Behind The Shed

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Chapter 1

“You’re sure about this?” I asked hesitantly, crouching next to my younger sister behind our shed in the backyard.

“Positive,” Bree said, fidgeting nervously next to me.

We were both eagerly watching and waiting. Our older sister, Marie, came around the corner just then, in her running outfit on the way back from her normal morning jog. She was a fitness buff, always had been. And her body showed it of course. She was the tallest of the three of us, with a very thin frame and long blonde hair. Her skin had a nice tan to it, from all the running she did. She was always outside it seemed, doing something to keep active.

“Here she comes,” Bree whispered.

We were hidden from view, but could easily watch as Marie rounded the corner of our yard and ran into the backyard. She slowed her pace and came to a halt at the back patio, catching her breath and then stretching her legs after her two mile trek. I couldn’t help but notice as she stretched that her body was really amazing. Even though she had a thin frame, she wasn’t exactly lanky. Her butt especially was really toned and nicely shaped, and even though her breasts were small they seemed to fit her body very nicely. Overall, she was a very sexy young woman.

After stretching for a bit, she seemed to glance around to make sure no one was looking. Thankfully, Bree had suggested this particular spot because it wasn’t very visible. There was a tree between us and the patio, and unless you were specifically looking past it, you wouldn’t notice the shed or anyone hiding behind it. Marie went around to the side of the patio that was actually a bit closer to us now, and for some reason she leaned up against the house there and just waited for a moment.

I still wasn’t sure what Bree had dragged me out here to see. She came to me the other day and said she wanted me to see something. She wouldn’t tell me what it was, but she said I had to see it to believe it. Bree and I were a bit closer than either of us were to Marie, being as she was the oldest. Not that any of us didn’t get along. Marie was two years older than me, and Bree and I were less than a year apart. I guess naturally we just seemed to have more in common. We had been in the same grade all through school even. Marie was the typical older sister, kind of bossy but also protective of us when we were younger.

“Don’t say or do anything when it happens,” Bree warned me.

“When what happens?” I asked.

“Sssshhh,” was her only response.

I moved closer so I could see better, and ended up rubbing my crotch right up against Bree’s shoulder. She didn’t say anything, and I didn’t think much of it because it wasn’t like I was going to get aroused and start poking her. I was just trying to get a better view of whatever she was here to show me.

Marie started to rub at her stomach, and for a moment I thought maybe she was sick. But as I watched in disbelief, she starting to pulled down her running shorts right there in the yard and revealed to us both that she wasn’t wearing anything beneath them. My mouth dropped open, but I kept quiet like Bree had said. What in the hell was Marie doing in our backyard out in the open?

“Just watch,” Bree whispered. “It gets better.”

Marie left her running shorts down around her knees, and even from this distance I could see that she shaved her pussy completely bare. I couldn’t believe she would be so brave out in the open like this. Was she an exhibitionist or something? I kept glancing around, nervous for her that someone would be able to see her. But in the spot she had picked, none of the windows of our house were within view. And because of our trees in the backyard, none of the neighbors would be able to spot her either. She had found a spot in our yard that was completely invisible to anyone not standing near there. I guess since our parents were at work this time of day, and my sister and I were typically in school too, she wasn’t worried about someone coming to catch her in this little sexual escapade of hers. But since Bree and I had already graduated this year, she either wasn’t accounting for our presence or she figured we wouldn’t be bothered to spy on her.

Somehow Bree had discovered what she was up to. I wondered how long this had been going on exactly. Marie closed her eyes and started rubbing at her pussy, taking her time and quite obviously enjoying herself. Once I got past the initial shock of it all, my fascination with the whole scene took over and I started to get aroused.

“Hey!” Bree hissed, nudging her shoulder against me. “Ew, Kevin. Gross!”

I had started to get hard in my shorts, and ended up poking her with my dick. I couldn’t back off of her without making too much sound though, and neither of us wanted to be caught.

“Sorry, but I can’t move now,” I said. I was only a little embarrassed, since Bree had caught me masturbating before. A couple of times actually.

“Just, try not to hump me ok?”

