Bedroom Research Ch. 03

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In chapter one Brian was caught wearing Mandy’s panties. In chapter two Brian pays for his misdemeanour. In this chapter Brian goes shopping.

Friday morning and the weekend was fast approaching. I was still quite worried about what Mandy and Beth would ask of me, but I knew for sure that there was still lots of scope for my tormentors to humiliate and degrade me. I wanted to forget what I’d been put through the other day but the problem of a sorely stretched back passage where I had been brutally assaulted by Mandy’s rubber cock was not allowing me to forget. Nevertheless Friday was going fine at the moment.

Friday took a down turn when I reached home and found the inevitable note in my mail.

Brian: We need you to go shopping with us on Saturday morning. I know you don’t get much in the way of wages from your part time job but you need to bring what little money you have. Xx

PS. It’s Brian we need and not Felicity.

The thought that they had even considered me going out as Felicity sent shivers down my spine. Let’s hope they never get ideas along these lines. Why I was needed on a shopping trip was beyond my comprehension but I knew in a strange sort of way that it would not be good news for me.

Saturday dawned and armed with the trifling thirty pounds I had saved sine I started my part time job I crossed the landing and went down the corridor to the back bedroom. I knocked, and as I knocked the images of my last visit flashed across my mind. Before I had time to examine my feelings about that visit the door opened and Mandy let me in.

“Now Brian,” explained Mandy, “We are going to play a little game. We know you haven’t got a lot of money for shopping so we might be able to help you. All you have to do is guess what colour panties Beth and I are wearing and if you get it right we give you and extra ten pounds each.”

“So little brother,” said Beth, “What’s your best guess?”

Without much thought I replied. “Beth; white panties. Mandy; red panties.”

“OK Brian so now you get a little treat. It’s the reveal.” Having said this Mandy stepped back against the wall and pulled Beth back with her.

“Me first,” said Beth and she grabbed the hem of her skirt and slowly, oh so slowly lifted her skirt. The sight had me riveted to the spot; I’d spent the last five years trying to look up the skirts and dresses of girls and now here it was handed to me on a plate.

My cock was hard and there was no way that I could resist the urge to massage it. I sank to my haunches with my back against the wall and revelled in the sight of Beth with her skirt raised and knickers showing. My guess was wrong and I wouldn’t be getting any money from Beth. Her panties were pale blue with a very small trim of white lace.

“Now me,” giggled Mandy. In a flash her skirt was up around her waist and I had the glorious sight of a pair of tiny black lacy panties. Once again my guess was wrong, but then who cared. My gentle cock massage had become a frantic wank. I hadn’t released my cock from my pants but was wanking with pants on. In a trice I came making a mess of my underpants and making the front of my trousers damp.

I wanted to clean up but the girls dropped their skirts, came over and pulled me to my feet. “What a dirty little boy you are Brian,” exclaimed Mandy. “No time to clean up now.” Having said this Mandy and Beth hustled me out. “Come along Brian, we’re all going to have such a nice time shopping.”

We hit the high street a little later. I was actually quite chuffed because I was in the company of two lovely girls and if anyone saw me they would be impressed. As the day wore on my confidence was bahis firmaları to suffer somewhat.

M&S was looming in the foreground and sure enough the girls made a bee line for it. My confidence ebbed a little as we made our way to the ladies clothes department. To my horror we stopped at some nearby racks of panties.

In a voice that was far too loud Mandy asked, “Brian, what colour panties do you think Felicity would like?” I was speechless but Mandy continued, “Come on Brian, you should know what Felicity would like. Don’t be shy, speak up.”

A few heads turned our way and I judged it was better to speak now rather than delay the whole business. “Pink.” I mumbled.

“What’s that Brian? You’ll have to speak up I can’t hear you.”

“Pink, Mandy; I think Felicity will like pink panties.” Disturbingly, when I said this I felt a stirring in my groin area and I felt my penis start to grow. I made a surreptitious, on the spot, shuffle to allow my growing erection the space and freedom it needed to grow.

“What about these?” Mandy held a lacy pair of pink panties aloft for me and the rest of the store to see.

I could feel my face redden and I started to sweat. I cleared my throat, “Yes Mandy, I think Felicity will like them.”

