Bath House Adventure

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As I grew up I would hear about bathhouses and think they only existed in ancient Greece, gay porn movies or San Francisco. Then I finally realized that bathhouses really do exist. I had to move to Chicago for work and found four open and working bathhouses. During the several years I was there I took the time to visit and enjoy all four of them. It didn’t take long for me to figure out my favorite and where I would not go again.

My time in Chicago ended and I moved home to the Boston area. After doing a search I discovered two bathhouses in Providence but none in Boston. I made the two hour trip on multiple occasions and tried both bathhouses until I decided on the one I liked the best and became a member.

This bathhouse has private rooms, a locker room, a dark play room (tool shed), showers, sauna, TV room (which has a queen size bed, bondage cross, small cubby, benches on the walls, mirrors on all the walls and of course a TV with porn playing), one of the private rooms has a sling with a TV showing porn and no door, a glory hole area and an area with a pillory. There are also a few spots where you can play in a semi-private setting. As you can see there are lots of good playing options. They also have specials: bear night, college night, bondage night, business man’s afternoon specials, tranny / cd night, cumunion event, and occasionally black out nights.

I’ve never been able to get there on bondage night even though I really want to attend. I have experienced Tranny night and the business man afternoon special in addition to regular visits.

It was Saturday afternoon and nothing special happening so I decided to drive to Providence and have some fun. I arrived and paid for a room today, I usually just get a locker. I like the lockers because you never know who will be changing or !! in the locker room.

When I got to my room I stripped, wrapped on my towel and went to a walk to see who was around. I wandered down a few halls looking for an open door with someone waiting for company. I did see a few nice cocks but thought I have plenty of time to come back for those. I went to the tool shed and there were five guys hanging and watching a blowjob. My mindset is that I like to watch live action but I rather be watched and maybe have others touch me. As I was watching got close to one of the guys and reached over and rubbed his cock. He leaned over and said I’m saving myself now so maybe later. I gave his cock a gentle squeeze then rubbed his ass and said I hope we can find each other left the room. From there I went to check out the sauna and showers only to find not much happening. Finally I went to the TV room and saw three guys just standing and watching the porn and one guy laying on the bed.

I then headed back to my room to change – that’s right I said change. Remember earlier I said I have been to tranny / cd night – well ???? I put on this awesome dress, it was red with sequins, I then put in my tits (34 C) and finally my wig ( brown and curly just a little longer than my shoulders. The dress was about mid thigh and I decided not to put on a thong or panties.

Time to head out, remember this is not tranny / cd night so when the guys saw me I got all kinds of looks. Based on the wig and dress no one recognized me from my earlier walk. I walked a few halls then slowly by the tool shed. With the low lighting any flash of light off the sequins gathered he attention of the guys around.

I headed to the TV room and stood near the wall watching the great porn and waiting. Because of all the mirrors in this room I could see any movement almost as easy as watching the TV. One guy came in the front door and stopped suddenly when he saw me. He was very aggressive in comparison to everyone I’ve meet here. He walked directly toward me, squeezed one of casino şirketleri my tits, grabbed my ass and said in my ear, I’m in room D4. I didn’t give him any attention.

I saw two guys behind me and gradually one of them was within inches of me. I decided to just watch TV and not look in the mirror, I felt him up close and leaning into my back. He reached around me and pulled us close together, then slid his hand up and began to massage one of my tits. With his other hand he came under my dress and began to slide his fingers into my butt crack. I relaxed and moved slightly to make it easier for him to get his finger to my hole. I reached back and felt his cock growing and I held it. Inside my bra was a condom which I took out and placed it in his hand.

It did not take long for me to feel the head of his cock pushing that lubed condom into my ass. It was feeling soooo good and I was relaxed with my eyes closed as I felt him go in and out of my welcoming butt. I opened my eyes to see a guy jerking off in front of me, wow – so I watched. Another guy walked over and just stood there with his cock semi hard. It felt like the guy doing me was about to cum, his grip on my hips got tighter and his pace increased. Finally he came and slowly pulled out.

