Beach Boy

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Max had been walking for hours… well technically he’d been walking for weeks. He’d started his journey at Gold Beach, the big tourist town on the Hastings River. Doing twenty or so kilometres a day, walking north on the firm wet sand, he’d done over three hundred kilometres so far, visiting and passing smaller towns along the way.

Today he had been up at first light and on the move for several hours. He’d already done some good sketches and a very fine watercolour he was pretty proud of – a study of the view behind him – headlands disappearing in the haze, long curving beaches, and a loan palm tree in the foreground – so beautiful and so desolate in its way.

It’ll make an excellent painting, he thought to himself. Big and framed, ready to be hung on a lounge room, some rich woman would pay a few grand for something good.

Last night he’d stopped at Morgans Head, a sleepy village of a dozen houses and a general store that boasted a petrol pump! It was a pretty little place, nestled in paradise and so far off the beaten track, the only people who lived there were adventurous old retired couples and alternative livers (who liked the freedom of being able to grow dope in their back yards). Their only visitors were the very occasional surfer looking for that perfect point-break.

Max had slept the night at the home of a cool old hippy couple. The friendly beatniks had fed him, let him use the bath (a cast-iron tub under the water-tank in their backyard), and he got the best sleep he’d had for ages on a plush old daybed on their back porch – absolute luxury after days of sleeping under the stars. At first light, he was up and on his way, refreshed and ready for whatever the day would bring.

He’d been on the move for several hours when, around mid-morning, something flashed bright in the distance – sun glinting off glass or metal.

Probably a park ranger thought Max ideally… or a beer bottle. No way anyone else would be way out here… there’s no roads…

He couldn’t know it was the windscreen of Gloria Peplinska’s battered old 4WD and that Gloria was looking his way as well – a tiny dark dot on the broad white beach, obscured by distance and heat haze.

Every Wednesday during the balmy summer months, Gloria came to her special secret cove with lunch and drinks and all her toys charged up and ready to go. The beautiful MILF had just been for her morning swim and, skin tingling from the salt and surf was laying naked on her towel, drying off in the sun. That was when she saw the tiny figure in the distance.

Imagine it’s a virile young lover, she thought, as she studied the little dark spot on the long white beach. Gloria’s imagination was vivid and she liked to use her fingers for her first climax of the day. She started rubbing herself voluptuously.

She had never seen anyone on her beach in the twenty years she’d lived here. A few wild dogs or a kangaroo occasionally, there was even a pig once, Matt Horan’s big old sow that had got out of its pen, but never another person.

Her talented fingers expertly fondled her clitoris, building her excitement, as she built the sexy scenario in her head… Mmmm… oh yeah… a handsome well-hung lover, coming to fuck me… mmmm… use my body like I’m a whore…

Gloria had always had a huge sex drive and, since she turned forty it had become even more so… more and more demanding the older she got. She would normally rub her hot horny twat to the first orgasm of the day about now and then have a little nap – only to wake up a little later and do it again – maybe with a vibrator this time… or her lovely vibrating egg …perhaps the big black dildo, depending on how she felt. Gloria brought herself off a dozen times a day during her Wednesday marathon of masturbation.

The little human spec in the distance was slowly got bigger… getting closer.

Mmmm, oooh yeah… come to me baby, she thought happily, her clitoris quivering between her fingers.

Gloria’s husband had walked out two years ago leaving Gloria and her daughter to their own devices and she was glad he was gone. The bastard had been a lousy father, a mean husband and a selfish lover.

Her sex life had become a strictly solo affair after that and that suited Gloria just fine. Sure, sometimes she wanted a real cock inside her so bad she would have paid money – any random cock would have done – but she had pretty much resigned herself to never finding a partner. Being a middle-aged woman with a teenage girl made it hard enough to meet anyone decent and living a hundred miles from nowhere didn’t help either.

…and it’s was not all bad, she thought happily, retrieving her cream coloured vibrator out of her basket izmir escort bayan of toys. These solitary days of self-pleasure on her secluded beach were the high point of the week for the sexy MILF.

Over the next half hour, as the little figure got slowly bigger, she recognised it was a man.