We both sat there like that, watching as our big sister bahis firmaları masturbated in the back yard in her own little private seclusion. Why didn’t she just do that in the house, in the bathroom or her bedroom? She must get off on being outside, or maybe the thrill of being caught was part of it. I’m sure that thrill didn’t include her siblings finding her like that. But it did make me wonder what other kinks she was into. I never thought of Marie even having sex. She rarely dated, and was usually so uptight about everything else that I just assumed she was a prude. I guess I was wrong.

I had to admit, it was odd that my erection was pressing up against Bree, and that she wasn’t freaked out by it. I couldn’t keep it from tensing up a few times, and I know she noticed it. But she didn’t say anything, we just watched as our sister quietly masturbated for a few minutes until she whimpered and thrust her hips forward a bit, slowing her fingers on her clit and dropping her head down in pleasure. She really seemed to enjoy her climax, and rubbed at her mound slowly and firmly for a bit more as the feeling washed over her.

Wow, that was really hot! And thinking about Bree watching her at least one other time was also arousing, though I wasn’t sure why. These were my sisters, after all. This kind of thing wasn’t exactly proper.

Marie pulled her running shorts back up and dashed off into the house, as if those few minutes of sexual pleasure never happened. After she was gone, Bree looked up at me with a mischievous smile.

“So, what did you think?” she asked.

“I can’t believe it!” I answered truthfully. “How often does she do this?”

Bree moved away from me a bit, finally withdrawing herself from my erection pressing against her. But she didn’t say or do anything to suggest she was grossed out by it anymore. I was still tenting quite obviously between us still, but she pretended she didn’t notice. At least, for the moment.

“She’s done it the last three days,” Bree said. “I caught her doing it last week, and I’ve been coming out here to watch ever since. I figured you’d wanna see it for yourself.”

“I can’t believe she does that,” I said. I absently squeezed at my boner beneath my shorts, forgetting for a moment that my own sister was standing next to me. My mind was still on the scene we had just watched.

Bree glanced down to see me do it, and then giggled. “A little too much to handle, huh? Perv.”

I blushed. “Hey, you’re the one who’s been spying on your own sister masturbating.”

She nodded. “Yeah, I don’t know why, but it’s really hot. I’m not into girls or anything, and especially not Miss Perfect, but it’s fun to know we have this on her, isn’t it?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, but if she ever found out we were watching her, she’d freak.”

“Oh, of course,” Bree agreed. “I’d never tell her. Or anyone besides you. I’d suggest you don’t tell anyone either, even your stupid friends.”

I was still squeezing my boner through my shorts, feeling way more aroused than I should’ve been considering how inappropriate this all was. Or maybe, that was why I was so aroused. Bree just stared at me as I did it, and I couldn’t look her in the eye. I wanted to move, but she was in my way.

“Are you…” she began. “You’re gonna go jerk off, aren’t you?”

I was so embarrassed, my erection should have been non-existent. But this whole situation was somehow really sexy, and I felt ashamed that my own sister was here to see it. Of course, was this any different than us spying on Marie playing with herself? The whole thing was really confusing, but apparently really hot.

“It’s ok…” She seemed to hesitate to say the words, like she knew it was normal to masturbate but since this was her own brother she was talking to, it seemed wrong to admit it. “I mean, we all do it, right?”

I finally looked at her, and she seemed just as nervous as I was. But there was something else too. Something…perverse in her eyes. Her jaw cocked to the side just a bit, and I could tell something naughty was bouncing around in her head. I knew that look of hers, but had never associated it with sex before.

“What?” I asked.

She let a smile creep across her mouth, but was quick to hide it. “Uh, nothing. Just…”

“Just what?” Shifting the focus onto her seemed to ease my nervousness, and embarrassment.

Bree fidgeted, standing only a few inches from her aroused brother with his dick tenting out in his shorts. Her manner when she got like this, playful and devious, drove me wild. I only secretly admitted to myself that I was attracted to Bree. She was shorter than me, with reddish blonde hair and the cutest freckles dotting her button nose. When her full lips would purse into that devilish smile, it just got to me I guess. And her eyes would say more about what she was thinking than any other part of her, even that cute mouth.

And, her body was nothing to scoff at. She was thin like Marie, but with just a bit more curves to her. Marie was kaçak iddaa like a stretched out version of her, with less ass and chest. Bree had a nice set of C cups, more than decent for her tiny frame, and her butt was perfectly round and taut.

