Bait and Switch Retype – Ch 15-16_(0)

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Ch 15

Nightmares fill my dreams. Explosions, death, and cries for help haunt me, as I toss and turn, trying to escape from the horrors filling my sleep. Over and over again I watch as death claims another life, and another, and another.

The worst part is that it’s the demons dying that I’m dreaming about. I have killed for the first time in my life, and no matter the fact that it had been them or me; my conscience won’t let me rest. I watch again and again as one of the small muscled red creatures gets sucked out of their airlock and floats through space. When it had actually happened, it had been completely quiet, but my mind adds sounds now, as the creature screams its last. It sees me looking at it, and somehow swims through the nothingness of space towards me, its dead eyes locked on where I float. My body is locked, unable to move or try to get away. Cold, lifeless hands grip me, and start shaking me violently; trying to take from me the life I’d stolen from it. Lifeless eyes look into mine, and try to suck away my soul.

“Wake up!” The creature cries at me, the voice oddly familiar and higher pitched than I would’ve expected from a creature like this. “He won’t wake up.”

Only I am awake. . . Aren’t I? I open my eyes to see everyone standing over me; worry creasing their brows, and fear filling three sets of eyes. Summer has me by the shoulders, and is still shaking me.

“I’m awake,” I grumble, my head throbbing.

“We’ve been trying to wake you for a bit,” mom looks at me worriedly. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I try to reassure her, but I have to stay quiet, as my head is throbbing too much to speak too loudly, “I was just having nightmares, and my head hurts.”

“Nightmares?” Mom’s worry seems to increase markedly. “About last—” she cuts herself off, looking around at everybody else, and I realize what she’d been about to ask. She’s worried I’m having nightmares about making love to her last night.

“No, just monsters, and stuff,” I mumble, wanting to roll over, but not daring to go back to sleep, no matter how tired I feel. The monster I dreamt about was me, and I don’t want to face that again.

“Oh, okay,” mom says, sounding somewhat relieved.

“I got a call from the hospital,” Nancy says, talking for the first time, “I have to go back,” she replaces my sister on the bed, and feels my head and cheeks. “You don’t feel like you have a fever, but I don’t trust you’re well enough to drive, especially not in this weather.”

I turn and look out the window, but all I can see is white. It takes me a moment to realize that that is ALL there is to see.

“I can drive,” I tell her, knowing that if her job has called her in, then the hospital must be in need of her. I try to sit up, and throw off my covers, but she places her hand on my chest, and shoves me back down. I’m so weak, that I can’t even fight her, and oh, how my head throbs.

“You’re staying in bed,” mom says. “I can drive them up, and come back down. Your sister can stay and take care of you until I get back.”

I nod, knowing that I don’t have the strength to argue. They leave me to get some more rest, but sleep is the last thing I want right now.

Gina comes in to give me a kiss, and tell me she is going to go with her mom. Nancy and mom come in at the same time to say goodbye, and I can tell that mom wants to talk to me, probably about last night, but doesn’t dare say anything with Nancy there, so she kisses my brow, and tells me to get feeling better.

I barely hear them leave through the falling snow, before Summer walks in, with what I think is hot cocoa. It is, but it’s also spiked with coffee.

“You probably don’t want to go to sleep right now. I know how I get after I’ve had bad dreams, and I figure this will help keep you warm too,” she tells me, when I look at her questioningly after my first sip.

“Thanks,” I tell her, feeling truly grateful.

“Hey, I know you’re into some geeky stuff, so this might interest you.” I look to her, smiling. Anything geek related right now would be a nice distraction. “Apparently some sort of satellite fell out of orbit, and blew up in the sky last night. The government hasn’t said which one yet. Isn’t that cool?” I know she is just trying to cheer me up, but I also know that had been no satellite. It had been full of little alien creatures that I have killed. Lives snuffed out by my hand. Or mind, I guess. For the first time, I curse my ability.

I groan, and roll over, setting my drink on the nightstand. I feel the bed shift, as Summer lies down next to me, and puts her arm around me.

“I know you’re not feeling good, but we haven’t talked about what happened the other night in the hotel. In fact, we haven’t talked much at all, since then. Are you okay?” I can hear the concern in her voice, and despite my miserable mood, I hate to hear her down.

Rolling back over, I look her in the eyes, and force a smile. “Sorry, I guess it’s kind of been a bit hectic around here lately.” I give her a quick peck on the lips, to let her know I have no issues with what’d happened on Christmas Eve between us. As our lips touch, I’m able to sense most of my switches, and know that mom is driving slowly through the snow. “I will always look back on that night fondly.” It’s not until the words are out of my mouth, that I realize how final they sound.

“Always. . . So. . . so you don’t want to do it again? Do. . . Do you regret it?” Her brow wrinkles, and I can hear the fear in her voice.

“I don’t regret it in the least,” I promise. “I’m just not up to it right now.” Her lips spread in a wide smile that is infectious.

I roll back over, and when she tucks her hand under me, I can sense all of my switches again, and am thankful that this part of my ability isn’t hurting me. Despite my desire not to go back to sleep and the caffeine in the coffee/cocoa, I’m soon snoring away in a dreamless sleep.

When I wake up, I find that Summer has stripped off all but her bra and panties, and crawled under the covers with me. In a panic I look at the clock, and can see that mom has been gone for almost four hours. She will be back anytime now. I don’t know what she’ll think if she finds us like this, but I don’t want to find out the hard way, either.

As soon as I touch her to wake her up, however, my fears vanish. Mom is stuck in the snow by the feel of her switches way up north and still with Gina and Nancy. She won’t likely be home today. My touch is enough to wake, Summer, and she gazes at me with a sleepy smile.

“Mom called and says the weather is too bad to drive back down, so she is staying with Gina and Nancy tonight.” When I don’t look surprised, she says, “Oh, I guess you probably figured that out already, with your switches.” Her brow wrinkles again with worry, and she looks deep into my eyes. “How are you feeling?”