Oooo fuck yesss, she thought. He’ll come to me and take me and fuck me… fuck me hard…

Gasping in ecstasy, Gloria slid the big buzzing dildo in and out of her hyper-excited pussy, fucking herself like the mature nymphomaniac she was and when, after a little while longer, she saw that it was a young… mmm, and, oooh yes indeed… a handsome young man… she came.

“Ooooh fuck… yes, yes, yesssSSSSSS…,” she cried as the waves of pleasure rocked her incredible body. Arching her back, the big white vibe deep in her cunt, Gloria wallowed in the earth-shaking orgasm she was giving herself.

As though in a dream she continued to fuck her steaming spasming cunt as the young stranger drew abreast of where she was laying. Then shivering like it was cold, she extracted the pulsing toy, turned it off and put it back in her basket just as he looked up in her direction.

God, he’s so good looking, she thought excitedly as he turned off the hard-packed sand and came towards her.

His face was kind and romantic like only teenage boys can be, before the world turns them fat and sour (like her ex). His young body shone with health – trim and muscular and deeply tanned. His hair was long and blonde, hanging past his shoulders like a surfy.

The young adonis was wearing a pair of loose-fitting cotton shorts bleached white by sun and salt. He wasn’t wearing anything else but the rucksack over his shoulders that looked as though it could be holding all his earthly possessions. She could see a tent and a bedroll, a length of rope and a water bottle and some sort of long tripod apparatus strapped to the back (Max’s portable art easel).

Gloria stretched out luxuriously and waited. How windswept he looks, she thought to herself, brushing a sandy hand over her hard nipples. Her body was already looking for more.

As he got closer Max finally saw the reflection he’d been following was coming from the windscreen of a car parked up on a small rocky headland. 4WD would have been the only way to get way out here and the rusty old Range Rover looked as if it had done the journey a few times before.

It’s probably an old wreck that’s been dumped he figured and, on an impulse, he went to have a look.

It wasn’t until he was almost on top of her that he saw the nude sunbather. In the shelter of the rocky bluff, her beautiful naked body glowed, toned and voluptuous on a golden coloured beach towel.

The woman was up on her elbows watching him approach. Apart from full red lips slightly parted in a sexy pout, her face was unreadable behind large dark sunglasses.

She was laying in the dappled shade of a scrubby Pandanus tree and seemed totally unselfconscious about her nudity. The partial sun playing down her voluptuous reclining body made his cock harden instantly inside his shorts. It stuck out in front of him like an embarrassing baseball bat.

Her huge natural tits were like soccer balls, sagging under their weight and tipped with large dark red areola and thick dark red nipples. He gazed hungrily up the length of her long brown legs to her childbearing hips and, between her partially spread thighs, her cunt, a dark brown V of neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Max’s legs started to shake and his pack suddenly felt outrageously heavy.

Sure, he’d seen his share of nudist on his walking tour, some pretty good looking women at that. None were as beautifully sexy as this lady.

He figured her age to be about the same as his moms – forty or fifty …maybe sixty? He was too young and inexperienced to narrow it down further than that. All the girls he knew were about as old as him – first-trimester people. Anybody over twenty was old in Max’s world.

I don’t care how old she is, he thought hungrily as he ogled her. She is absolutely magnificent. She’s bound to scream or yell at me any second… her husband is probably just behind the headland or fishing up on the next beach…

To his surprise, the gorgeous woman made no effort to cover herself, even when he stopped just a few feet away.

“You look like you could use a cold drink,” she said in a deep raspy voice that made Max shiver.

Before he could say yes, she rolled on her side, (big breasts cascading, plump round ass rolling) and reached into a silver cooler bag that was propped against a round wicker picnic basket.

“Tha… thanks… that’d be really great…” muttered Maxwell.

She turned back with an icy cold can of soft drink.

“Here you are dear,” she said, holding it out and smiling invitingly, as though tempting him closer.

Max made a half-hearted attempt to readjust his cock to a less visible position but found himself rubbing it instead, escort izmir squeezing it through the cotton of his pants.

Gloria was tingling with excitement. The boy’s erection was filling his shorts up like a polish sausage. That he was as excited by her body as she was with his, thrilled her to the core. The kid was hung like a horse!

