Beltane Pt. 02

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Hello! If you’re just tuning in, Beltane is a story that crosses into many different fetishes and dynamics. Two staples you can expect pretty much throughout are gentle femdom and cumplay, but also included are cuckqueaning, piss, maledom, f on m cnc, breeding, and a smattering of more mild things like anal, deepthroat, facesitting, and fishnets. There are also some themes of occultism, ritual, and magic that are less overt and more true to life than fantasy. Beltane has been, and is, an exercise in incorporating and moving between these things rather than leaning on just one. If you’re looking for any of these things individually in abundance, this may not be your favorite story. But if you’re on board for some twists, turns, bodily fluids, and a pagan fucktacular bacchanal across a variety of kinks, well…




“I want to show you something,” Gemma said, looking directly into my eyes.

She hopped onto the couch and gave a ‘come hither’ gesture. I followed and sat down between her legs. She put them together and took her panties off, starting at her ass, until just her asshole was visible.

“Isn’t it nice?” She asked.

I nodded, one of my idle hands straying to my cock. It was an amazing, tight-looking balloon knot. She pulled her panties away slowly, revealing her soaking pussy. A thick strand of her natural lubricant clung to her panties as she pulled them away. She was shaven around her lips and asshole, with a nice thick landing strip above her vagina. Her outer labia were beautifully plump, and her inner labia were long enough to stick out from inside some. I could smell the sweetness of it. It was a pussy begging to be eaten.

“You want to eat it?”

I nodded. I wasn’t sure what it was, but at this moment I felt completely subservient to this woman. She was such a goddess, and I was completely in the thrall of my own libido. If she ordered, I would do as she said. But I could see there might be opportunity for those roles to be reversed as well. She had me, hook line and sinker. For now. I opened my mouth and was about to dive in for a taste of her sweet honey when she grabbed me by the hair and held me at length. I reached with my tongue, just trying to taste it. I could see a drip of grool meandering south to her ass, covering her puckered hole. All the while I was rubbing the head of my cock, still wet with her saliva, and trying not to cum.

“Aw, poor baby. You’re too cute.” I was reaching out with my tongue, trying to get a taste. I just wanted to lap up her fluid, to fuck her with my tongue. “But I want you to wait just a little longer.”

Holding me at length by my hair, she stood up until I was level with her pussy. A long, thick strand of grool dripped from her pussy, right onto my waiting cock. I rubbed it in, the fresh lubricant bringing me again to the edge of orgasm, and heard myself moan. Now up to this point I normally I didn’t make much noise during sex, but… well, what can I say? I was overcome. I looked up and made eye contact with her, still stretching my tongue to steal a taste of her glistening slit.

“You’re lovely right now, did you know that? I’m going to be so good to you. I just need you to be a good boy for me. Can you do that?”

I wasn’t sure what to do. I wasn’t sure how to be a good boy, but I figured just doing as she said would be enough. I nodded assent. Her expression changed from a coy grin to a stern, paternal look. Out of nowhere, her free hand flew into my view and she slapped me across the face.

My cheek seared. My cock throbbed.

“I want at least a ‘yes, ma’am’ out of you when you address me, do you understand? At least.”

I understood one part of it. But what did she mean by ‘at least’? What was better than ma’am? Mistress? Goddess? Something else? I wouldn’t have minded any of the above.

“Yes ma’am,” I said, nodding again. I stuck my tongue back out.

“That’s my good boy,” she said, her coy smile returning. There was a wild look in her eye that put the fear of god in me and made my cock tingle all at the same time. “Now.”

She pushed my head back, walking forward as I did, until she was holding me up by my hair, always maintaining the same tantalizing distance between my tongue and her sweet pussy. She pushed me back further, lowering me to the ground, and lowering her box with me until I felt myself come to a rest on the ground. She was kneeling over me, her pussy and asshole so close I could feel their warmth. She turned her head and looked behind her.

“Are you rubbing your cock for me, sweet boy?”

I nodded. “Yes ma’am. I can’t help it.”

“That’s a good boy. I want you to stay ready to cum for me, do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied. I edged myself again, letting go of my dick for a moment to let the wave of pressure pass before tentatively touching it again.

“Now I want you to do one thing for me before I let you have a taste, okay? I want you to watch me come. Can you wait until I’m done coming?”

