Bedtime Stories Ch. 03

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I’ve received some negative feedback about allowing Jenny to be raped in the last chapter. I can’t really apologize. That was the direction the story took in my mind. I didn’t want to cheapen the story with Jenny’s rape, but to introduce some aspects of real life, to make the characters more real and believable.

What happened to Jenny is something that really happens to young women, and often those young women are afraid to come forward, as Jenny was. I don’t want to make trivial the emotions a woman feels after such a brutal experience.

Yes, it adds some grit to the story and takes away the perfect, love-story quality it seemed to have at first. My hope is that the new elements I’ve introduced will help me continue the story into many subsequent chapters.

Just a heads up… This chapter has a happy ending. 😉


In the shower when she got home, Jenny washed away the mascara, blood and dirt.

Joey stood outside the door. He didn’t feel equipped to deal with this. He wasn’t sure what had even happened, but he had an idea. When the water shut off, he knocked on the door softly. “Jen?”

Jenny wasn’t ready to see him or anybody. In the shower she’d thought about it, and she knew she SHOULD tell, but she didn’t know if she had that kind of courage. She was sad, heart-broken. She wanted Joey to hold her, but she didn’t want him to know the shame she felt. Still, she couldn’t stay in the bathroom all night. She took some ibuprofen from the medicine cabinet and swallowed it with a sip of water, wrapped herself securely in a blue towel and opened the bathroom door.

Joey had been pacing as he waited on her, but when the door opened a crack, he stopped and waited, eager to see her face. When her face appeared as she opened the door fully, anger flooded him so quickly he saw stars. His vision seemed to go blurry around the edges. “Who did this to you?” The bruises on her face and neck were fresh, and he meant to seek retribution immediately.

Before she could answer, he was reaching inside his bedroom door to find his keys on hook beside it.

“Joey, no…” Jenny almost whined. “Just… don’t go anywhere, okay? I need you with me.” It was true, but her primary thought was to keep him from killing someone.

Joey didn’t know what to do! He wrapped an arm around her and guided her into his bedroom. “Jenny… I need you to tell me what happened, okay?”

He wasn’t pushy or demanding, but she knew he’d keep asking until she eventually told him. So she let it all out, and the tears came as she told him about what she’d lost. She shook as she cried, and he held her.

He didn’t know how to react to this; he wasn’t prepared to ever have to deal with anything like this. He hated Rick, HATED him. He wanted him in jail, but he’d have to convince Jenny to tell someone what had happened, and he was pretty sure she’d just washed away the evidence. If he’d known maybe he could have convinced her to call the police before she had. He couldn’t imagine how she must feel. He held her, rocked her back and forth.

He didn’t want to push too hard, but he had to try. “Jenny, can we tell someone about this? Can I help you get dressed and we call someone to at least give a report and try to do something about it? He can’t just DO this to you and live his life like it never happened while you’re left to deal with it.”

Jenny was almost despondent in her response. “What does it matter, Joey? It’s done. No matter what I do, I can’t undo it.” But she knew… she knew she could try to keep it from happening again with someone else. Who knew if he’d done it before to someone before her?

Joey understood the weight of her words. “It” in Jenny’s mind was more than the act. It was the culmination of all it meant. She thought Rick had taken from her something that she wanted to share with someone else. He hoped she wanted to share it with him. “I… he didn’t take THAT. That is something you give away. If you didn’t consent, he didn’t take it. Not in my mind. He HURT you, and he deserves to be punished. Sex shouldn’t hurt in that way. What he did wasn’t sex, Jenny. It was violent and evil and wrong.”

Jenny wanted to believe him, to let his words sink in and help her healing start, but he didn’t even know … he couldn’t understand what she felt. “Joe… You don’t understand. You don’t know how this FEELS.” She screamed the last word through gritted teeth and hugged herself.

“No, I don’t. I can’t pretend to. I have no idea, Jenny. But I’m here. I’ll walk through this with you, and I care, even if I can’t understand.”

She let him hold her a little longer, and then she decided it was time to get up and get about doing something. She looked down at Joe, who still sat on the bed, with a serious expression. “I’m strong. I bahis firmaları can handle this, especially if you help me. Let me get dressed, and we’ll go down to the police station. I don’t want Mom and Dad to know yet. Will you drive?”

