Best Friends

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“What’s the matter, Baby? You just kissed Brad goodbye at the VFW Hall. You aren’t missing him already are you?”

“Oh Dad, I think Brad is having an affair or something. He seems to have lost all interest in me.”

David pulled the truck off the road and into a nearby commuter lot, opened the windows and turned off the engine. He scooted across the front seat and gathered me in his arms. David hoped she couldn’t feel his hard cock which had formed just from comforting her. He seemed to have a problem lately that anytime he was around her or thought of her he developed a hard-on and dreamed about ravishing her.

“Okay honey, do you want to tell me what this is all about?” asked David.

“You know we’ve been trying to get pregnant, but the past couple of months Brad doesn’t seem to be interested. I know he’s been working a lot, trying to get things finished before his National Guard unit had to leave. But even when he is home, his mind is always somewhere else. They say a woman can always tell. My intuition is telling me that he has a girl friend.”

David smiled at the thought of her as a ‘woman’. She had just turned 19 two days ago. To his 42 years she seemed like such a baby.

“Dad, do you remember the day Brad brought me home to meet you for the first time?”

“I sure do, Baby. You were just 12 years old and it was your first day at Brad’s school. You had been placed to live with your Grandmother Rose after your parents died. You were a skinny little thing with pale blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes I had ever seen. Brad brought you in the back door and announced ‘Dad, this is Baby, my new best friend’.”

“Brad was a hero to me that day. The kids were all making fun of me about the way I was dressed and they kept pulling on my hair and calling me names. They kept saying I must be a witch cause my hair was almost white. I was crying and Brad jumped in and told them all to leave me alone or he would beat every one of them up, even the girls. I guess they were all scared because Brad was two years older than the rest of us, and he was so big.”

“I remember Brad telling me the story later that evening. All I could think about was that you were the prettiest little girl I had ever seen. From that day on you always called me ‘Dad’. I was so proud of my son.”

“Dad, I know Brad always tells you everything and, if you can tell me what is going on, I would really want to know.”

I wonder how much she knows? How much should I tell her? Brad never told me not to mention the things he told me and I know he’s filed for a divorce but he surely won’t serve the papers until he gets back from his tour of duty!

“Honey, what would you do if Brad was having an affair?”

“Dad, I’ve thought about this a lot lately. I think Brad proposed to me out of a sense of duty. We had never done more than hug or kiss a little – there wasn’t a wild passion like I’ve heard other married couples talk about. I thought it was because we were friends first. I think I pressured Brad into proposing marriage. If he’s found someone to love, I would let him go.”

“After Grandma Rose died, you and Brad took me in to live with you. You were more like family to me than anyone else since my mom and dad. Grandma was so old and sickly when I came to live with her, but she did the best she could. Brad and I started talking about my living with you and keeping you company when he left in the fall to finish college. Brad graduated from the Junior College the day after I graduated from High School. So I told him that I didn’t want to be a burden to you so I planned on getting a job and finding a room somewhere.”

“Baby, you were never a burden to me. Your Grandmother left you some money and with the insurance money your parents left, there was plenty. Besides I have plenty of money for both you and Brad.”

“Brad proposed marriage the day after our talk. The past few days I’ve been thinking about things and I realize he probably proposed because he was trying to take care of me like he had gotten used to doing. I don’t think he ever loved me as a woman, just as a friend.”

“Why didn’t you want to stay at home with me while Brad went to college, Baby?”

David watched her blush and look away from him. God, I want to take her clothes off and make love to her right here and damn the casino şirketleri consequences.

“Come on Baby, you never have to be afraid to tell me anything.”

“Dad, I’m sorry but I couldn’t tell Brad. I was . . . I mean I had started to have feelings.. uh not so fatherly feelings about you.”

“Okay Baby, we have got to talk, but I want us to be somewhere a lot more comfortable when we do. I need to make a brief stop and then I’m taking you home.”

“Dad, are you mad at me?”

“No, not at all sweetheart, but before this is all figured out you might be very angry with me and Brad”

I sat there wondering if I had imagined that hard bulge in Dad’s pants when he pulled me into his arms to comfort me. I thought that lately whenever I was around Dad that I had been seeing that same bulge. I was wondering what Dad could possibly tell me that would make me angry with him.

Dad pulled the truck to a stop in front of the local pharmacy. He said, “I’ll be right back, please just sit here and wait for me.”

Dad was back in less than five minutes and he had a small white paper bag in his hand. He jumped into the truck and smiled at me. “Don’t look so scared Honey, everything is going to be okay.”

He left town and headed in the direction of our house. When Brad and I announced our wedding plans, Dad told us he was going to build a house for us on his 120 acre farm. By the time Brad graduated from college, the house was all ready for us to just move into.