“Yes, bahis firmaları ma’am,” I replied again. Already she had me trained. I just wanted to be good for her. Something told me that if I submitted to her entirely, she would make sure I was taken care of.

“Good boy. Now I’m going to let go of your hair, but I don’t want you to touch my pussy until I’m done. If you do, you’re going to regret it. Do you understand that?”

“Yes ma’am,” I said dutifully, “I just want to be good for you.”

She smiled down at me. “That’s just perfect. You know I’ll reward you if you do as I tell you, don’t you?”

Yes, Mommy.

I blushed. I wasn’t sure where the thought had come from, but I had almost reflexively called this girl, who I had just hours ago met at a bar, ‘mommy’. I had heard of female subs calling their male doms ‘daddy’, but had never considered that it could work the other way. It felt so dirty, so fucked up. But in the moment it was exactly the word that felt right. I just wanted to please her, not out of fear that she would hurt me, but because I wanted to submit to her. Because I liked her. What if I had just said it? Would she have liked it? Did that kind of thing fly in femdom? I had always thought femdom was all about stepping on guys’ balls and humiliating them. I realized I had been sitting still without answering for a moment.

“Yes. Uh, yes, ma’am.” I could feel my face was completely flushed.

She smiled. I could tell she knew something was up. “That’s my good boy.” The addition of the word my made my prick jump. I wanted her to own me.

She turned around, giving me a view of her immaculately-formed, thick ass that I had been dreaming of since the first time I noticed it. She didn’t have a bubble butt per se, it was more heart shaped, with those lovely indentations on the outside of each cheek that signify a well and truly fat ass. Her thighs matched, soft and thicker than cold peanut butter. She reached her hand back and stroked herself. First she traced a ring around her asshole, which puckered at the stimulation. Then, beginning at her opening, she ran her delicate finger up the length of her dewy, open pussy. I rubbed the head of my cock and grabbed at my balls, unable to not touch myself with her presenting herself for me to watch.

“Mm,” she moaned, “I love watching you touch yourself while thinking about me.”

Her fingers now wet with grool, which was slowly beginning to drip down her legs, she gingerly circled her clit, peeling back the hood to show me her perfect, pink pearl. She continued rubbing it for a moment, and I could see her pressing harder against herself as she did. Her other hand snuck around the back and tenderly touched her asshole again, which winked. Then she reached a little further, touching her lips with her fore and middle fingers and spread herself wide open. Her fingers were between her labia, and I got a front-row view of her delicate inner lips, which stuck out some, her urethra, and her gushing opening. The origin of the world. I gasped quietly.

“You’re doing so good, big boy. Don’t worry, you’ll get some very soon,” she cooed.

She pressed harder against her clit and began rubbing it faster, letting out a stifled moan as she did. Her luscious lips were still spread wide open, and grool was beginning to run down her fingers. I had never in all my life, not in person or in porn, encountered a woman this wet before. As she rubbed herself, I could see strands percolating from inside her. She moaned louder, and I began stroking my entire shaft, masturbating with the generous drop of lube she had unknowingly given me moments earlier. And then I watched as a thick, clear dollop of her juice slid down from her hole to her hood. She felt it touch her fingers and stopped rubbing for a moment, taking her hand away. It was collecting on the hanging bulb of her clit, which had grown a little with her arousal and was sticking out from under her hood, directly above my open mouth.

Oh my god, I thought. I let out a quiet, anticipatory moan as the clear, silky marble of her desires made material began to drip, forming an elegant teardrop. I opened my mouth widely and stuck my tongue out as far as I could. There was no way I was going to miss catching this drip of her grool in my mouth. It fell sluggishly, viscous and gooey, until the strand holding it to her suddenly elongated and it fell directly onto my tongue. I was finally tasting her pussy. I involuntarily moaned again, stroking my cock feverishly. She was in my mouth, she was around my cock. She was all over me and I had barely even touched her. She tasted sweeter than honey, sweeter than candy, with just a hint of the tanginess of her pussy lingering in my mouth. I pulled the drop in to swallow it and the string of grool stretched, staying attached to her open lips and my mouth as I savored her. I looked down and realized she was watching me between her legs.

“Oh, that’s such a good boy. Did you like my little treat for you?”

Yes, Mommy, I loved it. I blushed kaçak iddaa again, hard. I could feel the heat in my ears.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied sheepishly, “I loved it.”

“Good. Very good. You’re such a good boy for me. Now keep watching, I still have something to show you.”