I realize that my headache is gone, and I no longer feel so tired. That nap has done me a world of good. The guilt is still there, but the wound isn’t quite so fresh. Looking off to the side, as if considering my answer, I say, “Well. . .” and wrap her in my arms, pull her tightly to me, and start to tickle her sides.

She squeals as she tries to break away from me, and a couple weeks ago she might have succeeded, but with my current strength, she doesn’t stand a chance. She kicks her legs, trying to force them between us, but her chest and torso are pressed tightly to me, and she is helpless to my onslaught. I only need to use one hand to hold her to me, while the other is free to tickle her sides and back.

“Stop!” She cries out, when she realizes she can’t break free. “I can’t breathe,” she squeals louder as I move my right hand around to her front, and start tickling under her left bra cup, using the strength in my left arm to keep her pressed to me. The new spot is even more ticklish than her sides, and she wails even more.

Unexpectedly, I feel her lips press to mine, and it startles me enough, that I freeze. She uses the distraction, to pull away, but she gains a grip on my hands.

“You really are feeling better, aren’t you?” After the torture I’d just put her through, she is breathing heavily, and smiling widely. I really love the way she looks with her hair all mussed up, and her breasts heaving behind her bra. “And unless I’m mistaken, that’s not the only thing feeling better.” Her hand lets go of mine and dodges under the covers, gripping my cock. I hadn’t even realized I’ve grown hard, until her fingers wrap around it, and squeeze. With that one action, all thoughts of demons, death, and worry flee as I groan at her touch.

Her smile grows larger, as her hand starts to stroke up and down my cock through my boxers. She leans over, and brings her lips back to mine, causing the awareness of my switches to explode in my head, as her tongue parts my lips. I moan again, loudly, as her mouth muscle slides along my teeth, and then darts in, only to find mine coming out to meet hers.

Unexpectedly she pulls away from me, and has a worried look on her face. “I’m sorry!” she quails. “I should have asked. I shouldn’t be throwing myself at you like this. You must think I’m a slut. . .”

“Don’t stop now,” I plead, in answer to her statements. “You’re not a slut. You’re just my perverted sexy sister, who is just as perverted as I am!”

“You’re sure?” Her question is hesitant, but I can hear the hope in it. She places her hand on my chest, and then yanks it back as if burned when she senses most of my switches. Her eyes get a suspicious glare in them, before she asks, “How do I know you’re not manipulating me with your switches?”

“Take my hand, and tell me if you sense yourself,” I tell her simply. As soon as she places her hand in mine, I don’t wait, but pull her to me, wrapping my arms around her as I kiss her deeply. She melts under my kiss, and I know she is no longer worried about me manipulating her.

Summer rolls on top of me, without breaking the kiss, and start grinding her panty-covered crotch against my bulging boxers. We both moan in unison at the connection, before I unsnap her bra, releasing her nicely tanned tits.

She breaks the kiss then, sitting up, and pressing down hard against my groin. “So, little brother, what do you think of your older sister’s tits?”

I openly ogle her, seeing her topless for the first time, and liking what I’m seeing. Her chest isn’t as big as Gina’s or the twins, but they have a beauty that is all their own. With no tan lines, and her soft curves, Summer is gorgeous.

“I’m wondering why they are up there, and not in my mouth, right now,” I answer, pulling her back down to me, so that I can suckle from her teats.

Her hand snakes to the back of my head, and pulls me tighter to her chest, as my hands roam down her back, to the tops of her panties. Slipping my hands under the hem, I get a good handful of her ass, and start to rock her back and forth.

“Mmm, you really know how to suck tit, Nick. Damn, you’re getting me so wet.” She moans loudly as I bite her nipple, before pressing her hands against my shoulders, and shoving me back down on the bed.

I’m entirely caught off guard by what she does next. Getting up, she turns and walks from the room.

“Where’re you going?” I cry after her. She has me so turned on right now, that if she hadn’t said she doesn’t want to go all the way, I’d be tearing off the thin fabric of her panties, and shoving myself as deep into her as she can take.

“Hmm?” she pauses at my doorway, turning around slightly, and I can’t help but admire the way the doorway frames her luscious body. Her panty clad ass is still facing me, her shoulder turned sideways, and her wonderful tanned right breast is pointing to the door jam. In her eyes, however, is pure mischief. “Did you think you were really going to get any action after tickle torturing me?”

She takes off running as I growl and get up, chasing after her. She is quick and limber, but I still have her on speed, and it only takes me a few moments to catch her. Throwing her over my shoulder, and placing one quick spank on her round ass, I carry her back to the bedroom.

She playfully beats against my back, but I can smell her arousal coming off her, and know she wants to get off as badly as I do. Throwing her to my bed, we both laugh as she scoots up to the headboard.

“Okay, you caught me,” she says, grinning delightfully, “now what?”

I grab one of her feet, and she tries to pull away, thinking I’m going to tickle her again, but I have something else in mind. Despite her efforts, I easily pull her toes to my lips, and she melts with an audible sigh as I kiss her little digits. Running my tongue along and around each toe, I smile as I watch her fondle her boobs.

“You must have had a lot of girlfriends in college, to learn how to please a woman so well,” she says softly as I lick up the arch of her foot.

I’m embarrassed to admit that the only reason I know so much is the internet. “I’ve had the best of teachers,” I say honestly, only referring partially to Donna Frankens, but mostly the World Wide Web.

“Hmm, I have to admit I’m a bit jealous,” the look in her eyes however as I nibble on her ankle tells me she isn’t in the least bit angry. “All those other women who’ve had a crack at my brother, when I could’ve had him first.” She sounds more wistful than anything else.

I continue to kiss and nibble my way up her leg, skipping over her covered crotch, but spending awhile on her tasty tits. She keeps trying to hump herself against me, as I play with her tetons, but I’ve decided that casino şirketleri I’m going torture her for a bit first.