“Of course I’ll drive!” Now Joey was fulfilling every bit of his promise to his brother. He was someone she could trust, someone she could talk to. Their relationship had changed so quickly — from niece and uncle, to lovers and now… they wouldn’t ever be the same again. He ached deep in the pit of his stomach when he recalled the story she’d told him. This wasn’t their typical bedtime story. It was one he’d rather had never happened so that she’d had no story to tell.


The rest of the night wasn’t without pain and difficulty. Jenny had to recount her story again for two different officers. They had to go to the hospital, and he held her hand through the entire process as she was swabbed and examined.

When they returned home, it was nearly 6AM. Her parents would be up getting ready soon. They weren’t working, but they had plans to go to some kind of gardening expo a few towns away. He let Jenny change into one of his t-shirts and tucked her into his bed. Then he made his way down the hall to his brother’s and sister-in-law’s room. He couldn’t be the one to tell them, not unless she asked him to, but he had to do something to protect her until she was ready.

Joey knocked on the door and heard some shuffling within. There was a groan, a moan, and then finally someone opened the door. It was his sister-in-law. “Jenny…” he began. “She got home late, and she had an awful headache. I was still up, and I got her some medicine. I think it’s one of her migraines. She’s in my bed because the curtains are darker. I’m trying to keep all the light out.”

Jane nodded. “I think I’ve got some stronger medicine in my bathroom if you think it would help. Hydrocodone? She’s been prescribed it before for migraines.” Jane went to retrieve it, and he waited. He figured it couldn’t hurt. She did have a headache, after all, and it might help her get some rest.


A week passed, then two, three. Jenny told her parents, and Rick was arrested. He’d go to trial eventually, but it would likely be awhile.

Joey didn’t even broach the subject of sex with her. He read her bedtime stories, supported her decision to work fewer hours, and sat outside with her by the pool while she read. He reapplied sunscreen many a time, and he made a great effort each time to hide the erection that was inevitable every time his hands rubber her warm, nubile body. She was every bit a hot, young, innocent, attractive virgin to him, but he didn’t mention any of those feelings for awhile. He felt that she had to be the one to turn their relationship in that direction because he wasn’t sure it was a place she wanted to go right now, after what happened.

One day when he was massaging her back, sitting on the edge of her lounger, she rolled over to face him. “Joey?” she said.

“Hmm?” His tone was relaxed.

“Do you ever think about… you know… about what we did that time when we read the Cinderella story?” She wasn’t quite sure how to bring it up, so she managed to skirt around the actions and focus on the story preceding them.

Joey let out a long, deep breath. “I do, Jenny. I think about it every day.”

She lifted the left corner of her mouth — a half-smile mixed with regret. “Are you mad that I haven’t… that we haven’t done anything like that lately?”

How could he ever be mad? No! “I’m not mad at all. I completely understand that it will take time to… we’ll get back there one day, if you want to.”

Her eyes lit up and the regret left her smile, which became full and brilliant. “Oh… I most definitely want it to.”

Despite his recent attempts to squelch his body’s responses, he couldn’t help the tingle that traveled down to his cock. It began to rise of its own accord, though he tried to think about dead kittens and grandmothers breasts sagging to their knees.

Jenny noticed. A sense of relief flooded her. She’d honestly wondered if he could ever think of her that way again, but she had to bring it up. It was driving her crazy not knowing.

“I’m not really, uh… hurting anymore. You know, after what happened.” Whenever they ever referred to the incident with Rick, they called it “what happened.” Somehow it made it easier to talk about. She didn’t know why.

Hurting? She couldn’t mean emotionally. Did she mean…? “Hurting how?” Joey had to ask.

“My vagina, Joey.” She almost rolled her eyes when she had to be so direct. She’d expected him to get it.

