Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 13: Final

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“Wake up, Nancy. Rise and shine. Time to get up, sissy.”

I hadn’t heard the key turn in the door lock, and I hadn’t heard Ms. Jensen enter my room. I sat bolt upright, then remembered that I was wearing only the peach bra and panty set and I grabbed the sheet to cover myself.

“Don’t be so silly, Nancy. I’ve seen plenty more of you than that,” she laughed. Did you enjoy yesterday, Nancy?” Then without giving me a chance to answer she continued, “I think it is so cute that your Mistress has named you Nancy. It is such an old-school feminine name. It suits you just fine.”

“Thank you, Ms. Jensen,” I ventured, still trying to orient myself after the sudden wakeup, and more than a little embarrassed that I was sporting one of those morning erections which she would surely notice.

“Get going, sleepyhead. Up and off with your bra and panties. Ms. Panington wants you showered, shaved and ready for the day ASAP.”

I got out of bed, and then turned away from Ms. Jensen to pull off my panties, hoping that she wouldn’t notice my erection.

“I see it, Nancy. You don’t have to hide yourself on my account. Your little weenie is so cute. It still has the pink bow on it. I heard about that,” she teased. “I guess you’ll have to take that off as well. It will just get ruined in the shower.”

I followed her down the hallway to the bathroom where she opened the door to the glass surround shower stall. She spun me around so that I was facing her and she quickly removed the arousal monitor from my penis. “Here’s a razor and some shaving cream. Ms. Panington wants it all off, as close a shave as you can get, Nancy. Madam Christina said that you’d gotten a bit stubbly ‘down there,’ and we want it smooth. I’ll be right here if you have any trouble.”

The shaving cream was called Satin Care Pashionista Fruit, and it was a lady’s razor that I had been given. And the body wash and shampoo both had a lovely smell of lavender. By the time I was done, the feminine scents had me feeling quite girly.

I toweled off and Ms. Jensen supervised the monitor being refitted, then she took a spray bottle from the counter and gave me a few spritzes of a flowery mist and she handed me a blue “Secret” ladies deodorant.

“Let’s go get you dressed, Nancy,” and Ms. Jensen led the way back to my room. When we got there, Ms. Panington was there and rummaging through the clothes rack.

“Good morning, Ms. Jensen. Good morning, Nancy. I see that you are showered and shaved,” and she gave my bottom a playful pat. “I thought I’d come down and supervise your dressing myself. By the way, I looked at the arousal printout from last night after we left you for the night. Looked like you had taken a few strokes, then stopped. Very commendable.”

“Thank you, Ms. Panington. Yes, I wanted to masturbate; but I meant what I told Kelli, er, Mistress Kelli. I intend to keep my promises to her,” I replied.

“Very good, Nancy. I have laid out your lingerie for today on the bed. I want you in pink lace. We’re going to be using the triple D forms again. It seemed to me that you so enjoy having large breasts, Nancy.” And I blushed with the knowledge that she was, once again, quite right about me.


What I did not know then, and only found out after Mistress Kelli had taken me home, was that Ms. Panington and her staff had spoken to my Mistress after I had been put to bed, and I knew nothing of the email that had arrived this morning in Ms. Panington’s inbox from my wife.

It had read: “Good morning, Ms. Panington. I will arrive on the 3:20 flight. If one of your team is able to pick me up, that’d be great. Otherwise I will take a cab. Please text my phone so that I know.”

“Oh, and about further feminizing Nancy for his presentation to me, I think I will go with that. I want him to be most humiliated when he first sees that I am there. If it turns out that he finds the full treatment of makeup and wig arousing, well then I believe that I will have another carrot to dangle in front of his sissy prick. Have some other ideas, too—will discuss upon arrival. Thank you. See you this afternoon. K.”


“Today I want you in a corset, Nancy. I have brought one with me that I think will suit you just fine. So hurry on with the bra and panty I set out for you, and then I’ll get you laced up,” Ms. Panington announced.

“Yes, Ma’am. Forms too?” I asked.

“Of course, silly. We both know you love having titties like a real girl.”

As I grabbed the panties and opened the waistband to put them on I realized that they were like no panties I had ever seen. There was a prominent round opening in the rear that, as I slid them on, left my butt cheeks entirely exposed. I imagined that bahis firmaları this was to provide access for the magic butt plug and I started to get an erection at the thought.

