Beach Bitch 3

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Beach Bitch 3

After the escapade with Roger in the beach showers, where I had been rescued and discovered by a lady who took me home, things carried on with her for a while and I didn’t hear from Roger.

I was pretty cross at him for leaving me for dead, and so I didn’t contact either.

I saw him at a distance a few times down the beach, he didn’t make contact. He was usually with hot looking chicks. So was I.

After a while I started to cool down, and as one does I started to think about his fabulous 10” cock and how it felt being shoved hard into my ass.

One mid week morning in March, I was at the beach and Roger was also there, alone this time.

We set our towels up well apart. I was tanning my back so was ass up face down texting friends. A text came through from Roger.

“that’s the hottest ass on the beach”

I replied “Where”

His answer “Yours, so want to fuck you”

I replied “So you can leave me for dead again?”

He replied “I’m so sorry, I panicked”

Around then a guy I vaguely knew from cycling walked up to me and said, “hey buddy, how’s the riding”

We chatted for a few minutes then he said “Hey you’re burning, have you got lotion on?”

I replied to him”Jim isn’t it?? Nah I forgot my lotion, anyway that’s for pussy’s”

He said “Thought maybe you had, yeah I’m Jim, here use some of mine, you don’t want to get burnt today.”

I took the tube from him and started putting it on my shoulders and face. He took the lotion and said, “here I’ll get your back.”

That was a bit unusual and normally I would have freaked out, but I thought why not tease Roger.

Jim had nice hands for such a big guy, over 190cm and 140kg and was very fit looking. He was careful to rub the lotion all over my back and down just inside my bathers on my butt.

He said “sorry if that’s a little personal, I’m not gay or anything, I have a girlfriend! Mind you, your butt is bloody amazing, even if its on a guy, nice bubble butt”

I said “Jim you are sounding a bit gay or Bi mate, sure you haven’t got some bi tendencies”

He said “Nah never! But so what if I did, I’d never do anything about it”

I said “really? So you admit you think about guys?”

Jim said “hey I don’t know you from a bar of soap, but yeah I suppose so. I wank off to watching guys on the net, stroking their cocks and shooting. I’ve never seen a cock shoot live in the flesh, but would love to”

I said “Really? Think we may be a little the same there?”

Jim said “What? Are you saying you like guys?”

I replied “No, I’m saying I fantasize about some aspects of sex with guys”

Jim looked at me carefully and said “what aspects”

I glanced down at his cock, it was starting to swell and strain at his bathers. He had a nice fat package, it was easily 7” now and was not fully hard.

I took a chance. I said “I haven’t done much to make the fantasies reality, but yeah I’ve thought about sucking cock, and fucking, being fucked”

That did it, Jim’s cock started pulsing and growing, the head opened up a wet spot, he was leaking pre cum staining the bathers. His cock head was easily 7cm across. Nice fat long cock, yum!!

Jim said “God my girlfriend is tiny, she will never let me fuck her ass. I lay awake at night dreaming of fucking her ass or anyone else’s. I could easily fuck a guys ass. Ass is ass isn’t it?”

I said “what about your ass, have you thought of having that fucked. “

Jim said “Not really, I’ve thought about it being licked though. She never would, but I’d love it, a tongue is a tongue. “

He looked at me and said “Have you ever done that, Lick ass, a guys ass”

I replied “Yes to chicks ass but no, not a guys”, I was lying of course.

Jim said, “Is this just a hypothetical chat, or would you consider letting me stroke your cock and maybe fuck your ass.”

I said, “maybe we could try stroking cocks, see how we like that, no guarantees on anything else”

Jim swallowed and said “cool, now? I mean Now Please”

I nodded and stood up, grabbing my towel etc. I lead him up to the shower block. There was no one else around except Roger. About 150m away down on the waters casino şirketleri edge.

Jim was shocked, he stumbled along next to me saying “Really, just like that, we are going up to the shower block to have sex?”

I said “I don’t know about sex, I’m having a shower, you can wash any part of me you like”

Within 30 seconds I was under the shower naked. Jim was soon on his knees in front of me. His tentative 2 strokes of my cock turned to full on deep throating my cock in seconds. He was even pretty good at it. Soon he turned me and started licking his tongue over my ass hole, sending massive shivers up my back. I just leaned against the wall and spread my cheeks for him. His tonguing became very focused and he soon was doing it very well, making me very hard and horny. He kept turning me to suck my cock then lick my ass. His cock was fully hard and he had a nice thick 9” cock pretty much the same as mine.

He became more and more adventurous and was sucking my balls from behind and stroking my cock as he tongued my ass. It felt brilliant. He was pressing his tongue right into my anus, and started pushing in a finger, I just went with it and soon melted down to being on my knees in doggy with him behind me.