“Are you?” she repeated.

I just eyed her, cautious yet not entirely put off by the thought of telling my hot younger sister that I was going to go upstairs to my room and pull on my wiener until white stuff came out.

“Maybe,” I said finally.

“Well, isn’t turnabout fair play?” she said, with that sexy little grin.

“You want to watch me,” I said, “because we watched Marie?”

She nodded, turning red but not averting her eyes from me. She waited, obviously teasing me. But for some reason, it made me want to show her up. And besides, she had seen my dick before.

“Fine, you little twerp.” I yanked my shorts down and let my cock spring free.

Her eyes widened, but she didn’t point and laugh or even get all embarrassed. Her smile faded and she just stared openly at my penis. I could tell that she was aroused by it, and that made it lurch.

“But you better give me a show too,” I said.

Bree looked up at me finally, and then glanced around. “I don’t know if I could do it here. I don’t…get off the same way Marie does. I have to be laying down.”

“Fine, but you owe me,” I said, and grabbed my dick firmly.

So there we both stood, both of us watching my dick as I jerked it. Bree was positively entranced by the sight, and I found myself sneaking glances of her while I beat off. It was sexy, there was no doubt, to be doing this while a cute girl watched. And the memory of seeing Marie touching herself was still vivid in my memory. Both of those images seemed to get me there much sooner than I anticipated. I slowed in my movements, not wanting to bust right away.

“What?” Bree said, her voice raspy. “Why did you stop?”

I grunted. “I…was about to cum.”

She looked up at me and shook her head. “Good, do it!”

I guess I was embarrassed about it, but it seemed silly considering. For some reason though, cumming in front of her seemed to add finality to this naughty act, and when it was all over we both might feel bad about it. The forbidden aspect of being brother and sister had spurred me on before, but now it hindered me from wanting to finish.

“Do you want to cum in my hands?” Bree asked.

I pictured jerking my big cock off into her little hands cupped and held out to catch my sperm. The mental picture was just too much, and I quickly beat myself off again. She took that as a yes, and held up her hands just as I pictured she would.

“Ugh!” I grunted, and felt my balls churn. I aimed my dick carefully, not wanting to shoot off all over her, and let it cum.

It didn’t happen exactly as I had pictured, with my dick calmly spouting gentle streams of semen into a nice neat little puddle in Bree’s palms. Instead, I exploded up her arm on the first shot, and the second tagged her t-shirt on the edge of her breast. The rest of my spewing was easier to maintain, but I fired off six or seven powerful spurts, and it felt better than anything I had ever felt before. Bree excitedly tried to keep from moving, even though I had painted her hands and arms. She just held them up, waiting for me to finish.

When I finally was, I lost all sense of embarrassment or shame. It was the opposite of what I had feared. Now that it was over, it felt good to be sharing this intimate part of myself with her. She smiled as she examined the mess I had made, and I squeezed my dick and sighed.

“Wow, you came a lot,” she said.

“Yeah, sorry. I tried to keep it all in your hands.”

“That’s ok, it was so hot!” She seemed enthralled with my cum all over her.

“You better go wash up,” I said, stuffing my still-hard penis back into my shorts.

She nodded. “Hey, um, how often do you do that?”

“Every day,” I answered truthfully. “Why?”

“Well…” She seemed to be hesitating to ask what she really wanted to. “That was really cool, is all.”

I could sense that she had been excited by this naughty little escapade. And maybe she would want to repeat it, I hoped.

“Want me to tell you when I do it again?” I ventured.

It could have been a risky question, if in fact she regretted all this. But my instincts hadn’t failed me. She nodded enthusiastically.

“Yeah, is that ok? I mean, you liked it, right?”

“It was awesome,” I assured her. “And you still owe me.”

She really lit up at hearing that. “That’s right! I do! I’ll give you a great show later tonight, ok?”

Later tonight, our parents would be home and we wouldn’t have much privacy. I couldn’t just be seen going into her room and locking the door, or vice versa. They, and Marie too, would be suspicious.

“I don’t know…” I was reluctant now, even though the thought made me stay hard in my shorts.

“Please!” Bree begged, like a little girl asking for candy. “We can wait until kaçak bahis everyone is asleep.”

“Ok, but we have to be careful.”

