Big vs. Small

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Cheryl didn’t really consider herself to be that small. OK, so she had to stand on her toes to measure five foot tall, but she did officially measure that much. Despite her lack of vertical inches Cheryl had all the necessary inches where it counted and had attracted her share of whistles. She also had her choice of partners as all men were taller than she was. She didn’t have to worry about towering over her boyfriend, unlike some people she could mention.

Cheryl had a dynamic personality and was always on the go. She liked to keep busy and nothing ever happened fast enough for her. Things could always be improved, she insisted. She was currently doing a course in Information Technology, and doing quite well at it. She really liked System Design, pulling an existing system apart and putting it back together better that when it started.

For her eighteenth birthday her parents had bought her a small sports car. This was her pride and joy and she’d often go for a drive on the weekend, especially if it was sunny and she could have the top down. That was what she was doing at the current time.

She’d just left home and was about to pull into the main road when there was a warning horn. Grumbling to herself she relaxed, letting a great 4WD have the right of way. Cars that size shouldn’t be allowed on the road, in her opinion. He could have slowed down and let her in.

Now she was stuck behind the 4WD. He was too big to see past, making it hard to pass him, especially on a busy road. And did he have to drive so slowly? Some people had places to go.

Seeing that she was near her normal petrol station Cheryl decided to pull in and fill up. She might as well do it now. It would also allow that behemoth to go trundling off into the distance and out of her way.

Wouldn’t you know it? He turned into the petrol station as well, taking the last empty pump. She was going to have to wait until someone else finished. She certainly wasn’t going to wait behind his car. He’d probably need a quarter of an hour just to fill his tank.

She watched the driver get out of the 4WD and stroll around to the pump. No wonder he had such a big car. The man was enormous. Not fat enormous, but just giant sized. He obviously needed a car that size because he’d crush anything smaller. It also explained his slow speed. His car couldn’t go any faster with his weight inside it. (Cheryl conveniently ignored the fact that he’d been driving at the designated limit. She’d wanted to go faster and he’d blocked her way. He was at fault.)

Eventually she had access to a pump and topped up her tank. Going inside to pay she was again irritated to find herself behind that man. He was too large for her to nip past him to get to the checkout first and so she had to wait for him to finish. Did he need to be quite so sociable and polite to the woman serving? People were waiting.

Cheryl paid and headed back to her car. Seeing that the 4WD was about to drive away she moved quickly, starting up and driving off while still putting on her seat belt. An irritated beep made her smile. She hadn’t really cut him off. He’d just been too slow driving away.

She next saw the monster with the monster car half an hour later. She was standing by the side of the road, smiling and flirting and assuring the nice officer that she was terribly sorry but she hadn’t realised that her speed had crept up and she would be much more careful in future, etcetera, etcetera.

She was quite pleased to get off with a warning. She wasn’t quite so pleased that the 4WD had passed while she talked and it had slowed down as it passed. The driver had been looking towards her with a big smile on his face. He’d pointed to her and waved bye-bye, before speeding up again. And she’d had to smile, smile, smile, because the traffic-cop was lecturing her.

Cheryl’s mood was not improved ten minutes later when she found herself behind the 4WD again. It was just idling along, sitting on the speed limit. It was the fact that she couldn’t pass the man that irritated Cheryl. While she may not have been going anywhere in particular she did like to drive fast. Especially when she knew that the traffic patrol car was well behind her. Making a lightning decision she headed off down a side road. She’d see where that took her.

Cheryl found that the road she took led her to a small village nestling in the mountains. She stopped and looked around, having a cup of coffee and browsing through an old shop. Feeling refreshed she decided to continue down the same road. Fifteen minutes later, disaster struck. She came around a sharp corner to find a rabbit sitting on the road staring at her wheels of doom.

She had room to pass him without hitting him. She moved abruptly towards the side of the road, confident that the rabbit would be safe. The stupid animal bolted, in the direction she was moving. She heard two distinct thumps. The first she just knew was a rabbit departing this world for rabbit heaven. The second was a large rock hidden by the grass. Low enough casino şirketleri not to impact her actual bodywork but large enough and sharp enough to rip a hole in the side of her tyre.

