Auntie Em Ch. 07

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We spent the rest of the day just lounging around the house and not doing much of anything all that constructive. Trying to process all that Auntie Em had told me kept my mind in a fog. Damn! Her and Mom! It was still difficult to believe.

Of course, I promised not to let on to Mom that I knew what her and Auntie Em were doing. Why wouldn’t I make such a promise? I damn sure didn’t want to ruin a good thing.

Night time found us sitting together in the swing out on the front porch sipping on cold sodas, snuggled up together and holding hands like the star-crossed lovers we had become.

Hardly a word was being said between the two of us. We didn’t have to talk. The way I felt about Auntie Em and the way I was sure she felt about me was too powerful of a feeling to be explained or expressed through mere words. Instead, we communicated by a certain touch or a particular look one gave the other. It was a different kind of lovemaking. Something most folks probably wouldn’t understand. It was real and it was palpable.

I would have liked to have stayed out there on the porch with Auntie Em all night, but we were getting sleepy. Auntie Em was yawning and I could barely keep my eyes open. Still holding hands, we stood up and went inside.

We took a slow, sensuous shower together washing and touching each other in those “special” places where we liked to be touched, causing an occasional moan from one or the other of us.

We went to bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms, welded together by a strengthening bond of love and trust that could only get stronger in the days to come.

Light was barely breaking over the horizon when I awoke the next morning. Somehow, I managed to extract myself from Auntie Em’s embrace without waking her up. I put on my robe and padded down the hallway and into the kitchen.

I set the coffee maker up, plugged it in and turned it on. While I was waiting for it to work its magic I busied myself with scrambling some eggs and frying a bunch of bacon. When everything was done, I poured a cup of coffee and placed the eggs and bacon on a plate. I put everything on a tray I had found beneath the counter and was about to take it up to Auntie Em when she walked into the kitchen looking sexy as hell in her wrinkled sleeping gown and her normally well-groomed hair all in a mess.

She yawned and stretched. “That for me?” she asked.

“Thought I’d surprise you,” I replied.

Auntie Em kissed me quickly on the lips and then gave me a big ole hug. “Thank you, Aaron. You’re so thoughtful!”

“Sit down, love,” I said in a pathetic attempt to sound British. “Feast your eyes on this lovely entrée.”

“For me?” she asked in a falsetto voice. “Oh, how can I ever repay you?”

I mimed twisting the end of an imaginary mustache and leered at her. “I can think of a couple of ways,” I told her, in a lecherous sounding voice.

Auntie Em continued the charade. She pressed the tips of her forefingers into her cheeks. Her eyes got wide as saucers. “Whatever do you mean?”

“Eat your food,” I growled. “I need time to think about it.”

She chewed her food slowly. Every couple of minutes she would stick out her tongue and, in an exaggerated motion, lick her lips. Damned if I wasn’t getting turned on by all of this!

After she swallowed the last bite of food, Auntie Em finished off the rest of her coffee. She got up, sauntered over to where I was standing on the other side of the table and rubbed her tits against my chest.

“Have you decided how you want to be repaid for this kindness, sir?” she asked, still in her falsetto voice.

“I think I have,” I said gruffly. “Follow me.”

I grabbed her hand and led her down the hallway and back to the bedroom. “Turn around and take off your gown,” I ordered.

Auntie Em turned around, grabbed the hem of her gown and began sliding it up her long cream-colored legs, sometimes pausing to wiggle her ass before bringing it up a bit further. I groaned in anticipation as it reach mid-thigh. The further up her legs it went, the harder I seemed to get.

When the hem of her gown had uncovered her well rounded ass I grabbed both of her quivering butt cheeks and spread them wide, revealing that little brown hole of hers. I wanted to fuck that shit factory right on the spot, but I resisted the temptation. This morning I had other plans for my Auntie Em.

She continued her slow, sensuous disrobing until she stood in front of me completely naked, her robe wadded up in her hands. She tossed it onto the floor on the other side of the bed.

I made her bend over and watched as those great mountains of hers sunk into the thick, down-filled comforter until they all but disappeared.

“Spread your legs,” I told her.

“Oh, dear,” she said. “Are you going to take advantage of poor little ole me?”

“Going to do a lot more than that if you don’t spread your legs.”

Auntie Em complied with my command. “Please, sir. Please don’t hurt me!”