Max happily took the bait. He dropped his pack and fell to his knees in the warm sand beside her. He took the can, popped it, and tipping his head back, poured the cold fizzy drink down his gullet. Some spilled down his muscular hairless chest like a Coca-Cola advertisement, adding to Gloria’s sense of dreamy unreality. She felt dizzy with desire and had to resist the urge to reach out and grab that big cock through his loose cotton pants.

“Gosh, thank you,” he burped. “Didn’t realise how thirsty I was…”

Max knew he was staring but he couldn’t help it. The beautiful mature brunette took off her sunglasses and sat up beside him, casually resting an arm on a raised knee. The other leg was bent out at forty-five degrees and flat on her towel so that her pussy lips spread apart. He couldn’t drag his eyes away from her cunt, lips spread like a flower, the dark damp inviting space between…

The sexual tension was thick enough to cut with a knife.

“Where did you come from anyway? she asked huskily, basking blissfully in his hungry stare. “You’re absolutely miles from anywhere you know…”

Gloria knew this beach was almost impossible to access from anywhere but her sugarcane plantation up in the hills behind – and even then it was a half-hour off-road drive through rainforest to get down here. That this gorgeous boy was here at all felt unreal to Gloria and, like in a dream, she felt anything was possible. She lay back down on her towel, reclining on her elbows, both knees up now, her legs spread wide…

“I… I’ve been walkin… walking for ages… weeks, drawing and p… painting,” he stammered, gazing at her amazing body sprawled out before him. “I’m a painter… like an artist…”

I’m babbling like a bloody kid, he thought to himself. I might as well have said I’m going to be a fireman.

He needn’t have felt embarrassed. He saw she was barely listening anyway. As he was trying to explain himself the voluptuous woman was staring openly at his crotch, licking her lips at the circus tent bulge poking so obviously out of his pants.

“Ahh… sorry,” he stuttered. Looking down at the offensive monster. “I can’t help it.. it does this sometimes and I…

Adding to his shame a large dark spot of spreading precum was darkening the white cotton fabric.

“No need to be bashful dear,” she growled, deep and lusty. “All p… perfectly natural… C… Come here and show me… show me what’s in there…”

Again her deep gravelly voice sent shivers down his spine.

Max’s fingers felt like all thumbs as he struggled to undo the drawstring that held his pants up. The simple slipknot seemed impossibly tangled.

“Please… please…” begged Gloria. “Let me see…”

He fumbled desperately until suddenly his shorts fell down around his knees onto the sand and his massive cock burst out in front of her, impossibly long and thick, it’s one large eye stared at her.

The beautiful young man took it in one hand and started to rub, stroking the shaft up and down lovingly, his handsome face distorted with lust.

“Oh sweet jesus,” she gasped hoarsely staring at the hard twelve inches of monstrous dick. An apprehensive moan escaped her as she lay back luxuriously on her towel and held her arms out. She had to have it in her.

“C… come.. come here. F… fuck me… Fuck me boy… fuck me…”

The randy teen almost fell on his face as he desperately shuffled closer. Getting in-between her spread knees he held himself up over her and directed his gigantic dong between her legs. The fat purple head nestled briefly in the gaping entrance of her cunt… and then he slid himself firmly inside her…

They both cried out at the same time, a passionate scream of pleasure as their aroused bodies joined. His big dick filled her up completely, delving deep into her hot wet womb – a perfect fit.

Max moved his cock in and out, slowly at first and then faster and faster. The lady’s cunt felt like heaven. He could feel her frantic hands on his back and his ass, desperately trying to get more of him in and she was sobbing with pleasure, tears and loud wailing groans escaped her as he fucked her…

Gloria held on tight to the gorgeous young man. His prick felt fabulous, better then she had ever had before. The glorious appendage filled her completely.

I can’t believe this is happening, she thought. Dear lord let it go on forever… in out, in out, oh god… he’s going to make me cum…

The lust-filled teen was pounding her like a steam train. Faster and faster he went. She could feel that long thick pole in a way she’d never felt a cock before. The marvellous friction of izmir escort its ridges and veins against the walls of her cunt was bringing her off… and… dear gods, it was rubbing her clitoris as well, tickling it each time he drove into her.