“Oh my god, why won’t you touch my pussy?” she demands hungrily after a few more minutes goes by. She tries to bring her own hands down to her crotch, but I grab them, and hold them over her head, and go back to suckling her nipples. Moaning in lust and unfulfilled desire, she twists her hips hard enough to roll me off her. Before I can blink she is on top of me again, shuddering as she grinds her cunt against my boxers. Her orgasm is strong enough, that I can feel my boxers getting wet through her panties.

She looks me seriously in the eyes as she comes down from her high, and I can tell she is trying to figure something out. “I still don’t think we should go all the way. We are siblings, after all,” she tells me, and I feel disappointed, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a lot of fun.” Her serious demeanor turns to one of wanton mischief as she grinds herself against me, some more.

Before I can give her an answer, she mashes her lips to mine, and starts humping me through our underwear. I would have happily entered her, my cock is aching for some attention, but I’m not going to go against her will.

I place my hands against the sides of her chest, and lift her body, moving it further up the bed. She knows what I’m after, and gets off me long enough to remove her panties, before sitting on my face. She tastes just as she had on Christmas Eve, and I look up her body to see that she is rolling a nipple in each hand, as I suck on her labia. She sees me looking up at her, and smiles, before throwing her head back and moaning, as she presses her pelvis against my tongue.

I throw all of my concentration into pleasing my sister, and suck hard on her clit, before nibbling lightly on it. She rewards my efforts with a mouthful of her cum, as she thrashes wildly on top of me, having her second powerful orgasm.

She gets up, and for a second I fear we’re done, or that she is going to run away again, but she turns around, and then bends over, pulling the top of my boxers down, as she sits back on my hungry mouth. Now in a sixty-nine position, I’m soon moaning into her twat, as she sucks me as deeply into her mouth as she can. Considering this is only her second ever blowjob, I have to say she is doing really great. She knows how to use her tongue, but she still uses a little too much teeth.

Meanwhile I haven’t been idle, as I slip a couple fingers into her wet snatch, while I continue to flick her clit with my tongue. Her head bobs up and down my shaft, eliciting moans from me, as I do all I know how to with my lips, tongue, and teeth to please her.

Despite how much she’s improved on her technique, I know it won’t be enough to get me off, so I just enjoy it, while getting her off. After her fourth orgasm on my lips, she gets up, and looks at me accusingly.

“You’re not enjoying this, are you?” she demands of me, hands on her hips, and eyebrows furrowed.

“I am!” I tell her honestly. “I just want to please you. If I weren’t enjoying it, I wouldn’t be so hard.”

She softens somewhat, as I’m most obviously very hard, before giving me a tender kiss on my lips. She trails kisses over to my ear, before whispering, “Do you want to do what we did the other night, then?”

I nod, and she lies down next to me. Crawling on top of her, I get between her legs, and start rubbing the head of my penis between her soft, wet, petals. She moans throatily, and starts to hunch her hips against me, and it takes all of my will not to just shove it in. Her eyes are closed, and she is sucking in her bottom lip, with her light brown fair fanned out along my pillow. She looks so sexy, that I just want to dive right in and fuck her brains out. It is only my love for her, as well as her request not to go all the way, that stops me.

I can see her juices leaking out of her, helped by my slippery member. Laying the underside of my rock spear against her juicy labia, I press my pelvis against hers, and move my hips slowly. She feels so good and warm like this, and I truly enjoy the dreamy smile on her face as she matches her hip movements in time with my own.

“Nick?” Her voice is breathy and barely audible.

“Yes, my sweet Summer?” I ask, wondering if she is ready to stop. She has already had a number of powerful orgasms, and I wonder if she has become too sensitive. Despite how throbbing hard she has gotten me, I can always just finish myself off in the bathroom if I need to, though I’d rather not.

“Fuck me, Nick,” her eyes are still closed as she makes her demand, and I freeze on a downward slide. Had I really just heard her, or is this wishful thinking? My cockhead is stopped at her petals, begging me to move forward.

“But you said—” I start, but am cut off as she opens her eyes, and looks directly into mine.

“I said, fuck me!” She emphasizes her words by wrapping her legs around my torso, and forcing my hips forward. My cock slips a partial inch into her tight wetness, before she throws her head back against my pillow and cries out in ecstasy. I wait for her to get used to my girth, before starting to move my hips in slow movements. If I’d had any other reservations left in me, the pure bliss that I feel, and the lust in her eyes banishes them all. She is so tight; I don’t know how long I’ll last. “I know I said I didn’t want to, but you got me so horny, now I can’t help myself. Hate me all you want later, but right now, gimme my first fuck from a real man! I need to feel you in me, brother dearest.”

I’ve forgotten that she’s never been with a man before. That would explain why she is so damned tight. She feels like a fiery vise, gripping the few inches that have so far breached into this uncharted territory. She is so warm and wet, I’m in paradise.

I drop my torso down, until we are chest to chest, her nipples pressing pleasantly against my torso, and her ear just a bit from my lips. “I will never hate my sister. How can I, when I’m doing everything I can, not to dive right in. Thank you, Summer. Thank you for this gift. I will always treasure it.”

I start to move my hips faster, diving deeper into her, bit by bit, with each thrust. It’s still slow going, despite how wet she is. She is just too damned tight.

“I feel so full,” she tells me, moaning between each thrust. “I love how complete I feel with you in me. I love the way your cock stretches me, and makes me yearn for more. Nick, my sweet brother, I love you.”

“I love you, Summer,” I whisper back, as her hands grip my back, and she spasms below me.

Her mention of feeling complete brings my attention to the sense of my switches. For the first time I can easily sense and even see Lela up in her ship. I truly hope Summer doesn’t notice her, and try to distract her. I start to suck on one of her breasts, while simultaneously twisting her other nipple.

I roll us over, and sink a little deeper into her as her sleight weight settles onto me, before finally hitting her deepest parts. She shudders in orgasmic bliss once more, and it feels like her pussy has just shrunk, it milks me so forcefully.

