Between My Brother’s Legs Ch. 02

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Ch 02: Dr. Malcolm Dash

Between my brother’s legs, I found happiness, acceptance, and love until his life suddenly ended in a senseless motorcycle accident. It felt as if my life was also over.

Emotionally empty, sexually unfulfilled I met a man who helped me see that life goes on.

What’s that old saying? “When one door closes . . . another door opens.”

Note: Suspend your disbelief and open your mind to the innovative and unorthodox.


Why don’t you let me take you to dinner tonight, you know to welcome you to Shingletown?

“Thank you for asking, but I’m sorry, I don’t think so. I’m a little tired, it was a long drive, and I just want to clean up, eat and go to bed,” I said with an apologetic smile.

“Well, how about breakfast in the morning? Meet me at the Shingletown Diner around nine. It’s just a few stores down the street. You can have a good breakfast, and maybe I can show you some of the highlights of Shingletown. What do you say?”

After a short pause, with a broad smile, I said, “Sure, sounds good, I’ll see you at nine.”

“Good, see you then,” Malcolm said as he ambled out of the store, got into his pickup truck and drove away.

By the time I finished my shopping and finally got to the house, I was tired and just wanted to relax for a few minutes with a glass of my favorite wine.

After unloading the car and putting away the groceries, I went into the bedroom and stripped out of my clothes. I slipped on an oversized shirt that had belonged to my brother Jack and returned to the kitchen where I poured myself another glass of wine before going out onto the rear deck.

Out here in the mountains, it was quiet and calm, and unless you knew which road to take, you could easily drive past the house and miss it. The house itself was located in a clearing, surrounded by tall trees and practically hidden from view. The rear deck was my favorite part of the house; it jaunted out from the back of the house and overlooked a beautiful valley and stream.

It was early evening and standing on the deck, watching the beautiful sunset was comforting. With my wine glass in hand, I walked over to one of the lounge chairs and stretched out. Though the day had been warm, my brother’s old shirt helped cut the light breeze in the evening air. I could smell his scent on the shirt, and I immediately thought of him. I held the sleeve of his shirt up to my nose, inhaled deeply, and could feel my clit begin to throb, and a familiar wetness develop between my legs.

I leisurely sipped my wine, as my hand trailed down to my clit and without really being aware I began to rub my clit lightly with my fingers until it was hard and peeking out from under its fleshy pink hood. Making small, tight, circular motions over my clit, I could feel myself becoming warm and sticky between my thighs. I slipped two fingers into my pussy and began working them in and out and immediately felt the twinge of an orgasm begin. I quickly pulled my fingers out, not yet ready to orgasm.

My body was covered with a light sheen of perspiration as I lay quiet and still until the urge to climax subsided. On my back, my legs apart, I placed my fingers on the outside of my clit shaft and started sliding them up and down along the sides. Gasping as a soft shiver went through me, I glided my fingers into my pussy again and began to sway my hips, humping my fingers. After just a minute or two, my breathing increased, and I was reduced to moaning and squirming, murmuring Jack’s name when a hard, rippling orgasm swept over me.

As my body recovered, I could feel the cool dampness between my thighs. Naked, except for my brother’s unbuttoned shirt I lay there, my legs splayed open, my breasts swollen and flushed pink, my nipples still hard and brown with excitement, I closed my eyes and began to cry . . . I missed him.


Mal was one of three doctors who lived in or around Shingletown a small town in the Shasta Mountain area of Northern California. Mal’s specialty was Obstetrics and Gynecology, and I knew from goggling him that he had developed several innovative and unorthodox labor and delivery procedures. He was quite popular with his patients and known throughout the area as being one of the foremost physicians in his field. Mal was an attractive man for his age (mid forties), divorced for many years, and had one grown son who as it turned out was a few years older than I was. He was a physically imposing man; tall and fit with dark hair, brown eyes, and rugged facial features. From his demenor it was evident that Mal was someone used to being in control, giving orders and having things and people do as he wished.

Sitting there that morning, at the Shingletown Dinner, listening to him talk and enjoying the sound of his laugh, I was surprised to discover that I liked Malcolm or Mal as he asked me to call him; I knew right off that we would be friends. After breakfast, we wandered through the downtown casino şirketleri area with Mal pointing out the historical buildings, the town’s library, high school, drug store, pizza parlor, city hall, police and fire station. By the time I headed home that afternoon, I felt as if I had lived in the town for years.