The guy who was just standing there then took a little step closer to me. I glanced up at his face and he smiled so I got on my knees and took that semi- hard cock into my hand and began to play. It was only a matter of seconds before it was rock hard and I took the head in my mouth. I let my tongue run all around the head then slid this cock in my mouth. It was a good size and one I can handle. I began to suck and suck which was awesome, playing with his balls then rubbing his ass. As i said earlier I like to be watched and by now there were at least five or six guys watching. A little of precum was leaking into my mouth which meant my reward was not too far behind. I placed one hand on each of his ass cheeks and helped him pump my face with that tasty cock until he shot a warm and salty load into my mouth.

I kept his cock in my mouth until all that tasty cum had slid out of that cock and into my mouth. As I started to get up I felt a hand on my shoulder as a sign I should stay kneeling. I looked and there was another hard cock waiting for me. I did stand up, grabbed that cock and whispered into the guys ear, “let me enjoy the tasty cum that I still have in my mouth – maybe later”. He just shook his head and I moved along side of him and stroked his cock for a minute or so before leaving.

Heading down the halls the looks on many of the guys were surprising since today is not tranny day. I walked by the sauna and steam room but did not enter. I decided to have some playful fun so I went to the hall where the entrance to the tool shed is located. I very slowly walked by the entrance so the dim light could catch some of the sequins on my dress. About five or six feet past the entrance I stopped and simply leaned on the hallway wall. I was shopping !!

The traffic in the hallway increased and some of the guys went by several times. I went into the tool shed and only saw one guy, I guess the others were pacing the hall, and I stood in the back corner. It did not take long for a small crowd to gather in the tool shed. The lighting is very dim but occasionally does increase slightly but then go back down. Finally I felt a hand on my leg and I looked at the guy, when I did he took his hand off and I don’t know why. He was a good looking guy so I reached over and placed my hand on his ass then he put his hand back on my leg. Our hands were moving around and finally ended up on each others cock. His cock was not that long but it was nice and thick feeling good in my hand. By now several other guys were around with lots of hands casino firmaları every where including on my tits.

I did not let go of this thick cock and wanted it in my ass. It was time to make a move so I leaned over and asked him if he would top me? he said yes and asked where i wanted to go. I asked him if wanted to do it in the TV room so we could be watched. He said he wasn’t sure he could stay hard with guys watching. I told him if he could not stay hard then we could go to my room because I really wanted to feel his thick cock in my ass he agreed.

We headed over to the TV room and on the way I said I would get on my hands and knees on the bed so he could mount me from behind and he agreed. When we arrived his cock had softened so I got on my knees and took that beautiful cock into my mouth. As I was sucking his cock some guys arrived (I assume following me from the tool shed) and stood around and watched. When his cock was hard and tastily thick I stopped sucking and place it in a lubed condom. I got on the bed, flipped up my dress exposing my ass to this wonderful cock. He got on the bed and started to slide his cock into my butt and it was uncomfortable. He started to pull back but I reached back and pulled him back because I wanted his cock. He was awesome, he worked slowly and gently until his whole cock was buried in my ass. He held it there for a few seconds before he began pumping. He never pulled out, just kept pumping and it was feeling so good and I wished it would never end.

I could sense many guys watching and could see some on the side of the bed. There were some hands rubbing my back and ass as this cock was wonderfully sliding in and out. A couple of guys were sitting on the bed then one of them moved in front of me. He put one leg on each side of me and slid forward placing his cock right in front of me. I thought, why not? I opened my mouth and moved my head toward this cock and he guided it into my mouth.

As I began sucking this cock I felt the cock in my ass begin to pulse. My sucking slowed down so I could concentrate on the great feeling in my ass. His pumping got faster until he unloaded – wow that pulsing cock became thicker and felt unbelievable. When he pulled out I took a deep breath and returned to sucking the cock in my mouth. I then felt someone near my ear so I slowed my sucking and heard – thank you that was awesome, I’m staying for a while maybe we can meet again later. I nodded my head with the cock still in my mouth.