Still clutching her big round ass cheeks, I went casino şirketleri to my knees and kissed her pussy lips, licking my way from one end to the other. On one downward lick, my tongue encountered a pea-sized nub of flesh that was peeking out from between the upper folds of her pussy.

My first contact with that part of her anatomy caused my auntie’s ass to jerk violently. I licked again and got the same reaction, only stronger this time.

“What is this?” I asked.

“That’s my clitoris,” Auntie Em said with a low groan. She looked back at me. “My love button if you will. The center of my desire.

“Most women will love a man forever if he learns to take care of that part of her body. It’s one of several places on a female that helps get her in the mood if you treat it right.”

I pulled back and used my fingers to spread her lips wide so I could get a better look. “How am I doing so far?” I asked.

“Fine. Just fine. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

I stroked her clit several more times with the tip of my tongue and then licked her pussy lips and then licked along her skid plate until I reached that little brown eye of hers.

I paid homage to that hot little hole of hers until it was covered with a very generous layer of my saliva.

I reluctantly backed away, knowing that one day soon, the head of my big hard stick of meat would be pushing its way past that tight sphincter muscle, dragging the rest of my cock along with it until it was buried inside her bowels all the way to the root. For now, I would be satisfied to just saw my cock in and out of her steamy love box until I filled it with more of my tasty white spunk.

I rubbed the tip of my steel like rod against the portals of her glory, tracking my pre cum up and down her lips, before I pressed it against her love button. Humping along the furrows of her vulva the way I was caused the head of my cock to continuously stroke her clit. A series of unintelligible moans escaped Auntie Em’s lips.

“Oh, Aaron,” she gasped. “I love what you are doing, but I want you to do something else.”

I ceased my humping. “What’s that?” I asked her.

“A jug fuck,” she told me. “I want a good old fashioned jug fuck.”

“What the hell is that?”

“Jug-jousting. A Dutch fuck. Bunny rubbing. Titty fucking. I want you to fuck my titties.”

God, did that ever turn me on. Would Auntie Em ever run out of things to teach me? I hoped not.

“Tell me what to do,” I said.

“Damn, nephew, you really are naïve.”

“Sorry,” I told her, sudden disappointment showing in my voice.

Auntie Em turned and hugged me close. “Baby,” she said. “I’m the one who should be sorry. That came out sooo wrong. I chose a very bad way to say I was glad to be able to teach you another way for a man and a woman to express their love for each other.”

I bent down far enough to capture the pointy tip of her left nipple between my lips. I suckled like I was trying to milk her dry, all the while rolling the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

Auntie Em backed away, sat down on the bed and scooted back and laid her head on her pillow. She turned to look at me, crooked her finger and said in an almost perfect Mae West imitation, “Come up and see me, big boy.”

While I was climbing onto the bed, she took a small bottle of baby oil from the drawer of the bedside table. She poured some into the palm of her hand and massaged it into both of her big tits. “Straddle my stomach,” she told me.

I crawled up to Auntie Em until her wonderfully flat stomach lay quivering between my knees. She wrapped her long sensuous fingers around my cock and gave it a couple of strokes before guiding it into the deep valley that lay between her breasts.

I could feel the scorching heat rising from within her very soul as she placed a hand on each of her beautiful boobs and pushed them together, trapping my prick between them. “Now let’s do some boob-balling,” she said. “Fuck my milk-buckets as if you were reaming out my pussy.”

I slowly pushed my prick between those precious orbs, withdrew and pushed again. This was another totally new sensation for me. My cock was consumed by the fiery lust that lurked within me, threatening to erupt at any moment.

I began to go faster, sliding my cock through the fleshy tunnel Auntie Em had created for me.

“Know what a pearl necklace is?” she asked.

Again I admitted my ignorance. “What’s that?”

When you’re reaming my pussy where do you shoot your splooge?”

“Usually inside your pussy,” I answered.

“Same difference when you do a little jug-jousting. You cum on my titties. Or on my chest.”

I was really getting aroused with all this dirty talk. Fucking titties seemed like a great way for me to get a nut. What made it seem even greater was the knowledge that I’d be popping off on my auntie’s massive jugs.

“Is that what you want?” I asked. “You want me to give you a pearl necklace?”

Auntie Em squeezed her tits even tighter, causing casino firmaları an increase in the friction, which, in turn, caused the fire in my overly sensitive acorns to flare up even higher. I wouldn’t be long in cumming.