I did as I was told, then stood in front of Ms. Panington as she wrapped a pink under-bust corset around me. She clasped the heavy hook and eye fasteners, and then turned me around so that she could begin my lacing. Being corseted had been a favorite masturbation fantasy of mine, but I had never experienced what I began to feel as Ms. Panington pulled each row of laces tight. It took my breath away. I began to feel unbelievably sexy and my cock was now engorged and pushing against the pink lace of my panties.

Then Ms. Panington positioned me in front of the full-length mirror. From the neck down I looked like a voluptuous woman. That is, other than the prominent bulge in my panties. My breasts were large and protruding. My waist had been pulled in at least 3 inches, leaving the illusion of full hips. “Now let’s get a dress on you, Nancy,” Ms. Panington instructed.

She went to the clothes rack and returned with a white satin dress. It had a pink lace bodice and pink lace accents at the hem and sleeves. The skirt flared out and was so short that I knew my ass would be exposed.

“Put this on, Nancy. But first attach these white stockings to the garters on your corset. That’s it. I know you’ve attached stockings to garters before, Nancy, don’t try to pretend you haven’t. Good girl. Now these heels.” A pair of modest 2-inch white pumps completed the outfit. “Now I’ll get you some breakfast. Then we’ll be off to the beauty salon.”

“Beauty salon?” I thought to myself as I followed Ms. Panington and Ms. Jensen out of the room and down the hall towards the elevators. I felt very self-conscious about my short skirt as I knew that my bare ass was exposed, and I kept trying to pull down the hem of my dress.

“Stop that, sissy. Hands clasped in front of you. Why so modest about your ass today. Just yesterday you were begging Madam Christina to leave a plug in it,” Ms. Panington said as Ms. Jensen giggled.

Lucky for me, the elevator door opened to an empty car, and we rode in silence to the same floor the nursery had been on, but turned the opposite direction once the elevator door opened. Inside a door simply marked “Beauty,” there were three salon chairs. Two of them were occupied by who I believed to be two of the transvestites that I had seen a couple days earlier being led to a cooking class.

Both were beautiful, impeccably made up, appeared to be getting their hair done, and they greeted me in voices far too husky for their alluring feminine appearances. I mumbled a quick hello, now feeling even more embarrassed to be in the presence of such beautiful feminized men. Ms. Panington introduced me to Ms. Carlson who she announced would be “making me pretty.”

“He hasn’t had anything to eat yet today, so I’m going to order him up a smoothie. Hope you don’t mind his sipping from a straw while you’re working on him?” Ms. Panington asked.

“Oh no, that’s fine. I do the lips last anyway.” Ms. Carlson said, and then turned to me, “Show me your dress, Nancy. It’s gorgeous.”

As I did a slow pirouette, Ms. Carlson let out a low whistle, “Short skirt on this one, Ms. Panington, and those panties, I’m guessing that she’ll be getting the treatment sometime today then?”

“Hush, now. We don’t want to scare her, um, him,” Ms. Panington responded which of course was enough to scare the beejeebees out of me.

Ms. Carlson put a plush terry cloth towel over the remaining empty salon chair and directed me to sit down. Ms. Panington started for the door, and then turned to Ms. Carlson, “I want this one looking quite sluttish. It’s a special day.” Then I heard hushed giggling from the two transvestites. I figured that they knew what ‘the treatment’ was, and they must have thought that it was funny that I was going to receive it.

I sat back in the chair, and soon my smoothie arrived. I was famished, so I sipped on it as Ms. Carlson worked to make up my face. She talked me through it as she went. First she smoothed in some moisturizer, then concealer, then foundation, then setting powder, then eyeliner, brow pencil, mascara, lip liner, then lipstick. She kept me turned away from the mirror until she had topped it off with a shoulder length auburn wig.

Ms. Carlson turned me to look at her creation as she fussed with the wig. I was dumbfounded, speechless, and aroused all at the same time. I felt my cock stirring and growing as I looked at the image of my feminine self in the mirror. What did it mean that I was getting hard looking at my feminine image? Did I want to have sex with myself? I guess that’s what I’d been doing with all that masturbation; but, if I do say so myself, I looked HOT.