I still have her nipple between my teeth, but I move my other hand down to where we are complete, and find her clit. I press hard against it, while I drop my hips, then thrust upwards, striking her womb, before doing it again.

“I’m coming close,” I tell her, “I’m about to cum.” I’m not sure if she is on any protection, where she is a self-avowed lesbian, and want to give her the opportunity to get off me if she needs to, before I fill her too tight twat with my seed.

She doesn’t say anything, but moans, as she starts to cum again, and it’s too late. I shoot deep into her, increasing her orgasm, and moaning loudly in my own. A fire hose has nothing on the pressure that I spray into her devouring pussy.

As soon as she comes down from her high, her look of bliss changes to one of horror. “Nick, why did you do that? I’m not on anything!”

“I tried to warn you,” I protest, suddenly feeling like shit, filled with post orgasmic guilt.

Her expression changes again, “I’m kidding. Well, kinda. I’m NOT on anything, but it’s the wrong part of my cycle, so we should be safe. When you told me you were going to cum, I got so turned on by the thought of my little brother cumming in me, I started to cum myself.” I glare at her, for her deception, but she kisses me lightly, and I can’t stay angry with her. “I’d better go get cleaned up, just to be safe though. Care to join me in the shower?”

I’m in the bathroom, warming up the water, before she has a chance to react. She comes in, laughing, and steps under the nozzle.

I step in after her, and grab the soap in my hands. Lathering up, I treat my lovely sister by washing her from head to toe, making sure to get into every nook and cranny. I also made sure to get inside her pussy, trying to scoop out all of my jism. She seems to enjoy it, so I bring her to one more orgasm, before I pull my fingers out.

We screw on more time in the shower, and again in the bedroom later on before going to sleep for the night, thoroughly exhausted, but very satisfied.

As we lay there, trying to fall asleep, the question I fear about Lela, finally comes up.

“Is that an alien that has some of your switches in her?” Summer’s hand is tracing circles on my hairless chest as she asks.

“A-alien?” I splutter.

“Don’t try to fool me,” she says, tweaking one of my nipples almost painfully. “I know what I see when we make love. How did you get a switch in an alien? And I’m assuming it’s a female by its breasts. What is she doing, sitting like that? Is she sleeping?” I’m surprised at how calmly she’s asking me all of this. I guess that compared to fucking her own brother, and my new superhuman ability, aliens are just one more thing.

I know I have to be honest with her. I can’t deny it now. “She is the reason I have my ability, and why contact with you magnifies it.” I explain to her about the dormant gene, and she takes it better than I would have expected.

“Why are the aliens activating this gene?” She sounds genuinely curious. “Is it so they can autopsy us later?”

I laugh before answering. “No. Little aliens that I call demons, are on their way to Earth, and should be here in less than six months. They will likely kill us and eat us, unless I can come up with an idea on how to stop them.” After most of a blissful day of forgetting about my problems, they’re all crashing back down on me.

I picture again the demon getting flung from the airlock with a silent scream, and their ship breaking into a million pieces in a magnificent explosion, and I’m the one to blame.

“Is that why you were having nightmares? You’re worried about these demons?” I can hear the concern in her voice, and gratitude warms my heart. I hug her to me for a second, before answering her.

“Kind of. A demon scout ship arrived last night, and I was able to stop them, but it almost killed me.” My voice sounds almost dead, even to my ears.

“You’re getting stronger though. I’m sure by the time they get here, you’ll be strong enough to take them on.” I only wish I have her confidence, but she can’t be more wrong.

“You don’t understand. I KILLED them last night. They are a sentient race, and I destroyed them,” I’m nearly yelling now.

Summer remains cool, despite the heat in my voice, and gives me a patronizing look.

“You mean to tell me that you feel guilty for defending yourself? Nick, snap out of it, and get over yourself! They were going to kill you, and if not you, then me, mom, Gina. . . all of us. Don’t feel sorry for what you have to do. Be glad you have something you can do about it.”

Her words help, but I still feel guilty. “I barely stopped them. It was just one small ship, a scout, and it took everything I had to stop them. How am I going to stop an entire fleet?”

She throws her leg over my waist, and the switches blossom more fully in my mind. “You won’t,” she tells me. “We will,” and I know what she is getting at. We will have to be together during the battle.

Only I really hope it won’t become a true battle.

* * *

“Nick,” the fear in Summer’s voice wakes me instantly, “where are we?”

I look around, and am surprised to see that we’re on Lela’s ship. I’m not so much surprised that I’m here, but that my sister is right next to me, still naked. Lela has never brought me here when I’m with someone, and definitely not brought someone else with me.

“You wanted to know about the alien? Let’s go meet her.” I stand, and take her hand in mine. Her grip is strong, and despite how easily she has accepted everything earlier, I can tell she is scared now. I remember how afraid I had been at first, and give her hand a reassuring squeeze.

‘Why did you bring Summer?’ I mentally ask Lela.

‘What she says is true. You will need her to stop the demons. She needs to know everything, and be just as capable.’

The doorway opens up, and I walk Summer into the pitch black rectangle. Waiting for my eyes to adjust to the red light, I continue on, but Summer remains rooted where she stands.

“Nick, I can’t see,” her voice quavers, and I look to see terror in her blind eyes.

“Relax, Summer. I can see just fine. I promise no one is going to hurt you,” I reassure her. I can see her nod, and I wrap my arms around her bare flesh, hugging her tight to me, as we walk along the suspended walkway, following the arrows in my vision.

‘She will need the nanites, too. Make sure she is quiet when you walk in. I have an applicator ready in here.’

I stop where we casino firmaları are, and speak to my sister. “When we get there, I will have to give you the nanites. You will be able to see, and after a few seconds, we will be able to send messages mentally to each other.” I give her a serious look, before I remember she can’t see me. “Once we walk into that room, you can’t say a word. Make as little noise as possible.”

She nods, but asks, “Why?”

