Bad Uncle

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I lived in Colorado when this occurred, many years ago. I went to college in North Carolina, and that is where I met my wife and lived for many years before we decided a change of scenery was in order and moved out west. My family was originally from Texas, but my wife’s family was all from the North Carolina region. Her parents had passed away, but her sister still lived in the North Carolina area along with her husband and 3 kids.

My work was still headquartered in North Carolina, I had just been given the opportunity to work remote which is what allowed us to make our move out west. Still, I always felt it important to get some face time in at the office, which meant I flew back about once a month to spend a few days there.

Although I would always spend my time at a hotel, I’d make sure I had the opportunity to see my sister-in-law and her kids to keep up relations. I loved her kids and would do anything for them. I’d watched them grow from toddlers, eventually blossoming into the young women and man they became.

Tonight was a special night. Stacey, the youngest of the two girls, had just turned 18 and as I had done for her older sister, I was taking her out to a nice dinner, just her and me, to celebrate her birthday. I picked her up, my breath catching a little as she opened the door. She was dressed to the nines, and she was the ultimate combination of innocence trapped inside a blossoming body, with just a hint of baby fat both in her face and her breasts. I know I shouldn’t see her that way, but I am a red-blooded male and she’s related by marriage, not by DNA!

She came running up to me and threw her arms around me. “Oh my god Uncle Mike, it’s so good to see you! I’m so excited about tonight!”

Releasing me, she turned around and shut off the lights, locking the door behind her.

“Where are your parents? I’d like to say hi.” I asked.

“They went up to their campsite for the weekend. They figured I’d want to celebrate with my friends, so they left me home!” she replied.

With that, I escorted her to my rental car and opened the front door for her. Climbing in, we headed off for a local upscale Sushi place. We had a pleasant dinner, where I got to ask her about school, where she wanted to go in life, her friends, and social activities. She was happy and bubbly the entire time, and although she was my favorite niece, I learned more about her this trip then I had in all my previous visits.

After dinner she asked if we could use the pool at the hotel. It was hot and muggy, and they didn’t have one so this would be an opportunity for her to cool off. I couldn’t think of a good reason not to, so I offered to swing by her house so she could change into her swimsuit.

Stacey blushed a little as she confessed that she had her swimsuit in her purse, as she had planned on asking me all along. I felt a little uncomfortable that she would be changing in my room, but I had enjoyed the evening so far and didn’t want to disappoint her so I took the next right and headed to the hotel.

When we arrived, we headed to my room on the 3rd floor. It was a basic hotel room, king bed, mini-fridge and microwave, and a bathroom off the entry hall.

“Help yourself to the bathroom to change.” I offered. “I’ll find my bathing suit and change when you’re done.”

Stacey smiled and headed into the bathroom carrying her purse. While she was changing, I pulled a nip of vodka I had in the freezer and poured it into a bottle of Pepsi from the fridge, and took a stiff drink before opening my suitcase and digging around for my bathing suit.

As I pulled it out, I heard the bathroom door open. I turned around to find Stacey standing there in the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen. Her young skin was so smooth, and her breasts were deliciously exposed at the top, providing a view into the ample valley between them. I felt my cock stir but I scolded myself for seeing her that way.

“Just give me a sec to change and we’ll head down!” I told her with a grin, as I grabbed my suit and headed into the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and locked it, then put my hands on the counter and leaned forward, staring at my reflection in the mirror.

“Bad, bad, bad!” I thought to myself as I tried to shake impure thoughts from my head. I turned the cold water on and splashed a little on my face to try to shake me free of my thoughts. As I turned to grab a towel, I realized that Stacey had left her bra and panties in a ball on the end of the counter.

I stared for a moment, convincing myself not to do what I already knew I was going to do. I reached over and picked up her panties, then pressed them to my nose and deeply inhaled, savoring the scent of her young womanhood flowing into my nostrils. My brain was short-circuiting, and I felt faint.

Realizing that she was waiting, I snapped myself back into reality. I placed her panties back in the ball with her bra, stripped down, and put my bathing suit on. I hoped that my lust casino şirketleri wasn’t too obvious from the bulge in my suit. I turned and opened the door, noting her dress hanging neatly from the hook.