She wasn’t kidding. She shifted the hand that was holding her pussy open so that her fore and ring fingers were parting her lips, leaving her middle finger free. She reached up for her clit and rubbed a circle around it. Then her finger glided down between her lips to her open hole, which was obviously still leaking profusely. She pressed the pad of her finger against it, not entering it, but pressing into it ever so slightly. As she did so she caressed herself, rounding the entrance and then rubbing her finger against it back and forth, pressing as she did. I could see that her middle finger was now covered in her syrupy juices. Then it began to meander further back to her asshole, which was already somewhat wet from where she had dripped onto it. She began caressing it in the same way, going around it, and then pressing against it while rubbing her finger back and forth across it. It puckered and winked at me. She let out another deep sigh which became a moan. She was really enjoying herself.

Her free hand drifted back to her clit and began rubbing it slowly again. She moaned as she touched herself, her ass clenching and then releasing as she exhaled. She pushed the top knuckle of her finger into her waiting asshole, then the second, and began pumping it in and out slowly.

“Ohhhh my goddd.” She almost sang it in the way women do when they get carried away in the throes of pleasure. The strand of her grool was still connecting my mouth to her pussy, jiggling as she jostled her hand. “Are you ready, my sweet boy?”

“Yes, ma’am. Yes, please, I want to see you cum,” I begged. “Please, just let me watch.”

Her finger dove further into her ass until it was buried completely. She pulled it out and drove it home again. Over and over, harder and harder, she was fucking her ass with her finger. I could see her hole pulsing, clenching harder each time.

“Fuck. I’m going to come.” She suddenly bent over and spit onto the tip of my cock. “Rub that in. That’s a good boy. Do not cum. I want to watch you edge yourself. You’re going to wait for me. Yes, good. That’s my good boy. Yes, be good for me. Ahh-“

She let out a loud, melodious moan. Another drip of her grool fell from her hand onto my face. I was certain I was going to cum. There was nothing I could do to hold it back. But I had to stop it. I took my hands off my cock and buried them under my back, clenching my pelvic floor as hard as I could, trying to stop it. She moaned even louder.

“Oh my FUCK. Yes, fuck, I’m coming, mmm-“

I could feel myself throbbing. I felt a single drip of cum fall onto my stomach. She must have seen it because she completely lost it. Her ass was clenching and unclenching like I had never seen around the base of her finger and a steady strand of her grool was falling onto my face.

“Good boy! Oh my god, you’re such a good boy, FUCK!”

Suddenly her pussy raced toward me. With a plop she slammed her ass against me. I have never in my life resisted the pull of orgasm harder than in that moment. She was so soft. I could feel her skin all around me, taste her wetness on my lips. My nose was buried in her ass. Not wasting a good opportunity, I shoved my tongue up and into her pussy, pushing it in and out. She moaned more. I felt her hands grab my cock around the base and squeeze tightly. I tried to cry out but was completely muffled by her incredible ass and thighs. I held on for dear life, withdrawing my tongue from inside her and snaking it down to work her clit. She was letting out a chorus of moans. I felt her fingers brush my stomach and she continued gripping my cock with one hand. Little did I know, she was scooping up my cum and sucking it off her fingers. And it’s a good thing I didn’t, because I probably would have spontaneously ejaculated.

I was in ecstasy. I wanted to live in this warm, soft, wet place forever, making her cum over and over again. I thrust my tongue back inside her, trying to fuck her with it as best as I could. Her taste was everywhere, I was in heaven. Then I realized I was suffocating. I began to struggle. She knew exactly what was happening and grabbed my arms by the wrists and held me down, grinding her pussy into my face.

“What’s the matter big boy, don’t you want your reward?” She giggled, grinding her clit across my tongue. Then she let up suddenly. I gasped for air.

“Oh my fucking god,” I said. “I want more.”

She laughed. “Oh my goodness, you are just so good, aren’t you? I don’t know if I’ve ever dommed a more subservient-“

I interrupted her, pushing my face back into her ass and lapping at her clit again. She gasped and moaned. I worked my way north, sucking on her labia for a moment before tonguing her opening. Then I licked over the top of it and continued up to kaçak bahis her ass, licking greedily at her asshole. She seemed to lose her composure, falling forward onto her elbows and letting out a loud moan. Every part of her was delicious. I licked back and forth across her asshole, which was just slightly open from the work-over she had given herself. Then I circled it, narrowing in on the void in the center until I couldn’t take it anymore. I shoved my tongue inside her ass as deep as I could get it. She was obviously very clean and tasted like nothing.

