulders and hips they guided her to the edge of the bed and she willingly followed them, excited to see where they would lead her. She swung her legs off the foot of the bed, stood, and holding out her chained wrists for them to do with her as they would. They strung her up, securing the manacles to the top of the tall bedpost so that she stood on tip-toe and her arms strained as high as they could go without hurting. Then they chained her ankles around the back of the bed footer with another set of handcuffs so that she had to keep her knees spread to maintain balance.

That’s when she heard them enter, and it was more than just the one who left. A few men entered and then a few more, getting undressed around the room and murmuring to each other. She couldn’t tell how many there were now, but she thought there were at least eight. She swallowed hard. This was more than she had bargained for, and she could feel a roomful of eyes on her as she hang helplessly restrained on the corner of her own bed.

One of them stepped up to her and ran his hands up her sides to her neck, groping her breasts as he passed them. She was too stunned to help him as he casino şirketleri hooked her dress up over her head and let it fall, hanging on her hips but revealing her bikini-clad torso to the room eliciting another ripple of murmurs. He slid his hands down over her thighs, releasing the dress to fall around her ankles. A few “damn”s and “fuck”s made her heart race again and her cheeks flushed, her breathing quickened, and her loins itched to be filled.

Her mind wandered to thoughts of what would happen if it started to hurt and they wouldn’t stop, and she instinctively tried to close her well-spread legs. As soon as she moved her knees she wobbled, and arched her back to maintain balance while the room leered. She felt hands on her sides, untying her string bikini top and tossing it aside. “Those are some nice tits,” a voice said while two pairs of hands groped her naked breasts and torso. She could hear the ‘fap fap fap’ of several people masturbating, watching her body on display for their amusement.

Another pair of hands roamed up her thighs to her hips as she heard someone kneel in front of her. She felt a tongue begin to lick up her inner thigh and hands begin to untie her bikini bottoms. No sooner had the tiny scrap of garment slid away from her womanhood than a tongue slid into her waiting, pouting pussy lips. A gasp rose up in her throat at the subtle ministrations of his mouth, each lick and nibble eliciting from her a soft cry of desire. Soon her breathy “Yes! Yes! Yes!” grew louder and louder, and the hands on her breasts were replaced by mouths sucking on her nipples.

She had been close before and now her orgasm rumbled from her loins out into her whole body, shaking her in its throes. The scream that burst from between her lips was quickly muffled by a strong, rough hand over her mouth. She felt her nipples being pinched which enhanced her excitement and redoubled the surges of desire coursing through her veins. More hands touched her naked body and after a full minute she relaxed into her post-orgasmic bliss, washed over by the wave of adoring fingers. She grinned sleepily, feeling content. She was ready to be done.

But they were just getting started. Her hands were unhooked from the bedpost and she felt herself being bent over the end of the bed. Her ankles were each attached to the foot of a bedpost and a man sat on the bed, pulling her arms forward and holding her immobile. Her legs were spread, parting her ass crack wide to enticingly display her pussy prominently poised for plundering.

Firm hands roughly groped her ass and she could feel thumbs on her pussy lips guiding a thick, silky cock to her womanhood. Her pussy lips gave way to the girth of his shaft as he thrust himself halfway inside her. She let out a loud grunt of concern as she felt herself stretch to accommodate him. He pulled most of the way out and then thrust again, this time bottoming out against the back wall of her pussy and forcing a short, surprised cry from her lips. His was the biggest dick she’d ever had and she managed to breathlessly say, “Wait, wait,” as she tried to focus on relaxing.

The hands on her ass held her pelvis securely and the thick rod seemed to pull her constrictive pussy with it as it pulled out to the head and immediately plunged full bore into her again. “Sure, no problem,” the man said as he pulled back for another stroke. “Take all the time you need,” and bottomed out inside her. There was a round of laughter as the man continued to fuck her, and her breaths came short and ragged. His dick had an inch or two that wouldn’t fit into her cum catcher, and each time he probed her depths she felt like she was going to burst.

The man was enjoying himself now and increased his speed, squeezing a whimper out of her with each thrust. He pummeled her from behind for a solid minute, and just when she thought she couldn’t take it any more he came deep inside her pussy. His head swelled even bigger than she had thought possible, and she squealed in pain and surprise. He used two fingers to stroke the base of his cock and she could feel them tapping against her ass, making him cum even more. When he finally pulled out she breathed a sigh of relief to feel her womanhood contracting. “You’re not done yet,” he said, and patted her ass with a firm hand, “We’re just getting started.”

The next man stepped up behind her and, holding his throbbing man meat at the base, started rubbing the swollen head along her drenched pussy lips. His knob dipped inside her on every pass, and when she had lubed him up he leaned over her and slid himself down her pleasure passage. His legs pressed against hers and when his hips bottomed out against her ass she felt his balls tap her clit. It felt amazing and she breathed a sigh of relief and pleasure. “Haha, I think she likes it!” he boasted, and the room chuckled.

