Babe Watch Ch. 01

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Call me a middle-aged guy who refuses to grow up. At 39, I’m the oldest lifeguard patrolling Huntingdon Beach in Southern California. Been doing it for almost 20 years. It’s always been my dream job. Sun, surf, thousands of cute teenage girls tanning themselves and frolicking in the sand in the skimpiest bikinis. Sheer bliss.

Last summer, as the kids got out of school, the beach was jammin’ with hotties. There was one exceptional blonde cutie though. She’d appear in the morning, laying out a few yards from my lifeguard stand. Some days she’d be with friends. Most days she came alone. A lean, athletic body, a great set of firm, ripe tits and a nice, round ass complimented her really cute face.

One day I went over to ay hello. She was lying on her back, head on a folded towel, wearing sunglasses and reading a book. Her tantalising titties and firm thighs glistened with oil. I became immediately aroused,

“Hey, what you reading?” I asked casually as I approached her, puffing out my chest and sucking in my stomach to show off my abs,

“Oh, this? Just something my English teacher wanted me to read over summer,” she replied, sitting up, “I just turned 18 last week. I’ll be a senior this fall,”

The blood rushed to my cock. I feasted on the contours of her titties, thighs and small hips. My hard-on must have been visible under my red lifeguard’s swim trunks,

“Gonna be a scorcher today,” I aid, “You might wanna put on some sun block,”

“I didn’t bring any,” she replied,

“Not good,” I said, “Tell you what. I have some back at the stand. I’ll bring it over to you in a little while, okay?”

“That would be great. Thanks!” she said,

“I have to walk the beach on patrol now, but I’ll be back,” I said, “Okay?”

“No problem,” she said cheerily, “See ya in a bit,”

I’d broken the ice. That was all I wanted to do. Let her know the all-caring lifeguard was on duty and watching out for her. A half-hour later I returned with the promised sun block.

“Here you go. Put some of this on. It’ll keep you from burning,”

“Thanks,” She put her book down, reaching out for the tube, “I’m Lisa. I’ve seen you up on stand when I’ve come to lay out. I usually come to this same spot,”

“Hi Lisa, I’m Steve. Hey, if you ever need CPR, let me know,”

“Thanks,” Lisa said, suddenly a bit bashful as she spread sunscreen on her lean arms, flat tummy and firm thighs.

“Maybe you want me to put some on your back, too,” I said, smiling,

Without hesitation, Lisa turned onto her stomach. I knelt beside her. Her ass was inches away. The cleft between her legs was so inviting. I imagined my face buried inside, lapping at her tight, pink pussy as she squirmed in delight. I dabbed sunscreen on my hands and ran them over her small shoulder blades and her bare, flat midriff,

“Mmmm, that feels good,” she cooed,

“You gotta be careful with this sun. It’s more intense than you think,” I said, acutely aware of the bulge in my Speedo trunks, “I think I should put some on your legs, too,”

I could sense this made her a little nervous at first. But as I massaged the lotion onto her skin, she relaxed. My hand came close to her pussy, and it was all I could do to control myself from running my hand up to it,

“There you go. That should do it. I’ll leave you the tube, just in case you want more,”

“Thanks, Mr. Lifeguard,” she said, turning over on her back again, “I really appreciate it,”

“Pleasure. Gotta get to my post now. Maybe we can talk later?”

“Sure. güvenilir bahis That would be great,”

I went back to my perch atop the lifeguard stand. A lifeguard stand is like a small mountain cabin on stilts. Now and then I’d look in Lisa’s direction with my binoculars. When she noticed me looking, she’d wave. By late afternoon, Lisa gathered her stuff to leave and stopped by my station,

“Just come to return your sunscreen,” she said, “Thanks again,”

“Going so soon?” I asked,

“Yeah. Gotta go home,”

“Hey, ever seen the inside of a lifeguard station before?”

“Nope,” she said,

“Come on up. I’ll show you around,”

“You sure that’s alright?”

“No problem,” I said, “I’ll give you the grand tour,”

“Okay, that would be very cool,” she said, climbing the ladder to the platform. When she got there she turned immediately and looked out over the beach, “Hey, this is awesome. You can see everything from up here!”

“That’s the whole idea. When here’s no haze or smog, I can see about a quarter mile in each direction,”

Lisa pointed to a small room adjoining the deck, “What’s in there?”