I pulled my tongue out, admiring the small gape of her needy asshole. Then I licked her bottom to top, beginning at her clit, running my tongue over her opening, and ending back at her ass.

“Mmmmm…” She groaned. “You’re such a good boy for me.”

“Thabk hue moghmmy,” I said, my tongue completely occupied.

Oh fuck, did I just call her Mommy out loud?

She whirled around and looked back at me. “What was that?” She asked, her tone suddenly shifting to incredulity.

I pushed my tongue back into her ass and she moaned loudly again, pressing her face into the carpet. Close call, I thought. I kept it up for a minute, cycling back and forth between her beautiful pearl of a clit, her honeysweet pussy, and her lovely asshole, unsure which was the most fun to taste and please. My face was completely wet with her fluid and my spit. She watched me as I stroked my cock, occasionally sucking my head and running her tongue over it just to hear my muffled moans. I would have been satisfied to carry on like that all night, but it seems she had other plans for me. Eventually she rose off of me suddenly and stood over me again. She put her foot at the base of my cock. Not hard, like she was touching me the same way she would with her hand.

“Fuck,” she said. “Look at you. You’re so fucking cute right now.”

I laughed aloud. I didn’t think I was bad-looking by any means, but I hadn’t ever been called cute, and especially not after being facefucked by a woman who I was still convinced was completely out of my league.

“Don’t laugh at me.” She was stern. She got back onto her knees and dropped her pussy onto my mouth, looking straight into my eyes as she gently rubbed her clit back and forth across my tongue. “If I say you’re cute, you don’t fucking question me. You just say…”

I was preoccupied being facefucked and unprepared to answer that question.

“I sbay yesh mam?” I mumbled through her muff.

“What do you do when someone gives you something nice?”

“Ygou shay thamk youb,” I uttered, completely lost to the world.

She began scooting back, laying her tits on my chest and looking right into my eyes. I could tell the tip of my cock was less than an inch from her pussy. She kissed me thoroughly, her tongue wandering as she bit my lip.

“You taste so fucking good. GOD I just want to eat you up.” She had a wild look in her eye. “And what do you say when I give you something nice?” I felt her hand grip my cock firmly. She meant business.

“I say…”

“Say it,” She said, her eyes staring deep into mine. She tugged at my cock, sliding her hand over the head. I couldn’t take it. I grabbed her ample ass with both hands, trying to stabilize myself. My eyes were rolling back. “Say it for me, you sweet baby.” Her voice was suddenly so soft and caring. It was almost…

“Say it for me.”


I looked back into her eyes. “Thank you, Mommy,” I pleaded.

A wide grin spread over her face. She bit her lip. “Now cum.”

As she said it, she took my dick in both her hands and stroked it with a wringing motion, twisting each hand – one on the head and one at the base – in opposite directions while jacking me off. Her hands glided over me, tugging at my skin and dragging across my head. The accumulation of pussy juice and spit had lubricated it nicely. There was nothing on earth that could have stopped me cumming in that moment. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. It welled up from deep inside me, wracking me with a euphoria so intense that I couldn’t help but moan loudly and unabashedly. I one after the other, I shot ropes of hot, thick cum, spraying Gemma’s pussy and asshole. I gripped her ass tightly, pulling it apart as I glazed her sweet holes in jizz.

“Fuuhh- Fuuuck, MooOOmmy!” I shouted. “Mommy please, oh my god.”

“That’s it,” she purred. “Come all over my fucking pussy and ass. Gooood boyyy. You’re such a good boy for waiting for Mommy to tell you to come. This is what you get for being such a good boy for me.”

She continued working my cock in that mind-blowing way she had. It was the most stimulating hand job I had ever received. And all the build-up, starting with the lack of sex, the extended foreplay, the edging, and of course pushing through the wall of calling this near-perfect stranger Mommy, I just… I came every ounce of cum in my body. It seemed to last forever, her preening me as I throbbed, my rock-hard cock pumping, splattering her immaculate cunt and ass with the entire contents of my pent-up balls. At one point I felt like I was going to black out. My hands and feet became numb and my vision faded to television static as the massive wave of it rolled over me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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