Basement Parties Ch. 05

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It was coming up on the High Holidays. Rosh Hashanah would be next Wednesday, and Yom Kippur would then follow on the next Friday. With a name like Wanda Ferguson you might not think I was Jewish. And I had the blond hair, of course. But I was Jewish, and my husband was Episcopalian. That was the world today.

Anyway, I would attend the High Holidays every year at my Reform temple. After all the fun I had been having in my basement you might think I had a lot to atone for. Not really. I didn’t take it seriously, but I did like to maintain contact with my culture.

Victor’s mother, Marjorie, had pulled me into a committee that was working on the food for the festive meal on the evening after Yom Kippur. I didn’t often do this, but I was feeling very grateful to Marge. You see, I had used her son Vic for some great fun and games in the basement, and now I felt obliged to give a little pay back. Maybe I was thinking of atonement after all.

In any case I was on the committee with Marge. She was a pretty lady, I have to admit. She kept herself fit, like many middle class ladies of a certain age. I know she was in her mid forties. Marge was short, with thick, curly hair that she maintained with monthly trips to the beautician. She also went to the same gym that I was a member of. I had seen her in very little clothing, and her body was tight and curvy. She had breasts about the same size as mine, and her legs were lovely.

Her son Vic was a fine sex toy. I don’t know if he got his sexuality from mom or dad. His girlfriend was even finer. Such a lovely little pussy. And she knew how to please mine very well. She and her friend, Trina, were sweet little pieces of choice pussy. I looked forward to playing in my basement with all of them soon.

Marge and two other ladies had been coming by my house. We had our organizing meetings for three weeks on Wednesdays. We had met in my basement. I really never understood why we couldn’t meet at anyone else’s house. It was something about remodeling or something. I didn’t actually listen too closely. I was happy to just stay at home and have them come to me. It was much simpler, and I didn’t have to get dressed up.

I had noticed that Marge was rather taken with my basement recreation room. I had the big screen television, the pool table, the ping-pong, the two pin-ball machines, and all the tables and chairs needed to have fun. I left the cabinet next to the TV open, and she had taken a glance into it one day, while we waited for the other two ladies.

She blushed as I casually walked over. I had left my sex toys right out in the open, along with lots of DVDs with explicit labels. This was my “Happy Cabinet” and I was amused at her reaction.

“What do you think, Marge? I have pretty nice collection. I need a few more toys, but these are good enough for right now.”

“My god, Wanda. I’ve never seen anything like this. Do you really use these things? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of anyone actually having these things. At least none of my friends. I’m shocked, Wanda. Yes, really shocked.”

“Marge, you can be so old fashioned sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with a woman enjoying her sexual side. Join the twenty-first century, dear. Women have rights now. Remember feminism? I’m just a normal lady with normal needs. And my husband’s not that great anymore, to tell the truth, Marge. Just between you and me and the fencepost, I need a little extra something to get my juices flowing.”

“Oh, my god, Wanda. I never knew that about you. Alright. I think I’ll just forget what I’ve seen today. It’s gone from my mind. Where are those girls? We need to get this meeting on the road.”

That was so funny. I was proud to be a MILF now, and I was pleased as punch to have achieved so much sexual success in the past few weeks. I wondered what Marge would think if she knew her little Victor had fucked me right here in the basement. I had sucked his cock, too. And made love to his girlfriend, Kirsty. I was tempted to tell her right then, but I thought better of it.

Rosh Hashanah passed, and then came Yom Kippur. After it ended that Saturday night we had a lovely dinner in the synagogue, to celebrate the end of fasting and atonement. I was glad to get all the planning and the celebrating over with. I needed to get back to some naughty play in my basement. Marge was happy with the results of our planning. Everyone else seemed to be, too, so I was happy.

It casino şirketleri was next Monday morning when I got a call from Marge.