As I walked back into the room, Stacey whistled.

“Not bad for an old guy!” she teased. “But are you sure you aren’t having prostate issues? You took a while!” she giggled.

“Smart ass!” I replied, dropping my clothes on my suitcase. “Let’s head down to the pool before this old man needs his nap!”

We headed down to the pool area. Stacey skipped ahead of me, while I took the opportunity to enjoy her tight young ass wiggle, barely contained in her bikini bottom.

“Bad, bad, bad!” I continued to think to myself.

When we arrived, I opened the door with my key card to find a mostly empty pool area. There was an older couple sitting in the hot tub. Stacey ran right over and jumped in the deep end, surfacing with a splash and a shriek as the cold hit her. I took the cowards way in and dipped my toes, before relegating myself to jumping in; like ripping off a band-aid.

As I surfaced, Stacey splashed me then swam away giggling. I turned and swam slowly towards the shallow end, then sat on the steps with just my head above the water and watched her swim around lazily. At least the cold water was causing shrinkage, so I wouldn’t be embarrassed when it came time to get out of the pool.

A short time later the elderly couple climbed out of the hot tub, gathered their belongings, and headed out leaving us alone. I’d been eyeing the hot tub but wasn’t one who liked to share with strangers, so I took advantage of our situation to climb out of the pool, walk over, and ease myself into the steaming water. It felt good on my muscles if not a little hot, so I sank into the water and closed my eyes for a second just relaxing.

I felt a splash of cold water dripping on me and looked up to see Stacey standing over me as she got ready to join me in the hot tub. My eyes immediately locked on to her nipples, which were rock hard, standing proud, I’m assuming from the cold water of the pool. Her skin was speckled with goosebumps, and her hair was plastered around her neck. As she slipped into the water next to me, I could feel my chubby starting to rise again.

“Bad, bad, bad!” I thought again.

We chatted in the tub for a few minutes. Occasionally her feet or legs would brush by mine as she lay back and let the jets push her around the tub a bit. My cock started to grow from the inadvertent touching, but I did my best to keep the conversation light. Stacey did most of the talking anyway, gabbing away as teenage girls do.

“Ok, I’m overheating. I think it’s time I got out.” I told her.

“Ohhh!” she pouted. “I guess I’m done too. Let me take a quick dip in the pool to cool off and we’ll head out.”

Stacey climbed out of the tub and I stared at her ass as she strutted to the pool. It was even more exposed now, pulled into a wedge between her cheeks. As she jumped in the pool I quickly climbed out, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around my waist to hide my growing bulge. This girl was going to kill me, but at least I wouldn’t be up all night jerking off; with this in my mind I figured it would take me minutes at best!

Stacey climbed out of the pool and wiped herself down with a towel.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Ready!” she replied, and we headed back up to the room. We were silent on the way up, me trying not to think dirty thoughts, her for whatever reason she had.

Opening the door to my room we were hit by the blast of the air conditioner. I liked to sleep in a cold room so I always made sure to keep the thermostat low. Stacey walked in ahead of me.

“Brrrr!” she said. “It’s freezing in here!” She turned towards me. “I’m going to take a quick shower to rinse the chlorine off. Is that ok?”

“Sure.” I replied uneasily. Stacey didn’t notice and bounced into the bathroom. I could hear the water start, and I sat in the chair with my towel wrapped around my waist since I didn’t want to get the bed wet. My drink was still on the desk so I reached over and took a big swig. I couldn’t drink too much since I had to drive Stacey home, but I needed something to get my head on straight.

I only sat for a moment before I realized the room was too cold to just sit there wet. I got up and went to grab a robe out of the hall closet. As I approached, I realized the bathroom door wasn’t fully closed. Despite my better intentions, I peeked in through the opening. Just as I looked, Stacey opened the shower curtain. Her eyes were shut from the water, and she took one step gingerly out of the shower, reaching towards the counter. Her breasts swayed magnificently beneath her, and I caught my breath as I imagined taking her nipple in my mouth. She grabbed the bar of soap off the counter and stepped back into the tub pulling the curtain closed behind her.

“Bad, bad, bad!” I thought to myself, dragging myself away and casino firmaları grabbing the robe out of the closet.

