Bad Fantasy Ch. 1

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“YOU WANT TO FUCK YOUR MOTHER!!?” Karen burst, spraying coffee across the table. She had always been so open to my sexual fantasies before. I mean, I didn’t see the big deal. It was just a fantasy, but maybe this time I had opened my mouth too much. I thought I had just made the biggest mistake of our relationship!

“Shhh!” I whispered, “There are at least 30 people in this restaurant!!”

“But I can’t believe you want to fuck your mom,” she said in a quieter tone, “That is SO kinky!” she smiled. A wave of relief washed over me, but then there was silence.

“You know…she would never let you!” saying in a whispered, matter-of-fact tone “I know!” I said, “It’s just a friggin fantasy, maybe a ‘bad fantasy’? but just a damn fantasy! Don’t get upset!”

“I’m not upset! You’re the one tryin’ to vindicate yourself…as if you feel guilty about it!” she said glaring back at me.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t want you to think of me as some weirdo perv or somethin…” I apologized. “Don’t apologize baby! It’s just so kinky you want to do ‘the little bitch’,” she whispered, using our nickname for her. “I would love to watch!” she smiled looking up from her coffee. “It won’t happen, any ways you know how much of a prude she is!” I replied. “I know, but the thought of actually watching you fuck the hell out of her is turning me on,” she glared. I laughed at her insane remark.

Several days passed. Karen and I were having dinner at her place. “So when exactly do you want to stick it to your mom?” she broke the conversation. Laughingly I told her, “It’s not going to happen!”

“Why? You don’t want her anymore? She’s pretty hot for…uh…like… YOUR MOM!!” she sarcastically joked.! “No, it’s not that…” I tried to explain, “It is just…it’s impossible!”

“Nothing is impossible!” she continued…”What if…What if I told you that I found some ‘knockout’ pills today? Would that change your mind?”

“Are you crazy,” I revolted.

She got up from her seat, went to the kitchen cabinet and pulled down a medicine bottle. “Here!” she said, handing me the small vial of pills. “You’re serious!?” I said. “They’re from the hospital, something like Rohypnol, but much safer and with little or no side effects!” she noted with a gleam in her eye. “I don’t want to hurt her. “These won’t hurt her, she’ll just sleep for a while, a long while!”

I shook my head in disbelief. “I want you to have this fantasy Mike!” Karen’s tone became more serious, “You know what a bitch she is to me!I want to watch you screw her! HARD!!”

“Are you sure these won’t hurt her?”

“I have the dosages all figured out, she’ll be fine! I know you want to do this!” Karen said, rubbing the bulge in my shorts. “Shit! your ARE serious!but I have to think about it, OK?” I said.

I had a hard-on the entire day of the evening my mom was invited for dinner at Karen’s. My imagination ran wild with thoughts of finally seeing and touching her nude body. I arrived at Karen’s early and found her still in her nurses uniform, cooking her famous Lasagna. Grabbing her from behind I kissed the back of her neck, “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked. “Oh, I’m sure and you better save that rocket in your pants for her!” she smiled looking back at me.

“How are you going to give it to her?” I asked “It isn’t like you can just add it to her I.V… nurse Ratchet.”

“She won’t even notice it! I have ground up just enough and will place it in her food.”

“You are sooooo bad!” I grinned. “You are soooo gooood!” she smiled in return. “Go get dressed!” I said as I took over what was left of the cooking. “OK, but should I wear panties or not,” Karen smiled, looking back. “Not!” I smiled

My mother arrived promptly at Seven. Overly dressed for the occasion as usual, a byproduct casino şirketleri of filthy rich upbringing, she wore a dark blue dress suit, her expensive skirt fell just above her knees. Per usual, she wore nylons, this time black to go with her dress and black pumps. A single stand of pearls dangled over her sheer white blouse. A blue jacket, adorned with real gold buttons and a mink stole on top of that completed her outfit. The whole ens amble had her looking more like a high priced real estate agent, I laughed to myself.

“Be a Dear and take my stole, would you Kathy?” were the first words out of my mom’s mouth. “How ’bout a ‘Hello’?” I said smiling …”and mom it’s KAREN! NOT Kathy!” I corrected from the other room. Karen and I glanced at each other and just grinned.”

“Mom, why don’t you sit down and have a glass of wine?” I suggested as I gave her a hug. “I don’t suppose you have any Opus One? it’s my favorite.” She announced in her Mrs. Howell tone. ” Uh, Noooo…would you like some Fetzer Merlot instead?” I replied a bit condescending. “I suppose that will be fine,” she nodded.

I poured her a glass and we sat down at the table. “Have you heard from dad lately?” I asked, my eyes glancing to her skirt, which was now almost to her crotch. “He is in South Africa or somewhere doing one of his hunts or something? I’m really not quite sure and I don’t really care!” I laughed to myself. As long as she had that huge house and dad’s money she could care less about him. We continued with the small talk for a while as Karen finished up.