Mal and I saw each other every day my first week in town. Though we hadn’t known each other for very long, Mal invited me to accompany him to an awards dinner at the hospital the following weekend, and I happily accepted.

The day of the awards ceremony quickly arrived, and I must admit I was excited. It had been a long time since I had dressed up and I wanted to be at my best, I wanted Mal to be proud of me. Taking my time to bathe, perfume my body and fix my makeup and hair, I slipped into a simple but classic ‘little black dress.’ Form fitting, mid-thigh with bare shoulders, it highlighted my small waist, tight ass, and firm, full breasts. With my thick, wavy hair brushed back and cascading mid-way down my back, I presented an attractive and desirable little package.

The doorbell rang, and I slipped into a pair of sexy black stilettos and hurried to the front door. When I opened the door, Mal stood there with his mouth agape, clearly surprised, used to seeing me in jeans, a t-shirt and my hair pulled back into an often messy ponytail.

“Damn, you clean up real good,” he jokingly said as he leaned closer and kissed me, parting my lips with his tongue, I instinctively began to kiss him back but then pulled away, and I looked at him confused. That was definitely not a kiss between friends, but before I could say anything, Mal took hold of my arm, ushered me out of the house and toward his car.

After the short drive to the Redding Hotel, Mal turned the car over to the valet. With his hand resting casually, but possessively on my behind, we strolled through the crowd of people as he guided me to our table. I had a wonderful time at the awards ceremony. The ceremony itself was moving, the food surprisingly delicious, and the music great. I swear I danced until my feet hurt and I had to take my beautiful stilettos off. The last dance was a slow dance. Mal and I moved out onto the dance floor where he pulled me to him; our bodies pressed close together, his erection hard and noticeable against my stomach.

It was a fantastic night and the evening seemed to end too soon. As we walked to his car, I took a good, studied look at him and for the first time, I realized how sexy Mal was for an ‘old’ man.

Maybe I had a little too much champagne, I don’t know, but as Mal drove down the highway towards my house, I reached over, rested my hand on his knee, and gave it a squeeze. I moved my hand up his inner thigh, discovered his rock hard cock and caressed it through his pants as he sighed and adjusted himself in the seat. Mal’s eyes locked with mine, but neither of us spoke as I continued to stroke his cock while he drove silently toward my house. Fully aware of how it pulsed under my hand and the small damp spot that had formed on his pant leg I wondered what his dick would feel and taste like in my mouth.

Despite it being close to one o’clock in the morning, it was still warm and muggy outside. When we got to the house, Mal parked, we walked around to the rear of the house where Mal took a seat in one of the deck chairs and removed his jacket, while I went into the house and got us each a cold beer. When I came back out onto the deck, Mal was standing at the railing looking out over the darkened valley below. I sat the beers on the nearby table and walking around in front of him, unzipped his pants and knelt in front of him.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself and running his fingers through my hair he brushed it back from my face and said, “Beth, though I’d like nothing better, you don’t need to do this.”

“I want to Mal, please let me,” I replied looking up at him. When he didn’t challenge me, I freed his cock. He was soft, hanging long between his legs, his ball sac full and heavy. Not touching it with my hand, I leaned forward and licked his cockhead. It was so thick I wondered at first if I could get him in my mouth, but slowly licking and kissing the head, I managed to suck his entire cock into my mouth and then to slide my mouth up and down it until I could feel him becoming hard. Mal pulled out of my mouth and walking over to one of the deck chairs removed his evening clothes and tossed them casually onto the deck.

Mal turned to face me, and my eyes were drawn to his penis, which was now hard and strong, and every few seconds would jerk. His cock was thick and veiny, it’s swelling tip a deep angry purple, exposed, leaking and ready.

“Come here, Beth . . .,” he said in a hoarse, throaty voice.