The truck turned left into the drive and bumped over the gravel road toward my house, not Dad’s. Dad pulled the truck to a rapid stop, which caused some of the gravel to shoot out into the yard. He grabbed the bag, jumped out of the truck and hurried around to the passenger side. He opened the door, pulled me into his arms and carried me into the house.

“Dad, I can walk,” I giggled.

He kissed me on the lips, but not like he usually did, and I started getting that wet feeling between my legs. “I know honey, but I’m in a hurry to get things settled between us. I’m going to set you on the couch and get us a cold drink.”

“I have a lot to tell you. Brad came to me about seven months back. He told me he met a woman in his unit, she is actually like his boss, and he told me that they had been sleeping together. Her name is Belinda. The fool was so infatuated with her. He told me that she was used to being commanding and masterful and she had told him she wanted to have his baby.”

“I’m sorry to be so blunt honey, but we have got to clear things up. He was just heading out for that convention he went to in Chicago and Belinda was upset because he wouldn’t let her go. I was so angry with him and I told him so. I was afraid about what this would do to you. He told me that he had arranged for us to meet at the airport lounge before he took off on Friday evening. Remember you couldn’t figure out why he didn’t want you to see him off?”

“That makes sense to me now.”

“Brad told me ‘I know you’ll learn to love her like I do, Dad.’ I was so worried about how he was going to hurt you and I was really angry with him, probably for the first time in his life. I was prepared to hate her!”

“Is she pretty, Dad? What is she like?”

“Honey, she is bossy and arrogant and cusses like crazy. She looks almost anorexic, with long jet black hair and she wears too much make-up.”

“Dad, she can’t be that bad if Brad loves her.”

“Brad told me I wasn’t seeing her at her best because she was still mad about not going with him. He told me it was her ovulation time that weekend and it meant she might have to wait another month to get pregnant.”

“Now I know why he isn’t so eager to get me pregnant,” I sobbed.

“Don’t cry until you find out what I did.”

“After Brad’s plane left, I asked her to have a drink with me because I wanted to talk to her. While we were drinking I kind of slipped her a mickey.”

“Dad, you didn’t! What were you thinking?”

“I had this plan – only now it seems foolish and you cannot ever tell Brad what I did, not now.”

“I took her to a motel by the airport. I had this idea that I would keep her drugged and fuck the daylights out of her and get her pregnant. Then I was going to tell Brad that I saw her with someone else while he was out-of-town.”

“Well, casino firmaları it seems I did get her pregnant but when Brad came to me all excited to tell me that he was going to be a dad, I just couldn’t tell him. Belinda didn’t remember the weekend at all and told Brad she must have gotten her dates mixed up.”

“Oh Dad, what if Brad finds out?”

“I don’t ever intend to tell him or her. She’s a dragon, she’d probably kill me!”

I giggled because he looked so serious and he scowled at me. “I’m not angry Dad, it wasn’t a very nice thing to do and you should be ashamed but I feel honored that you tried to save me from being hurt.”

“Yes Baby, and that’s the only thing I can say in my defense. She’s pregnant with twins.”

“What made you tell me about it?”

“After the things you told me today, I got really excited.”

“What got you excited about me telling you that if Brad was in love with someone else, I would set him free?”

“No, haven’t you noticed lately that every time I’m around you my cock is bulging in my pants? I think when you started developing about 4 years ago, I began having dreams about making love to you. It has taken every ounce of strength I have to keep from ripping your clothes off and making mad , passionate love to you!”

I jumped up and threw myself in Dad’s lap. “You can’t imagine how I’ve wondered what you felt about me; I’ve dreamed about you making love to me.”

“Sweetheart, I have one or two things to tell you before we get naked – if you still want to after you hear what else I did.”

“Okay, I’ll be good but please hurry, I feel something hard trying to get out of your pants.”

“Behave yourself for just a little bit. Do you remember your wedding night?”

“I remember the wedding and the reception. Brad drank a little too much and you were upset with him. I saw you take him aside and talk to him. You came over and handed me a drink, I threw the bouquet, Brad fell down after taking off my garter and you threw it for him. Then you took Brad up to our room and I followed you. You had me sit in the lounge area while you helped Brad get undressed. The last thing I remember is you telling me to relax and drink up.”

“The next thing I can recall is waking up the next morning, I was naked in bed, next to Brad who was also naked and snoring. I had been so afraid of our wedding night since I was still a virgin, but I guess it was okay because I had dried cum and a little blood on the sheets, but I don’t remember any pain.”

“I knew the two of you had not been intimate, Brad told me you were a virgin and that even though he had been with a few girls, he was afraid of disappointing you or hurting you. I think that’s why he drank so much at the reception.”

“Brad was so drunk that I knew he wasn’t in any shape to perform. When I undressed him I helped him get into the other bed. Then I came out and you were so beautiful, I kissed you, not like a dad, like a lover.”

“I don’t remember that.”

