Becoming a Cuckold

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My name is Ryan. By all accounts I’m your typical 27 year old guy. I married my high school sweetheart at 23 after we finished college. I make a pretty good living working in IT for a small tech company in the Midwest. My wife, Kristen, works at a local college in administration. We don’t have any kids. Ask any of our friends or family and they’d say we are the perfect couple. Not only are we married but we are best friends. However, we have a very unique sex life. I am a cuckold. A very submissive cuckold. And Kristen is very good at her role of cuckoldress. This is the story of how we started this journey.

Kristen and I started dating when we were 16 in high school. We grew up in a small town, one of those towns where everybody knows everybody, so we had known each other since we were little kids. We had always been friendly towards one another, but I wouldn’t have called us friends. One day she rear ended me in the high school parking lot. My truck was ok but her car had a dent in the front bumper. She started crying immediately. Her dad would kill her if he saw the dent. Luckily my dad was a mechanic. I told her to follow me to my house and we’d get it taken care of. My dad was able to take care of it within a couple hours. The time he was working on it allowed Kristen and I to catch up. We really hit it off. She said she was forever indebted to me for getting her out of trouble. I told her she could make it up to me by going out to dinner with me. The rest is history. We became the typical high school sweethearts. Eventually we lost our virginities to each other. I’d love to say the sex was amazing and that I was a stud that fucked her for hours, but let’s be honest, my cock is only 4 inches and I came pretty quickly.

Our sex life during those first two years was never that great. Though Kristen was absolutely stunning with her 36D breasts and full ass on her 5 foot 5 130 pound frame, she was always kind of timid in bed. We always used condoms as she wasn’t on any type of birth control, typical missionary position, and she would only suck my cock on special occasions. Still, I loved her deeply. Other than our sex life the relationship was great. We were best friends and did everything together.

When we graduated high school we decided to go to different colleges. She was a bit of a homebody so she didn’t want to move away. She ended up attending the local college while I moved a couple hours away. The distance wasn’t a problem at first. She would come stay with me on the weekends. We’d go out to parties together then back to my dorm. I thought for sure our sex life would improve in college. My roommate was cool. I’d give him a heads up when her and I were heading back to the room and he’d make himself scarce. But the sex was still same ole same ole.

About half way through our freshman year of college her dad decided it wasn’t ok for her to live at home. I still to this day don’t understand what made him decide this, but Kristen had to move out. Luckily her college tuition was completely covered from an academic scholarship. She was able to take out a small student loan to pay her rent. Her bahis firmaları part time job at Pottery Barn allowed her to find some pretty good furniture at a decent price. Everything ended up going pretty well. I’d come visit her on the weekends since she had her own place.

When freshman year ended I moved back home for the summer. I worked full time at a factory 3rd shift to make as much money as I could. Kristen was working a lot as well, but she worked during the day. Our differing schedules meant we didn’t get to see each other much. Looking back it’s easy to see we were drifting apart, but at the time I thought nothing of it. I thought she understood that we both needed to work a lot during the summer so we’d have more money and have to work less during the school year. Needless to say I was devastated when she told me we needed to talk.

I’ll never forget sitting in her apartment that day. Her makeup was messed up from where she had been crying. She told me that this wasn’t working. She felt like an old married couple that was just going through the motions.

I begged. I pleaded. “Please don’t do this. We can make it work. I’ll be a better boyfriend, I promise” I said. It was clear she had made up her mind. She said she needed space. That she needed to find herself. I asked her straight up if there was another guy. She said of course there wasn’t. I didn’t believe her. I told her I’d never forgive her if she was with another guy. How could she just up and need some space out of nowhere? There had to be another guy. I left her apartment sobbing. Kristen was not only my girlfriend, she was my best friend. I was beside myself with emotion.

I was a mess those first few days after we broke up. I called Kristen multiple times a day, none of which she answered. After about a week she finally called me. “Look, Ryan, I don’t know if this is permanent, but right now I need my space. Please stop calling me or I’ll change my number” she said then hung up the phone. I sat there crying like a baby. I wasn’t thinking clearly. Then I had an idea. I realized I still had my key to her apartment. For some reason I convinced myself to go to her apartment and see if pictures of her and I were still hanging up. If she still had pictures of us on display then maybe she did still have feelings for me and we could work things out.

I drove over to her apartment but parked about a block away. I was nervous as hell that she would drive by and see me walking. I checked the parking lot. Her car wasn’t there. I stood outside her door trembling for at least 5 minutes before I let myself in. It was eerie to be in her apartment. I felt like such a stranger in this place that I had spent so many nights. A smile crept across my face when I saw our pictures were still up! I thought to myself that we still had a chance. I need to suck it up and give her space and we’ll get back together. I started walking back towards the door when I heard laughing. I froze. I knew that laugh. That was Kristen. Fuck! If she finds me in her apartment then we are through. She would never forgive me for that. I heard her key inserting kaçak iddaa into the lock. There was nowhere to go. Her apartment was on the third floor. I dipped into her bedroom and jumped in the closet. Her closet door had one of those doors that had the vents in it. From the right angle you could look through it completely into the bedroom.