She pulled up and sat in her car, frozen. She could change the wheel if she had to but that would mean facing the corpse of the rabbit she’d so brutally killed. She just couldn’t do it. She sat and waited. Maybe after she’d calmed down a little.

Ten minutes later the day proved that this was get Cheryl day. A 4WD came up the road towards her. Not just any 4WD but THE 4WD, the one that had kept getting in her road. It pulled up across from her and the driver wound down his window. Hesitantly, Cheryl did the same.

“I see you’ve got a flat. Need a hand?”

“I killed him,” Cheryl wailed. “He was right in the middle of the road and I tried to turn but I hit him and he’s dead.”

The man heaved himself out of his car and strolled over to Cheryl, looking concerned. He walked around the car. Stooped and looked under the car. Straightened and leaned on the car, looking at Cheryl.

“No body that I can see,” he said. “Who’d you hit and what makes you think they’re dead?”

“Not a person. A rabbit. I hit him and he’s under the car. The poor thing. I’m a murderer.”

“Murderess, actually,” she was told. “A moment.”

The man checked under the car a second time and then walked around to the front of the car and regarded it. Nodding thoughtfully he returned.

“OK, so you killed a rabbit. Trouble is no-one told the rabbit that. He’s long gone.”


“Check the front of your car. You can see rabbit paw prints in the dust. He jumped up and used your car as a springboard to get the hell away from here. He probably saw how you drove.”

Cheryl almost leapt out of the car. Running around to the front of the car the two paw prints were plain to see. She stood there, glaring at them.

“If I see him again I will kill him,” she vowed. “He scared me half to death.”

She turned on the 4WD driver.

“Just what do you mean by that crack about the way I drive? I’m a good driver.”

“Yeah? Is that why the traffic cop pulled you over? To give you an award for good driving?”

“He merely pulled me over to let me know my speed was creeping up and to be more careful,” Cheryl said sniffily.

“Uh-huh. Well, I guess he wasn’t there when you tried to cut me off this morning. Or the time you did cut me off. Lucky for you.”

Cheryl glared at him. “It’s not my fault you drive so slowly. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to change my wheel.”

“Don’t bother. I’ll do it. Why don’t you go and sit in my car out of the sun.”

“Thank you, but no thank you,” said Cheryl, determined to be polite. “I am quite capable of changing my own wheel.”

“Didn’t say you weren’t,” came the rumbling reply. “It’s just that you’re not going to do it while I’m here. Scoot.”

“I said I will do it myself,” Cheryl told him, knowing the time had come to be very firm.

“I heard you and am ignoring you. Faster and easier if I do it. You may not even be able to undo the nuts. Go and sit down.”

“I won’t.”

Cheryl found one of the big disadvantages to being of a very petite stature when arguing with a man of excessively large stature. He simply shrugged and picked her up, tossing her over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and strolled over to the 4WD. An attempt to kick and struggle was met with a casual smack on her bottom. He had a very large hand Cheryl found, a hand that stayed on her bottom after smacking it. Also her dress had blown up over her bottom, revealing her panties, rather skimpy panties, at that. She froze, trying to hold her dress in place while he opened the door of the 4WD and dumped her on the seat.

“Sit. Stay,” he said, laughing at her.

Muttering under her breath Cheryl sat and watched. It was truly infuriating, she thought, at the ease with which he changed the wheel. Loosening the nuts would have taken her ages. She would have had to put the spanner on each nut and hit the end of it with a rock to get the leverage. He just calmly spun the nuts off. It was so unfair. Five minutes and the wheel was changed.

Cheryl would have hopped down as soon as she saw the man putting away her tools and flat tyre. Unfortunately she found she had a small problem. Two small problems, actually. The rotten man had engaged the child-lock and she couldn’t open the door unless she scrambled over onto the front seat. The second problem would be getting down to ground level. If she jumped she’d probably break a leg. The blasted car was huge. Fuming, she waited.

Strolling back over the man opened the door and smiled at her.

“All done,” he said affably. “Andy’s the name, by the way. I’m telling you that so you have a name to direct your curses at.”

“I’m Cheryl and I wouldn’t dream of cursing a gentleman who came to my timely aid,” Cheryl said, smiling sweetly. “Thank you ever so much for your assistance.”

“Well casino firmaları done. It must have just about killed you saying something like that.”

