Best Night of His Life (So Far)

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I was home alone for the weekend because my parents had gone to one of those bed and breakfeast get-aways for a weekend alone. I am 17 so there was no problem with me staying by myself for a couple of days. My parents do this every couple of months and it’s getting to the point where I look forword to it so I can have the house to myself. I dont’t throw parties or have girls over or anything, I just sit and play video games most of the time. I’m not a virgin or scared of what they would say if they found out I had a party. I just enjoy the peace and quiet. Well this weekend I didnt get it.

It was friday night, about 1:30 or so. I was watching some TV and thinking about going to bed. There was a huge thunderstorm going on and the power had been flickering on and off for about an hour and I was getting a little irratated.

Then out of no-where the doorbell rang. I nearly jumped out of my chair I was so startled. I got up and went to the door. I stood there for a few seconds trying to figure out who in the hell it could be this time of night. I opened the door and there stood Amber, my 15 year old neighbor and what I assumed was a friend of hers since I did not recognize her. They were completely soacked. Amber had a white t-shirt on and her c-cups we exposed through it completely because she was not wearing a bra.

I quickly got them inside and grabbed them some towels. Amber is about 5’4″ with fire red hair and the most perfect tight ass you will ever see. Besides the white t-shirt she had on plad pajama pants and black flipflops. Her friend, who’s name I found out to be Ashley was slightly taller and had dark hair, a nicely formed set of c-cups and some killer legs. She had on a red tanktop and an pair of shorts, the kind that barely covers your ass.

“what are you two doing here” I asked

” my parents aren’t casino şirketleri home tonight and a tree fell onto the power line coming to our house so we have no power” Amber said

“yeah, we saw that you still had lights and Amber mentioned your parents weren’t home for the weekend and that we should see if you were still up”

She gave me this very coy smile that made me melt.

” do you mind if we stay here tonight” Amber asked

“Sure” I said ” you can sleep in my parents room, its upstairs, second door on the left. Why dont you two go upstairs and get dried off, you can grab some dry clothes from my mom’s closet, I’ll get you something to drink”

They quickly ran upstairs. I heard them gigling as that ran. I had always thought Amber was really cute, I love redheads and her hair was the perfect shade. not to dark but not to light. And this Ashley girl was hot as hell. I got half a stiffy just picuting them in my head.

About 20 minutes went by and I was starting to wonder what was taking them so long. Then Amber yelled down and asked if I could come upstairs.

I went upstairs and into my parents room. What I saw there was the sexiest thing a man could ever hope to see. Amber and Ashley had appaently found my mom’s lingerie in her closest.

Amber had on a red and black corset with black stockings and red heels.
Ashley was wearing the exact same thing only all purple.

Now I understood everything. Them coming over, the coy smile, the gigling. It all made sense. They had planned this. I had a certain reputation at school. I’m not all that big, about 6 inches but it’s over 2 inches wide and I aparently know how to use it.

“are you ready for us” Amber asked.

I took my shirt off so fast if you had blinked you would have missed it. They walked over to me and Ashley shoved her casino firmaları tounge deep into my mouth. Amber began kissing my neck. After about a minute they switched. Amber started kissing me, her lips were like heaven, soft and delicate yet forcefull enough to let me know that she ment business. Ashley began kissing her way down my chest. She reached my shorts and pulled them and my boxers down at the same time revealing my raging hard-on.

Amber got down next to her and both looked up with aproval. They began kissing and licking my helmit. After about 15 seconds Amber took me all the way in. Back an forth she went while swirling her tounge around perfectly. It felt so good. I have had my fair share of blowjobs but this was amazing. The feeling was incredible. She stopped after about a minute and Ashley took over without hardly missing a beat. She wasnt quite as good but it was still better than anything i have had previously. Amber began sucking on my balls while Ashley continued to deep throught my cock. After about 10 minutes of them going back and forth they stopped.

“you sure do know how to control yourself” Ashley said

I have never been one to get off from oral but I didnt say anything. I pulled them both up to me and pushed them back onto the bed. It was my turn

I got down on my knees by the edge of the bed. They spread there legs re-vealing two perfectly smooth and shaved pussies. I ran my hand up and down there inner thighs and around there pussies occasionaly brushing them. I was teasing them a little and then after about my thrid pass i shoved two fingers into each pussies. In and out I went, hard and fast. There bodies began to shake and squirm. I adjusted my speed as I needed to. They reached over and started rubbing each others clit. They shook more and they both came to climax at the exact same time. I güvenilir casino removed my fingers and Ashley got ontop of Amber in a 69 posistion. They began licking and sucking and biteing at eachothers soaking wet vagina’s. I got up onto the bed behind Ashley. Her ass was so smooth and tight, just like Amber’s. I ran my still hard dick up and down the crack of her ass. I them slid it deep into her has and she screamed in extasy. I started slow but picked up speed quickly, shoving my cock in and out of her tight asshole. Amber and her kept eating other and I could feel them both begin to shake again. They were nearing another orgasm. I could feel my juices building so I picked up the pace and just as Amber began to moan from her second orgasm I blew my load deep into Ashleys ass causing her to moan and orgasm as well. I pulled out and stuck my cock into Amber’s mouth as Ashley de-mounted her.

Amber licked all the cum off my still hard cock and Ashley got up next to me and kissed me. I could taste Amber in my mouth and I wanted more. I pulled Amber around and got on top of her in the missionary potision. I slammed my cock into her pussy so hard she slid back on the bed. I went hard and fast and Ashley, wanting more too, squatted down onto Amber face. I watched Amber shove her tounge deep into her friends pussy as I fucked her. Her pussy was as tight as Ashley’s ass. I could feel myself beginning to cum again. I reached up and pulled ashely down. I rammed amber one last time then pulled out and shoved my cock into ashley’s mouth blowing my load down her throat. She took it like a pro, sucking it all up and swollowing. I layed back onto bed, exhausted. The two girls kissed passionatly almost as a thankyou to me, then layed back, one on either side of me.

We slept like that the rest of the night. The next day the three of us did nothing but fuck. When they left that night Amber looked back at me and said that her friend Erica was coming in from out of town in a couple of weeks. But that is a whole nother story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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