Her closet had a lot of clothes in it. I was able to hide well enough that I was confident if she opened the door she wouldn’t be able to see me. I would just have to wait for her to leave or jump in the shower, then I would be able to get out. I heard her apartment door shut kind of hard then I heard some muffled noises. I couldn’t make out what was going on. Kristen giggled and said “you’re so bad! You can’t even let me get inside before you’re hands are up my skirt.”

“I can’t help it baby, you’re so sexy.” Fuck. That was a male voice. She brought a guy back! I knew it. That fucking whore found another guy. It took every ounce of strength I had not to fling open the closet door and charge this mother fucker. But I told myself I had to remain calm.

The bedroom light came on and immediately Kristen and her friend fell on the bed as they kissed. I couldn’t believe it. Here was the love of my life on her bed with another man. It hurt so bad to see that. But, strangely, I found myself getting hard. Kristen had on a short jean skirt and a black tank top. The guy she was with was tall, well over 6 feet, and looked to be quite a bit older, in his mid-30s. They were kissing deeply as he worked he hands up her skirt. She spread her legs for him. Fuck. She didn’t have on panties! She never went without panties with me before. She was moaning as he started fingering her. I felt so jealous hiding in the closet. But by this point my cock was at full attention. I actually had to take it out as it was hurting in my pants.

After he fingered her for a few minutes she reached for his belt. She undid his belt and unzipped his pants. Holy fuck. She gasped “Drew I can’t get over how big your cock is!” She wasn’t lying. This guy was packing. I played sports in high school and showered with other guys. I’ve seen different sized cocks before but nothing like this. This “Drew” was hung like a horse.

“You like that baby?” he said.

“I fucking love it!” she replied.

“All 9 inches of this cock are yours, baby” he gasped as she wrapped her lips around his cock.

Fuck. I couldn’t believe it. I was in the closet stroking my 4 inch cock as she was sucking a cock over twice my size! I watched in disbelief as Drew rolled onto his back and Kristen started licking from underneath his balls all the way up his shaft to the massive head of his cock. Drew was moaning while she worked her lips up and down his cock. This went on for a couple minutes before Kristen said “I need your cock in me.” Drew jumped up and went over to his wallet.

“Shit!” he said. “I don’t have a condom.”

“It’s ok. I have some in my nightstand.” Kristen said. She pulled out one of my old condoms.

Drew laughed “I can’t wear that, I need a magnum.”

“Are you serious?” kaçak bahis she asked.

“Yeah those are way too small and actually hurt my cock.”

“I’m not on the pill so we have to use condoms. Let’s just keep fooling around but we can’t have sex.” Drew groaned in disbelief. I found myself disappointed in the closet. I wanted to see her take that massive cock!

Drew crawled between her legs and went down on her with his mouth. I could tell he was doing a good job by her moans. Every time she was about to orgasm he would stop. He was driving her crazy and she was begging him to let her cum.

“Fuck I need to cum!” she screamed. Drew started inching his way up her body. Kissing her belly, then her breasts, before kissing her on the lips. Kristen eagerly kissed him back. As they were kissing I could see Drew maneuvering his hips to get his cock pressed against her.

“Please, just the tip” he said. She didn’t say anything. All of a sudden Kristen let out a huge gasp. Drew moaned too. His cock was in her! His cock was in her bare pussy, something I had never experienced before.

She had her legs wrapped around his back as he thrust inside her. I’d never heard her moan like this. They worked up a good rhythm. After a couple minutes Drew jumped off of her, flipped her onto her knees and got behind her. She was now facing me. I could see both of their faces as Drew took her from behind, a position she never let me do. Kristen said “fuck you feel so good inside me.”

Drew said “you have the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt. You weren’t kidding about your ex being small.” Kristen giggled.

The smirk on her face as he fucked her from behind was unforgettable. It was obvious she was feeling things she had never felt before. Drew started fucking her harder and harder. I could hear his large balls smack against her. She was moaning so loud and gripping the sheets so tightly. She suddenly yelled “I’m cumming. Fuck I’m cumming! Please don’t stop. Please don’t stop fucking me.” Drew was grimacing. I could tell he was fighting his own orgasm, trying to hold off so he could get her off. “Oh fuck I’m cumming” she shrieked. “Whatever you do don’t stop. Don’t stop.” She started convulsing as her orgasm hit. She was shaking. I had never seen her cum like that.

Drew couldn’t hold it anymore and yelled “fuck here it is. I’m gonna cum!” He grabbed her hips and pulled her back into him as he exploded in her pussy.

Kristen moaned “Oh my god. I can feel it. I can feel your cum in me!” As she let out another orgasm. I shot my load into my hand as they collapsed on the bed. I couldn’t believe my cute, innocent Kristen had just let this guy cum in her unprotected pussy and loved every second of it. They laid there on the bed spent.

After a few minutes they started kissing. Kristen said “I want to shower and wash your cum out of me. Wanna join?” Drew eagerly agreed and they jumped up and went to the bathroom. I wiped my cum on a sock that was on her closet floor and waited a few minutes until it was obvious they were both in the shower. I got out of the closet. I couldn’t believe the wet spot that was on her bed, a bed that I had slept in many nights. My cock was rock hard again. I tiptoed through her apartment and made my way out the door. When I got back to my car I couldn’t believe my emotions. To be continued…

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