Next came some dangly silver ear rings, and a matching necklace. Then kaçak iddaa Ms. Carlson removed the smock she had used to cover my dress, had me stand up, and again turn in front of her. She gushed over how pretty I was, and let out a stifled giggle when my revealing panties were turned her way.

Soon Madam Christina entered the beauty salon. She first went to Ms. Carlson and whispered something in her ear. I felt embarrassed for her to see me like this, even though she had seen me in many compromising situations over the last few days. She made her way over to where I stood and softly stroked my bare behind with a gloved hand. “Very nice, Nancy, very pretty.”

Without another word she reached into my panties, took my cock firmly in her grip and led me out the door and back to the training room. “Don’t worry, Nancy. We can touch up your makeup. Ms. Carlson gave me a makeup case with the right shades. You don’t have to worry about making a mess while you practice ass and pussy worship today.”

By now it was early afternoon, and I was soon hard at work servicing the plastic pussy and the plastic ass. I had squealed with delight (like a girl) when Madam Christina had inserted the butt plug that pulsed, vibrated, and tickled my prostate in response to my efforts at oral service.

“You’re doing fine, Nancy, but I am going to hold your stimulation just below the level of an orgasm, at least for now. I want to save you for the treatment,” Madam Christina told me.

I succeeded in giving the plastic orifices multiple orgasms. Madam Christina taught me to stimulate the clitoris with my finger while I orally serviced the anus. And, she taught me to digitally stimulate the anus while I worshipped the pussy. I was pleased at my successes, but frankly I was ready to service the real thing. I was confident that I could please Mistress Kelli.

“Okay, Nancy, we’re going to take a break. You can sit back and relax and I’ll get you some water and a snack. Not much nourishment in eating plastic pussy,” Madam Christina teased. “And, I am taking out the butt plug. I know you love it, but that’s enough for now.” I bent over in a most humiliating manner as she slowly removed it.

After a few minutes Madam Christina presented me with the penis extender and told me to put it on, which I did. “Leave the panties on, she told me, “I want the fake cock protruding from your panties.” Then she led me to a section of the room that was curtained off from the rest. Behind the curtain was a padded bench about three feet off of the floor.

On the bench was a black leather head harness with a six inch dildo attached to it. Immediately I knew that this was a chin dildo. I had seen pictures of these, but had no experience with the device. Madam Christina wasted no time in pulling it over my head and securing it. My mouth was left exposed and Madam Christina told me that I was to gently suck and lick the clitoris while my chin cock fucked pussy. The dildo protruded comically from my chin, and she laughed as she stroked it.

“Up you go, sissy, up and on your knees” and Madam Christina patted the bench. I got up and knelt upright. “Bend,” she said, and as I bent at the waist she pulled Velcro straps from under the bench and secured both of my arms to the side of the bench. “Wiggle your head back and forth and thrust your chin dildo back and forth. I want to be sure that you have full movement,” she instructed.

Next she sat herself down in what could best be described as an ornate throne on wheels. She pushed a few buttons and the throne rose up and down and the seat changed positions. She wheeled herself close to my face, lifted her leather skirt, and taunted me with her black panties inches from my nose. “Perfect,” she said and she got up and busied herself behind me. I could look to the side and see my reflection in a mirror that took up the entire wall.

I looked ridiculous. My bare ass was in the air outlined by the cutout pink panties. My skirt fluttered above my ass. My penis extension protruded from my panties and it appeared that I had a huge hard-on. A dildo protruded from my chin. The hair from my wig now hung down partially hiding my face, but my face was unmistakably made up in a most feminine and, yes, sluttish style.

Soon Madam Christina came around in front of me. She had removed her leather skirt. She had replaced it with a dildo harness and she now sported a cock that made my extension seem small. I began to panic as she stood in front of me stroking this phallus just inches from my face.

“You will be getting the treatment this afternoon, Nancy. All of us ladies are in agreement that you’ve earned it. You are such a good sissy, so compliant, and you have shown that you can worship ass and pussy with the best of them. And, we have seen how much you have enjoyed stimulation in your ass.”

She paused. I could feel my body shuddering and my sphincter kaçak bahis muscles tightening. “Soon our audience will arrive and I will have the pleasure of fucking your virgin ass. Would you like that, Nancy?” Madam Christina said.

I vigorously shook my head. “No, no, no,” I wanted to shout. But I said nothing. Part of me wanted to experience being taken in this way.