Karen brought us our plates. Setting my mothers down first. “My, this looks interesting dear!” my mom complimented as best she could. “I hope you like it,” Karen smiled back. “Dear, you really should let me come shopping with you sometime, I know a great place for table settings,” my mom said, trying to make conversation. I could see Karen’s eyes rolling back in her head.

Nearing the end of the meal and a few glasses of wine later I felt Karen kick me under the table. I looked at her and she glanced over at my mom. It was obvious the drug was taking effect. Her eyes were very heavy and she could barley lift her fork. “I don’t know what’s come over me, perhaps I’ve had too much to drink tonight,” My mom whispered groggily. I got up from my seat and caught her just as she fell out of the chair. “She is out!” I said to Karen, “shh, not yet,” Karen replied, “take her to my room and lay her on my bed.”

My hands slid up the backs her smooth, nylons, as I placed one up her skirt and one under her knees. I carried her down the hall, feeling my palm on her tight ass. “lay her on the bed for a few minutes, till she is completely out,” Karen instructed as she stood, slowly undressing. My eyes met Karen’s sweet body. She pulled the short summer dress over her head. She had been bra-less and panty-less the entire dinner. Her cute pixie cut, blonde hair, gave her an innocence was so misleading. Tanned and gorgeous, I couldn’t ask for a hotter looking girlfriend.

Pressing my body to Karen’s, I gently kissed her on the lips. Smiling, she placed her hands on my shoulders and turned me around toward the bed. Standing behind me, she lifted off my shirt. With her soft breasts rubbing against my back, she reached around and found the growing bulge in my jeans. Massaging it, she whispered toward me ear, “That is a gift from me to you, you may do whatever you want with it!”

I stared at my mother, laying there on the bed, her designer skirt hiked up to her waist revealing her awesome looking thighs. The silky black pantyhose made her legs look so sexy. I thought about what a sexy woman she was, despite her snobby remarks. Karen hugged me, then moving her hands to my stomach, she unsnapped my pants and slid them off. Pulling my boxers to casino firmaları the floor she knelt down in front of me and took my swelling cock into her mouth. “Touch her,” Karen said softly, looking up at me. I nervously leaned back and sat on the bed next to my mom. Karen continued to suck me as my boldness increased. I ran my hands up the inside of my mom’s silky legs and under her skirt, feeling her smooth ass. Karen stood up, “Let’s remove the skirt!” Karen snickered like an evil scientist. “OK, but leave on her pantyhose and high heels!” I said still a bit nervous about the whole thing. “you ARE kinky,” she smiled back.

We carefully rolled mom onto her stomach so Karen could unzip her. Like watching a strip tease, my erection grew as Karen peeled down the skirt over my mother’s long sexy legs. Her ass was a little wide, but quite hot in the sheen of the sheer black nylons. Seeing her there in just pantyhose, high heels and with her jacket still on, she looked like a showgirl. “Your mommy doesn’t wear panties, Mikey!” Karen sparked, as she took my hand in hers and placed them on the silky mounds of my mom’s butt. Guiding me, Karen moved our hands downward, pressing them hard between my mom’s legs. I could feel the warmth of her pussy against my skin. “What do you think?” Karen said teasingly, “Why don’t you climb on top of her and rub your cock into your mom’s ass?” she continued.

straddling my mom, I sat just below her butt. My cock was pulsing in excitement, as it slowly began dry humping the sheer nylon pulled tightly across her ass cheeks. Karen sat on the bed. With one hand she began to touch herself and with the other she began pressing my cock harder into my mom’s ass crack. “How does your mommy’s ass feel?” Karen smiled, as she spanked her. I just moaned.

I want to see you fuck her tits!!” Karen said, almost out of breath. “Geez! who’s fantasy is this?!” I smiled over at her. She just smiled back. I obliged Karen’s wishes and we gently rolled my mom to her original position. My eyes ravaged her beautiful mature body, finally coming to rest on the sheer nylon that covered her snatch. Karen’s hand was the first to softly stroke the outline of her silky pussy. Placing her other hand on the back of my head, Karen pulled me down between my moms legs. “I want to see you eat her!” Karen asked as she removed her hand and got up from the bed. My tongue met my mom’s warm snatch, my lips gumming at the soft fabric like a machine. “Here!” Karen smiled, “Use these!” she said, handing me a pair of scissors. “but how are we going to replace these?” I said… “Don’t worry about it, I have another pair in my drawer.”