“She is incubating. . . her. . . children,” I almost mess up and say, ‘our children.’

“So, there will be even more aliens up here?” She asks, and I’m glad to see she is starting to relax. I wonder how much of that is because in our minds, we can both see Lela sitting on her cylinder.

“Yeah,” I tell her uncomfortably. “Now be quiet, and don’t make a noise. They are sensitive to light and sound.”

Summer nods, and we walk in. I hope that Summer handles the nanites better than I did at first, and hope that she is able to stay quiet.

I needn’t have worried though, as Lela directs me to a separate room, where the applicator with the nanites, wait. As soon as we walk in, a door closes silently behind us.

“We are actually in a different room now,” I tell her. “Brace yourself, these don’t feel very good at first.”

I don’t wait for a reply, before grabbing up the instrument, and injecting the tiny robots into her thigh.

She yelps, and grabs the spot where I’ve injected her. I can see her veins change colors as the things enter her bloodstream, and spreads out.

“Oh, god, it feels like fire,” Summer moans.

I step up to her, and hug her tight to me, knowing that she will be okay. Her arms squeeze me tight in return, and I hold her, through her screams and agony, until it’s over.

I mentally tell her to think her words to me.

‘Like this?’ her words appear before my eyes, and I nod, knowing that she can see me now. ‘Why is everything red?’ she asks next.

‘I have been thinking on that. I think the nanites allow us to see into the infrared, but it appears red to us.’ She seems to accept this explanation, only to have Lela confirm it to both of us a moment later. ‘Are you ready to meet Lela?’

When she nods, the doorway opens, and we walk into the other room.

Ch 16

The front door slamming wakes me up. I figure it’s just mom finally getting home from up north, and I try to roll over, but I run into something.

Or rather, someone.

My eyes flash open at the same time Summer’s does, and we realize the predicament we’re in. We’re both still naked, and she is in my bed. Panic stricken, we both jump out of bed. Well, I try to, but my legs get caught up in the blankets, and I hit the floor with a thud.

My lovely, sweet, beautiful, and sexy sister titters at me, and I glare back as I get to my feet. We can hear mom coming down the hallway, and I know there is no time for her to get out. I point to the closet, Summer nods and jumps in, just in time for my door to creak open.

“Mom!” I protest, standing there naked, and trying to cover myself up.

“Oh, it’s not like I haven’t seen it—” she cuts herself short, as she sniffs a couple times. Her sharp eyes look deep into me for a few loud heartbeats. She looks around my room, then back at me, before continuing to talk, “I brought breakfast home. You look like you’re feeling better, so get dressed, and, um, tell your sister, too.” She turns and closes the door.

I know we’ve been busted even before we walk out of my room. Summer goes to her bedroom to get dressed, and I find mom setting out a fast-food breakfast on the table.

‘How much trouble do you think we’re in?’ Summer’s words flash in front of my eyes. I don’t know, and tell her so.

“Mom, I—” her sharp look, locks my tongue up tight.

“We will wait for your sister, and then we can talk,” she tells me, and from her tone, I know there is no arguing with her. I wonder how much trouble we’re in.

When Summer joins us, we all sit at the table, in silence. Mom is the first to speak, her tone flat and emotionless.

“I knew your dad was cheating on me for years. It hurt, but I had no choice, because if I left him, I knew I’d lose everything.” Her eyes go back and forth between us as she speaks, as if to make sure we’re listening. Part of me feels shame for hurting her, but another part of me says that we’re not an official thing, so it wasn’t really cheating. She is my mom, and we can never really be together. “I can’t tell you that what you’re doing is wrong, or even gross, because of what we’ve already done, Nick.”

I wish she hadn’t said that. Summer’s eyes grow large as she figures out what mom means. She hits my arm, and looks at me in shock. “No way! You and mom?” she demands, and the same words flash in front of my vision. She is using both in her shock.

“I see you didn’t know,” mom says, unperturbed. “Yes, dear, after our date, we. . . well, your brother is quite the gentleman, and I should have stopped, but couldn’t help myself. I didn’t know that he would try to get you in bed, too. I’m sorry for the part I played in that, dear; especially with your preferences in women.”

“But, mom,” my sister shoots back, “we started the night we found dad cheating on you, so it isn’t your fault! I seduced him that afternoon.”

Mom looks back and forth between us, and I nod that it’s true. I’m not sure if I should be relieved that Summer revealed our prior activity, or worry that it will hurt our mother more.

“Well, I feel a little better about that. I dunno, less guilty I guess.” She drills me with her eyes again. “Nick, I’ve wanted to talk to you about that night, but haven’t had the chance. I guess since all of our secrets are out, now is as good a time as any, though most of what I’d thought is obsolete now.”

‘We too, will talk when this is done,’ Summer promises me through the nanites, and I feel my heart sink.

“Son, I understand that you have certain needs, and you certainly helped me out with mine the other night. I’ve decided that I really don’t regret what happened, but we probably shouldn’t do it again. What the two of you decide to do is up to you, but I hope you understand that you can never get married or anything.” Mom is talking so matter-of-factly, that when she mentions marriage, Summer and I both splutter, and I end up choking on my breakfast.

“Marriage?!?” Summer demands. “Mom, I love Nick, but I have no intention of MARRYING him!” I nod in agreement.

‘I hope you don’t mind,’ Summer’s words flash. ‘I really like having sex with you, and I love you, but marriage would be impractical.’

‘I agree,’ I tell her back, glad that we can have this sub-conversation.

“Well that’s something at least,” Mom says, unaware that her two children are talking mind-to-mind.

“Mom,” I start, “I am truly sorry I hurt you, like dad did. I didn’t think about how it would affect you.” I know how much of a heel that makes me sound. “What you and I shared is beautiful.” I’m careful not to say it in a past tense, like I had with Summer, yesterday.

“I know, Nick, and I certainly don’t expect you to be with only me. I know what you’ve done with Gina and Nancy, and don’t expect you to stop that either.” I cringe as mom mentions Nancy and Gina. Summer didn’t known about that either.