“Oooh, yes! Fuck me hard!” she cooed back at him, with a round of ooh’s from the onlookers.

“My pleasure,” he replied cockily, and pulled his dick back to the brink.

When he slammed his hips forward she let out a screaming “Argh!” and thought, “What have I gotten myself into?” She had never been fucked so hard before, and she cautiously gasped “Oh! Ah! Oh!” in time with each slow, steady stroke that rocked her body. She hadn’t realized it, but the first man’s massive dick had really turned her on, and she was already approaching another orgasm. As he started fucking her faster the bed started to rattle, and her cries blended together into a long, rolling scream.

Her toes brushed the floor as they curled and uncurled, and she threw her head back as her body was wracked with the spasms of another climax. She longed for her widespread legs to be unbound and her body released from where she was stretched over the end of the bed, but her arms were kept tightly pulled in front of her. The man kept fucking her savagely hard as her orgasmic scream rose and fell over the course of a minute, rising to a blood-curdling crescendo and falling to a whimper punctuated by her grunts of exertion on each of his thrusts.

Her husband came for a second time as he watched from the monitor and marveled at this man’s control, to be able to hold off cumming for so long. Finally the man did cum, and the wife let out a long sigh of relief and satisfaction as he held himself deep inside her pussy and filled her with his emissions. When he pulled out she lay still and waited for the next one, not wanting to provoke his anger and be punished like this last guy. She felt legs against hers and a hard cock was laid along her ass crack. He felt good as he humped her and she let out an absent-minded, sumptuous moan when his thumbs started probing her pussy lips.

Then they moved up to her asshole and his swollen head pressed up against hit. Before she knew it the head of his dick popped inside her and she managed to get out a breathy, “Wait,” before another cock slipped in between her lips. “I should have kept my big mouth shut,” she thought to herself as the man holding her wrists started sliding along her tongue. The dick in her ass took its time, wiggling back and forth and thrusting in short thrusts to open her up. His hands also enjoyed her prostrate form, roaming around her ass and back, thighs and pussy as he inched himself deeper into her ass. Last time they had fucked her in the ass they just pushed right casino firmaları in; it had hurt more initially, but was over more quickly. After about five minutes she felt his balls tapping her gaping pussy and she breathed a sigh of relief and started bobbing her head a little on the throbbing shaft and silky knob.

The man in her ass slowly pulled back and thrust back into her, increasing his speed every eight or ten thrusts until her ass was easily taking him at full speed. She blushed to find she was starting to enjoy it, and a smile bloomed across her lips while she sucked on the nice, juicy cock. After a few more minutes he pulled out without cumming and someone told him, “Go wash that thing off before you stick it anywhere else.” She heard him leave to the bathroom as another man happily stepped up behind her and slipped his cock inside her eager and helpless pussy.

He felt great inside her, finally a guy fucking her normally, and she melted into his touch. Her outstretched legs quivered with pleasure and she moaned at his touch, shaking her ankle shackles and curling her toes with glee. She started muttering, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to herself again, enjoying the thick, throbbing cock that filled and sated her. She could feel his hands up and down her back, roaming up to her shoulders and back down to smack her ass.

After about a minute of fucking her bent over the bed he said, “Flip her over, I want her tits.” Her ankle restraints were unfastened and he slipped out of her to let them roll her onto her back. Strong hands grabbed her calves and pulled her legs back until her ankles were almost as far back as her wrists. They made sure to keep her pussy right at the edge of the bed, so the man could easily stand and lay the length of his shaft along her gaping, red pussy as he reached up to grope her breasts.

“Oh yeah! That’s hot,” he said as he manhandled her bare chest. She felt him pinch her nipples and she squirmed, gasping breathlessly beneath his hands but unable to escape from the three men that held her arms and legs. As he leaned in she felt his hard shaft lay against her dripping pussy, and thrill shot through her body. She bucked her hips to feel his shaft, and the room chuckled at her eagerness.

“She wants your dick,” one of the men said.

“Then I’d better give it to her,” said the man between her legs, and she felt his searching fingers line himself up again to pierce her sanctum. She drew a shallow breath and held it as he slipped the swollen tip of his cock inside her, breath bated in anticipation of the full length of his manhood filling her soul. Instead he paused and ran his hands along her wide-spread inner thighs, enjoying her smooth skin and running his fingertips from her knees to her pussy and back again.

His dick twitched each time his hands brushed her pussy lips and she let out shallow, pent-up breaths in anticipation, like teetering on the brink of a reservoir and waiting for the inevitable plunge. Finally, when she couldn’t take it any more, she let out a gasp of frustration and he chuckled at her plight. She saw in an instant what he knew to be true, that her domination was complete now that she wanted nothing more than to have his cock inside her.