I sat back in the chair, my mind drifting back over and over to the sight of her naked body. My cock was rock hard, and I had to adjust my suit as it started digging into my skin. I jumped a little as Stacey entered the room. I hadn’t heard the water shut off, and of course the door was already open! I couldn’t tell if she had seen me adjusting myself, but it was the last thought on my mind as she was wrapped in a towel that barely reached from just above her breasts to just below her waist.

“God help me.” I groaned in my head as I stared at this beauty in front of me.

“I left the water running for you! The chlorine is really strong, so I figured you’d want to jump in right away.” she explained. I didn’t say anything but rose and headed into the bathroom, my mind a jumble of thoughts. I dropped the robe and my suit and immediately jumped into the shower. I rinsed off, using everything in my power not to jerk off. I could do that later after I got back.

I turned off the shower and climbed out, drying myself off with the last towel. As I looked down, I realized her clothes were still in a ball on the end of the counter. Glancing towards the door, I reached down, grabbed her panties, and took one last opportunity to suck in her scent. I thought about whether I could hide them somewhere and keep them for later, but since it was just me and her, and there were only her bra and panties here and her dress on the door quickly decided I wouldn’t be able to pull that one off.

Sadly, I put them back on the counter and pulled my robe around me. I hadn’t brought any clothes in the bathroom and since hers were here, I figured I could throw on some sweat shorts and a t-shirt quickly while she was back in here getting dressed.

I emerged from the bathroom to find her sitting in the chair where I had been, still wrapped only in the small towel. In her seated position I could see between her legs. Not quite all the way to the promised land, but enough that my body was now shaking with adrenaline. All the lights were out, except for the light on the desk.

Stacey looked at me and rose. She walked over to me and took me in her arms, giving me a big hug. I’m sure she could feel my cock poking her in the stomach as I was fully erect, in a robe, and there was no hiding it.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening!” she started. “You’ve always been my favorite uncle, and I just feel so at home with you. Like I could tell you everything!”

“You can.” I whispered. “I’ll always be here for you.”

Stacey looked up at me, then blushed. I could feel her pull away a little, still hugging me.

“Uncle Mike, would you do me a favor?” she said quietly.

“Anything, doll!” I replied.

“I want you to be my first.” She mumbled. Did I hear her correctly?

“Excuse me?” I said.

“You heard me.” she countered. “We’ve been close my whole life. I’ve heard all my friend’s stories about losing their virginity to clumsy boys our age, and that’s not what I want. I want my first time to be special, with someone I love, and who has the experience to help me enjoy it and not just feel pain.”

I couldn’t say a word. I felt myself start to shake a little, torn between love and lust for this young girl and the morality of the whole situation.

“I know you like what you see!” she whispered in my ear. “I’ve seen you checking me out all evening, and I can feel how excited you are!” she continued as I felt her suddenly reach down and grab my cock through the robe.

Stepping back, Stacey dropped the towel and stood before me gloriously naked. I couldn’t help myself; my eyes took in her body from head to toe as I stood there speechless.

“I know you’re all worked up. I might be a virgin, but I’m not completely clueless!”

Suddenly she dropped to her knees and pulled my robe open, my cock springing free in front of her. I’m not a porn star by any means, about average length and a little thicker than average. Stacey moaned in appreciation as she grabbed me in her hand again and started slowly stroking me.

“Someone’s really pent up here. We’re going to need to give you some release before we continue!” and with that, engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth. I may not be a porn star, but I certainly felt like one as this young girl started bobbing her head up and down on my cock. She had definitely done this before, although I could tell she wasn’t all that experienced. She could only get the first couple of inches into her mouth, but she was trying her hardest and I wasn’t going to last long anyway.

After just a couple of minutes I could feel my cock throbbing in her mouth. “I’m going to cum!” I whispered urgently, shrugging so that the robe fell of my shoulders and onto the floor behind me. Stacey just groaned and continued bobbing up and down. Just as I was about to cum, she pulled me out of her mouth and stroked güvenilir casino me quickly. I came what felt like a gallon, shot after shot firing all over her neck and chest as I groaned and shuddered in release.