‘I guess you’re not so new to incest, after all.’ If words are fire, those leave me cooked well done.

‘I told you I’m perverted,’ I think back at her defensively. ‘Now you know, I was being serious.’

“I guess I really don’t know what I expected,” mom goes on, still oblivious to the other conversation. She is looking at her hands, but after a slight pause, she looks at me curiously. “I guess I should probably be completely honest with you. You’ll likely find out anyway.” She takes a deep breath, and I wonder what she is going to say. “I stayed up north for more than just the snow. Last night, I. . . we. . . that is, Gina, Nancy, and me all. . .” Her cheeks are dark red, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there had been a threesome at Gina’s house. I won’t deny the thought turns me on, but I’m curious about how it’d happened.

“Mom!” Summer exclaims next to me, grabbing her hand. “I didn’t know you swung that way.”

“I don’t, or I didn’t. . . I don’t know. Everything is so confused now. When your dad was here, I always knew what to expect. He was cheating on me, but as long as we remained married, he appeared respectable to everyone else, even though we both knew better. Now that he’s gone, things have spiraled out of control.” She drops her head into her hands, and Summer gives me a significant look before getting up, and going over to comfort our mother. “I had to talk to someone, and as they comforted me, I. . . Well, one thing led to another. . .”

‘You need to use your switches on her to make her happy,’ she thinks to me.

‘No, I won’t manipulate people with them anymore,’ I think right back at her vehemently.

‘You’re not manipulating her, you’re helping her. Do it, or I won’t help you with the demons.’ Her eyes give a tone to her words that the text alone can’t convey.

I know the threat is an empty one. She has to help me, or we’re all dead. Despite knowing this, I decide to help mom.

If only Lela’s people hadn’t abandoned us, leaving us as bait for their escape.

I touch Summer’s hand, so that any switches I make can only be affected if I’m with her. That way I won’t be tempted to use them on my own. She already has a happy switch in her (made while Summer and I were touching), and her youthening ones, but I decide to throw in a content one and a confident one as well. I can easily throw them all fully on, while touching Summer, but decide to move them slowly, so that she won’t suspect.

‘Good thinking,’ Summer sends me. Of course she can sense and see everything I’m doing.

My sister is gently stroking mom’s back, trying to comfort her, and I can see my switches gently taking effect. Mom looks up at us and smiles lightly.

“Thank you, both of you. I don’t know why, but being with you two like this has made me feel better.” I smile at Summer, glad I’m able to help, and only feeling slightly guilty about using my powers on her.

“So how did it happen with you, Nancy, and Gina?” Summer asks, and I’m certain mom is going to balk. I guess my switches are in effect, however, as she answers without reservation.

“We got to talking about it on the way up. I didn’t tell Gina about us, Nick, don’t worry.” She pats my hand as she says this, but I wonder if Gina would have cared, after the way she’d helped set up the date. “I admitted that I’ve never been with a woman, and they informed me that I’m welcome to join them if I wanted to. At first I wasn’t going to, but the more I thought about it, the more curious I got. The incest between mother and daughter doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would, and when I dropped them off, they asked again. The weather made the perfect excuse, and I came in. I came many more times last night.” She stops talking then, and looks to her two children. “I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but, oddly, I seem completely fine by it.”

Summer smiles at me, before leaning down and whispering something into mom’s ear. Mom pulls away, and looks at her curiously, before shrugging.

‘What did you say to her?’ I wonder to my sister, but she only smiles at me.

Mom then looks back at me for a few seconds, before asking, “I know I said we shouldn’t anymore, and last night was really great with those three women, but I could really use something only a man has.” Then I understand what Summer had asked. Her ‘confidence’ switch must have taken full effect too, as she reaches over before I can answer, and starts working at my pants.

I almost stop her, thinking I’ve caused this with my switches again, but Summer sends me a message. ‘Don’t stop this. You helped her out, you didn’t make her horny. Let this happen, she needs it.’ My sister glances at mom, then back to me again, before mentally adding, ‘and I want this, too.’

Looking at it that way, I can’t argue, and moan as mom pulls my stiffening member out, and starts sucking on it at the dinner table. Summer comes around, and drops down next to her, and the two women start to swap my cock back and forth, and even kiss each other around my pole. If one set of lips is great, two are phenomenal!

Mom is still sitting in her chair, bent over, and it’s easy for me to slip my hands into the front of her shirt, and fondle her larger tits, while she sucks on my knob. She moans softly, as I start to roll her right nipple between my fingers. After a few seconds of this, she pulls back, relinquishing my cock completely to her daughter, and takes off her top. She smiles lovingly at her children, before standing and dropping her pants as well.

I reach out my arms, and pull her to me, kissing her soundly on the mouth, and letting my hand drop down to between her legs. She is already wet, and I use her natural juices to lube up my fingers, and rub them vigorously against her clit. She starts to shake against me, and cry out into our kiss, as I make her cum. I can feel her lubricant soak my hand, as her hands grip the back of my head, and our kiss reaches a whole new level of lust and desire.

Summer leaves my cock hanging, the air slightly cool on my saliva soaked rod, and pulls my hand away from our mother. She immediately plants her lips on mom’s vagina, and the older woman jumps as she feels her daughter’s tongue on her already sensitive clitoris.

“Oh, Summer. You really know how to do that!” she moans out, breaking our kiss. I step güvenilir casino away from the two, and kneel behind my sister. Summer is kneeling on the floor, her mouth plastered to mom’s vagina. Pulling Summer’s shirt up and off, I’m happy to see she hasn’t put on a bra. I remove her pants next, and then sit flat on the floor behind her, wrapping my legs around her torso, while she goes back to eating out our mother. My cock is pressed between her ass cheeks, and I take off my shirt before enfolding my lovely sister in my arms, from behind. I bring one hand to her tit, giving it a good firm squeeze, and drop the other to her already drenched crotch.

