Barcelona Beauties Ch. 05

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Note: The first installment of Barcelona beauties describes all the characters and how the story began.

5: Yara’s kink

When Vesna and I came downstairs into the living room, the others fell into a hush. Kiraz, Bilan, Chhaya, Ulrika, Sylvie, Lisa and Yara were either in the living room, the dining room or just outside under the portico though the open French doors. (Llora was visiting her family in Lleida and it seemed that Farah was fulfilling her prediction to sleep past noon).

Vesna said, “I’m going to make coffee,” and entered the kitchen as Carmen was just coming out.

“Morning Claude” she trilled and gave me a peck on the lips. Yara stood up to say good morning and gave me short but tender kiss.

I could see the others taking this in, especially Chhaya whose big eyes opened even wider than usual. I plopped down in an easy chair. Kiraz, in her short robe, came over and silently curled up in my lap. As she did so she briefly flashed the others, revealing that she wore no panties.

Chhaya’s eyes were like saucers. When I caught her eye she turned away with embarrassment. Bilan and Ulrika started talking about a sale at the department store, Corte Ingles.

Looking at Kiraz, Carmen wondered aloud if there would be any nice panties on sale. Bilan looked annoyed at this. Ulrika and Kiraz snickered. Vesna came in with two coffees, handed one to me and kissed Kiraz on the top of her head. Ulrika regarded us pensively.

“Ulrika, I’m sorry to hear about Lars,” said Carmen.

“We were arguing a lot anyway” responded Ulrika.

“Anyone new on the horizon?” probed Carmen.

Ulrika put her off with a “you’ll be the first to know.”

Carmen stuck her tongue in her cheek with a smirk and said “your room’s right next to mine so I imagine you’re right.” Everyone but Chhaya laughed, even Bilan.

Later that afternoon on the patio, Carmen and Yara were talking advantage of the last warm days by sunning in their bikinis. Yara winked and wiggled her toes at me making Carmen laugh.

“Claude,” Carmen pronounced, “everyone in the house knows what’s going on.”

“Oh?” I replied, wondering how ‘what’s going on’ had been defined and by who.

Yara said, “I was the first from our…encounter…to come downstairs this morning. Everyone else was there, staring at me. Carmen insisted that I tell them what happened. I didn’t give all the details but they have a pretty good overall picture.”

“Anyone outraged about it? I asked.

“No one said so,” responded Yara. “But Bilan sniffed in a disapproving manner and Chhaya nearly died of embarrassment.”

“I must say,” added Carmen coquettishly, that Ulrika seemed to get pretty excited when Yara recounted your exploits.”

Carmen went back inside while Yara and I regarded each other. I couldn’t believe that I’d actually been bursa escort sexually intimate with this goddess. Yara spoke: “Claude, I’d like you to paint me. I mean, like you painted Kiraz.”

“The patio’s a little crowded today,” I replied.

“I have the attic room,” rejoined Yara, “the light is wonderful there.”

“Sounds good. When?” I asked her.

“What about now?” she replied.

I went to gather my paints and easel and headed up the back stairs. Vesna was coming down. “What are you up to?” she asked with a playful grin.

“Yara asked me to paint her” I replied.

Vesna smiled again, grabbed my arm and put her face close to mine. “That sounds like fun. Perhaps I’ll join you later,” and gave me a kiss on the lips. I continued all the way to the attic.

When I arrived, Yara was sitting down, wrapped in a sarong. She had hung a series of sarongs from the rafters of the peaked ceiling room that had light coming in from both ends. It wasn’t quite a fortune teller’s booth but mysteriously atmospheric nonetheless.

Yara’s bed was at the far end, under the window, bathed in warm slanting light. I set up my easel and positioned a chair to work from. Yara approached the bed and let her sarong drop to the floor. She had oiled her naked body.

I admired her taut stomach, firm breasts, gracefully slender limbs, gorgeous face. Everything about her was beautiful. Yara got on the bed on her hands and knees. Her perfect gleaming ass faced me at an angle that revealed her hairless pussy between her slightly open legs. I could see one lovely breast hanging down and her back sloping down towards her slender shoulders. I couldn’t have orchestrated a more erotic pose if I had tried all day.

I laid down a wash of yellow ochre in the region illuminated by the sun and quickly sketched in the window and bed in sepia. Using a slender sable brush, I established the curves and lines of Yara’s body and the wavy black hair hanging down. I completed the shadows where her body curved in and out: the small of her back, the curve of her breast, the hollow behind her knees, the cleft of her ass. Very carefully with a tiny brush I traced the edge of her labia and the small opening of her ass. Sooner than I expected, the painting was done.

Yara jumped up to look, stretching her lithe body as she did so. “Oh Claude,” she enthused, “do I really look as good as that?” This might have sounded immodest but there was a distinctly vulnerable tone to her voice.

“Yara,” I shook my head, “you have no idea how hot you are.” Yara smiled and hugged me, then sat down on the bed, crossing her gorgeous legs and flexing her feet.

“I loved fulfilling your foot fetish” Yara said warmly. “I’d like to do it again. … with you and Vesna if you want.”