I carefully cut the crotch out of her expensive black pantyhose, revealing her smooth, mature libia and a clitoris bigger than I had ever seen before. “Holy cow!!” Karen said, softly tugging at it, “Lick it for me!!” She reeled. I began probing my moms soft folds with my tongue when I felt Karen’s fingers in my mouth. She wanted to feel exactly what I was doing!”

“Oh, baby! you’re eating out your own fucking mother!” Karen echoed, as she gasped in excitement. Her fingers probing the slippery hole along side my tongue.

I spread my mother’s legs further apart and returned to my work. Karen’s face met mine, “What does your mom taste like?” she said. Her tongue ran along side mine as we both penetrated the woman I had so long fantasized about. My hand ran over Karen’s tight ass and found her pussy already sopping wet. We kissed and licked my mom’s sweet pussy together while my fingers found my way inside Karen and began pleasing her. Soon my mom’s cunt was very slippery from our kisses and Karen was near orgasm. Karen lifted her head and kissed the side of my cheek. Whispering in my ear she encouraged me,”Don’t make me come yet, baby! Take that huge cock güvenilir casino of yours and fuck her!!…I’ll remove her blouse for you!”

My erection flopped down between my mother’s silky legs as I slid it along her inner thighs. The tip of my shaft found the hot, wet hole. “Oh! Mom!” I moaned, as my rigid cock slid deep inside her warm body. “Oh baby!” Karen urged, “FUCK YOUR MOM!! PUT THAT FUCKING COCK BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM!!” Karen’s hands became increasingly impatient with my moms top. Almost ripping at the material, she violently pulled it open. My mom was wearing a sheer white bra. “Look, Mike!” Karen whispered, squeezing my mom’s voluptuous tits through the shiny material.

“She sure has pink nips!” Karen said with excitement, as she bent over and began licking the see-through fabric. Struggling with the fastener on my mother’s bra, Karen finally succeeded at unsnapping it, freeing the soft mammories my mom had always kept so well hidden.

As I fucked my mother with all I had, I watched Karen as she began sucking on her lilly white tits. “mmmm…she smells so fucking good!”she said, in between slurps, burying her face deep into the cleavage. My hard prick still pumping my mom’s hot cunt, I lowered my mouth to meet Karen. Both sucking on the same tit, we kissed passionately, sharing my mom’s sweet flesh between our tongues.

Karen squealed and pulled away, gasping. “I need… I need…!” almost as if in pain. Reaching for the KY Jelly on the night stand, Karen gently took my mother’s hand and generously greased it up. “What are you doing?” I asked Karen as she slowly removed my mom’s wedding ring. “I’m not stealing her dam ring…you moron!” she smiled. Taking my mom’s soft hand, she brought it to herself and let it slide against her smooth clit. Watching Karen use my mother’s hand to arouse her, I nearly exploded in climax. Then to my further excitement she climbed onto it. Straddling my mom’s fingers and slowly pressing them into her well lubricated cunt. Karen gasped loudly as they penetrated her and filled her inside. Carefully folding over my mom’s thumb, she squirmed as she pushed her entire fist into her slick pussy.

I was nearly coming myself when the loud squeal of Karen’s orgasm rocked the bed. “Oh, Oh, fuck!” Oh! Oh” she gasped, holding my mom at the wrist. In waves of orgasm Karen’s body shuddered. Slowly pulling out her wet slick hand, she respectfully placed down on the bed.

I pulled my throbbing cock from my mom’ s juicy cunt, tracing it slowly up over her soft pubic mound then to her warm stomach. Still breathing hard, Karen pressed my mother’s tits together, kissing them gently as she did. “Here you go baby! time to titty fuck your mommy!” she said. Like a hidden treasure I had been looking for all my life. Her breasts were full and round. The smoothness of her skin and the smell of Tabu perfume filled my mind with memories of her. Now, I was finally able to touch them, squeeze them and caressing them. As Karen poured gobs of KY between my mom’s boobs, I guided my stiff shaft into the warm mounds flesh. I moaned with each slippery stroke as I penetrated the softness of her tits. “I’M GOING TO COME!” I announced to Karen…”OH YES! COME BABY! COME ON HER FACE!” she said in a shortness of breath. “FUCK!” I said pulling my cock from in between my mom’s tits and shooting a huge load. Drenching my mother’s cute face and tits, Karen worked to disperse the warm jism evenly, sliding my pulsing shaft all over my mom’s face. “Wow! OH!” I caught my breath… “You really let her have it! didn’t you!” Karen grinned. Both exhausted we went to the other room to relax.

“So…she’ll be out for another couple hours!” Karen said, stroking at my spent cock. “What?” I said, still panting. “Well…there’s one spot I think you missed! and I’m sure she’s a virgin there!” Karen teased, whispering in a sexy voice. I felt my cock begin to grow as I imagined sliding into my mom’s tight ass. “You’re too much!” I said standing, leading Karen down the hall.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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