Max felt his load building in his scrotum. The older woman’s big meaty cunt was going to milk his seed out of him at any second. He saw her auburn eyes widen and a look of shocked pleasure fell over her beautiful features…


…and that was all it took.

“Fuck yes… fuck yes… FUCKKKK YESSS…,” he screamed. “TAKE IT… TAKE IT ALL…”

With a massive convulsion, he rammed his cock deep inside her and filled her up. Great spasming loads of the boys cum shot inside her at the same time as her second orgasm tore through her body.

Gloria had never experienced anything so intense before. It was better than any sex she’d ever had. No man she’d ever had was a lover like this boy. It was totally all-consuming.

Like a crazy animal, she held her legs straight up in the air as her young stud came.

“AAAAAAHHHH YESSSSSSSssssssss” she screamed, scratching his back mercilessly. “AHHH YESSSS…”

Waves of pleasure buffeted her. Her juices squirted out of her quivering quimm just as much as his cum squirted in – their liquids blending in a hot erotic brew. His pistoning prick made squelching noises and liquids exploded out of the sides of his shaft.

Their ecstatic screams of pleasure echoed over that deserted beach until the sound was lost in the sound of the relentless pounding waves and the ever-present seagulls circling overhead, cawing away as though yelling to each other; hey check out the horny humans.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


They lay side by side afterwards, looking up between the long dark green leaves of the pandanus tree at the blue blue sky above. Their hearts were beating a hundred miles an hour as they gasped to catch their breath.

Presently, as she regained her bearings, Gloria started to laugh, a deep happy belly laugh that spoke volumes about the release she had just had.

The equally happy boy rolled over and up onto his elbows. The look of pure adoration on his handsome face made her melt inside.

“What?” he asked, smiling down at her, studying her striking features. How beautiful she was. The few signs of age, laugh lines around her eyes and mouth, a slight fleshiness under her neck, couldn’t detract from her natural beauty – a classic oval face with high cheekbones and amazing hooded hazel eyes sprinkled with flecks of goldy brown and green – and those oodles of wavy jet black hair that framed her face like Sophia Loren.

“My name,” she said with a mischievous smile that made her look like a little girl, “is Gloria, from the old Van Morrison song that I’m sure you’re much too young to know.”

“Ho! Is that right? Well, I’m Max,” he said, flashing his own toothy grin that made his handsome features somehow even more attractive, “and I know that song really well thanks very much!”

“Oh yes, I’m sure you do,” she said with mock sincerity, reaching out, stroking the line of his strong jaw. “What’s Max short for handsome? Maximilian many? Maximus?”

“Maxwell, but everyone calls me Max… G. L. O. R. I. A,” he sang softly, the famous hook from the famous old song

“I could call you Maximum,” she said, smiling tenderly, “because I don’t think I could have taken much more of you…”

“Then maybe I should call you Glorious,” he countered passionately, “because you really are…”

His warmth and adoration were overwhelming for the lonely woman. She was so happy at that moment that she had to fight back tears. Needing to change the subject before she embarrassed herself Gloria asked to see the drawings he mentioned.

“Really?… are you sure,” he said. “You may not think the much of ’em… they’re just rough working sketches…”

“Really Max, you must show me,” she begged, running her hand down up muscular arms. “I’m so starved for culture out here in the sticks…”

He turned to pull his sketch pad out of the webbing of his rucksack and Gloria gaped at his strong muscled body. She risked a quick grope of her cunt, three fingers sliding quickly in and out, as she admired his tight round ass and the huge fleshy cock hanging down between his legs. His sperm and her gushing fluids had left her a sloppy wet mess but, as she suspected, her insatiable body needed him again. She had to stifle a groan of pleasure, and only just removed her fingers in time when the boy turned back to her with a large spiral-bound sketchbook.

Max sat cross-legged and Gloria sat up beside him. Shoulder to shoulder, naked thighs touching, the boy opened it up over their laps.

Not knowing what to expect she was astonished at what she was seeing. Page after page of sketches and watercolours, from detailed anatomical drawings of birds and plants and shells to colourful abstracted sunsets and beachscapes… simple colourful drawings that took her breath away.

“These are really beautiful Max,” she said admiringly as she turned the pages.

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