“Hello, Wanda? This is Marge, dear. I wonder… may I come over today? I was thinking. I mean, I need to talk to you, dear. Would that be alright, Wanda? You’re not busy are you?”

“Nope. Not busy at all Marge. Come over anytime. About one o’clock would be great. But I’ll be here all day, dear.”

“Alright, Wanda. One o’clock then. Bye bye.”

After I made myself a sandwich for lunch, I ate it there in the kitchen, sitting naked as always now. I loved being nude in my own home. It was so decadent, don’t you know? There was the robe by the front door, for when people came by. Right at one I heard the doorbell ring. Putting on the robe I opened the door to Marge. She had on a tight fitting blouse that emphasized her breasts, and a short skirt, showing off her legs. She was wearing high heels.

“Oh, dear, I didn’t mean to catch you by surprise. You’re still undressed! You remembered I was coming didn’t you?”

“Marge, it’s okay. I’m always in a robe nowadays. You didn’t catch me. This is me now, dear.”

“Ah, well, I guess that’s fine then. I was wondering, could we go sit in your comfortable basement?”

That was not a problem at all. I took the lead and we went downstairs. Marge begin wandering about a little, as if unsure of where she was going.

“Um, Wanda, I have a little favor, dear. It’s a little embarrassing, if you must know, but I was wondering if I might, you know, just look at those toys you have? In the cabinet? Would that be a problem, dear?”

I smiled. My friend Marge was growing up. I walked over and opened the cabinet door for her. She slowly walked over, reached out, and began touching each toy. She picked up a dildo shaped like a real cock. Putting it down, she picked up a strap on, looked over at me quizzically and then put it down.

“Dear, you can ask anything you want about these things. What you just put down is called a strap on. It has a dildo attached to a belt that one can wear to make love to someone. I could use it to make love to another woman, or even to a man, if you understand what I mean. All of these things are very naughty, but they’re so much fun.”

“Do you mean you’ve used this… strap on thingie? Really, Wanda. My god, I had no idea you were like that. I mean, did you use it on your husband?”

“No, Marge. I used it on a girl. I took her virginity. It was a very loving experience, if you must know. I enjoyed it immensely and so did she. Very sweet girl. She’s a little lesbian, so I helped her do something that she didn’t want a man to do. But she wanted to feel it inside her pussy.”

“But Wanda, are you gay? My god, I had no idea.”

“Don’t be silly, Marge. I’m bisexual, I suppose. I haven’t really thought a lot about it. I just know I’ve been having a pleasant time with boys and girls. They’re both delicious to make love to. I’m A MILF, dear.”

“A milk? Why would you call yourself that, Wanda?”

“MILF, dear. A ‘Mother I would Like to Fuck.’ Very naughty, isn’t it? I’m a mother, and lots of young people would like to fuck me. Sorry to be so blunt, dear. But that’s what it all means.”

“But who have you been doing this with, Wanda? I mean, you make love to young people?”

“Oh, now, Marge. That would be telling. I can keep secrets. I’ll just say that if I’ve made love to a young person they’re fully of age. Of course. That goes without saying.”

I’d been moving closer to her as we talked. I stopped next to her and softly brushed her cheek. Marge was not fooling me. Not now, after all the experience I’d had in the past few weeks. I could even smell her pussy as it was getting wetter and wetter. Marge was here for a purpose, even if she didn’t really understand it. We were going to find out.

Now I took her hand and gently pulled her over to the sofa. She was reluctant as I pulled her but she followed me. I placed her down on the seat, and I undid my robe, and tossed it over the arm of the sofa. Her eyes grew large as her hands went to her lap, pressing tightly. I reached out and caressed her hair and leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips. I could see a tear trickling down her cheek.

“I know you’re frightened Marge, but you don’t have anything to be afraid of, dear. This is real, it’s good, and you’ll never regret casino firmaları it, sweetheart. You’re going to have lots of pleasure and you’re going to be so happy.”

