Best-Friend Cuckold

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This is story is mostly about the pleasures of a beautiful young women and the discovery of her new intimate desires to have men submit to her. Her name is Riley and she is the definition of the perfect combination of sexy and cute. She was only 18 when this story took place, had stylish short dark hair, big gorgeous blue eyes, sensual lips, amazing large D-cup breast, sexy hips, a perfect round butt, great legs and all this with a sweet young innocent face. Although she was anything but innocent…

Her best friend was Tyler, her most recent ex-boyfriend. They dated seriously for nearly two years and was each others most serious relationship. They found that they loved each other but didn’t share many interests which just created too much stress for both of them. Tyler was a very handsome guy, a few years older at 22, about average height, short blonde hair, dark brown eyes, maintained a very nice athletic physique, a nice butt that she loved to grab and very thick 8inch penis. They were very adventurous in the bed room and loved to push each others’ kinky limits. The both of them would regularly enjoy tremendous sex together which could last all day and night. After they broke up Tyler desperately missed the incredible sex and also still maintained some romantic feelings for her which he attempted to keep hidden. Not very successfully as Riley knew him too well and saw past the act. She had similar feelings for him as well but she knew they weren’t compatible in the long term so she didn’t want to complicate things and was set on maintaining a normal friendship.

Riley was a very sexual being even though some times she would attempt to deny it. After just few casual dates, flings and one nighters with others she met a very attractive man that sparked her interest. His name was Tom, he had just turned 21, had wealth from his parents, was very tall, dirty blonde with blue eyes and had a nice strong masculine build. It wouldn’t be long till she surrender into temptation. Around the the third date he went over to her place to drink a few cocktails and just “hang out”. She had dressed up in a sexy little dress as she planned on giving him a good tease but this would be night she wouldn’t be able to control herself. By the time they were finished with their fourth drink Tom couldn’t resist himself and was all over her. He was saying and trying every move he could think of to have her but she loved to tell men no and make them struggle. After about an hour of making out in her bed and his hands attempting to go places only to be pushed away, when he finally made his way up her dress he found himself a very nice soaking wet reward. She got a big smile and knew it was time for a new game to begin.

Even though she knew had complete control over him she was mentally so turned on by his large masculine size. She had decided that she wanted to be submissive for him and give him a night he would never forget. He saw her big smile and quickly removed her now very damp sexy little black thong. He aggressively went back to kissing her and began to work his fingers deep inside her. It felt so good she couldn’t help but to moan into his lips. As she continued to moan he slowly worked his way down her neck, to her breast that he was infatuated with, then he finally made his mouth down between her legs. She was so wet and tasted so sweet. She was ready and wanted more, she pulled his head up to her mouth for a kiss and began to undress him. She already had her dress off by the time he was pulling off his pants off. She was ecstatic to find he had as nice of a penis as her ex-lover Tyler, in fact the second he had his boxers down she put him on his back and took him into her mouth. She started off slowly working his shaft with her mouth till she forced his dick down her throat. She gently took turns sucking his balls then deep throating his cock. She felt him place his hand on the back of her head and began thrusting into her mouth, she didn’t mind at all as she loved to be fucked in her mouth. After she had enough though she climbed on top of him, gave him a deep kiss bahis firmaları and lined herself up to ride him.

She slowly slid her way down his big dick into her eager wet hole. His hands explored her amazing body as she gave him the ride of his life. He got more aggressive and started to roughly fuck back into her and spank her ass. She collapsed on top of him to suck on his neck then whisper in his ear “please fuck me hard’. He didn’t hesitate and flipped her onto her back with him still inside her. He moved her legs over his broad shoulders and immediately started to fuck her deep and hard. She could barely breathe it felt so good, she even grabbed his ass to pull him into fuck her even harder. He couldn’t control himself for long and soon exploded all over her, mostly landing over her breast. When he asked if she wanted a towel she told him no and that she wanted his cum to dry on her as she slept. They fucked several more times through out the night and at point he had her screaming to be fucked harder while she was on all fours with his dick deep in her tight ass. When he came he didn’t pull out and came deep inside her ass which she had no objections to.

