Aunty Alice Pt. 01

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When I was asked to move to my company’s UK head office in London. My father suggested that I should take my time finding a place to live and that I should stay with his sister – my Aunty Alice – until I located somewhere I liked.

A little apprehensively I agreed and Alice was more than pleased to take in a temporary house guest at her house in Primrose Hill. She could afford to live in the lovely house because she married a wealthy man and divorced him when he cheated and made sure he paid the price. She was in her late 50s, blonde (dyed), and large in a kind of all-in-proportion sort of way. She always came to family parties on her own and I’d never heard talk of her having a man in tow though I imagined she wouldn’t be short of admirers – with those sort of looks and that sort of house.

I suppose that because I’d always been much younger and always with family when I’d seen here it had never struck me just how full-on horny Alice looked, and acted. I realised that she was impossibly elegant. She had her hair styled weekly, her make-up was heavy but classy. She wore dresses which clung to her full figure and I’d never seen her go out with impossibly high heels. Even around the house in the evening, and at her most casual she wore clingy soft trousers and tops.

It was, of course, only a matter of time before I got to know the contents of the laundry basket in the bathroom. I tried as hard as I could to ignore the basket but one Saturday afternoon when Alice was away for the weekend with friends in the Cotswolds I was feeling so horny that sifted through the basket and made my cock harder by the second. There were incredibly sheer 5 denier stockings in black, light tan and dark tan. I found fabulous lace bras in black and white which told me that Alice was 40 FF. Lace, silk and satin knickers revealed she was a Plus Size 20. Pantigirdles, suspender belts, bodysuits, camisoles and bustiers completed the haul. I stripped naked and ran my fingers through the different garments, fabrics and textures while stroking my erection, trying desperately not to cum. In the end I could hold back longer and, taking care not to get the laundry in the firing line, wanked furiously until my knob exploded with spurt after spurt of spunk.

I tried not to over-indulge in Alice’s lingerie and only played with it when she was out casino şirketleri for the day, or the evening. It worked well for several months. Alice and I got along just fine. When she wasn’t out we settled in to watch TV or read our books or magazines. She never brought friends home and I went out only occasionally for a drink with a couple of guys from the agency.

I got to know Alice’s lingerie and hosiery extremely well. Then came the awful Saturday in September.

Alice had gone out at about 11 o’clock in the morning for a lunch appointment telling me she was unlikely to be back before five that afternoon. Just after lunch, at about two o-clock, I felt the urge so went into the bathroom naked and rummaged through the laundry basket until I found a pair of black lace French knickers and some FF Cervin black nylon stockings (I was nothing if not now an expert on brands). After 20 minutes of gentle fondling I was just starting to increase the pace of my strokes on my extremely hard cock when my world caved in.

I heard hurried footsteps on the stairs and then the bathroom door burst open and Alice flew in already hitching up her beautifully-tailored navy skirt. As she turned to sit on the toilet seat she suddenly saw me – her dirty underthings in one hand and my stiff cock in the other.

-What the fuck, she cried. Oh Christ almighty. What are you doing? Oh fuck I need to pee. Don’t you dare move!

I stood utterly immobile as she finished pulling up her skirt to reveal her generous thighs, a black lace eight-strap suspender belt and sheerest light tan stockings with lace tops. Her navy high heels were planted wide apart as she pushed down a cream Janet Reger pair of black lace panties to her knees and sat down. Immediately a torrent of piss flooded into the toilet bowl and she let out an involuntary sigh.

It was too much for me. Without warning I suddenly and spontaneously ejaculated. Half-a-dozen thick gobbets of spunk flew out of my cock and landed on the bathroom floor almost at the feet of my Aunt Alice.

-Jesus fucking Christ what is going on here, she said as she grabbed at the roll of toilet paper and dabbed her crotch dry. Get some clothes on and wait in your room.

It seemed an age until Alice came into my room by which time I’d changed into a T-shirt and chinos. She remained casino firmaları in a cream blouse, the skirt her navy suit, and high heels.

