Belonging For The First Time

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I wanted a master…a man who could control me. I needed it, still do. I want to be cared for, but taken.

My first master came into my life when I was younger. I don’t think he realized that he was my master at first. I had known and admired him for quite sometime before anything came of it. Then one day we were sitting around with a group of friends, and he kind of accidentally opened a door for me to be in his life.

We had all gathered and sat around for a couple of hours, smoking, drinking, when he happened to mention that he’d got a new apartment. Would any of us want to see the place? He wanted to have a house warming. No one really wanted to go, except me. I have no idea why I wanted to go that day. Somehow we found ourselves walking toward his new apartment and talking, just buddy stuff, about how our summer was, what we did. Then we reached the apartment and he opened the door with a flourish.

He gave me a guided tour. It was a neat studio style place, the basement of a three-story house, old knotty pine panel walls, fireplace, couch and a big rocking chair as well as a bed by the wall in the main room. It had a separate kitchen dining area and a huge shower. Then I sat at one end of the dark red leather couch while he went to get us some wine from the kitchen. I saw a book he had on the end table. Hmm, it was the Joy of Sex.

He was very nice looking, tall and lanky, longish wavy hair, beautiful eyes, with gold-rimmed glasses. I watched his walk as he left and as he brought the wine back in for us. He brought the bottle and two stemmed glasses and sat beside me on that very 1950s square looking couch. After he poured our wine, we sipped and talked more about mutual friends and what we wanted out of life. Something there caught my eye…it was a gold colored circular disk on the sofa table.

Just as I had my head turned to look at the disk, he reached across in front of me for the wine bottle and our eyes happened to meet. It was not like any other meeting of eyes I’d ever had. It felt like an audible click, as though a light switch had been turned on. We drew our heads together and kissed. His kiss was strong, and deep, and long and held authority.

In what seems like seconds now, (I don’t even remember us undressing) we were naked in bed together and I had my hand on his large, hard dick. As his hand was rubbing and smoothing my ass cheeks, I played with his dick with both hands. I then felt his hand sliding down my ass crack until his fingers were touching my asshole. Then I squirmed at his touch and felt his dick spilling pre-cum onto my fingers. I pulled my fingers up to lick it off and bursa escort he smiled and kissed me with my fingers still in my mouth. “Do you want this?” he asked against my mouth, while his finger pressed against my asshole. I could only nod.

He had a big jar of Vaseline under the bed in a drawer and pulled it out. “Turn over,” he ordered. I looked at the Vaseline, then at him, and silently turned onto my stomach. He slid nearer until he was laying partially on my back. He was leaning on one elbow with that arm under my neck and holding my farthest-from-him shoulder. The other hand went into the Vaseline and he pulled out a large glob on his middle finger. That hand went under the covers and his leg went between mine really quickly, forcing mine apart. The Vaseline was cold as it was spread on my asshole. He kissed my back and grazed his teeth along my shoulder then bit it. As he bit me, he squeezed my other shoulder hard, and the Vaseline covered finger plunged into me fast and hard. I cried out and came, a small strong burst.

He continued to hold me, pressing me down with his body, and pushing that finger farther, as far as it would go, inside me. As my cumming subsided, he eased back from pressing me so hard and let his finger rest inside me until I could get my breath back. After a moment, when I got somewhat used to his finger being there, he began to gently slide it out, pressing me back down to hold me still, as it retreated from my body. “Don’t speak,” he quietly said as I watched his fingers go back into the Vaseline jar. My eyes widened but I stayed silent and clenched the sheet with my hands. The knee of the leg between mine slid up and nudged my ass. “Loosen up, don’t tense,” he commanded as he again lay partially on my back.

I could see his arm move the covers as it dove back under to its new playground. “Be still,” were the words this time as the glob of Vaseline went in with the finger, again hard and deep. I held my body as still as I could, gasping with the sensations. This time he didn’t wait, the finger plunged and slammed in and out of me hard and fast pushing more Vaseline in each stroke. After what seemed to be a long time of fingering my hole, the one finger was partially in and was joined by another, both of them plunging hard and fast and deep. I accidentally cried out again, while coming more, and was bluntly told to shut up. Both fingers slid and danced in my asshole, twisting and turning, as I quietly cried with release and sensation.

My body was shaking with the feelings I was initiated to. But then it went farther. After pulling both fingers out of me, gently allowing my asshole to bursa escort bayan adjust as they slid, he then lay back off of my body and took his leg from between mine.