Cheryl glared at him, biting her tongue to stop herself saying what she really wanted to say. Arrogant devil. She could have changed the wheel herself. She wasn’t helpless. She waited for him to help her down.

“A matter of curiosity. Do you wear kiddies clothes to make men not notice you or because you can’t find clothes in size midget?”

“These are not children’s clothes. They’re quite respectable adult wear. And I’m not a midget.”

“Not tall enough to be considered a midget, uh? What you’re wearing is quite respectable adult wear as long as the adult is age ten. Ever heard of a shop called Petite Flair? They sell clothes for the smaller figure, even if the person isn’t tall enough to be a midget.”

Before Cheryl could say anything rude he continued.

“Not that I’m implying that your actual figure is small. You definitely fill out those things in all the wrong places for a ten year old. You really should invest a little time in buying the right clothes, both casual and formal. Like I said, try Petite Flair.”

Cheryl made a mental note that she’d do that. It was very hard to find things to fit her in adult shops. Andy was quite right in saying she was wearing children’s clothes. They were all that was available at times.

“It seems to me that you’re trying to insult me. I don’t know why and I don’t care. Could you please help me down? I want to get on my way.”

She could rise above petty insults. He wasn’t going to intimidate her or get her upset. Not while he was watching, anyway.

“Insult you?” Andy asked, scratching his head. “How can implying that I think you’re stacked be insulting? It’s a plain fact. Look how tight your top is stretched here.” Andy helpfully poked the places where her t-shirt was stretched tightly. “It’s plain to see that you’re not wearing a bra. You really should when you’re wearing a thin white t-shirt designed for a kid. You do know it’s almost transparent, don’t you.”

No, she had not known that. She glanced down, looking at herself from a fresh point of view. Oh, god. That explained why that cop had been staring at her so hard. You could quite clearly see the colour of her nipples through the cloth. Her face reddened.

Before Cheryl could say anything Andy came over all solicitous and helpful.

“You shouldn’t really wear tight clothes for too long,” he informed her. “Compressing your chest like that can have a deleterious impact. You need to take time to let your body relax a little. Let me help you.”

To demonstrate how helpful he could be Andy took hold of Cheryl’s top and lifting it up and off, thereby demonstrating that she definitely didn’t have a bra on and that her breasts had been somewhat constricted. Cheryl cursed the fact that she hadn’t tucked her top into her skirt. The trouble was doing that made her breasts even more pronounced. Loose, the top tended to conceal them to a certain extent. Now topless, her breasts stood out proudly, relieved to be free from their constraints.

“Good God Almighty,” whispered Andy reverently. “It’s a crime against nature to lock something like that away.”

This comment left Cheryl in two minds. She wanted to rage at him for taking off her top but she was also somewhat flattered that he appreciated the sight of her breasts so much. She contented herself with giving him a hot look (from anger, not lust) and lifting her hands to cover her breasts as best she could. Which was exactly zero coverage. Andy caught her wrists before they were anywhere near her breasts, holding them away while he enjoyed looking at her. When he pushed her hands back down to her lap she decided she’d better just leave then there for the time being.

“I can’t believe you did that,” she told him, letting her indignation show.

“That makes two of us,” Andy promptly returned, “but I can’t say that I’m sorry that I did. How responsive are they?”

“Excuse me?”

“What happens when I do this?”

Andy reached out with both hands, his forefingers unerringly pressing against each nipple and rubbing them slightly. Cheryl’s nipples demonstrated that they were quite sensitive to a tactile touch, becoming erect and pointing at him. Cheryl squirmed slightly, feeling sensations she wasn’t used to moving through her. How could an insulting touch up there cause heat down there, she wondered.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m in two minds,” sighed Andy. “Common sense says put you back in your car and drive away quickly. Carnal curiosity says that if you look that magnificent when you’re topless, what will you look like naked? Now I know it would be terribly crass of me to take of your skirt and panties so I won’t. I’ll let you do that for me.”

“You’re kidding.” Disbelieve oozed from each syllable.

“Not really. Just really curious as to what you’ll look like and wondering if you’ve got the nerve güvenilir casino to actually finish getting undressed. My nerve indicator is tending towards strong disbelief in you having the nerve to do so.”

“You think I’m scared of you? Do you think I’ve never been seen naked before? What makes you think I haven’t got the nerve?”