She clapped her hands. “Thanks, Kevin!”

She trotted off, still covered in my cum, and went to get the hose. I just stood there for a moment, wondering if we could really get away with this. Staring at her cute little body as she washed herself made me forget most of my fears. And, there was still the matter of Marie. Bree and I could keep coming out here to watch her, and maybe I could even get off at the same time. Watching Marie and being watched by Bree was really hot to think about.

I quickly went inside to my room, where I took a cold shower to keep from jerking off again.

Chapter 2

That night couldn’t come quick enough. Once everyone went to bed, I waited in my room until it was well after midnight. Then I tiptoed down the hallway to Bree’s room and quietly opened her door. Her light was off, and it looked like she was asleep. But when I approached, I could see her turn her head toward me.

“Kevin?” she whispered.

“Hey.” I closed the door behind me and approached her bed.

She sat up, looking excited even in the dark. “We have to be quiet, Marie will hear us through the wall.”

My sisters shared a wall between them, and it just so happened that their beds were parallel too. Bree was right, if there was squeaking or lots of groans, Marie might hear.

“So, what are we gonna do then?” I asked.

Marie thought for a moment, biting her finger nervously. “Um, I promised you a show, so I guess I’ll get naked.”

It was dark but not too dark to see as Bree took her camisole off and then slid her pajama pants down past her ankles. Without hesitation, she had stripped completely naked before me, and I could see everything. I guess that was the point. Her tits looked awesome, better than I imagined they would. Her pussy wasn’t bare like Marie’s had been, but it was neatly trimmed.

“What should I do?” she asked, seeing me eyeing her body up and down and not trying to hide anything from me. She apparently liked that I was so attracted to her.

“Should we…do it together?” I asked, realizing I hadn’t planned what to do before coming here.

“Sure.” She seemed fine with that, eager actually. “Come sit next to me then.”

I pulled my shorts off and joined her. We were both naked on her bed now, and even though it seemed a little weird, it was mostly just hot as hell. I was at full mast already, and Bree noticed. She eyed my dick, and her hand drifted down to her crotch.

“Go ahead,” she encouraged. “Just do whatever you want.”

I grabbed my dick and slowly started stroking it. It would have been better with the light on, but someone might notice. I had to settle for how it was right now, and even so it was hotter than anything I had ever seen online or in person.

Bree’s tits bounced just a bit as she began rubbing her clit in a more purposeful motion. She didn’t really start out slow like I was doing. She seemed to get right to business. Our legs were touching as we both laid there, eventually settling into our normal individual routines for this kind of thing and just doing what came natural. It felt really good to be this open with a girl, and to let her see this side of me. I had never ever masturbated in front of anyone, except for her earlier today. It was intimate in a strange way that seemed better because we were close siblings.

Bree climaxed very soon, long before I would even get close. She whined softly, and her hips came off the bed a bit. She humped into her hand and her eyes were closed tight as she rode it out. I kept stroking as I watched her, but it would be a good while longer before I was ready to blow. She relaxed and opened her eyes, sheepishly looking over at me but not missing a beat as she went right back to rubbing her cunt.

“That felt good,” she breathed.

“It looked like it,” I responded. “You cum quick.”

“I was really horny,” she admitted with a smile.

That seemed to get me off even more than the visuals of my cute sister masturbating. Knowing my cute sister got off on seeing me masturbate was really arousing. I jerked faster and gently rubbed under my balls as I did so.

“Where do you usually cum?” she asked me, more focused on me now than herself.

“On my stomach,” I said, huffing a bit. “Depends on where I’m doing it.”

“Where are all the places you’ve cum?” She was very interested now.

“On myself, a kleenex, trash bin, an old shirt, the toilet, the sink…” The list went on and on, but that seemed to be sufficient to satisfy her curiosity.

“Wow,” she said, and she put two fingers into her pussy just then. “I can only cum when I’m stretched out and totally relaxed.”

“You just need to practice,” I said, really getting into my jacking.

She noticed, and she started grunting a bit as she fingered herself more urgently. We were both getting there, and knowing that only fueled us both.

“I…do it a lot,” she said, starting to pant. “Almost every day.”

“Mmm…well, maybe…uuuhh…you should try it in different places.”

“Like where?” Her hips thrust upwards, like she was really close.

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