“This little pink bow on the front is so cute and the lace work is pretty. What do you think Beth? Will Felicity look good in these?”

Beth responded, “Oh yes, Felicity will look so pretty in pink lacy panties. Let’s get a blue pair as well.” Saying this Beth popped two pairs into the basket and we made our way to the counter. Beth conducted the transaction but when payment was required said to me. “Brian; this is your gift for Felicity, you should pay.”

I paid and as I parted with my hard earned cash my erection eased somewhat. Any thoughts I had of leaving the store were squashed as we made our way to the dress and skirt section. As we shopped we followed a similar pattern with loud conversations between Mandy and Beth about the suitability of each item for Felicity. I was often consulted and heads turned as people tried to understand what was going on. It was never obvious that the clothes were for me but I am sure the other customers had a good idea that they might have been. My cash quickly ran out and I was forced to use my credit card. Before long we had acquired the following:

Two pairs of lacy panties; one pink pair and one lilac blue pair.

One Per Una crossover pleated red dress.

One Per Una Slash Neck Paisley Print Dress .

Two pairs of white socks with turn down tops.

Three pairs of tights.

Two brassieres (size and shape a mystery to me).

A “My First” make up kit aimed at the younger customer.

Two pairs of navy blue knickers supposedly for Mandy’s younger but quite big sister.

Next we made our way to the shoe department. The girls examined several shoes before deciding on a pair of black shoes with a moderate high heel. I was standing off to one side and an assistant was helping the girls. To my alarm I was called. “Brian, come over here. You’ve got the same size feet as Felicity, could you be a dear and just model these shoes for us?” Resistance was useless; I kicked of my trainers and slipped on the heels. I stood there like a fool before Mandy said. “Don’t be silly Brian; you can’t just stand there, you need to move about a bit so we can see what they will be like on Felicity.”

The assistant found this very amusing but managed to keep her sniggers to herself. I wobbled around for a few paces and paraded in front of the girls. I got several funny looks and felt very embarrassed. At last the girls stopped the game kaçak iddaa and the shoes were taken off. I was pleased to note that the shoes were discounted and I made a saving of six pounds.

We left and made our way to a pharmacy. I was sent inside to buy condoms because Mandy thought it would be more hygienic for me when I was being fucked. I was reminded to buy, “Extra large,” to accommodate Mandy’s big rubber cock.

I truly believed my ordeal was now over and we stopped off at a coffee shop for a cake and a drink. We took a window seat and I started to relax. The coffee and cakes came and my confidence started to return. I even tried to interest the girls in some intelligent conversation. Then my calm was shattered.

The girls rummaged in their bags and produced the panties. My face reddened as they examined the panties; they held them up and examined each side and Beth said to Mandy, “Well, what do you think? Will Felicity like them?”

Mandy replied, “Oh I think so; I think they will really suit her. What do you think Brian?”

I coughed, “Um, yes I think she will like them.” I got little excited and decided to enhance on this. “I think that Felicity is going to look fabulous in them; it’s just a pity that I won’t see her in them.”

I think I overstepped the mark. The girls looked annoyed and started to whisper to each other. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Beth grabbed my arm and said, “Into the loo and put these on,” she passed one of the shopping bags to me. “Shoo, go.” She pushed me away from the table. I went to the toilets, found an empty cubicle and locked my self in. It was the blue knickers I had been given. I had no choice. I put them on and popped my underpants into the empty bag. I returned to the seating area in the café. Mandy passed me a written note.

Felicity; the rubber cock that assaulted you the other day has a name. It’s called Will.

“Brian,” said Mandy in a conversational tone (loud enough to be heard by neighbouring tables). “I hear you and Will had a bit of an altercation on Thursday, Is that right?”

“H’m yes.” I replied.

“I also heard that Will got the better of you and put you in your place.” Mandy continued.

“H’m, yes.” I stammered.

“Why is that Brian?” Beth enquired.

“Well I, um, I was caught unawares. Will was on top of me before I knew what was happening.”

“Do you think Will, will give you a hard time from now on Brian?” asked Mandy.

“Oh yes,” I replied. “I’m expecting Will to get under my skin quite a lot in the future.”

The girls had a giggling fit. I waited for them to calm down. We were soon leaving the café and on our way back home.