“This is so strange, Wanda. I’ve been thinking about very bad things ever since I saw your toys. I had no idea someone like us would do things like this. I feel so odd, Wanda. My body’s trembling and I’m so wet down there, you know? I’m so bad I didn’t even put on panties today. God, Wanda, am I a slut? Am I dirty?”

“Of course not. Never think that way. Women are able to please themselves sexually and not be sluts. Am I a slut because my pussy is clean and hairless? Here, touch it Marge. It’s just a pussy. You have one. I know it’s wet right now. I think you’re ready to come right now. We’re going to get these clothes off, and make you very happy dear friend.”

With that I started unbuttoning her blouse, and she was helping. We slipped it off, and I quickly reached around and popped her bra loose. We slipped that off. She stood up and her skirt slid down. Her pussy was right there. It was hairy, of course. It had never occurred to her she could shave it or wax it. But it looked beautiful to me. I knelt down, slipped off her heels, and lifted each foot to my lips. I kissed them. On my knees, I began licking her pussy, and she was moaning with lust.

Her knees were shaking as she had her first orgasm from a woman eating her pussy. I was proud to be the first. I would be the first to do lots of things to little Marge. This was just the beginning. My own pussy was dripping down my thighs as I sucked on her clit and then nibbled on her pussy lips.

“Ohhh. Wanda, Wanda. Oh, god, that’s so good. Oh, Herb never does this, never, never, oh god, so good.”

I just kept on making her come and shiver under my lips. Then I pushed her back onto the sofa and got on top of her, kissing her red lips, and fingering her pussy. Her legs spread as wide as she could get them. I grabbed one of her hands and moved it down to my pussy. She understood, and began fingering me the same way I was touching her. This was becoming a grand occasion for me, and for Marge. I was so hot and my cunt was as wet as it had ever been.

“Marge, do you want to try something, dear? We can both make each other feel very good if you want to try it. Never do anything you don’t want to do, but would you like to try to make love to me, baby? Do you want to taste another woman? Come on, sweetie. Come on, we’ll go to my mattress over here. Come on Marge.”

I took her hand and led her to my air mattress. I got down, pulled her after me and laid her down. Then I put my legs on each side of her head. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and started licking it again, and she started coming again. Then I slowly spread my legs apart and got my own pussy down to her face. She very tentatively touched it with her tongue. I rubbed it on her lips, and she started getting more aggressive as I was tongue fucking her cunt. She was moaning and humping up to get more tongue.

That caused me to begin rubbing my cunt on her face harder. I wanted her to start eating that pussy. I was hot, and I wanted to come all over Marge’s face. She was sucking on my labia now. She was learning, as I used my fingers to fuck her cunt. I knew exactly where her special spot inside was. I found it and she squealed and trembled with lust. I fingered her until she was crying out how much she wanted it, begging for more.

My pussy was leaking juices onto her face. “See Marge, see, sweetie, this is good, this is so fucking sweet. Eat my pussy, eat my pussy, so good baby.”

I could hear her slurping up my come as I did the same to her. It was so intense that I had to take a short break. I moved my legs and left her pussy, as I got down beside her. I put my arm under her head, and softly caressed her breasts. Her nipples were so hard, and she seemed to have an orgasm as I touched them. I leaned in and kissed her, tasting my own pussy juices. She could taste herself on my lips too. I had her pussy cream all over my face.

“Never, never, I’ve never felt that way Wanda. Thank you dear. So good. I want that, more of that, more and more. Oh god, I want that so much, Wanda.”

“You rest here, Marge. I’m going to get us some wine. I have some over in the liquor chest. Just stay here, dear. We could use a glass of wine, Marge. Just rest there.”

Getting up, I went over to the chest and found güvenilir casino a bottle of wine. I opened it and poured two glasses, returning to Marge. I handed her a glass, knelt beside her, and sipped my wine. This was nice. I caressed her breasts gently and her chest rose up. She took sips of wine and smiled at me.