“Oh, yes,” I hissed. “I’m getting close. Real damn close.”

“Keep stroking that battering ram of yours between my boobies,” she said. “I want that pearl necklace. I want it now.”

Auntie Em’s unique use of the English language was making my nuts churn. I could feel my baby making juice boiling, threatening to explode any second now.

Then it hit me. Something inside my gonads exploded spewing out a geyser of spunk with such force that it would have made the eruption at Mount St. Helens pale in comparison.

The first shot hit my auntie square on the chin. I exploded again. The second shot wasn’t quite as strong as the first, but it still managed to make it to the hollow of her neck.

Auntie Em released her hold on her milk bags and wiped her chin. She licked my cum from her palm, looked at me and smiled. By that time I was nearly spent. All I could do was dribble.

I looked at Auntie Em’s cum-coated chest with a great deal of pride and satisfaction. I had given her that pearl necklace she had so desperately wanted. Now it was time for me to take some of it back.

I lay down beside Auntie Em and propped myself up on my elbow. I put my other hand on her stomach and let it glide up to her oil and sperm covered breasts. I touched the end of a nipple with my palm and moved my hand in slow, short circles.

I could feel her nipple extending hungrily against my palm, silently begging for more attention as I continued to tease. I slid my hand down the other side of her magnificent tit, through tit valley and up the side of her other breast, captured that nipple between my thumb and forefinger and gave it a light tug.

A few seconds passed and before I really knew it, my hand was gliding back and forth, across her cum-covered chest.

Auntie Em watched me with excitement filled eyes as I gathered up as much of my protein-filled cock-paste as I could get and spread it over her massive ta-tas. When I had finished she licked my palm until she was satisfied she had gotten it all.

“But I wanted some of that splooge,” I said, trying my best to sound disappointed.

“We’ll just have to make some more, won’t we?” I quickly agreed.

I lay down and snuggled up next to her. We lay there for quite a while before either of us spoke.

Auntie Em raised up and looked at the clock on her dresser. “Damn!” she exclaimed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“It’s nearly ten!”

I pulled her to me and kissed her. “Is there anywhere we have to be in any kind of a hurry?”

“Don’t you remember?” she asked. “Linda. From church. Didn’t I tell you? She’s coming over today. Said she’d be here around noon.”

I continued playing with Auntie Em’s melons until she pushed my hand away. “Come on, now,” she said. “I don’t want her to see us like this.”

“Okay,” I told her, trying to look disappointed. “I guess…if I have to.”

“Yes, you have to.” She playfully shoved me towards the side of the bed.

“Can we at least shower together?”

Auntie Em gave me a sarcastic looking smile. “Why not,” she said. “You know what they say; ‘save water and shower with a friend.'”

I had to laugh at that one. Had to. Couldn’t help myself.

We made it through the shower with a minimal amount of groping and horseplay and got dressed. I followed Auntie Em into the kitchen and help her prepare the meal. I even made a pitcher of ice tea. Okay, it was easy. Mix the water and tea powder and stir. After that you add the ice.

Time flew by faster than I thought. Auntie Em had just taken the meatloaf from the oven when we heard the front door squeaking.

“Yoo hoo! Anybody home?” Linda Medford called out.

“Here in the kitchen,” Auntie Em shouted.

Moments later, Linda Medford walked into the kitchen, kissed Auntie Em on the cheek and sat down at the table. She looked straight at me and blew me a kiss. Then she winked and licked her lips very sensuously.

I looked at Auntie Em to see if she had seen what Linda had done. Auntie Em, busy getting the eating utensils out of the drawer, had her back turned.

When things were ready Auntie Em and I sat down to join Linda. I loaded my plate and took a bite of meatloaf and was about to swallow when I felt the pressure of Linda’s foot on my knee.

I nearly choked. I coughed and sputtered. Not to mention the fact that my cunt stabber got so hard I thought it would burst. Auntie Em gave me a devilish look.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I wheezed. “Just got some food down the wrong pipe.” I looked at Linda. She was licking her damned lips again. I was happy that she wasn’t close enough to reach my cum slinger. The crotch of my pants would have been soaked in an instant.

I guess her leg got tired, ’cause her foot suddenly fell away from my knee and hit güvenilir casino the floor with an audible thud. Auntie Em looked at me and then at Linda Medford but didn’t say a word. Just had that silly little grin on her face like she knew something I didn’t.