My ass was still up in the air as I sucked this cock and within a few minutes I felt movement behind me. Someone was getting in place to do me and I reached back to make sure he was wearing a condom. He was not- I let the cock drop out of my mouth and turned around and said no condom no entering me !!! I said it loud enough for the guys who were in the area to hear me. I went back to sucking and felt another person get on the bed. He came along side of me and said I have on a condom – I reached for his cock and felt the condom so I shook my head yes. He got behind me and easily slid his cock in my ass, it was still relaxed from that beautiful thick cock.

I felt bad for the guy I was sucking because of the interruptions. My goal was to finish this blowjob for this poor guy and get another mouthful of cum. Finally the guy came and I got another load of cum which was more than the first load I got but it was not as salty but still tasty. He got off the bed and in a matter of seconds another guy took his place but I did not react to him. I waited for the guy to unload into my ass. When he came it was harder, faster and longer than that thick cock and equally as good in a different way.

Time for a shower, I got up and went to my room and yes several guys did follow me down that hall. I went into my güvenilir casino room and closed the door and sat down. I waited a few minutes and undressed, wrapped on my towel and headed to take a shower. There were a few guys in the shower but I found a space and showered. I left the shower area hoping to get another cock in my ass. I’m not a fan of the steam room so I skipped it and went into the sauna. There were two guys sitting next to each other so I sat down the end. Nothing was happening and I guessed I stopped them from playing so I left.

Heading back to the TV room I did recognize a few guys who were watching when I was dressed and they acted like they never saw me before. In the TV room there were three guys standing watching the porn and one guy on the bed. Along one of the walls is a bench that you can get on and your ass will be positioned for someone to come by and fill it with a cock. I stayed there for 10 to 12 minutes watching the porn in the mirror and seeing guys come and go from the room. The most that happened is one guy ran his hand down my back then rubbed my ass for a few seconds. I decided this was not going to work so it was time to head home.

When I got back to my room I saw my dress and thought !! So I put on the dress and placed the tits in place and headed back to the TV room. I went straight to the same bench I had left less than two minutes ago. I did not flip up my dress so it was covering my ass but I did put a few condoms on my back. It took less than 30 seconds for someone to be behind me, remember I can see in the mirror. He threw his towel over his shoulder and started to rub his cock. When it was hard he reached for a condom, put it on then flipped up my dress. He put his fingers in his mouth then pressed them into my waiting ass. Finally he guided is condom covered cock into my ass. Since this was the third cock in a few hours it went in relatively easy and he began to pump in and out. As he was pumping he reached around and was squeezing my tits. In the mirror I could see a few guys watching which is great.

What happened next was kind of crazy but !!!!! The guy who was pumping me leaned over to one of the guys near him and said something, he then walked away. Another guy came over and talked to the guy who topping me. He then came along side of me and reached for my cock. He began rubbing me and I got bigger and harder. The guy who was pumping me slowed down his pumping and was just going in and out in long, deep and slow. I started to breathe harder and began to cum. When I did the handjob got faster and more intense but so did the pumping. When I came and my ass was contracting the guy pumping me went faster and finally came. He pulled out looked at the guy who gave me the handjob and said thank you. He then whispered in my ear I hope that was OK with you but I like to feel an ass grab my cock as I cum. I nodded in approval.

I went straight to the shower and hung up my dress on the hooks and jumped in to an empty shower stall. I was almost done when a guy asked if he could join me and I said sure. He told me he was one of the guys watching me get topped and came almost without touching himself. I just smiled back at him. He then reached out and held my cock, then looking at me asked if he could give me a blowjob. I told him I don’t know what I have left but he was welcome to try. He got on his knees and began to suck my soft cock. I felt a little life coming back into it but was still not sure if it would fully return. He put his hands around me and held / rubbed my ass then slid one finger inside me. When he did that I felt my cock coming back to life. Finally I was able to deliver a load of cum in his mouth. He stood up and said thanks then left.

I finished showering, changed then headed home. On my drive home I was thinking – maybe I should always bring a dress because it appears that the same ass and cock will get more attention in a dress than a towel !!

Hope you enjoyed my story and thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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