Back to the Farm Ch. 01

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Desirae couldn’t help letting her mind wander as she made the drive from the airport. The plains of the Midwest are notoriously flat and devoid of scenery, especially this time of the year before the fields have been planted.

As she traveled, she thought back to the summer she and her cousin Doug had taken their relationship a step or two further than what would be considered “proper” by the rest of the family.

They’d always been buddies even though he was a few years younger than her. When her family would visit from out of state, he was the one who hung out with her, going to the lake or giving her an excuse to not have to stay around with the older generations. It was perfectly natural for that to continue even as they reached their early twenties.

It had started with a kiss. She wasn’t sure who had initiated it, but it may have been her. There had been a look in his eyes that compelled her to lean in the truck window and press her lips to his. It was a powerful kiss, full of promise that they explored at every opportunity that summer. The few chances they had to do anything more than steal a few kisses were always overshadowed, or perhaps enhanced, by the chance that they could be interrupted at any moment.

Remembering the feel of his lips and hands on her body was arousing her and she had to remind herself to keep her casino şirketleri mind on the road. She could easily get distracted by those memories. She would be there in about an hour and was more than a little anxious to get there.

It had been over twenty years since that summer, and life had come between them. Marriage, kids, jobs and distance and limited their contact over the years, but their last meeting had held a good bit of suggestion, although they had no time alone together. Still, she wondered if he felt the same connection and attraction that she did.

He and another cousin owned a house in the small town near the old family farm. They used it primarily when they were hunting, but Doug had invited her to stay there with him during her visit. As she made her way through the familiar streets, she felt a warming in her groin. Her clit was swelling with anticipation and her juices were flowing.

She found the house easily enough and was pleased to see him standing on the front porch watching for her. She felt awkward and fumbling and took a few deep breaths as she got out of car and started the short, but seemingly endless walk to the steps. She smiled up at him as he wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace. There was that same compelling look in his eyes in the moment before he kissed her and it took her breath away. casino firmaları

The kiss grew with passion until there was no doubt in her mind how he felt. Her lips parted as his tongue pressed against them. She could feel his arousal in the swelling of his cock as they pressed together in their embrace. His hands found their way under the fabric of her shirt and the chill of their touch against her warm back sent a tingling jolt through her body and she gave a soft gasp. As their kiss ended she took a half step back and his hands moved around the front of her waist and upward until they were cupping her heavy breasts. As his thumbs grazed her erect nipples her hand fell between them to grasp the bulge in his jeans which grew even harder on contact and he pushed his hips toward her in response.

Finally, they parted. She took a deep, recovering breath as he guided her in the front door. As they stepped into the living room, they turned to each other again to continue the embrace. His hands pulled her shirt up and she stopped the heated exploration of his body to lift her arms as he slipped it over head. She worked at the buttons of his shirt, while he unhooked her bra. As she squirmed out of it, he grasped a breast in each hand and brought his mouth to a nipple, teasing it with the tip of his tongue and pulling it into his mouth as it grew güvenilir casino more and more firm. After savoring one, he turned his attention to the other nipple stopping only long enough to help her get his arms out of his shirt. With four hands working at it, their clothes were soon scattered around their feet.. She stepped closer, pressing the full length of her body against him, while his hands ran down her back to caress and cup the fullness of her buttocks pulling her even closer to his throbbing erection.

They kissed again, he ran his hand around her hip and lightly brushed her pubic hair before burying his hand over her mound. Her swollen lips parted and his finger rubbed against her clit. As she came, she grasped his shoulders for support as her head fell back in ecstasy.

Instinctively, she knew he would cum quickly though she would have liked this encounter to go on for hours. Her hands caressed the length of his torso, skimming down along his sides and back up, then wandering down through the scattered hair on his chest followed by her lips and tongue. Her hands brushed his hips as they reached around to caress his ass as she knelt in front of him. Her tongue ran the length of his hard cock and she brought her hand around to grasp the base as she guided the head into her mouth randomly sucking and licking until he grasped the back of her head to hold her against him, whispering “Oh God, Des. I’m not going to last.” as he shot his load in her mouth. She swallowed his cum and relished the salty taste as she smiled, thinking it was going to be a great week after all.

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