Beer Baron’s Daughter

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I met Barbra at a singles’ dance. Dancing with her was exciting as I pulled her into me to feel her tits against me.

She didn’t seem to mind.

I asked her if she would like to go for coffee after the dance.

“Why don’t you come over to my apartment instead?” she asked.

My cock stiffen a little at the very thought of my prospects for the end of the evening.

Her dad and his family owned the local brewery.

She fixed a pot of coffee when we arrived at her apartment.

When she placed the two cups of coffee I looked into her low cut blouse and saw she wasn’t wearing any bra.

Her D cups had large brownish pink nipples that were fully erect.

I felt my tally_wacker begin to stiffen imaging to come.

Feeling a little embarrassed I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

As I lifted toilet seat to relieve my half hard dick, I glanced into the shower stall and saw hanging from the showerhead a fountain syringe with the most wicked enema nozzle attached.

When I returned to the couch and sat down she smiled and said. “I enjoyed dancing with you tonight.” I put my arm around her neck and she snuggled up to me. When I turned to look into her eyes she kissed me.

Then kissed her back and she probed my mouth with her tongue. I reached down to explore her breasts.

“You never told me your name.” she said.

“Jim, my name is Jim.” I said.

“Well Jimmy, I have a problem.

“She said.”I really like you, but I found out today that I have been exposed to Gonorrhea.”

“The Clap!” I exclaimed.

“That’s right, so we can’t go any farther tonight.” She said. “I want to see you again, but I don’t want infect you.”

After seeing that enema equipment in the bathroom I decided I should this woman was worth waiting for.

We exchanged phone numbers and I kissed her goodnight at the door.

I didn’t hear from her for a week and then my phone rang. “Hello.”

“Jimmy, I have good news!” Barb said.

We went to a drive_ in movie the next evening.

I had put up the top of my convertible for bahis firmaları privacy.

We watched the movie until the sun went down, then we began exploring each other body.

“Let’s do a getaway.” She suggested. “I need to get away from town.”

“I was wondering about the enema bag in your bathroom.” I said.

“I will give you demonstration on the getaway.” She replied.

My cock hardens in anticipation of our trip.

We arrived at the motel and unpacked our luggage.

I sported a growing hard-on as Barbara hung her enema bag in the bathroom.

“I see I still have your attention on getting your enema baby.” She said.

She made me kneel on the bed and proceeded giving an enema with large pink penis shaped nozzle.

As the warm water filled my sigmoid Barbara began thrusting the nozzle in and out giving my prostrate little nudges.

“Oh…ahh… you’re going to make me ….” I came all over the clean sheets on the bed.

“Bad boy, you came all over the bed and didn’t even finish your soapy enema.” Barbara teased.

Although my first adult enema started awkwardly it Barbara assured this evening’s sex would be better.

She prepared a large red bag of Epson salts solution and left it hanging on the shower curtain in the bathroom.

“Jimmy, I want you to give me this time so I can demonstrate how it’s done.”

When I returned to the bedroom with the warm enema in hand.

Barbara was laying on her side with her big butt facing me.

When she heard me approach she spread her voluptuous cheeks exposing her waiting anus.

I felt my cock harden at the thought of fucking her ass.

As I inserted the enema nozzle deep in her ass, she groaned with pleasure.

“Give me just a little at a time, so I can enjoy it.”

Watching the bag shrink as the enema filled her squirming hips; I fantasized what my next enema would be like.

The bag finally collapsed and she said. “Well, it’s time to let this one go.”

I pulled out the nozzle and she trotted to the bathroom holding her plump cheeks together. kaçak iddaa

When she returned she lay down and a gave me a blow-job.

Just about when I was ready to cum she took her mouth off my prick and gave it flick with her index finger.

“Save your jizz for later, I have a special place for it.”

“You better give a couple more enemas because I want to be nice and clean when you shoot you’re cum up my butt.”

Barbara instructed “Make the next enema with a shot of shampoo in it.”

When she released the next enema I followed her in to the bathroom to watch her expel the muddy water.

It was great fun watching and listening her release her enema.

Squirting, farting, and straining Barbara released her second enema.

“You’re really enjoying this, are you Jimmy?” she asked.

She filled another enema with plain warm water and we returned back to the bedroom and hung the enema bag from coat rack that she had brought to our room.

Barbara lay on her back this time, raised her legs up in the air exposing her gaping rectum.

I stuck the enema nozzle deep into her and she moaned with pleasure.

I started to sodomize her with plastic intruder; it’s not over until the…lady farts.

She lowered her legs and exposed her moist pussy.

Starting in that sensitive area between her vaginal lips and her anus

I gently touched her with the tip of my tongue.

She purred as I slowly kissed my way up, and finally grasped her clitoris between my lips and started to suck as I slowly

Her large breasts she shook and screamed very loudly.

She continued cumming for another minute.

“Let’s go out the Ranch tomorrow and we’ll play water sports in the woods” she suggested.

I arrived early and took her jeep to a high valley on the ranch.

We unloaded the jeep and put picnic basket under the shade of a large tree.

Barbara threw a large quilt on ground and announced. “Enema Time Baby.”

She removed two quart bottles beer from back seat and pink enema bag .

My dick hardens at the thought kaçak bahis of giving her an enema.

“Get naked so we can play.” She found a low branch and hooked a wire to it.

She hooked the pink enema bag to wire and reached for a quart of beer.

“Beer enemas?” I asked.

“You’ll love ’em baby!”

I filled the enema bag with warm and lubed the nozzle with cold cream.

Barb kneeled on the blanket and spread her butt cheeks wide open.

I buried enema nozzle in her ass and gave it a couple thrusts.

“Let me have the beer enema baby.!”

As the warm beer filled her bottom she moaned with sensual pleasure.

The bag emptied and I pulled out the nozzle.

She waits for a couple of minutes, got up, and assumed a squatting position.

“Time to let this beer go…”

A torrent of beer foam shot from Barb’s gaping rectum, again, and again.

“Fill the bag again and give me another enema..!”

I inserted nozzle into to her thirsty ass and release the clip.

Her thirsty bowels drank a another quart of beer and she asked “Do you want to see my water cannon..?”

Before I could answer, she shot an arc of foamy beer into the air.

I greased up Spikey and buried my cock deep in Barbara’s bowels.

“Oh.,.Oh. Fuck me…fuck me…baby..!”

I did..!

It’s time for your beer enema Jimmy.

I dropped my pants and she lubed my asshole.

I kneeled with my head down and heard her pouring the beer into the enema bag.

“Spread those cheeks baby.”

I felt the nozzle penetrate my rectum and flow of warm beer fill my bottom.

To my relief I heard Barb click the bag off, then I heard her filling the pink bag with more warm beer.

“No more beer…!”

“Well why don’t you let it go so you’ll have more room for more beer?”

She pulled out the nozzle and I squirted warm beer from my asshole.

By the time I had finished next beer enema I was feeling a little drunk.

“Feeling a little drunky Jimmy?”

I tried to stand up and fell back on my ass.

“Let that butt full go an we’ll take a little nap..”

When I woke up I saw big Boobed Barb standing over me wearing a wicked looking red strap-on dildo and holding a black whip in her hand.

I knew I was in trouble big-time…!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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