I thought the session was over but I was wrong. He then laid the cover back until our bodies were naked to the air and he kissed and rubbed my ass cheeks. He rubbed and massaged them for a few minutes until I was relaxed and enjoying the rest. Suddenly, a sharp pain flared in my ass cheeks. He was spanking me. He spanked me hard and fast. He would swat me a few times, then run his finger down my crack and into my asshole, where he’d push deep for a short second and withdraw. Then he’d swat me more. This went on for quite a while as I clawed the bed and silently sobbed and cried, wetting the bed with my cum.

Then, as suddenly as it began, it stopped. I lay there, bare and with my ass on fire, just resting from cumming so hard. I felt a movement from him and felt him let my shoulder go and remove his arm from under me. I thought he was getting up, maybe to use the bathroom, but then I felt his weight shift on the bed. He pushed both hands between my legs and shoved sideways, forcing my legs to open. Then he slid up, using his knees to push my legs out and open farther until he was sitting on his knees with my ass almost in his lap. He then grabbed the Vaseline jar and grabbed a couple of fingers full. These finger-fulls went on and in my asshole with another thrust of his fingers. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that another finger full was lathering his dick. His other hand then slid under me to check for my wetness. I was wet alright…about as much as I could have been, or at least that’s what I thought.

Finally, after minutes of lubing up and watching my asshole while he fingered it, he quickly pulled the finger out and then slid up my back, making sure his cock head went to and into my asshole. I cried out with combined pain and pleasure as he bit me again, his hand covered my mouth and his other hand went back around my shoulders in front of my neck as it had before. His hard dick kept pushing inside me, sliding out a little then pushing again harder and deeper each time. He let go of my mouth and slid that hand down between the bed and me to my nether regions, which he stroked. I was silently crying and convulsing with cumming at the same time. Suddenly he pulled back on my neck and said, “Sit back with me.” I pushed against the bed and as I did, he did also.

Soon we were both sitting up with my ass impaled on his long hard dick. He moved us around until we were on the edge of the bed where we moved and slid around until his legs were escort bursa over the side of the bed. Mine legs were still bent, laying up the outsides of his legs and hips. He then pulled my ass cheeks apart and lay down behind me at the same time, pushing his dick in my ass as far as it could possibly go. I moaned with the overwhelming feelings and he held my hips and kept pushing in a steady rhythm.

Then I happened to notice the jar of Vaseline was in reach and I slid my middle finger into the greasy jelly. As I did this, I wasn’t sure if I was going to use it on me or him but my finger just went past me and past his balls to his ass hole, swiped around it once and plunged in as far as I could get it. He breathed in quickly and I realized I’d surprised him. He then sat up and my finger came out but his dick was still inside me. I was waiting excitedly to see what would happen next. He held me down on his lap hard with one arm and grabbed my nipple with the other and twisted it. Then he whispered in my ear, “Sometime you might can do that to me, but tonight your ass is mine.”

With those words, he rolled us over and had me laying face down on the bed, my ass off the edge and him still in my ass. He quickly pulled his dick all the way out and after a quick dip of Vaseline, slammed it back into me as hard and fast as he could. I quietly cried out and got hushed with his finger in my mouth. I started sucking his finger like a baby. Then he started pumping his dick inside my asshole faster and faster, slamming against my ass each time. His balls were hitting against me. His hands came down and spread my ass cheeks apart so he could see what he was doing. After watching himself going into me so hard and so fast a few times, he started to cum. Hammering into me as hard as he could, holding my hips and pulling my ass apart with his thumbs, he strained and came inside my asshole, and kept cumming, and kept cumming. Finally, exhausted, he lay forward, onto my back. As he did this, his dick started creeping out of my asshole as it shrank. I moaned as it receded to just the head being in me, he reached under me and stroked me gently. I came with a minimum of convulsing. I had reached my point of exhaustion as well.

He put his hand to my asshole and gently guided the head of his dick out, letting it carefully fall into place in front of his balls. Wobbling, but satisfied, he stood up and smiled as he helped me to slide on over onto the bed. Just as satisfied, I smiled back as he slid in beside me and covered us both up. He held me tight in his arms and bit my shoulder hard and sucked on it leaving a huge hickey. “Now you’re mine,” he said. “We’ll work on making a permanent mark on you later.” I just cuddled closer, happily his, belonging for the first time in my life. We nestled in each other’s arms and slept soundly even though it was only 7:30 in the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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