-So, she said, quite calmly. Would you like to explain? Don’t bother trying to make up a story about the underwear because I’ve suspected for a while that you’ve been going through my underwear. But what the hell. You’re a younger. You have testosterone. You were masturbating while you felt my underwear and stockings. But what on earth made you cum like that?

-I’ve no idea, I said trying to remain usually calm. Yes, you’re right I have been masturbating and I’m sorry. It’s just that you make me horny. I don’t know what made me ejaculate. I suppose watching you in a very intimate moment …

My voice tailed off as she came closer to me.

-OK, she said leaning forward to kiss me on the cheek. This is what we’re going to do. We’re grownups – well one of us more than the other perhaps – and I can’t blame you for your natural instincts. In fact I’m flattered to evoke that kind of reaction in a young man. I’ve got needs as well. So …take your clothes off and kneel down.

Completely thrown by this development I took my clothes off and knelt on the floor off and shuffled around to follow Alice as she moved around me and stood with her back to the bed. Slowly she undid her blouse and let it slip to the floor. Then she reached behind her and unfastened her skirt which, similarly, she let slip to the floor. I looked up and saw that my paternal aunt was standing before me in a black lace bra, matching black suspender belt, dark tan stockings and navy blue stilletos. She sat down and parted her solid thighs a little.

-So you like fondling my stockings and underwear. Good. Let’s see how you get on with me in them. You can do anything you like. If I don’t like it I’ll tell you.

I paused there uncertain of what to do next.

-Tits first. Fondle my bra and work your way down,’ I was instructed.

I reached up and cupped my hands around her breasts and began to stroke the soft silk and gently squeeze her tits. I could see the nipples swelling insider bra and so, fearing the worst, brushed my fingertips across them. Alice gasped but I could see that it was born of enjoyment not annoyance so gently squeezed each of them. She gave an involuntary thrust güvenilir casino with her hips.

-Legs, Stroke my legs, she said in a whisper.

I tentatively placed my hands on Alice’s knees and then moved down to stroke her shapely calves. I was quite simply the horniest thing I could have done. My cock responded immediately and as I became emboldened and went upwards to caress her thighs I was hard. Alice sighed a little as I stroked her stocking-top and then let out a small “Ooooh” as I touched the bare flesh above it and then began to fondle the hem of her high-cut panties tracing the line with my fingers from her hips across her tummy and into her crotch.

-Oh my god, she said and stood up very quickly.

I anticipated a tirade but instead watched entranced as she wriggled her panties down her hips past her knees and then stepped out of them. She sat back down on the bed, opened her thighs wide and then placing the fingers of one hand at the apex of her bare waxed cunt simply said:

-Open me up and lick my clit ’til I cum.

Now this was very new territory. I wasn’t entirely sexually inexperienced but cunnilingus was unfamiliar territory though I knew the essential geography.

Alice made it easier for me as I bent my head into the pit of her thighs by rolling backwards and lifting her legs in the air, holding the backs of her knees in her hands. She had parted the lips of her cunt and I could see that her clitoris was already swollen and bright lobster-pink. I stroked her stocking tops with my hands and then flicked at her clit with the tip of my tongue and then again with a firmer action.

-Oh fuck yes, she yelled. Make me fucking cum. Lick my cunt. Finger me everywhere.

(Alice’s language was a revelation. Until now the worst word I’d ever heard her use was arsehole, which she used to describe her ex-husband)

I took her at her word and licked firmly at her clit, diverting occasionally to take a tour around her labia. I slowly slid two middle fingers into her pussy and receiving a welcoming grunt slid the middle fingers of the other hand gently into her bumhole. Soon I found a rhythm – short sharp licks of her clitoris followed by a long slurp up from her bumhole across her perineum.

-Oh Christ. Oh my fucking God, she yelled as she convulsed, thrusting her crotch and bum in the air.

Her orgasm seemed to last for ever until she finally let out a sigh and lay back arms and legs akimbo as if she were modelling Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

-That was so good sweetheart, she said. Give me a moment and you/re next …

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