Stacey continued to stroke me slowly as she milked every drop out of my cock. As she released me, I staggered back and sat down in the chair, my softening cock projecting from my body, glistening with her spit and my cum.

Stacey smiled and rose, walking over to me slowly before sitting in my lap like she had when she was a little girl. Her head nestled onto my shoulder, and I could feel her naked body pressed against my skin. The heat from between her legs got me going again, and Stacey giggled when she felt my cock twitch and start to grow, pressing against her bare ass.

Turning towards me, she tentatively kissed me, then again with more urgency as I wrapped my arms around her. I could feel the tip of her tongue touch my lips, and I opened my mouth slightly and let her tongue enter my mouth and flit around daintily. Wrapping my arm around her legs from above, I lifted her effortlessly and slowly carried her towards the bed, our lips never breaking contact until I lowered her onto the comforter.

I gazed down at her affectionately, any moral concerns now evaporated from my mind. Slowly I let my eyes wander down her body, drinking in every detail, from the freckle on her shoulder to her pointy nipples, to her tiny belly button, and finally to the faint coating of hair covering her virgin pussy.

I bent back down and slowly took her in my embrace, kissing her once more on the mouth before slowly running my lips down her neck, then kissing her shoulder. My hand lightly stroked her stomach as I ran my tongue down gently between her breasts, then underneath along the crease of the bottom of her pert breast. Stacey moaned and put her hands on the back of my head, pulling me tighter against her.

I licked her breast, slowly circling closer and closer to her nipple. Stacey gasped when I finally circled my tongue around her nipple, then sucked it gently into my mouth, flicking it gently with my tongue. Rising to my knees, I alternated and gave her other breast the same treatment. Gingerly Stacey’s hand reached out and grasped my almost fully erect cock, languidly stroking it as I enjoyed her body.

My hand drifted down and started rubbing her leg, tracing my way up her inner thing until I could feel the heat from her pussy and the wisp of her hair rubbing against my fingers. Kissing back up her neck to her mouth, my tongue flicked her lips as my fingers finally met heaven and traced their way up her moist opening. Reaching the top, I gently pressed on her mound, rubbing in a circle as I felt her start to writhe beneath me. I slid my middle finger down and slowly caressed her opening, feeling her lips part as her arousal grew. I dipped the tip of my finger just inside her opening, feeling her juices starting to flow. Hooking my finger, I spread her wetness up over her clit, lubricating it so my fingers could start to slide back and forth and around, stimulating her sensitive bud.

Stacey’s legs spread further as I continued to rub her clit. She moaned into my mouth as I felt her hips start to gyrate slowly, pushing against my fingers. I alternated between stimulating her nub and sliding my finger down and inserting about an inch into her, slowly sliding it in and out, gently stretching her opening.

As I felt Stacey’s body start to tremble, I pulled my fingers away. She groaned and stopped kissing me to look up at me panting.

“Uncle Mike, why’d you stop?” she moaned.

“Easy doll. Your time will come.” I whispered back to her. Lowering my head back down to her chest, I sucked her nipple into my mouth then slowly kissed my way down her stomach, then her thigh. As I reached her knees, I moved between her legs and slowly started to nibble my way back up her inner thigh, enjoying the feeling of her smooth skin. As I got closer, I could smell her arousal. This was much better than sniffing her panties!

I arrived between her legs and finally, slowly, ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top, then back down. The tip of my tongue parted her lips and started to lap at her opening. Then I dragged my tongue up and started to swirl it around her clit. Stacey groaned and put her hands on the back of my head. I brought my hand up and listened to Stacey gasp as I slowly slid my middle finger into her.

“Oh my god Uncle Mike, what are you doing to me?” she panted as I slowly hooked my finger, rubbing her g-spot gently while continuing to nibble and suck on her clit.

“Uggghhhh…” she groaned as her body started to tremble. I swirled my finger a little quicker and started flicking her clit a little faster with my tongue. Suddenly I could feel a gush of wetness as her body convulsed around me, her legs tensing and her body shuddering as she came against my tongue.

I slowed down and as she calmed down started to kiss my way back up her body. Stacey pulled me into an embrace as I nestled between her legs, my cock brushing against her pussy. She was still shaking, and she clung to me as she continued to recover from her orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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