We went straight to the back bedroom. Having settled down Mandy said to me, “Beth wants to try out my rubber cock but we need you to politely ask to be fucked.”

I got the picture and replied. “Please can I be fucked by the rubber cock?”

“Not good enough,” answered Mandy forcibly. “Try again.”

“Please Beth, will you use Mandy’s big rubber cock to give me the fucking I deserve.” I kicked off my trainers and dropped my jeans to the floor. I pushed them to one side and stood in the navy blue knickers I had put on in the café. I jettisoned my t-shirt and dropped to my knees.

Beth was in front of me and Mandy stood behind her with the rubber cock in hand. She reached round and held the strap on ready for Beth. Beth slipped one foot through the harness at a time and then Mandy drew it up over her knees. Then it was pulled further up till Beth’s skirt was forced upwards to accommodate it. The rubber cock and harness seemed to need a lot of adjusting and after kaçak bahis several minutes Mandy was still making adjustments and all the time needed to run her fingers over Beth’s pussy and bottom to get the strapping right.

Will, the cock, stood large, hard and erect in front of Beth. Mandy now shifted her attention to Beth’s breasts. She had one hand covering each breast and was massaging them through the fabric of her blouse and bra. Mandy was placing little kisses on Beth’s neck and they seemed to be in a world of their own.

I was excited at the sight and started to stroke my penis. I wanted this to go on, and so it did for two minutes. Then Mandy pulled herself back into reality and broke off her ministrations to Beth. She threw a condom to me and a tube of gel. I kissed the head of the cock and then rolled the condom on till it stopped at the artificial balls. I then spread the gel on my hands and lubricated the cock.

Knowing what was required I turned, placed my head on the floor and presented my ass to Beth and Will. My knickers were promptly pulled down and my ass cheeks spread. Beth pushed hard on the cock and it slid gently in. After a few strokes it finally entered all the way. I know it was there because I felt the balls banging against my ass.

I’m not sure what happened now because my alter ego Felicity seemed to take over. “Come on Beth. Do it to me. Fuck your little sister Felicity.”

Beth also got into the play acting. “I always wanted a sister. Now I’ve got one and she’s called Felicity.” The pace got quicker and the thrusting continued. “Felicity is going to be so good to he sister Beth. She’s going to do just as Beth wishes isn’t she?”

“Oh Beth,” I panted, “I want to be your dirty little sister. I want to get fucked every day. I want to do everything a little sister should.”

Then amid some ooh’s and ah’s the thrusting slowed and stopped. Will was extracted and Beth fell back onto the floor with Will still standing proud and pointing at the ceiling.

I hiked my knickers up and then wondered what I should do. Mandy helped Beth onto the bed and then lay beside her. “Felicity, stand by the bed. Now, show Beth what little girls do to their big clits.”

I pushed the front of my knickers down, pulled out my cock and started to massage it. Gently, gently; I didn’t want to come in two seconds flat. The girls were now arm in arm but still watching me. I got the feeling that Mandy might soon be riding the rubber cock. I dared to think that I might witness that. At that point I came; no control; spunk all over my hands and knickers.

Mandy threw my underpants across to me and said, “Clean yourself up Felicity. Then remove this mucky condom from Will.” I complied as quickly as I could. Now; a little job for you. The clothes we bought were nice but we need some special clothes for you. I want you to go on line to a sissy web site and order a few things. Beth tell her what she needs.”

Beth reeled of a list, “A pair of really pretty panties with frills on the back just like the tennis players used to wear. A school girl uniform, navy blue of course. You want the type that you wear a white blouse with; the sort I wore with the bib front just like in the juniors. Then you want a pretty pink dress with lots and lots of frills on. Please tell me you understand Felicity.”

“Beth I understand but I haven’t got any money after today.” I replied.

“Credit card you stupid girl; use your credit card!”

“Go away now Felicity,” Murmured Mandy, “Take your clothes and knickers. Have the knickers washed by tomorrow.”

Every inch of me wanted to stay in that room; I would have given a years wages to stay there and watch what was about to happen. In my dreams! “Oh well,” I thought, “Let’s see what tomorrow brings”.

Chapter four finds Brian in the pretty frilly panties and dress that he ordered on line.

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