“In a way, I wish you could. I don’t know if you thought I was Brad or what but you whispered ‘please help me out of this dress and take me to bed. I’m ready to be your woman’.”

“I helped you out of your wedding dress. You were practically naked under your dress and well, I just had to touch you. Before I knew what I was doing we were in bed and I was taking your virginity. You were wonderful, everything I had ever dreamed about.”

“I knew you and Brad planned on having a family, I knew you were not on any birth control, but my cock pumped so much cum into your cunt that night, I prayed that I made you pregnant. We spent most of the night fucking like rabbits. Just before dawn I put Brad in bed with you and I got dressed and left.”

“Dad, I should be mad at you, but I’m more excited now than I have ever been. Perhaps on some level I do remember that night in your arms and I thought about how different Brad made love after that. Do you think we can do it again?”

“Do what again, Baby?”

“Fuck like rabbits! I want you to put a baby in my belly.”

“You blush so cute when you talk sexy. I just have one more thing I have to do and then I plan on fucking you and teaching you many more ways to make love. I have to know if you have any doubts at all because once I make love to you again, I have no intention güvenilir casino on ever stopping. Brad is my son and has always been your friend and things could get a little messy.”

“I have no doubts, Dad. I want you to be the father of all my babies. I know it will be awkward between Brad and I at first, but we are friends and I would like that to continue if it’s at all possible.”

“Alright Baby, I need you to take off your panties and pee for me. Why are you blushing now?”

“I took my panties off in the truck at the pharmacy. When you pulled me close to comfort me when I was crying, I felt your cock get very hard and I planned on being prepared if I got the chance again.”

I made my way to the bathroom and Dad followed me. I grinned over my shoulder at him as I lifted my dress over my head.

Dad growled, “just you wait young woman. Now sit down and start to pee.”

Dad was holding two strips of white and as I spread my legs and started to pee, he passed those two strips through my stream of urine.

“Now, we have to wait five minutes.”

“Oh no you don’t, I can’t wait anymore. My cunt is on fire and you have to do something about it.” I threw my arms around his neck and started kissing him.

“Baby.” Dad moaned as he picked me up off the toilet and carried me to my bed.

He started kissing me on the cheek, my neck, just below my ear and then the top of my breast as his hands were frantically trying to unhook my bra.

“This will be the last time I have to struggle to get a bra off of you woman! I plan on keeping you naked, bare foot and very pregnant from now on. I want at least six children with you as their mom.”

I giggled until he grabbed my breast and gently rolled my nipples between his fingers. I reached down and started undoing his pants. As I pulled down the zipper his cock popped out. I wrapped my hand around it firmly. His cock was so hard but the skin was soft and there were drops of pre-cum forming on the very tip.

Dad was pulling off his clothes and as I grabbed his cock he sucked in a deep breath. “Careful Baby, I don’t want to waste one drop of my cum. I want to put a baby in your belly today – the first time we’re together again.”

My cunt was dripping wet and I felt it running down between the cheeks of my ass.

“Baby, I can’t wait another second,” and Dad plunged his cock all the way in until our pubic bones met.

My cunt greedily sucked him in and he slowly started to pull it out. I yelled, “don’t stop, please fuck me hard, please Dad, fuck me hard and fast. Dad, I’m going to CUM!”

“Cum Baby, cum for me and then I’m going to fill your cunt with lots of my sperm and start them swimming through your womb to start our first baby,” Dad screamed.

He plunged in hard and deep and I could feel his cum squirting against my cervix. I came so hard my body was shaking. I had never had an orgasm so intense or so wonderful. It was so beautiful that I started to cry.

“Did I hurt you? Honey, I’m so sorry. Next time I will take it slower.”

“No you don’t, you didn’t hurt me, it was just so marvelous, I will always remember how we started our first little angel.”

“Dad, should I stop calling you ‘Dad’ now and start calling you David?”

“No darling, I love it when you call me Dad. I especially love it when you’re screaming out for me to fuck you,” he grinned.

Dad rolled over so I was on top while his cock remained in me. His cock was not softening, it was still hard and some of his cum and mine was oozing out around where his cock was rammed into my cunt.

“I thought you over-the-hill guys took a little longer to rise again to the occasion,” I giggled.

He swatted my ass and said, “enough talk about our age difference, young woman. I’ll just have to show you what the father of your children can do.”

He grabbed my hips and started lifting my ass up and down on his cock. I couldn’t believe how strong and special his cock felt as it filled my cunt.

“God, Dad, you feel so good in my cunt. It’s like your cock was made for me. I don’t ever want you to stop fucking me.”

After Dad filled my cunt for a second time, we were both wet from sweat and cum juices. He picked me up and carried me to the shower. As he adjusted the water temperature, he glanced over at the sink and started yelling and laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“We did it, Baby! The first test I ran from your pee shows that Brad did not make you pregnant. The second strip shows you are ovulating. I bet we just made our first baby.”

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