I walked to him. Mal reached around me and unzipped my dress letting it fall to the floor. I stood in front of him wearing only a tiny black lace thong and my black stilettos. Looking into his eyes, without breaking our eye contact, casino firmaları I reached down and let my fingers feather up and down his inner thighs as I gently squeezed his balls. I stroked his dick with a soft but firm hand as Mal sat in the deck chair and urged me between his knees. Sinking to the floor, I licked his cock from its tip all the way to its base. Mal moaned, and I again reached for his balls and played with them as I stroked his cockshaft. Moving to his cockhead my head rhythmically bobbed up and down on his cock until giving a guttural animal sounding groan he erupted, spraying warm, cum forcefully into my mouth where it splashed against the back of my throat.

Though disappointed he had cum so quickly, I kept him in my mouth until he began to soften, then gently licked and sucked his cock until I had cleaned him.

Mal slowly, reluctantly withdrew his cock and pulled me up into his lap.

“My God Beth . . . how could someone so young have such a wonderful mouth?” he asked grinning broadly.

How could I tell him that my brother had been an excellent teacher?

I said nothing and just snuggled in his arms, my head resting on his chest. It had been a busy day and fantastic night, and I closed my eyes, tired and now quite sleepy. I could feel Mal’s chest rise and fall and hear his slow, measured breathing and thought I should let him go home. Just as I had decided to get up and go to bed, I felt the firm but gentle movement of Mal’s fingers between my legs, massaging my clit with a touch that wasn’t sexual at first but comforting (is that possible?).

“Did you learn that in medical school?” I asked jokingly.

“Just relax . . . close your eyes,” Mal said. There was no urgency to his movements, just his knowing experienced fingers continuing to rub me, to calm me. When he decided to let me cum, I felt the pressure of his hand increase and his fingers slide into my pussy. There was no bucking or jerking just a sensation of my naked body quivering against him as a warm wave of sexual release flowed through me.

“That’s it, baby, just enjoy, just enjoy the feelings,” he said.

I closed my eyes and thought of my brother, as Mal got up, carried me to my bed, and spread a thin blanket over me.

“Oh Mal,” I mumbled as sleep overtook me.

When I awoke later that morning, Mal was gone, and it was obvious I had slept alone.

I got out of bed feeling relaxed and satisfied. Sitting on the edge of the bed, my mind wandered back to the night before, and I smiled to myself as I remembered every detail of what had happened. I hadn’t had a man’s cock in my mouth since before my brother Jack had died, and I now knew I was ready to experience those feelings again.


Later that afternoon Mal called, wanting to take me to dinner. Feeling a little tired I tried to beg off, and then he suggested that instead of going out, he would pick up a couple of steaks and we could grill them here, bake a couple of potatoes and make a salad.

“Well. . . okay,” I said, finally relenting.

“Sounds good, he said, I’ll be there around five o’clock.”

“Oh Mal, you don’t need to do that,” I tried again to deter him, before he interrupted me in that grown up, authoritative voice that he had begun to sometimes use with me.

“I’ll see you in a bit.” He said decisively.

“Okay, I’ll have the grill ready for you,” I said before hanging up.

Mal was there right on time, and we prepared and enjoyed a surprisingly good dinner out on the deck. After dinner, we sat and talked for what seemed like hours, and I discovered there were many things that I liked about Mal, and a few I didn’t, particularly how controlling and insistent he could be when it came to him getting what he wanted.

As the evening grew late, it was clear Mal wanted to take our relationship to the next physical level, but I couldn’t, I wasn’t ready for that yet. He didn’t like it, but eventually said he understood and would not pressure me. He still made his disappointment known which made me feel horrible. I liked Mal and appreciated everything he had done for me since I had come to Shingletown and told him so. To show my appreciation, I slipped between his legs, took his cock out and sucked him until he came in a forceful ejaculation, spraying cum onto my face.


One evening perhaps a week later we met for drinks. When we left the bar, Mal said he needed to take care of something at his office and would I like to come along, and he’d show me the new building he had recently moved into. If the look of the three storied medical building was any indication, Dr. Malcolm Dash was obviously doing quite well. Mal’s office was an edifice of the glass, steel and leather modernism that seemed in direct contrast to the friendliness, warmth, and caring nature, that small town doctors, especially obstetricians and gynecologists were expected to project.

After a brief tour, we went into one of the examination rooms, and I took a sit in the güvenilir casino chair next to his desk.