I should have known something was going on. ‘Cause when we’d finished eating lunch we all stood up. Thankfully by that time my cock had wilted considerably. Auntie Em began clearing the table. I started to help her, but she told me she could manage by herself tonight.

“You two go on into the living room and turn on a movie or something. I’ll join you when I finish.”

I followed Linda into the living room all the while staring at those luscious, well rounded hips of hers as they jiggled like a bowl of jello all the way to the sofa. She sat down at one end and I sat at the other.

I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Some guy named Taylor was preaching about sins of the flesh. I changed the channel and saw some fat broad showing her tits to the audience.

“Bring the remote over here,” Linda said. “I think I know a channel we can watch.”

I brought it over and handed it to her. She took it in one hand and my wrist in the other. She pulled on my arm. “Sit down,” she said. “I don’t bite……hard.”

I plopped down on the sofa beside Linda. I couldn’t help but stare at her breasts. Her nipples were hard and poking at her blouse. Any harder and they might have cut right through that thin, summer blouse of hers.

Linda punched a few buttons on the remote and suddenly we were watching the Playboy Channel. Two women were fucking each other with a double-headed dildo. To me, it wasn’t all that great. I could tell that the women were faking it just by all the moaning and groaning they were doing. It just didn’t sound real. Nevertheless, I found myself sprouting another woody.

“I didn’t know Auntie Em watched those kinds of movies!” I said.

Linda leaned over and whispered in my ear, “There’s a lot you don’t know about your Aunt Emma.” She nibbled on my earlobe for emphasis. I came that close to creaming in my jeans.

All of this; the foot on my knee, Linda Medford licking her lips and winking at me, her nipples threatening to make holes in her blouse, the movie…fuck, just the idea that I was sitting so close to this beautiful woman was causing me to have an itch I couldn’t scratch.

I couldn’t get up and run to the bathroom like I did before this thing between me and Auntie Em began. I would be too embarrassed to ever look Mrs. Medford in the eye again. So, I fidgeted. I crossed my legs. Uncrossed them. Crossed them again. Put my hands in my lap. Nothing I did was going to hide the lump in my pants.

“So, Aaron,” Linda Medford began. “You want to do something nasty?”

Did I? Was the Pope Catholic? At that time I would have fucked a rabid dog in the mouth if it had meant that I would be getting some relief.

“N…nu…nu…no,” I told her.

Linda pressed her big ole hooters against my shoulder as she leaned over and began to lick behind my ear. “I…I…I’m…uh…t…t…taken,” I squealed.

I tried to get up, but Linda latched on to my love muscle. I shot my load into my pants. I couldn’t stop it from happening. I just sat there groaning and quivering, not knowing what to do.

I was temporarily exhausted. I couldn’t move. Not just because cumming in my shorts had made me as weak as a kitten, either. I was paralyzed with fear, afraid of what Auntie Em would say when she found out.

Linda removed her hand from the front of my jeans. I couldn’t believe it. My cock was still swollen. It was still making a tent in my pants, refusing my half-hearted commands to shrink and go away.

Linda licked her hand like a dog would drink water, lapping away until she was satisfied that her hand was clean. She smiled as she began to undo my pants. I tried to resist. I really did. But I was still too weak to help myself.

I stared wide-eyed as Linda quickly disrobed me. I don’t know how long it took her to get me naked from the waste down. My brain was not functioning well enough for me to form a rational thought. I just remember looking down past my rock hard cock and seeing my shorts, my socks, my shoes and my pants piled up together on the floor.

I watched helplessly, unable to even voice a protest as I watched Mrs. Medford go to her knees in front of me. My fuck stick twitched franticly as she hovered over it. The closer she got, the more it twitched.

I don’t remember everything. My memories of that moment are still not clear. Like a strobe light, things flashed before my eyes, followed by a sheet of darkness. Flash. Sheet. Flash. Sheet. Flash. Sheet.

Linda Medford was between my legs. Her hand was on my steel rod. It was in her mouth, her lips pressed against my groin. I was shooting another load. This time it was in her mouth.

I remember what happened next, though, with crystal-like clarity. Auntie Em was standing over me asking me what in the hell was going on.

My eyes were slow to focus. Slowly, my vision began to clear. Auntie Em was just as naked as I was. More then me. Her blouse, along with her bra, was also missing. Her massive mammaries looked even more beautiful than ever before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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