“I’d love that Yara. But I recall that you have fetish too. Are you ready bursa escort bayan to share that with me?”

“Look at the painting,” Yara said. I looked. Her ass really was amazing. It dawned on me what Yara wanted and I was right. “I want someone to make love to my ass,” she gushed out. “Today I cleaned it (I presume she meant an enema) but I understand if you don’t want to.” Not want to? Not likely, I thought.

“Yara, get back on your hands and knees,” I gently directed her. Removing my shirt, I took Yara’s two globes in my hands and started caressing her ass. It was firm. It was smooth. It was perfectly shaped. It was without blemish. Was this really happening to me? I bent down and began to lick Yara’s ass, starting from the outside and working towards her tiny hole. The first time my tongue touched her pale brown opening, she sucked in a sharp breath of air. I started licking her asshole as she moaned and shuddered. I reached one finger down to her pussy and started to gently fuck her with it. I then added another and then a third finger and pumped her pussy while I licked her ass. And it was clean too, as she’d said. I noted just a whiff of the coconut oil that glazed her body.

After a while my tongue began to tire. I took one wet finger from her pussy and slowly pushed in into Yara’s ass. Yara moaned and pushed back against my intruding finger. I used my other hand to gently flick her clit and then put a second finger in her ass. Yara tensed up and I stopped until she relaxed and started to move again. I fucked Yara’s ass with two fingers until she had an orgasm and collapsed on the white sheets.

“Claude,” husked Yara, “I want you to fuck me. … First my pussy…and then my ass….Let me suck you first.”

I took off my pants and stood next to be bed, Yara sat on the edge and sucked my cock between her pretty lips, her wavy hair brushing my thighs. She lightly brushed my balls with her fingertips while slathering my cock with her tongue and then began to plunge her whole mouth down to the base of my cock. It felt wonderful.

After being satisfied with how hard and wet I was, Yara resumed her previous position and I knelt behind her. I slid my cock into the tight glove of her pussy. She was contracting the muscles of her pelvis, sucking my cock with her perfect cunt. I held on to her ass and pushed in and out, both of us moaning, I was already on the edge. Her pussy, her ass, her sleek body ignited me to an intense passion. I had to stop to avoid cumming. Yara looked back at me and motioned with her eyes to her ass.

I had never fucked anyone in the ass before. I had read about it and remembered the phrase “lubrication and communication” as key to success. I saw the coconut oil in a dish on her dresser. I got it and placed it on the window sill within reach. I dipped a finger in the oil and worked it into Yara’s ass escort bursa until she was very slick and breathing hard again.

I took a little more oil and coated the head of my cock with it, then placed my cock head at her opening. I tried to push in but the first two attempts failed to penetrate her.

“I was tensing up,” Yara apologized. “I’m going to take a deep breath. When I exhale, just put it in.”

I positioned my cock head at her opening again. This time I held it down with my thumb. Yara exhaled forcefully and I pushed in about two inches. Yara yelped and I stopped moving.

“Just let me get used to it,” she panted. Soon she started to move back against me and I fucked her with the first two inches of my cock, being careful not to let it pop out again. I rubbed a little more oil around her asshole and began to push in a little deeper. “Oh, oh, oh!” Yara moaned as I gently pumped her.

Yara now put her shoulders down on the mattress and lay her arms flat on the bed. This changed the angle for me. I couldn’t believe how tight her ass felt around my cock. Soon I had my whole cock plunging into her ass. Yara was cooing and groaning and sighing. I started to thrust more forcefully.

Yara reached her hands up to hold her ass apart for me. Her long brown fingers glittered with silver rings, her shapely nails pointing right at the juncture of my cock and her opening. On top of everything else, the sight of Yara’s sexy fingers had a similar effect on me to that of her toes. I pounded Yara’s ass a few more seconds then exploded with blasts of cum inside her. Yara screamed what must have been the name of God in Portuguese and uttered a long drawn out wail as I withdrew my cock and fell back in the bed, drenched in my own sweat.

Unknown to us, Vesna had quietly stolen into the room and had been watching us from behind a hanging sarong. Now she couldn’t contain herself. “That was so hot!” she gushed, jumping onto the bed with us.

Yara smiled an exhausted smile. I guess she didn’t mind having the voyeuristic tables turned on her. Vesna looked at my cock. “I guess there’s no cum for me this time.”

“Vesna…” prompted Yara, who then pushed her ass back into position, revealing the cum on her asshole that also dripped along her perineum.

I wondered if Vesna would go for this and she only hesitated a second. Vesna looked at me as if for approval. I shrugged. “Try it.”

Vesna licked Yara’s ass down to her pussy, both of the women moaning. The sight of Vesna’s pink tongue flicking and prying at Yara’s ass was incredibly erotic but my spent cock was not responding at the moment.

I was content to watch Vesna satisfy her craving and bring Yara to another orgasm. The women fell into each others arms. Yara placed one of her breasts into Vesna’s mouth. She suckled peacefully while Yara caressed Vesna all over. Thoughtfully, Yara reached out a foot to run her toes up and down my leg, including me in the intimate moment in a way she knew I would appreciate. My cock did stir a little but as I said. I was very content.

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