She is even wetter than our mom, and two of my fingers slip into her with ease. She starts to moan, as she rocks her hips against my hand, and presses back against my cock. Mom is moaning in earnest now too, and soon cums on her daughter’s lips. Her legs give out from underneath her, and she collapses back into her chair.

I stand up, lifting Summer at the same time, and setting her off to the side. Mom is still trying to catch her breath, when I slide a couple inches of my penis into her, making her gasp. Her eyes fly open, and her hands go to my chest, as she looks me in the eyes.

“Fuck me with your cock, son. I really need a good screw right now.” Her words shock me, they are so different from the last time we’d made love, and I figure her ‘confidence’ switch has something to do with it.

I lean forward until our lips meet, and slide a little further into her. Our tongues wrestle, as I go deeper and deeper into my beautiful mother’s twat. She is on fire inside, and her hands roam my chest, as I slide back and forth, until I’m fully sheathed in her birth canal.

“Damn, that is so hot!” I hear Summer exclaim, and I look up to see her with two fingers in her pussy, and her other hand busily rubbing her clit. For some reason it has always been a massive turn on for me to see a woman masturbate, and I go wild, plunging in and out of our mother, while I watch Summer get herself off on her fingers.

Mom has gone silent, and I tear my eyes away from my sister’s buried fingers, to see that she is having one powerful orgasm after another, due to my pounding. Her vagina is undulating around my cock, and I have to stop moving, or I’m going to cum too soon. Instead, to distract myself, I hook my arms under her armpits, and stand up, lifting the slight mature woman with me.

Mom gasps, as her weight forces her down a little more on my intruding pole, and her legs squeeze my torso for balance. I start walking back to her room, knowing that Summer will follow.

Once inside, I allow myself to fall back on the bed, causing mom to grunt again, as she collapses onto my chest.

“Oh, son. The other night was good, but that was. . .that was unbelievable.” Her breathing is ragged as she rests her head on my chest.

‘I agree. Watching you two made me cum pretty hard, too,’ Summer thinks to me.

“I’m not done yet, mom,” I tell her, lifting her torso high enough that I can latch onto one of her nipples, while I move my hips beneath her. Her velvety folds are so slick, as I slowly fuck my own mother that my balls are dripping with her fluids after only a few strokes.

“Son, I don’t. . . ungh. . . think I can. . . ahhhhh. . . keep. . . going. . . oh, fuck!” She cries out, as I feel Summer’s tongue lick my balls, and I know she is pleasing mom at the same time. Mom starts to move her hips on her own, hands flat on my chest, moaning and grinding herself against her two loving children, and head thrown back. Her breasts are pointing out freely in the air, so I reach up, and grab a globe in each hand, massaging. When she cums again, it’s spectacular. Her whole body locks up, and I can feel her fluids gushing out of her hole, soaking my crotch and Summer’s face, while she croons one long moan in ecstasy.

She collapses to the side, as she tries to recover, and I slip out of her with a very wet slurping noise. My cock wasn’t free for long, before Summer swallows as much of it as she can, between her lips. Mom’s cum is quickly cleaned from my rod.

‘I can’t believe she got all of you in her,’ she thinks to me. “I’m next,” she says out loud, her face glistening with our mother’s sweet juices, before licking her way up my body. When our tongues meet, I can taste our mother on her, and that makes me moan even more as I slip into her slippery snatch.

I roll us away from mom, so that I can be on top, and use long, steady strokes to get as deep as I can into my sister’s vaginal cavity. I have her breasts in each hand, pinching her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, and she is tossing her head back and forth as I strike bottom again and again. “Fuck me, Nick. Fuck your sister and make me cum hard on your motherfucking cock! Make me cum as hard as you made mom cum. Fuck me, Nick, fuck me!”

Mom must have recovered enough, because suddenly she is right there, kissing Summer soundly on the lips, while her right hand dives to her daughter’s clit, and starts rubbing. My sister’s tight pussy clamps down on me hard as she cums, sending me way over the edge.

I pull out just in time, and shoot my load across mom’s hand, and my sister’s stomach, marveling at the volume of spunk that’s spewing from me. I watch in amazement as mom breaks off kissing her daughter, and starts licking my cum off the back of her hand. When that is clean, she starts licking up my jism from Summer’s stomach.

“Don’t swallow that,” Summer pipes up breathlessly. “I want some.”

Mom sucks up more, and then brings her lips over Summer’s. I think she is just going to dribble some out, but Summer grabs the back of mom’s head, and pulls her down, sucking my potent seed straight from our mother’s lips.

Watching them turns me on so much, I realize I haven’t gone limp. I want to be back in mom again, so I crawl behind her, but she stops me.

“I can’t right now, son. Not in that hole. It’s been years, but I think I would like to have you in my ass.” Wow, I think, her confidence is really high.

“The ass, mom? I’ve heard of people doing that, but does it really feel good?” Summer asks, curiously. “Some of my girlfriends have tried talking me into it with a vibrator, but I’ve always been too scared.

Mom gives Summer a quick peck on the lips, smiling. “Sweety, some of my best ever orgasms came from anal, but your dad didn’t like it. Considering how good your brother feels in my vagina, I can only imagine what he’ll feel like in my ass.” She wiggles her behind at me. “What are you waiting for, stud?” She asks me, impatiently.

I don’t waste any more time, and dribble some spit against her anus. As I’d done with Gina in the past, I slip first one, then two fingers, into mom’s puckered brown hole. She moans into a shared kiss with Summer, as I work my third finger in. Moving my fingers in and out, at a slow pace, I hope I don’t hurt my wonderful mother when I slip into her extremely tight butt.

When I feel she’s loosened up enough, I kneel behind her. My cock is still plenty lubed up between cum and saliva, so I press it against her small brown hole. It takes a bit of pressure to get into her colon, but once the head slips in, I groan at the delightful feeling of her sphincter squeezing my rod.