Eventually they both passed out from exhaustion. When she finally woke up she noticed Tom was still sound asleep and wanted to thank him for a great night of fun. She pulled the covers away and started to suck his dick till he woke up. She didn’t stop till he finally exploded in her mouth. She looked back up at him and smiled before swallowing his load. When he finally attempted to get dressed to leave for work she stopped him and told him that she was on the pill and there had only been one place he hasn’t cum inside of yet. He was more than up to the challenge and fucked her long and hard before cumming deep inside of her. He quickly had to leave to get home to get ready for work. Her body was spent and stayed in bed naked, filled and covered in his cum. She woke a few hours later with a text from Tyler saying he was on his way over to pick her up for their brunch plans that she had forgot about. Before she had time to think about getting ready it was too late and he was knocking at her door.

She wasn’t too worried to let Tyler see the state she was in as she was quite confidante that he would worship her body no matter what it was covered in if she asked him to. She threw on just a bath robe and let him inside. He came straight from the gym after finishing a tough work out. He had a little bit of sweat on him and he wore a sleeveless shirt in an attempt to impress and seduce her. It kinda worked as she looked him up and down and thought to herself he was looking pretty sexy. The moment quickly faded when he saw her got close to her and could immediately smell sex all over her. He was hit quickly with mixed emotions from disappointment, jealously and even arousal. He had told her before while they were dating that he had often fantasized about her sleeping with other men and she was curious to see his reaction now in person with her obviously just finishing a long night and morning of intense sex. She could see the mixed emotions on his face but tent starting to rise in his shorts clearly gave away he liked what he saw. He confusedly asked if anyone was their. She laughed and said no not right now, she then apologized for forgetting about their plans. He said it was okay, it looks like you had a pretty rough night and let out a little laugh. She quickly added a good rough morning as well which he just shook his head as they both had a laugh.

She could see him start to turn red and his dick grow even harder in his shorts. This really started to turn her on as she thought how nice it was that someone thought she was so sexy even after being obviously roughly fucked by another man. She got a grin just thinking about the power and control she must have over Tyler. She loved the thought of being completely worshipped. Riley without initially saying anything made her way back to her bedroom she then shouted for him to come join her. He was puzzled and a little worried but did what he was told. kaçak iddaa When he entered the room she was sitting in her bed with her laptop. He asked her what she was doing and she responded by asking “aren’t you curious what he looks like?”. He laughed and said “your crazy but sure why not”. He sat down next her on the bed while she brought up his facebook page. He couldn’t deny it, he was a pretty attractive big guy which made him a little more jealous and a little more turned on.

She then started to give him the play by play of what happened last night and told him what an excellent lover he was. It was obvious that Tyler was enjoying the story and Riley really started to get into bragging about her great night. She teased him some about how she knew he would be jerking off to her story later. He didn’t bother to deny it cause they both knew she was right. She started get really horny telling him the dirty details. She started to think about how wonderful and naughty it would be if she could get Tyler to submit to her after having sex with another man. She gave herself to a big strong man just a few hours ago but now she wanted to make Tyler her little bitch. Have him follow her orders, for her amusement and pleasure. She wanted the best of both worlds for her dark desires. She knew looking at him that is exactly what she could have. She decided it was time to turn his hyper-sexual personality against him. She wanted to keep him as best friend but also transform him into her pet for her dominate sexual satisfaction needs. Should would have both and it seemed like the perfect time to make it happen.

Without saying a word she leaned in and gave him a deep passionate kiss. She pulled back and smile ask him if he liked the taste of Tom’s cum. She smiled and let him know that she had sucked his dick and swallowed his cum earlier that morning. She knew he was bi-curious and wouldn’t freak out plus more importantly she knew she had him completely under her spell. He just nodded his head and said yes then thanked her for kissing him. She laughed how pathetic it sounded but loved it. She went back to kissing for a while till she had enough from him. Then she directed him to get off the bed and undress so should could enjoy looking at him. His dick was hard as a rock which she teased him for enjoying this so much. She got wetter every time she called him name in an effort to degrade and humiliate him. All of this only made him harder and more desperate to want to please and worship her. It didn’t take long an without much of a fight but Riley knew that Tyler was now her little bitch.