After long minutes of being tongued, he moved and started rubbing his cock against my ass, and over my anus. I felt back behind between my legs to guide him and was pleased to feel he had put on a condom. As his fat cock started stretching my anus I pushed back and was rewarded with that piercing white hot pleasure and pain of ass penetration by a big fat cock. As he pushed deep into my ass the lack of lube tore the condom. I felt it tear and felt the lube from his precum instantly lubed my tight anal canal.

Jim said “Shit, condom broke.”

I pushed back and said “keep going, fuck my ass you stud. We need your pre-cum as lube.”

All he could manage was an “Oh god” and Jim started pushing all the way in , once balls deep he started fucking me with deep slow strokes. My ass responded with pulses and the pre-cum lubed me to the point his cock was sliding easily. Soon he was fucking my ass really hard. I was stroking my cock like crazy, then felt something funny. I was having a cock forced in my mouth. Jim’s cock was doing wonders in my ass so what was this cock??

My eyes shot open, and there was Roger, naked , forcing his fat 10” cock deep into my mouth. I shuddered and almost swooned. Jim kept hammering my ass from behind and I just started sucking Roger.

The guys got into a good rhythm and my whole body felt full of massive hard cock. I’d never managed to get Rogers cock down my throat before, but here he was balls deep in my mouth and I was managing his fat 10” cock

Jim pulled his cock out of my ass and said “Swap”

The guys stayed where they were and I span around like a cock hungry slut and started sucking Jim’s clean looking cock straight from my ass. Roger simply shoved his massive hard cock head into my anus, then his cock followed deep into my ass. He pulled out then pushed it all the way home. Jim’s cock was so deep in my throat I didn’t even get to taste the huge load of cum he pumped down my throat. As Roger worked himself to a frenzy fucking my ass I exploded cum all over my chest and onto Jim’s cock and legs. Soon Roger was making those grunting sounds that signal his big cums and he exploded in my ass, filling my ass to overflow with a massive load of cum.

I kept sucking Jim’s softening cock. I could see him glancing around at the showers door nervously. Rogers cock slipped out of my ass with an audible ‘plop’

The two guys eyed each other off nervously.

Roger said to Jim “How long have you been fucking James”

Jim replied “Never, this is a total first for me”

Roger said “And did you like it, He’s a sweet piece of ass isn’t he?”

Jim nodded in ascent then said “Doesn’t anyone else come in here, what if we get caught”

Roger said “Yeah, that’s a point, why don’t we all pop back to my place for round two”

Jim looked nervous and looked at me saying “are you in it? I don’t want to be fucked though”

I nodded a yes and Roger said “You wont have anything happen you don’t casino firmaları want, anyway I’ve spent months waiting to fuck this guy again, and he’s just ignored me, so he’s going to get it, very hard”

We quickly dressed and Jim and I followed Roger to his home in my car.

We chatted on the way, Jim was very concerned about safe sex, so I explained I had recent clean STI tests. I was relieved he was clearly a first timer with guys and felt his 10 plus years in a monogamous relationship might make him a safe sex partner.

Jim talked a lot about how sexy my ass was, how he was hard again already thinking about fucking me. I was feeling pretty horny by the time we got to Rogers door. It was my first time ever with two guys, and they were both studs with fat big hard cocks.

As soon as we closed the front door, Roger was on his knees in front of me, easing down my pants. Jim started stripping off, and I felt a surge of adrenalin as I saw his cock released from his boxers was rock hard, veins standing out proudly and he was leaking a lot of pre cum. Jim got behind me and was licking my ass, as Roger sucked my cock. After a minute or so I pulled my cock from Rogers’s mouth and turned, presenting my cock to Jim and my ass to Roger. Roger slipped his tongue into me immediately and Jim’s mouth descended on my cock. Once again I was rock hard and panting from all the licking and sucking.

I could tell when Roger moved, he stood, rubbing his rock hard 10” cock along my ass crack and sending a shot of pleasure up my anus as his cock head brushed over it. By now Jim was pulling my ass towards his face, forcing my big cock down his throat. The action was pulling my butt cheeks apart and Roger was quick to take advantage of the position. My Anus was soaking wet from his tongue and he aimed his cock with his hand and started to firmly push his cock into my ass.

The pleasure was white hot and all consuming, my strength left my legs and knees and I sank down onto my knees as Roger completed impaling my tight smooth ass with his monster cock. Jim managed to twist around as I partly fell, partly melted onto my knees. He was still deep throating my cock and before me was his lovely big hard cock, dribbling bright clear pre-cum all over his tummy. My mouth descended on his cock, the brief taste of his pre-cum was wonderful and soon I had his cock fully down my throat. The sensations were awesome, I was being fucked hard by a monster cock, while being sucked and my balls squeezed and I was doing the same back to Jim.

