Aunt tricked me but I loved it part 2

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Part 2

I woke up the next morning in my aunt Evelinas bed alone and naked. The events of last night came flooding back and a smile formed on my face. I was going to try something bold so I walked down to the kitchen naked to see her standing by the stove in only a long shirt. I don’t think she heard me come In so when I put my hand between her legs to feel her sex she jumped a little. ” Morning sweetie” she said while trying to turn around. I kept her facing forward and got to my knees . I spread her legs apart slightly while she gripped the side of the counter. I sat there for a few seconds just smelling her sweet yet musky aroma. I placed my lips on hers and was just kissing it. I squeezed her ass cheeks while I pushed my tounge into her tight cunt hole and she let out a slight moan. I just knelt there running my tounge up and down her outer lips . Every other stroke of my tounge I would pull back and tease her puckered asshole . When I would lick her back door she would let out a low moan. I wanted her to cum so I went and sucked on her clit while I pushed my finger in her cunt and found her gspot . She shouted that she was cumming. If I wouldn’t have been kneeling under her she would have fallen cause her legs gave out. She was sitting on my face full force . It took her a few minutes to gain her balance.

She brought the food to the table and as I sat she took my rigid cock into her hands. She started to stroke while she got on her knees and took me into her mouth I moaned and almost chocked on my breakfast. I stopped eating and just sat there casino şirketleri enjoying her mouth over my swollen prick. ” I’m close to cumming” I said as she lifted me to my feet. She waited till I started to shoot into her mouth before pointing it to cover her plate. I shot a few more times and she cleaned me off before she told me to go eat.

I sat there eating while watching her eat her cum covered food . She smiled at me and said ” I knew it needed salt but I think we should fix your taste .” ” What are you talking about eve ” I said with a puzzled expression. She smiled as I used her nickname and told me how eating alot of celery would take the salty taste down and eating alot of pineapple would make it sweet. I agreed and told her I planned on going swimming in the pool. She suggested we go skinny dipping and since she had a privacy fence that’s what we did.

We frolicked in the pool for about an hour . We got out to dry and tan a little, before she could tell me to oil her up I handed her the oil and asked her to do me. I layed on my back first while she rubbed the oil in . When she was done I rolled over to my back and told her not to do my crotch. She frowned a little but did as I asked . When she was done she told me to oil her front . I lathered her legs first going up to her thighs. Once that was done she returned my comment and told me to avoid her crotch. I did as I was told and jumped straight to oiling her breast. I would roll my hands in small circles and slip her nipples between my fingers. I oiled them for a few minutes then casino firmaları she flipped over and told me to do her legs then her back. I oiled her calfs then slowly worked my way up to her ass . I oiled up her firm butt and started to do the crack to tease her puckered hole. I paused and told her I had to get more oil . I put some on my hand and worked it over my swollen cock . I went back to her back with the oil. While I was rubbing her back with the oil .

I took one hand and positioned myself at her asshole and pushed the head in . It went in easily with the oil. She turned her head with a small smile and pushed back a little causing me to slide further in. I pushed down and went balls deep. I sat there while she adjusted to my size and when she told me to continue I withdrew till just the head was in. I pushed in and heard a moan come from my aunt Eve . I was slowly stroking in and out . She was moaning under me and said ” oh baby fuck me faster . Fuck my ass and cum inside it.” I was pumping in and out her ass as hard and fast as I could . She was moaning uncontrollably while I was fucking her tight hole. ” Oh shit I’m gonna cum” I chocked out before filling her anal cavity with my seamen. I felt her ass clench and heard her moan out ” fuck me too.” I finished cumming in her ass and rolled off her to my chair. We lay there tanning and catching our breath.

” I love you eve .” And when I finished saying that she said ” I love you to stud.” And gave a quick chuckle. She told me we should head inside and take a shower together, but to jump güvenilir casino in the pool to get the oils off. I told her I’d be a second. While she was looking at the pool testing the waters with her foot I quickly jumped up grabbed her and jumped into the pool holding her. Where we came back up she gave me a playful shove before placing a quick kiss on my lips.
I watched as she climbed out of the pool and just stared at her nice ass. We walked back inside together and headed up to the shower. Needless to say we didn’t waste any time getting our hands on each other. I was soaping up her chest and she was doing the same to me while slowly moving down. She soaped up my dick. Stroking me back to full hardness and kissed then smiled at me.

I flipped her aournd and told her to grab her ankles. I lined up my cock with her soapy pussy lips and pushed all the way in. She moaned and the bathroom walls made it echo. I moaned out mimicking hers and began to pound her warm wet pussy. The slapping of our bodies, her moans ,my grunts and the water hitting the floor was all that was heard. My balls hit her clit every time I would push my cock deep inside her and she loved it. I just kept pumping in and out while she was screaming” I’m cummmming!” Her orgasm wracked her body and I had to hold her up while I kept fucking her. I was getting close so i let her slide to the floor of the shower and started pumping my hands on my cock till I came. I shot my first load over her head but the rest that followed landed on her face then her tits. I watched as she sat there covered in my seed ,the water slowly cleaning her .

Once when got out the shower I picked her up carried her to the bed. We lay there kissing and cuddling till we fell asleep in each other’s arms

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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