“That’s where I store our rescue stuff. Wanna take a look?”

Without waiting for her answer, I took Lisa by the hand and led her inside. There was a cot, blankets and paddle boards stacked in a corner. Lisa was so close to me I could smell the sunblock on her flesh. My cock was getting fatter by the second,

“You must be in pretty good shape to be a lifeguard,” she said,

“I try. Hey, you look like you’re in real good shape yourself. You into sports?”

“I play beach volleyball. And run,” she replied modestly,

“You must be good,” I said,

“Um… well… no… I…” she started to reply,

I suddenly put my arms around her and pulled her towards me kissing her passionately on her full, pink lips. At first, they were clenched. She murmured something, then her lips parted. My tongue entered her mouth and her initial hesitancy disappeared as we embraced. Her arms wound around my bare shoulders. I explored her mouth. My hands ran the length of her small back. Her fulsome titiies pressed against my chest. I nibbled her neck and shoulder,

“Oh yes!” she sighed breathlessly,

“Hey, you’re really beautiful, you know that,” I nudged the door to the lifeguard shack closed,

Our lips and tongues met again. She responded, hungrier than before. My stiff cock pressed against her pussy. I put my hands under her bikini bottoms, touching her bare cheeks full of goose bumps. I pulled her hard against me so she could feel my turgid prick. Breaking away, she gasped,

“Wow. This is all happening so fast! I’ve never been with an older guy like you before. Actually, I’ve never gone this far with any guy before! I’m kinda nervous,”

Her eyes were like silver dollars. There was no mistaking her excitement.

I reached up and squeezed one of her firm tits. Taking the erect, eraser nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I pinched it sharply. Her moan of ecstasy was so intense she closed her eyes and went limp, sinking into my arms. I pulled her bikini top aside and sucked her sweet little boobie,

“Ohhhh…” She crooned into my ear. She was so wet, I could smell her cunt juices from where I stood. I bit her nipple gently. Her breathing was fast, her heart was pounding. I took her hand and placed it on my throbbing shaft. Lisa was trembling as she tried to pull away for a moment, but I held on until her fingers were firmly türkçe bahis resting on my stiff cock.

She moaned again, this time with the delight of discovery of something she really waned,

“Oh. Oh. Ohhh,” she cooed as her fingers tickled my purple dick head. As she touched me we kissed again. This time I slid my hand inside her bikini bottom over the soft bush of her cunt, plunging two fingers deep inside her. She clenched her legs together, holding me fast. Then she bit my tongue. The pain was sharp but I almost came from the excitement. I twisted my fingers inside her and she writhed orgasmically as her tight pussy gushed.

Lisa slumped against me, clutching my hard cock as I fingered her,

“Spread your legs,” I whispered. She obeyed, opening them slowly and giving me full access. Free to manoeuvre, I banged away with my forefinger as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. It must have been too much for her. She started biting into my shoulder as she clasped her arms around me, her hips bucking and grinding. She was trying to stifle the pleasure that was escaping from her despite her resistance. But she was being swept away by a wave of orgasms flowing through her body,

“Ohhhhh! OHHHHHHHH!” she was crying, almost shouting now.

We kissed again. I undid the small know of the skinny strap that held her bikini top on. I pushed her bikini bottoms to the floor. Her beautiful, firm, resplendent tits shuddered as she came again. My dick sprang skyward as I tore my shorts off. My steaming man pole pressed into her dewy flesh. I took one breast into my mouth, sucking while my tongue circled her areola, fingering her with increasing fury as nectar flowed from her slit. I wanted to stick a finger into her virgin butt hole too, but I resisted.

Then I drew back from her, put my hand son her shoulders and guided her down onto her knees. My rod was waving in her face. Lisa looked up at me, then at my prick, then back at me. She was amazed. Taking her head in to my hands I pulled her forward onto my cock. Her lips opened magically and she started to suck the crown of my quivering penis as she braced herself against my thighs.

“Use you tongue,” I croaked, barely able to control my surging sperm. She licked me, making my hard-on jiggle with my excitement. I pulled her head forward some more and my cock was halfway inside her mouth. I began to pump slowly. My semen was boiling. Lisa gurgled as she took my length all the way to the back of her throat,

“Touch my balls,” I barely heard myself say as the thunderstorm in my testicles raged.