“Oh…” His voice trailed off. Not knowing quite how to respond, he began to massage sunblock onto her shoulders, her chest, and her neck. kaçak iddaa He always let Jenny do her face, so he reached to squirt a little into her hand. She covered her face and got her ears. Next he moved to her stomach. Her suit was a dark pink, almost red. The bottoms cinched and tied in little bows at the sides, and the top cinched in the middle, accenting and supporting her beautiful breasts. Straps extended from the middle and were meant to reach up and tie behind her neck, but when she tanned, she always tied them in a big bow above her cleavage so she wouldn’t get tan lines.

He hadn’t seen what was hidden beneath that suit in weeks, and as he began to rub her stomach beneath them, he couldn’t help paying special attention to the curve just below her breasts. He couldn’t help but stare at them. Her nipples were hardening as he spread his fingers across her abdomen. They poked through the fabric like little pebbles, straining to escape. His cock ached, but he managed to keep his erection mostly hidden down the leg of his shorts.

Joey’s attention was driving Jenny mad with lust, and she decided it was finally time to do something about it. No one was home other than she and Joey, and her parents wouldn’t be back for hours. The back yard was surrounded by a high, wooden fence. Quickly, she reached behind her back and deftly unzipped the back of her top. She pulled it away and threw it only the chair beside her before Joey had a chance to realize what was happening.

She looked into his eyes, and he saw permission, maybe even a plea. He coated his hands in more sun lotion and began to spread it across her breasts, from center to nipple. He cupped them and squeezed gently. He stroked her skin and then grabbed her nipples, pulling them up and then letting go, allowing her breasts to drop back to her chest with a jiggle. After several pulls her nipples were hard and elongated. Oh how he wanted to suck them, but he’d just coated them in sunscreen.

“Let me get your back and then we’ll hop in the pool and cool off.” He pulled his hands away. Luckily, she flipped over obediently. He covered her back and sides with lotion. Then he squatted beside her, extended one arm underneath her and the other around her legs, hefted her body off the lounger and threw her into the pool in one swift motion.

She came up sputtering and annoyed. She splashed water in his direction and gave him a threatening glare. Before she could get her wits about her enough to retaliate, he jumped into the pool a few feet away from her, causing a huge splash and waves.

“Joey! Ugh!” She went for him as soon as his head was above the water, and she was holding onto his shoulders before he could escape. She wrapped her legs around his torso, hooked her feet together behind his back, and then she put both hands on top of his head and pushed him quite deliberately under the water three times. He struggled, but most of it was to let her think she was in control. When he came up the third time, he was laughing. She splashed water in his face.

Some went up his nose and stung. “Alright, little lady,” he used a decent John Wayne to chastise her. Then he tried to spank her ass in the water, like Wayne spanked some of the women in his classic westerns, but the water put up too much resistance. So his spanks felt more like pats to her sweet, round bottom. Giving up, he grabbed it instead.

He swam a few feet toward the shallow end, where he could touch bottom. He looked down at her breasts, both dripping with water, just above the water level of the pool. Bringing his hands back to her front, he cupped them and took one nipple then the other into his mouth, back and forth between them. He sucked hungrily, nursing at her. Jenny moaned and grabbed his wet hair, pulling his head toward her. She wanted this, badly.

She began to rock her body against him in the water, and she felt his rigid cock poking at her butt, just beneath her. If she could just slide down him a little bit…

Before she could move, Joey released Jenny’s breasts and grabbed her ass again. He pushed her down his body until her mound was pressed against the head of his hard cock. “Are you sure nothing down there hurts anymore?”

She gave him a wicked look, coupled with a grin. “I’m pretty sure. I’ve been shoving a dildo up there, thinking about fucking you for days.”

Wow. Amazing! He began to grind her pussy against his cock through their suits. He groaned as he felt her pussy lips part so that his cock was gliding between them with each thrust.

Jenny wanted that fabric gone. She reached for the waistband of his trunks and pushed it down, unleashing his raging erection. The resulting feeling was pure ecstasy. She could feel his cock nearly push into her hole through her thin swim bottoms. Then it moved upward until at last his thick kaçak bahis head met her clit. With every thrust, he brought her closer to orgasm.