His hands firmly gripped her upper thighs on either side of her crotch and he slammed his hips against her waiting body. She felt him bottom out at the back of her womanhood and her body arched in pleasure. A moaning cry leapt up from the back of her throat and it grew with the pace of his thrusting until her cum catcher spasmed. Her orgasm erupted through her captive form and he sank his shaft inside her to the balls to empty them into her in throbbing spurts of ecstasy. The feel of his cock cumming inside her redoubled her climax and her mouth locked open in a silent scream of unparalleled pleasure until he had finished with her.

Only after he had pulled out did she begin to come down, but within moments another man had stepped up and was fucking her hard and fast. His thick shaft had more veiny texture than the last guy and his wanton lust for her body stirred up the dregs of her orgasm, making her moan like a sleepy whore. He gripped her tits in both hands as his member pummeled her pussy. When he held himself deep inside her and his cock started pulsing satisfaction into her she breathed deeply of the horny lust for her body.

No sooner had he stepped away from her than another man stepped up to take his place. She wondered how many of them there were and dutifully arched her back as much as she could to present her tits to her new master. His fingers ringed her nipples and he gently cupped her orbs. One hand went down to slap his thick, juicy cock against her pussy, spanking it playfully in preparation for penetration. This time when she was filled by his shaft she moaned again. He filled her up nicely without being too big and kept himself inside her to throb and swell. His thrusts were short and only pulled out a little before thrusting back in, but he still bottomed out hard enough to make her tits jiggle.

He was clearly close to cumming just from watching the others fuck her, and after a minute or two he gave her a few final thrusts. With a shudder he released his spunk inside her, dousing the inside of her pussy as she writhed under him. He felt great, his whole body dripping with lust for her and she gladly received all his adoration. When he finally pulled out her arms and legs were released, and she curled up in her side to regain her composure in long, breathy gasps.

She slowed her breathing fairly quickly and soon rolled to face the room. Lying on her stomach she propped herself up on her elbows and looked up at them with closed eyes behind her blindfold, licking her lips then biting her lower lip as if asking for more. She wasn’t sure if she’d had them all, and though she felt exhausted she didn’t know when an opportunity like this might arise again. A man still sat behind her on the bed, and he now crawled up behind her and grabbed her hips in his strong, capable hands. His thumbs spread her ass cheeks wide and when she felt his cock at the entrance to her asshole she started with surprise.

Before she could turn or protest two hands grabbed her wrists, holding her steady while her ass was invaded. The chiseled abs that pressed against her face would have felt good, but her mind was to focused on her ass to even feel the hard cock sliding along her neck. Her breath quickened but she tried to relax, letting inch after inch of his shaft in her back door. She was still stretched out from before so it wasn’t long before he was fucking her balls deep in slow, steady strokes.

With several pairs of hands to help him, the man sank himself up to the base inside her and maneuvered himself to sit on the edge of the bed. Now she was perched with a cock in her ass, leaning back against this man’s broad chest while her ankles were attached to the top of the bedposts. She could feel all eyes on her gaping, dripping pussy as the room lined up to fuck her. The man behind her held her arms back and she could feel his cock throbbing in her ass as another cock was laid against her loins.

New hands ran up and down her legs, and she took short, halting breaths as the hands’ focus narrowed to her puffy red pussy. As he stuffed his head and shaft into her she grunted a long, low, “Yeeeeessssss!!”, güvenilir casino and she felt him swelling along with the dick in her ass. Whenever she fantasized about being double penetrated it was in her mouth and pussy, but there was no substitute for how full she felt right now.

The long strokes came, hands roaming her smooth inner thighs and calves as he fucked her full bore for several minutes. Her tits bounced each time he bottomed out in her ravaged pussy, eliciting a groaning “Ah!” on every stroke as if she were about to say something but was cut off by the force of his fucking. She could feel her rock hard nipples being pinched, but it seemed like ages since she was able to do anything about it. When he finally came deep inside her she arched her back, still enjoying the rapturous feelings but far from another orgasm herself.

Her pussy dripped with his cum as he finished emptying himself and pulled out of her. In her post-multi-orgasmic daze she breathed heavily and waited for more like a good little cock whore. She felt the shaft throbbing in her ass and moaned her approval, biting her lower lip and enjoying. It deeply satisfied her soul to have a room full of guys run a train on her, and she wished it would never end.

Another man stepped up between her legs and she almost squealed to know it wasn’t over. She arched her back and tipped her hips forward, eagerly leaning into his hands that gripped her waist in preparation. The head of his manhood pierced her pussy voraciously and immediately started fucking her deep and hard. She felt her arms being released, though she was too far gone to do anything but let them limply hang at her sides, and the man behind her reached around to grope her bouncing breasts.