Cheryl was quite incensed. He was making rotten suggestions and then implying she lacked courage. Did he also think she lacked common sense?

Andy laughed. “Being seen naked by parents and other girls doesn’t count. I’d say the number of times a boy has seen you naked since you grew those wonders of nature would be, let’s see, about zero. Honestly, I think you’re so nervous right now you’re almost wetting yourself. Better be a good little girl and put your top on, sad though I’ll be to see you do it.”

“What? You think because I’m small I don’t know anything? I’m a mature adult, not some nervous little girl scared some man might see her naked. Being small doesn’t mean I have to remain a virgin all my life.”

Cheryl glared at him. The nerve of the man. Who did he think he was, anyway? Be a good little girl and put your top on. It wasn’t as though she was the one who took it off.

“Being small doesn’t mean you have to be a virgin,” agreed Andy, smiling broadly. “I’m sure that, eventually, you’ll become an ex-virgin. It just hasn’t happened yet.”

Cheryl felt like screaming. Just because he was a giant there was no need for him to put her down because of her size. He was just a bigot where size was concerned. Without stopping to consider what she was doing she unzipped her skirt and slipped it and her panties of, dropping them on the seat next to her top.

“See? Being naked doesn’t worry me. Why should being naked worry any intelligent person. Clothes are just decorations. We’re all the same under them.”

“Beg to differ,” murmured Andy, “but I will guarantee that there are not many pocket-sized Aphrodite’s running around. You are unique in my experience. Unique and wonderful.”

His eyes were running over Cheryl in blatant appreciation. Suddenly she felt rather nervous. What the hell had possessed her?

Andy suddenly swung himself up and into the 4WD, landing on the seat next to her. Cheryl hurriedly put a little more space between them.

“Don’t you dare!” Cheryl half-screamed when she saw he was undoing his trousers.

“But you just said they’re just decorations,” protested Andy, sliding his clothes down. “All the same under them.”

Cheryl looked at the blatant erection standing up from his hairy groin. As far as she was concerned if all men were like that she was staying a virgin forever. Or was it too late? Was he going to rape her? Up until them the thought had never so much as crossed her mind.

“Are you going to rape me?” she asked in a very little voice.

“Certainly not,” came the indignant response. “I’m just showing that people are different. Be realistic. While I’m not the largest person around I’m far larger than you. I very much doubt you could handle a cock like mine. Sorry to disappoint you.”

Why was he so insistent at putting her in the wrong? Fear of rape seemed obvious to her when a man suddenly whips out his dick, especially when he’d just torn off her clothes. Well, her top, anyway. He’d tricked her into taking off her skirt. Now he’s claiming I’m too small to be able to handle a man. Bastard.

Cheryl opened her mouth to let Andy know just what she thought of him and his assumptions and then closed it again, looking startled.

“You’re doing this deliberately,” she said. “You’re purposely goading me so I’ll challenge you to make love to me just to prove I can handle it. You must think I’m some sort of idiot.”

Andy laughed. Reaching out he scooped her up and sat her on his lap. She immediately became conscious of a hot and hard erection pressing against her side. Its presence distracted her from the fact that a large hand was gently rubbing her breasts.

“Guilty as charged,” Andy admitted. “I don’t think you’re an idiot. I do think you’re a packet of dynamite, likely to explode with a very loud bang. Um, have you reached the point of challenging me to fuck you just to prove your abilities?”

“No.” Cheryl wanted to say more but was feeling a little distracted. Andy’s hand had slipped between her knees and was moving slowly along her inner thighs. She tried to press her legs together but they seemed reluctant to do so, just relaxing and letting his hand move along. She froze, eyes wide open, when his hand finally closed over her mound.

At the same time she was distracted by Andy’s hand closing on such an intimate place she found her own hand being moved and pressed against his erection. Her hand automatically closed over it while she gave Andy a wild-eyed look.

“Self-defence,” he explained. “While you’re holding it, it can’t attack you by surprise.”

“It’s not going to attack me at all,” Cheryl told him firmly.

Maybe not, said a little voice, but you’re still holding it. Interesting thing isn’t it. Hard and hot and silky smooth. You’re wondering what it would be like rubbing against you. Cheryl determinedly ignored that little voice. What would it know? It knows you haven’t let go, it whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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