She decided to take it further and unwrapped herself from her robe revealing her stunning naked body that was cover in Tom’s dry cum. Tyler wanted to leap on top of her then but she stood up and instructed him to drop to his knees and kiss her cute little feet. He did without hesitation. She smacked his ass hard and told him that he forgot to thank her for the opportunity to kiss her feet. He quickly corrected himself, thanked her and went back to following orders. She then told him to beg her to be allowed be her bitch. He did so with great enthusiasm, promising to do anything she asked of him. This gave her a huge smile and informed him that she would demand total devotion and that him being allowed to serve her would be his only reward for submitting to her. He agreed and told her that he was her little bitch and would do anything for her.

She crawled on to the bed shaking ass in front of his face to tease him. She then laid down on her stomach and said she was really sore from all the rough sex with Tom and needed a long back massage. He was a quick learner and crawled over kissed her back and thanked her for letting her massage before he began. He was very good with his hands and enjoyed this for quite some time. When she was ready she rolled gave him a kiss and said had so much dry cum all over that needed to be cleaned up. He assumed she wanted him to shower her but she corrected him by saying “No, your my bitch and your going to clean all of Tom’s manly cum off kaçak bahis of me with your tongue”. Before he even thought about protesting she added “you know want to taste a real mans cum, especially one that fucked me so good”. At that point he nodded his head and told her thank you for allowing him to lick her mans cum from her body.

He was obsessed with her body, she was so sexy to him. He didn’t particularly care the the taste of cum but didn’t mind it. He did love how submissive it made him feel to do this for her, he really enjoyed her having this power of him. It took him longer than he thought as there was so much dry cum that was difficult to get off but neither of them minded. She loved the power and feeling of being worshipped and he loved to do it for her. She was so horny now but she was way too sore for sex. She then remember that Tom had just came inside not to long ago. She brought Tyler’s head up for another kiss and told him that Tom had made her pussy very sore and came inside her earlier this morning. She pointed him down to the tasty treat between her legs.

He loved to eat her out so much, loved the taste of her and everything else about it. Now though he would be eating another man’s cum from her and he loved it. She retold her stories with Tom and how she was thinking of him and how she wanted him to think of Tom having his way with her while he genteelly ate her out. He could clearly taste Tom’s cum inside her which made him work even harder to pleasure her and clean her at the same time. She even brought pictures up on her phone to look at Tom and show to Tyler as he eat her out. She asked him if he would like to suck Tom’s dick and let him cum in his mouth after he fucked her. He told her yes that he would like that, she laughed and called him a good slutty little bitch, that made him really happy. Riley loved to be eaten out so this lasted for well over an hour with zero complaints from Tyler. She eventually had him lay on his back so she could sit on his to get any last drops of cum he might have missed. Tyler loved this the most, it made it easier to eat her out, he also just loved to have such a beautiful women sitting on his face and she allowed him to grab around sexy body. She even moved her hips up so he could eat her ass while she retold him how amazing it was when Tom fucked her in the ass really hard. His dick was rock hard the entire time and looked like he was ready to explode any second.

She told turned around on his face so she could grab his dick and jerk him off while he continued to eat her ass and pussy. His face was covered in hers and Tom’s juices. She it didn’t take much but she would keep building him up then stopping to drive him crazy. It made him want to go mad but he kept telling him self that he needed to obey her and right now he was her toy for her amusement. Eventually she let him cum into her. After he came though she kept stroking him very hard till he couldn’t take it anymore. She really enjoyed torturing him after he had orgasmed. She eventually hopped off his face and said “good little bitch clean after themselves now be a good bitch and lick all of your cum out of my hand”. There was a lot but he did exactly what he was told and thanked her. She gave him a good hard smack across his face when he was done and just laughed. After all the extra friendly fun she was exhausted and wanted to take a nap. She handed him her wet panties she had on with Tom last night and told Tyler to put them on and clean her room while she slept. He said thank you and went to work. When he was finished he crawled into bed with her to snuggle till she woke up.

When they woke they both had a huge smile on their face from what a great time they had. They agreed that they both had enough for the day though and decided to go have a late lunch. They didn’t talk much about it the rest of the day and just hanged out like normal good friends just as Riley wanted in the beginning. They remained very close friends and where always there for each other but they also found out that they both could have some extra fun stuff sometimes that most other good friends couldn’t share with each other. It would be considered very strange to most but it worked very well for them. Stay tuned for more adventurous stories from this very odd friendship…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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