Rogers big cock pounding my ass felt fantastic for both of us, and he soon built up to a big cum. He was forcing his cock into me with all his strength. The impacts of his hips on my round butt cheeks were driving my cock deep into Jim’s mouth. As Roger started shooting yet another monster load of cum deep in my ass, I went crazy and started shooting my own cum down Jim’s throat. Jim could feel me cuming and unleashed another big load of his own into my throat. I pulled back on his cock a little to get his cum taste, and had his cock head on the back of my tongue. I could feel his cum spurting into my mouth, and yet every hard hammering Roger gave me, it forced Jim’s cock head into my throat. I would pull back enough to feel and taste his jetting cum, then have his cock forced down my throat once again. I kept cuming and cuming, filled with cock both ends and having sweet warm cum pumped into me in large amounts at each end.

After an age of orgasms stretching on for many minutes that seemed like hours the guys finally stopped fucking and sucking me. I barely had the energy to pull away from them. I must have dozed as sometime later I felt a fat cock being forced into my ass. I was very tender so it felt huge. I saw Roger on the couch watching me so I knew it was Jim fucking my ass. He pulled me up onto doggy and was fucking me with long hard deep strokes. He pulled my hands up behind my back and held them there, forcing his cock deep into me. This fuck was for him, there was no pretense he was being nice to me. He was force fucking me for his pleasure alone, and loving every bit of it.

I started dribbling cum and my ass was spasming as I orgasmed. This tightened güvenilir casino so hard on Jim’s cock he started grunting “Oh God, Oh God” and pumped another load of cum up my ass. As he pulled his cock out of me and walked over to the couch, I saw Roger rise off his chair. Neither touched each other, both avoided the other, and Roger walked up to me, as Jim sat.

Roger knelt down behind me, and started pushing his cock into me. I realised I was just their fuck toy, they were rooting me like a town slut in high school, or a flesh-light at a public wanking booth.

My ass was full of cum and so so slippery with that delicious slippery sticky feeling only cum has. Roger also took my hands and held them behind my back as he fucked me. He took his time, mercilessly screwing my tight ass for 15 minutes then unleashed a massive cum deep in my ass. I came as well, but only a tiny drop of cum came to the slit of my cock. I was drained completely.

Once again as Roger walked to the couch, Jim stood and avoided Roger and walked over behind me.

Jim flipped me over and pulled my legs and body towards his waiting hard cock. He placed my legs over his shoulders and lined his cock up to my anus. There was so much cum leaking out there he just shafted me in one hard push.

He grabbed my hands and forced them down onto my own cock, making me stroke myself as he used my ass for his own pleasure. Jim fucked me hard sunny side up for another 10 minutes or more, making my whole body shake with the sensations of being fucked. As he built to a cum and his voice and breathing was gasping , he pulled his cock out of my ass, then shot his still large load over my chest up to my face. Some cum landed on my lips and I happily licked them clean.

As he pulled his now limp cock from my ass I wiped the cum off my chest and licked my fingers clean.

Roger was soon in front of me, lining his cock up at my ass. I was hurting a lot by now. I said “fair go, don’t I get a break”

Roger replied one word “NO, I’m going to be the last guy that fucks you today”

As Roger forced his hard fat cock up my ass I heard Jim from the couch say “Like fuck you are, I was first to fuck him, and I’m going to be last to fuck him today and the next time”

Rogers pace increased with the challenge from Jim, and he hooked my legs in the air and fucked me with an angry vengeance that had his face red and his body sweating in seconds. He kept hammering away at me until with a gut wrenching scream he let loose another torrent of cum into my ass.

As he pulled out I went to get up, but Jim moved over quickly and had my hands behind my back and was forcing his cock into me again, I wrestled a little, until being ass fucked felt so good I just went with it again. When Jim came he held me down and forced every drop of cum deep into my ass.

I slumped forward onto my face, ass up. Roger was over and pushing his hard cock into me again. His cock hurt as I had been fucked constantly for hours and even though I was awash with hot sticky cum, their cocks were so big my entire ass tube was sore. I forced myself up on my knees and dragged Roger and me over to Jim’s seat. I started sucking Jim and working my mouth over his cock until he was hard and then as Roger built to a cum, I squeezed Jim’s balls and worked my mouth over his cock until he shot a load down my throat.

This time both guys were sated at the same time, I managed to get away from them and go have a shower. When I came out they were sitting well away from each other and not talking.

I asked “What was the matter”

Bothe guys shook their heads “Nothing”

I said to Jim, “Come on I have to leave, do you want me to drop you back to the beach”

Jim nodded and he dressed quickly and we were gone. In the car I asked him if he liked Roger, He said “No, we are both competing for your ass”

I said, “Mate I’m not your bitch, I’m neither of your’s’”

Jim said “Well I’m not letting him fuck me, and I’m not fucking him either, I’m no fag”

I said “so why is it ok for you to fuck me until its almost rape”

Jim said “Its your fault mate, having that sexy bubble butt”

Jim picked up his phone and dialed a number, the phone in his pocket rang. I realised he had used my phone to call his. Shit he had my number….

PS I’d love to hear if anyone enjoyed the story or maybe had a wank while reading or just after…

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