Awake With On My Mind

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The night was clammy. The summer storms were rumbling in the distance, I could hardly breathe and my skin felt tacky with the heat. There was a slight breeze coming in through the window but it was hardly worth it.

“4 am, fucking 4 am, I really gotta get some sleep here.”

“Go to sleep, will you just please go to sleep”

My mind was everywhere, working overtime thinking of everything but yet nothing. I turned on my back, rested my arm above my head and sighed deeply. Looking at the ceiling I started to think of Luke. Luke was the guy that I had met at a friend’s party. His masculinity drew me to him as soon as our eyes met. I began to relive the party scene. He looked so hot, his hair dark and lying across one eye. His eyes, oh his eyes were penetrating blue taking me deep into them, drawing me closer to him. He had a perfect shaped mouth and lips full and rosy. He carried himself well in a boyish, rugged kind of way.

Back to reality I looked at the time. It was now 4:16 am I really needed to get some sleep. My body so hot and thinking of Luke was starting to make me feel horny. The breeze coming through the window seemed to have picked up and had become a little cooler. I felt the breeze pass over my nipples as it came through the window and they hardened.

“Luke why aren’t you here now I want you casino şirketleri here with me, I want you to feel you with me, to taste me to fuck me, I need you here.”

With Luke in mind I began to circle my nipple, imagining that it was his mouth suckling me, sucking hard, licking and teasing them out to make them harder. He knew I liked my nipples sucked. He knew exactly how I liked him to tease them. I liked the way he would take my nipples into his mouth flicking them with his tongue and then opening his mouth full to take more of my breast. I pushed both breasts together, giving them a slight squeeze. I imagined they were his hands. I wanted him there so he could push his cock in between them. I rubbed my breasts together letting out a soft sigh. My pussy twitched as the thought crossed my mind. I pushed my hips deep into then bed as the thoughts started to pleasure my body. I wet my finger sucking it hard in my mouth taking it deep then trailing it down to my nipple making sure it was wet. I pushed two fingers into my mouth and wet them up real well and took it to my clit. The feeling was good it felt dirty. After all I was alone who was to know what I was doing with my own body.

Circling my wet fingers round my clit I felt it begin to swell, the feeling was so intense that I had to keep releasing the pressure casino firmaları that I applied to my growing clit. As I became more aroused my clit became harder and harder as I worked it. My other hand worked my breasts squeezing them flicking and pinching out my nipples making them harder than ever hard. I could feel the rush of energy as my body jolted. I was near to cuming; I was so tense I just wanted to be fucked so badly. I kept up the pace and I felt the sudden release my pussy twitching and my clit contracting with every pulse. But this was not the end I wanted to be fucked I wanted more. Oh God how much I wanted Luke to be there, to feel his touch caressing my body. To feel his tongue deep inside my pussy reaching and exploring me, fucking me with his tongue.

I reached down to get my vibrator then slid it deep into my pussy letting it go in slowly so that I could adjust to the size of the shaft. Pulling it out with a twist to add that extra touch of excitement. I brought my hand down and worked my clit pulling and squeezing in my fingers bring my hand back and forth as though I was wanking Luke’s cock. I knew I would be cumming again soon as the blood filled my clit and my pussy started to squeeze my vibrator really tight with every thrust. I needed to cum and I wanted to cum. Visions of Luke were going through my güvenilir casino mind. I wanted him to be there so he could taste my sweetness lapping up every last drop into that beautiful mouth of his.

My chest heaved as I came. The sensation went through my clit and deep into my pussy making me freeze and scream with ecstasy. I pushed the vibrator in and out of my pussy faster and faster and with each thrust I felt the sweet wet juices running down it’s shaft making me cum again. Still working my clit I came again this time the feeling so intense that I had to stop. My body still was aching for more. I changed position to my knees. Pulling the vibrator in and out of me fast, deep I could hear my cum with each thrust of the vibrator. It sounded so good. Placing a pillow under me I rode my vibrator feeling it up against my pussy wall I wanted it to go deep I wanted my clit to explode. Sliding my fingers down to my pussy then back to my mouth I tasted myself wishing that Luke was there so I could fuck him take him deep, sliding his hot cock up inside while my clit was rubbing against him, making me cum from every angle. Tiny droplets of sweat were running down my body as fell forward to cum again. My body went into spasm and I came hard.

That was so good. I now felt much more ready for sleep my body tender with fulfillment. That was what I need to get me to that place of total relaxation. As I relaxed I felt the breeze drifting over my body, I was so relaxed. I turned to look at the clock 5:15am was the last time I remember before drifting off into a perfect sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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