Timidly, Lisa reached for my nut sack and squeezed my balls. I held her even tighter now and undulated my hips. I was fucking her face. Her groans were muffled, her mouth full of my sex,

“Mmph… mmmphhh…” she uttered, almost gagging on my rod. I was insane with pleasure of her submissiveness to my desire. Lisa placed her other hand around my prong and began to stroke. It was more than I could bear. With a bellowing “Aaarghhh!” I shot my load of hot jism down her gullet.

Lisa stated to pull away, but I grabbed her head as I pumped my thick cum into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all and spluttered as the overflow splattered all over her face and hair. My cock popped out of her face, spraying pearl jam all over her smooth, young skin, the drops glistening as I basted her body. Lisa’s face was flushed. Her eyes were glazed with ecstasy. Her blissful smile told me she was loving every moment. She wanted me to tell her what to do, and she was ready to güvenilir bahis siteleri do everything I told her.

Now I wanted Lisa’s pussy. I stood her up and turned her around so she now faced the wall. I knelt behind her and spread her thighs. She was bent over slightly, and panting passionately. Her tight, pink pussy was waiting for me to devour it. I ran my hands up her thighs to her ass, massaging her firm, muscular cheeks before pulling her pussy lips apart. Se cried out louder than before,


My tongue darted between her legs, lapping at that delicious cunt. Her hips wiggled. She bent her knees, making her ass rise and fall as I sucked her. Her juices cascaded over my face as I inhaled her tangy aroma. At first I worked slowly. But as she rose to a crescendo, my tongue action increased. I stuck my finger inside her and she yelped, rising up on the balls of her feet,


Lisa was coming like clockworks now. She just couldn’t get enough. Her body shook as jolts of pleasure took over. I thought she was going to crush my skull with her thigh and ass muscles as she climaxed.

I pulled myself up and pressed against her, my cock harder than ever. I needed relief again, and I rubbed my monkey up and down her dripping slit,

“Spread your legs,” I said,

She responded immediately and I slid my flesh tool back inside.

She inhaled deeply as I penetrated her,

“It’s so big,” she said, her voice hoarse from all her vocalising. Reaching around, I cupped her boobies and squeezed them hard. She winced and I pushed the length of my meat into her flooded pussy, pumping slowly. Lisa tossed her head back and forth, moaning over and over again crazily. I picked up the tempo, bringing my hands down to her slim hips and holding her tight. I was revelling in the vicelike grip f her hot twat on my stiff staff and the sounds of pleasure hat kept coming from her.

I enjoyed the view of her fine ass as my bulging prick slid in and out, in and out, in ad out of her pussy. It couldn’t get any better than this I thought as I slammed into her harder, the cheeks of her tight ass barely moving as I banged away. Lisa was meowing now and I was ramming my cock into her kitty cat, putting the full force of my weight behind every thrust. I wanted this to last forever.

But her athletic pussy was too tight and it felt too good for me to hold back my second blast of cum. I climaxed with a groan, the jizz hurtling out of the depths of my balls, emptying them until I swore I could hear an echo in my scrotum. To top it off, Lisa was cumming with me! She was screaming, tossing her hair, arching her back, squeezing her legs together and letting a cry so loud I thought I was going deaf. I couldn’t see or hear anything but the sound of out multiple orgasms. The universe was spinning as we fucked ourselves into a frenzy.

I don’t know how much time passed. We were lying on the floor wrapped around each other. I sat up. Outside it was beginning to get dark. I looked at Lisa. This sensitive, somewhat shy, girl was a sex demon in the flesh. Today had been the first time for her. Maybe I had gone too far. But the pleasure had been too good for me to even consider the consequences. I stroked her hair. Her eyes opened.

“That was totally awesome,” I said softly, wrapping my arms around Lisa and hugging her. This feeling was dangerous. I could fall in love with this girl. And then I would be really hurt. Or was I just being paranoid? Lisa was so sweet, so simple. Maybe this wasn’t just a sex-fantasy-come-true.

“I had an awesome time, too,”

She kissed me, her soft pliable lips felt like heaven. Her eyes were shinning. Her body was glowing. Lisa was as perfect as a girl could be. Too perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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