Together they fucked her for a minute or two until the man in her ass groaned and came. She let out a cry of pleasure, now loving the invader that had made her ass its home. The other man continued his onslaught as the thick, throbbing cock filled her ass with its emissions, shooting ropes of pent up lust deep inside her. This was too much for the cock in her pussy to handle, and he buried himself inside her as well to fill her up with his cum. They climaxed together for what seemed like several minutes, her mouth locked open in the overwhelming sensation, closing in on another orgasm herself but still oversaturated with sexual hormones to get there.

Her body was locked between the two men’s wanton hips until they were good and finished with her. Finally they pulled out and the man behind her crawled off the bed. Her ankles were still tied to the bedposts, but it felt good to feel the sheets against her back again. She reached her arms up above her head and stretched sleepily as she waited for the next fuck. Sounds of men getting dressed reached her ears, and after a minute or two without a dick in her pussy she began to grow uneasy.

She heard one or two of them leave, and she rubbed her hands along her inner thighs dejectedly. Finally she called out softly, “Please.” The room’s attention turned back to her as she continued, “Please… the big one,” and she stroked her aching pussy with a roaming hand.

She could hear chuckles in response to her pleas, and one of them said, “Go for it, dude.” More sounds of clothing and after thirty seconds she bit her lower lip, thinking she would never have his wonderful, massive cock inside her again. Then suddenly she felt its throbbing shaft sliding along her pussy lips, lubricating itself for another ride.

Her heart skipped a beat and her breathing quickened as her fingertips brushed its massive girth. She held it lightly to herself and enjoyed the sensation of feeling it harden in her hands. After about a minute of him humping her splayed pussy she started to jack him off. She inadvertently opened her mouth wide in amazement at just how thick his dick felt in her hands, but her joyride was cut short when he pulled back and lined up for penetration.

She moaned out a stream of, “Yes! Yes, please! Oh, yes, fuck me!” that devolved into a soft scream of pleasure as he filled her inch by inch with his massive fuck stick. Her arms slid up her body to nestle in her hair as her whole body tensed in ecstasy. She has been longing for him to stretch her out again ever since he has ravaged her the last time, her orgasm simmering in the background as she was dominated by the train of other men. Now it returned with a willful power as this stranger filled her pussy with his enormous manmeat. She almost came when he bottomed out inside her, and after two strokes she couldn’t hold back her climax any longer.

One hand slid back down her body to hold his shaft as he pummeled into her, feeling him slide in and out of her stretched pussy lips. Her other hand cupped her breast and rubbed the hard nub of her nipple between her fingers. Her body was rocked with her pent-up orgasm, arching her back and locking her mouth open in a spasm of desire that sated the depths of her soul. His cock was still a little tired from cumming earlier, and he didn’t seven slow his pace as her frozen body rode out its rapture stretched around his reaming piston.

It took almost a minute before her body had relaxed enough to let out a whimpering cry, and for another minute after that she limply gasped her joyful pain as he fucked her innermost depths. When cum finally burst from his loins to coat the back of her pussy she spasmed with him in renewed vigor of exhausted bliss. Her hand was wrapped as far as it could go around the rest of his shaft that wouldn’t fit inside her, feeling him pulse his emissions into her willing, helpless form.

It seemed like ages to her before he finally finished and pulled out, and in her stupor she never knew the moment when they had all gone. The next thing she knew the door to her husband’s office creaked and another naked man was standing in the room with her.

His hand felt her up from her feet to her pussy, then up to her face and back down to her breasts. She felt him mount the bed and slip his rock hard dick inside her pussy, though she was still too stretched out to grip him properly. When he squeezed her nipples she let out a tired, breathless gasp, and he played with her boobs while he fucked her body.

She felt him pull out and crawl around to kneel at her face, and she took the cock that was offered her into her mouth. Her lips and tongue moved automatically, cleaning off globs of cum and dutifully swallowing it all down. She felt him reach into her pussy with two fingers, and when he brought them to her face she licked them clean of their cum as well.

When he was done with her mouth he knelt between her legs again, pulling her to himself and pulling her ass cheeks apart. The bed was slick with all the cum that had leaked out of her, and she could tell without looking that she was splattered all over with it. But she didn’t care. She felt him press the head of his dick against her asshole and she easily took him hilt-deep into herself. She still hadn’t closed back up from the invasion they had given her and this throbbing, swollen member felt good gripped tight inside her.

Four thrusts and he was cumming, bent double over her supine form as he came and came. She could hear his familiar gasps of orgasm and she hugged his back until he had finished. “That was AWESOME!” he said in giddy excitement, then lovingly untied her and removed her blindfold. She rested for a while in her husband’s arms, and smiled. She knew she would masturbate to this evening for the rest of her life.

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