She wanted him inside her. She wanted to come with him inside her. But… did she really want their first time to be so spontaneous in the pool? He thrust again, but this time he didn’t slide upward. Instead he pressed into her pussy, entering her hole through her suit, with only fabric stopping him from going more than an inch inside. Hell, she didn’t care where they were. She didn’t care that it wasn’t perfectly planned. She wanted that stiff, thick cock, inside her pussy NOW.

“Joey, fuck me. Please fuck me. I can’t stand it anymore. Please.” She pleaded with him.

Joey seemed unsure at first, so she implored him again. “I need… to feel… your hard cock inside my soft, wet little pussy. FUCK. ME.”

“Yes ma’am.” Joey reached between their bodies and found his niece’s swimsuit bottoms. He quickly pushed them to the side and prepared to enter her virgin (as he still thought of her) pussy. “Are you ready?” he asked. He knew she was tight and he was about to stretch her wide and penetrate her deeply.

“I am more than ready, uncle.”

He loved how dirty “uncle” sounded coming out of her sweet mouth when he was about to fuck his niece for the first time.

“You are a dirty, naughty, bad little girl. Do you know that? You’re about to let your uncle fuck you, aren’t you little girl?”

Jenny grinned. “Hell yes! Fuck me, Uncle Joey.”

Joey began slowly. He met a little resistance as his cock pressed past her tight entrance. He was pretty sure she had no hymen to break. He was right; Jenny couldn’t even remember when that had happened. She assumed it had been broken long ago, probably from fucking herself with her fingers and later with her big, thick dildo.

Once he was beyond her opening, as he slowly entered her fully, her pussy accommodated him. Jenny couldn’t believe her pussy was able to take his huge cock, but she was glad. Feeling almost weightless in the water, she was able to bounce up and down on his erection easily. She wanted it to last forever, but she didn’t thinks he could last much longer at all.

“Shoot your cum in me, Joey! Cum in my pussy.”

Really? Should he really cum in her pussy? “Are you sure? What if…”

Before he could finished, she shushed him. “I’m on birth control. I’ve been on it for a year, just in case. I was…” She almost told him about her plans to surprise Rick, but changed her mind.

Joey didn’t respond. He just fucked her harder, faster. He rammed his cock in and out of her pussy, bouncing her up and down, splashing water on both of them and all over her breasts. He leaned down and licked droplets of chlorine-flavored water from her rock-hard nipples.

“Suck them,” Jenny begged. She loved having her nipples bitten and sucked while she came, and she was so, so close.

Joey latched on to her left nipple and sucked hard. It was enough to put her over the top, and she begged, “Now the other one!” as she her pussy began to spasm around his cock. He sucked harder on her right nipple as he started to cum with her. She pushed his face away and kissed him, hard, pressing her lips fully against his and searching for his tongue as she pushed hers into his mouth. She felt in control and powerful as she milked his wonderful cock with her tight pussy.

When he’d finished cumming, Jenny unhitched her ankles, pushed against the water surrounding him and floated away, toward the edge of the pool. Some of his cum leaked into her swimsuit as she went, but the fabric kept it from getting into the pool, at least not very much.

She lifted herself up and placed a knee on the side of the pool. She realized her ass was on display, and she hoped Joey was watching.

He was. His eyes were intently fixed on her tan, dripping wet, young body as she drew herself up out of the pool. “When are your parents getting home again?” He knew really, but it was his segue to his next request.

“Oh, about eight or so. They called earlier and said they’re going out to dinner together after work.”

“Oh really?” Joey smiled broadly and wiggled his eyebrows, eliciting a giggle from Jenny.

“Yes, really,” she responded. She made a pitiful attempt at a wink, and her uncle laughed. She never could quite get the hang of winking.

“How about we take a shower and wash this pool water off? Then maybe we can, um, “christen” my bed.. then maybe yours.. and perhaps the couch in the living room? Dining room table? Kitchen counters?”

Jenny raised her eyebrows and laughed out loud. “A bit eager to play with your new toy, huh?”

“I’m not sure you’re a new toy. I mean, I’ve had you to play with for 18 years. But maybe I can teach an “old” toy some new tricks.”

Jenny swatted his butt with a towel and grunted disapprovingly as she followed him into the house. She was anything but “old,” and he was about to find out just how much stamina a young teenage girl could have.

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