After about ten minutes of just chatting softly and quietly, she finally decided to take a major plunge.

“Wanda, this has been so eye opening. Honestly, I think I’ll never be the same. But tell me the truth. Do you think worse of me now? Really, Wanda, are we really, really bad people?”

I couldn’t help laughing, even though I knew it might hurt her feelings. I looked into her eyes and touched her cheek again.

“Marge, how many times do I have to tell you? Sex isn’t bad. None of this is bad. Did you enjoy it? Of course you did, because your body is made to enjoy it. Never, ever, worry about that again. You’re a great little lover. You know what, Marge? I want you to do something for me. Would you do that

darling girl? Would you do something to make me feel very, very good? I promise, it will make you happy too.”

“How could I say no, Wanda. You’ve been so sweet and good to me. I’d do anything for you right now. I’m just glad you don’t think I’m dirty or something.”

I laughed again. She giggled a little herself this time. Then I asked her for the favor. I was a horny MILF, and I wanted something from Marge. I needed it badly right now.

“What I need, what I want, Marge is to be fucked. Understand, dear? That strap on I showed you earlier. I want you to put that on and fuck the hell out of my pussy. I’m so fucking horny right now, Marge. Will you do that? You’ll enjoy it too, no doubt. You did see, didn’t you, that the strap on has two dildos? One goes into your pussy and the other goes in mine while you’re fucking me.”

“You want me to make love to you, Wanda? Want to know something naughty? I was wishing I could do that. I’ve been thinking about it ever since I saw the strap on in your cabinet. I think I’m turning into a sex addict, and I don’t think I mind, at all, Wanda.”

I didn’t need any more urging. I hopped up, jiggling my titties, and skipped over to get the strap on. I brought it back and helped Marge put it on. It was nice sticking the smaller dildo into her pussy and seeing her smile. I was grinning too, as I got down on my hands and elbows, with my butt in the air. I glanced around and saw her kneeling down.

Her hand went into my pussy, and she took some of my cream to rub on the dildo. She was sweet enough to think it might need a little lubrication. As she slowly eased the dildo into my pussy I sighed and leaned back, trying to get more up my vagina. Her hands were on my hips as she pressed into my cunt. I could hear her breathing harshly as she began fucking me.

“Ah, this is what it’s like. So nice, Wanda. I’m going to fuck you now dear. I’m going to fuck your cunt, hard and deep. Feel it, Wanda. You’re mine now, my pussy. Tell me you like it, Wanda.”

“You know I do, Marge. Fuck me like a bitch in heat, babe. Fuck me hard now Marge. Oh, fuck, do it now, fuck me!”

That’s when she really began jamming that dildo up my pussy and fucked me hard. It was rough, and it was just what I needed. I wanted to be fucked. I was getting fucked by a woman. She was getting off on fucking me and I was coming and coming. God, so many orgasms. I was crying out with the passion I felt for this little lady fucking my MILF pussy.

It couldn’t last. She was a little woman, and she tired, but she gave me a workout. She used my pussy and made me feel like her sex toy. I loved every second of it. I know Marge did too. She yelled out that she was coming so fucking hard, and then she slumped on top of me. I thought she had fainted, but she slowly rose, and the dildo slipped out of my abused pussy.

She fell down on the mattress, and I was right there beside her. We hugged and kissed. I could feel her hard nipples rubbing up against mine, and it would have made me want more, but now I was completely exhausted. Marge had used me up, and I think I had done the same to her. We just stayed there for a long time, breathing hard and hugging each other.

“You know what you’ve done, Wanda? I think you created a monster. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. I know I won’t.”

“Silly girl. You aren’t a monster.” I giggled. “You know something, Marge, I think I created another MILF. I’m going to introduce you to some friends of mine. They’re always looking for MILFs to fuck and suck.”

I laughed out loud. It was good to have parties. My basement would accommodate all of them. Yes, it would.

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