“Here, while you’re waiting, I want you to try some of this. It’s safe, take a deep inhale,” Mal said, handing me a small plastic nose bud. I looked at him and then figuring ‘what the hell’ placed the little nose buds in my nostrils and inhaled. I didn’t feel anything and deeply inhaled a second time. Mal removed his jacket, hung it on the back of a chair and watched me from across the room. I don’t know quite how to describe the feeling that slowly crept over me. I was kind of in a haze; I could see, I could hear, I could feel everything, but I didn’t seem to have any control or will over anything. I wasn’t frightened, even when Mal came over and after helping me to stand, slipped his hands under my skirt, and pulled my panties down and off. Feeling lightheaded and clever, in a fit of the giggles I told him, “those are too small for you, you can’t fit those.” Mal looked down at me and broke into a deep masculine laugh and for the first time in a very long time, I felt the inkling of sexual arousal.

The next thing I remember is Mal helping me onto the examining table where he had raised the upper portion so that I was in a half seated position. My panties were gone, and my skirt pushed up and bunched around my waist. My behind was close to the edge of the exam table, and he had placed my feet into the corresponding stirrups. Mal spread my knees so that they opened and exposed my smooth, pink mound and pussy lips to his inspection. He slipped several fingers into my pussy and began stroking me, quickly inducing the sticky wetness that signaled my approaching readiness. Under the influence of whatever I had inhaled, I moaned and raised my hips trying to hump his fingers.

I wanted to cum.

“Help me Mal, please,” I whimpered, and Mal knowing what I wanted, lowered his mouth and began licking my wet, eager pussy. It felt wonderful, and without much effort, my body began to respond, to tremble, and I slipped into a hard, much needed orgasm. Afterward, I lay there as Mal gingerly, kissed the inside of my thighs, licked my pussy and ever so lightly feathered his tongue over my clit. It had been awhile, and I welcomed having a man sexually take control and command over me the way my brother had.


Mal took my feet out of the stirrups. Through half closed, drugged eyes, I gasped when he achingly slow pushed his bloated cockhead inside me. He began to grind his cock into me, and I could hear him groan with pleasure as his length was enveloped by the velvety warmth and softness of my pussy. He lifted my knees, pushed them forward against my chest so that he could see his cock as he slid in and out. He paused, and I could feel it swelling and pulsing inside me. I watched the strain on his face as my pussy contracted and released around his cock squeezing it tighter and tighter.

“Owwww,” I groaned and tried to squirm away when he drove into me too deeply and too hard. Releasing my knees, he gripped my wrists pinning me down and began to thrust slowly his massive cock into my pussy. I could hear myself whimpering as he worked his prick farther into my tight, hot, wet pussy. It felt incredible.

It’s almost funny now, but in my drugged confusion I was at first angry with him. I had told him I did not want this to happen between us, and though he said he understood, he was doing exactly what he wanted anyway. Despite the anger, through dazed eyes I looked at him and thought I could feel his cock straining and throbbing inside me, wanting release. I grudgingly felt my body betraying me and I remember thinking that I wanted to fuck him, I wanted to be on top riding him, but I couldn’t. He was the one in control, and I was there for his pleasure, and even in my condition, I somehow knew he would not accept any disobedience to his will or desires. All I could do was obediently lay there as he fucked me.

He pulled out and began rubbing the hard length of his erection between my wet slit. After several passes, his cockhead slick with pre-cum he eased it into my pussy again and pushing up inside me, he began to fuck me as deeply as he could. Feeling him inside me, looking up into his face, I realized how much he physically reminded me of my brother, tall, muscular, brown hair, dark eyes, full, inviting mouth. Is this what my Jack would have been like in another twenty years had he lived?

Overcome with a sense of sadness I closed my eyes and imagined it was Jack between my legs bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I don’t think I was even aware that I had murmured Jack’s name in a barely audible whisper, but Mal apparently heard me. He began to pound into me until his cock jerked hard and he started to cum. Realizing he was cumming inside me without a condom, he pulled out but continued to loudly groan as he sent spurt after spurt of creamy cum onto my stomach and thighs.

As a gut wrenching orgasm exploded at my core, I must have passed out or something, I don’t know how long I was out, but when I opened my eyes, I saw Mal seated at his desk going over a patient’s chart. Feeling groggy and lightheaded, I sat up on the side of the table and looked around the office trying to get my bearings.

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