“Go slow, son. You’re a lot bigger than anything I’ve ever had back there, and I feel like you’re going to split me in two.” I nod, and wait for her to give me the go ahead, before sliding deeper into her colon. “Mmm, that’s it. Nice and slow. God, it’s been too long. Ahhh, I can feel you so deep inside me.”

“I can’t believe I’m watching my brother shove his thick cock into our mother’s ass, while she fingers my cunt,” Summer mewls, and I look down to see that mom does indeed have three fingers buried in Summer’s twat.

I’m going slow, but it doesn’t take mom long before she is pushing back against me. I take the hint, and pick up my pace, until the room fills with the sounds of me slapping into her ass. Both ladies are moaning in counterpoint to the other.

Summer is playing with her clit again, and fondling one of mom’s dangling breasts while she watches us, a hungry look in her eyes.

“That’s it, son. Fuck your mother’s ass. Make me cum hard on your big fucking cock. Yes, yes, yes!” Summer plasters her lips to mom’s as she starts to cum, and I can feel mom’s tight sphincter grip me as she cums at the same time.

Mom falls forward, pulling herself off of me, as she hungrily makes out with and fingers Summer.

“Okay, sweety, your turn,” mom says softly. I see a spark of fear in my sister’s eyes, but it’s replaced by desire and determination as she looks over at my still hard pecker.

“How does it feel for you?” she asks me aloud.

“It feels wonderful,” I tell her, “but you should be asking mom, not me.”

“Mom already told me, and I saw how much she enjoyed it. I want to make sure you enjoy it too.” I don’t know if I can ever love my sister more, than at this point.

“Let me get you ready,” mom says, crawling between Summer’s legs. “We should give your brother a break, so that he can last.”

I watch in delight, as mom lifts Summer’s pelvis, and starts to lick her ass. This is a sight I’d never imagined, much less thought I’d ever see.

“Mmm, that does feel good, mom. Different, but good. I like the feel of your tongue in my ass.”

“I need you to relax, sweety,” Mom says before moving her hand up, while simultaneously moving her mouth to her daughter’s pussy, and I see my sister’s eyes go wide, as mom slips a finger into her ass.

“Oh, wow! If your finger feels that good, I wonder what his cock will feel like.” Summer’s tone easily conveys her hunger and desire. Her eyes, as she looks to me, demand satisfaction.

“You’re going to have to wait a second for that, sweety. I need to stretch you out a little first,” mom tells her, and then goes back to licking her pussy. After a few minutes, mom slips another finger in, and then another. Summer comes hard, moaning and grinding against our mother. “Okay, I think you’re ready now.”

I’m rock hard, and about ready to explode, I’m so horny right now. Mom has me lie on my back, while Summer gets on top of me. My loving mother grips my phallus, and aims it at her daughter’s ass. “Okay, Summer, come back slowly, and you will need to stay relaxed. If you tense up it’ll hurt.” Summer nods, as she sucks in her bottom lip, and looks down at me. “In this position, you have control over the speed and depth. Take is slow, and you’ll be fine.”

‘I can’t wait to feel you in my ass,’ she thinks to me. ‘I want to have you every way a woman can have a man, until you go back to school.’

I moan loudly as I feel her brown hole hit my head, and a second later I’m in her. Summer freezes immediately, and mom keeps whispering for her to relax. She does as she’s told, and even starts sliding her anus down my invading tool.

If her pussy was tight, her colon is even tighter. I can’t believe how firmly she grips me, as I feel every centimeter of myself slide deeper and deeper past her sphincter.

“Does my ass feel good, Nick?” she asks me, and I can’t find my voice right then, so I only nod. “Mmm, me too,” she moans as our pelvises finally meet. For the first time, my sword is fully sheathed in my beautiful sister.

“Good,” mom tells Summer, “now just take your time, and remember, since you’re on top, you control the pace.”

She nods, and starts to rock her hips back and forth. Her eyes grow wide again, and she looks at me in astonishment. “I can feel you in me deeper than ever. I can’t believe how good this feels. It hurt a little at first, but now that I’m used to it. . . Oh, god, but I love this!!”

I smile as I place one hand against her tit, and moved the other to her pussy. I have to angle my hand uncomfortably in order to slip a finger inside her, but her moan when I do, is worth it. She grips her free breast as she picks up her pace atop me.

Mom leans over me, and replaces my hand, and I’m able to suckle one of her breasts. It’s odd to think that I used to suck on these same nipples when I was a baby. I move the hand that had been replaced down to mom’s pussy, and despite her earlier protestations, she lets me play with her sloppy slit, while Summer’s moans grow in volume. I can’t believe I’m in my sister’s ass, with my loving mother helping us.

“Oh, God! I never knew. I never knew how good this can feel. I love you in my ass, Nick. Oh, God, I’m going to cum, and it’s a big one!” Summer starts to shake and shudder, and I think she is going to pinch my cock off, she gets so tight. But at the same time, her colon massages and writhes around the entire length of my cock, and without any other warning, I let loose deep into her ass.

Summer falls over, and mom sits up. I look at my lovely sister, as she lays there, eyes closed and breathing heavily, a smile lightly gracing her soft lips.

“That must have really been a big one,” mom whispers. “I’ve only passed out twice from an anal orgasm, but they are always the best.” Mom gives me a soft kiss, cuddling up to my side. “I think we’re going to need to be put on birth control,” she says as she pats my wilting member, and this time it’s me that smiles. “It may be wrong, and it may be incest, but the love we share is pure and strong.”

Despite how early it still is, I’m exhausted, and fall asleep, between these two lovely women in my family.

The next couple days are a blur, as we spend most of our time in bed, between one set of legs or another.

It’s with a heavy heart that I drive back up north, for New Years. Thankfully the nanites work at any distance, and I’m still able to communicate with my sister, the whole time. Unfortunately, she starts by giving me a play by play with mom, and I soon have to pull over, in order to masturbate, before I can continue driving.

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