Then I was enclosed in total darkness as Madam Christina pulled a blindfold over my eyes and secured it behind my head. The minutes dragged on as I knew that I would soon enough be violated by that large strap-on and that this would be witnessed by the entire female staff of the Institute. Eventually I could hear the clicking of high heels on the tile floor; then female voices. I could identify Ms. Panington, Ms. Jensen, Ms. Sweeney, Ms. Carlson, and even Nurse Pyre. They chatted amongst themselves like this was an afternoon coffee break.

Suddenly the room became silent. I heard one more pair of high heels click their way towards me. Then I could hear some fussing with the electric throne. I felt a cool gob of what must have been lube on my anus. Soon I felt what I believed to be a finger inserted and there was modest applause from the spectators. Then I felt the head of the dildo at my opening and I heard Madam Christina telling me to relax and to remember how good the butt plug felt. “Soon you will have an orgasm, Nancy, a most sissy orgasm.”

Then I heard the motor on the throne whirring and someone was directing my head. I realized that it was Ms. Panington when I heard her say, “Inhale deeply, sissy Nancy, and service your Mistress.”

“No, it couldn’t be,” I thought, “My Mistress? Mistress Kelli?” I began to thrust the chin dildo and soon my nose was drenched with the unmistakable intoxicating scent of my wife. I thrust wildly and when my mouth felt a wet pussy I sucked in as much fragrant pussy juice as I could. I knew the taste. It was Kelli. My wife. My Mistress. I was in a frenzy, intoxicated with the taste and scent of her, wanting to please her and show her what I had learned.

I felt the thrusting in my ass start slowly, then build. I was in a mood-altered state. Endorphins were firing on all cylinders. Sensations flooded my ass, my prostate was being assaulted, my head was filled with the scent that, for days, I had only been able to sniff from the gusset of panties. And my mouth was filled with the taste of her.

I moaned. I thrust. I wiggled my chin. Then I heard it. I heard Kelli, my Mistress, I heard her cry out with an ecstasy I had never before heard. I heard her gasping, then screaming, “Fuck me, sissy, fuck me with your mouth. Fuck me like you never have before.”

I fucked her with the chin dildo, thrusting violently back and forth, licking and sucking her clit with each forward thrust. The harder I fucked and sucked, the more she moaned and screamed as her hips shuddered with multiple orgasms and her thighs squeezed my head so tightly that it was as though I was part of her.

“Oh Nancy, ooohhhh my sissy hubby! I have waited so long for this. My small-dicked husband finally pleases me,” she shouted.

As Kelli gushed her enthusiastic pleasure, pressure was building in my ass. I could feel myself bucking against Madam Christina’s strap-on. My cock was hard in the confines of the penis extender. I could feel my body tightening and I knew that the first wave of the wonderful prostate orgasm was about to overwhelm me.

“Take his blindfold off. I want him to look at me as he cums with your strap-on in his ass,” Kelli shouted. I felt hands fumbling with the blindfold and soon hands grabbed my chin and held my head up so that I was looking directly at Kelli.

A wave of humiliation flooded me as my wife gazed down at my face contorted in orgasmic ecstasy as I was being fucked in the ass by another woman. “Fuck him. Fuck him,” she shouted.

My body shuddered and I let out an involuntary long moan as I could feel ejaculate leak from my cock. I buried my face back in Kelli’s pussy and she patted my head as the room erupted in applause.

“I am ready to take him home. Thank you all so much. You have forever changed our lives,” I heard my Mistress tell the staff of the Institute. “Please take the chin dildo off of him so I can see his feminized face.”

I held my head up and looked into her eyes for the longest time. She looked back at me warmly. Finally she said, “I’m afraid that he likes looking like a woman a little too much. I think it will be far more humiliating for him to be kept dressed in women’s things, but without the privilege of makeup or a wig.” I knew that she was right. I had found the makeup quite a thrill. Perhaps she would make me up again someday if I pleased her.

“Thank your Mistress for allowing you to service her, Nancy. Remember what you were taught,” Ms. Panington said with just a hint of scolding.

“Thank you, Mistress Kelli, for allowing me to serve you. And thank you for allowing me an orgasm. And thank you for sending me to the Institute,” I said, and I meant it.

“You’re welcome, honey. I can’t wait to get you home.”

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