Aunt Maggie’s Mistake

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I doubt that most men start out their marriage wondering what it would be like to see their wives making love with other men. Most come to the realization that it would be great to observe her only after events and circumstances bring them to that point. I am an exception. I knew that I wanted to watch my wife with others even before I met her. The story I’m going to relate will be considered somewhat sick buy some, but real life has never been accused of being pretty and I learned a long time ago that it’s stupid to try to apologize for things over which you have no control.

In the fall of my eighteenth year the even that would shape the rest of my sexual life occurred. Some explanation will be necessary to set the stage so bear with me for a bit. My father and mother had an off again on again relationship that probably could never be understood by anyone other than themselves. They fought like cats and dogs most of the time and the usual outcome of those fights would be my father packing his bags and moving out. A month or two later he would move back in. During the periods of his absence my mother did not stay home and sulk. She spent a good deal of her evenings when he was gone bar hopping and going to parties and she usually had company in the person of her sister, my Aunt Margaret.

The night that imprinted the sexual attitudes I would carry for the rest of my life started like most others. We were in a period of dad being gone. My mother and I had finished dinner and I was doing the dishes when Aunt Maggie called my mother and invited her to a party. As mom was going out the door she told me not to stay up too late since the next day was a school day. I did my homework, watched some TV and was in bed by ten. A noise woke me up and I saw from the bedside clock that it was a little after one in the morning. I heard more noises and I got up to see what they were. They were coming from the living room and I went to the head of the stairs and looked over the railing. Aunt Maggie was on her back on the living room floor, legs spread, skirt up to her waist, panties hanging from one ankle and she was being fucked by some man who I’d never seen before. Aunt Maggie had both of her hands on the man’s ass and it seemed as if she was pulling him into her. He pounded away and every time he was on the up stroke Aunt Maggie’s ass would leave the floor and follow him up as though she couldn’t bear to part with his cock.

Aunt Maggie was NOT the one making the noise. Sitting in an armchair not three feet from Aunt Maggie and her lover was my mother. She was rapidly moving her fingers in and out of her pussy and saying, “Fuck him Maggs, fuck him. Make him cum Maggs, make him cum.”

I slunk down on the floor and looked through the banisters at the scene below. Eventually, and I have no idea of the casino şirketleri expired time, the guy let loose his load and got up from between Aunt Maggie’s legs. He started to wipe off his dick, but my mother said, “Oh no you don’t. Bring it here.” The man walked over to my mother and she took his cock in her mouth and started to suck him.

Aunt Maggie got up from the floor, but before her skirt fell down to cover things I saw cum dripping from her pussy lips and running down her legs. There was a knock at the front door and Aunt Maggie went to answer it. Another man I’d never seen before walked into the living room, “Sorry I’m late. Have I missed anything?”

Aunt Maggie said, “Not that you can’t catch up on.”

The guy walked over to where my mother was giving her blow job and as he was pulling his dick out of his pants he asked, “Can I get some of that?”

Aunt Maggie said, “She’s busy, but I can help.”

I watched as both women alternated sucking cocks and finally my mother said, “We need to take this some place more comfortable” and with that they all headed for the stairs. I beat a hasty retreat to my bedroom and got back in bed. I pulled the covers up over my head and stayed as still as I could and sure enough my mother looked in on me as she was on her way to her bedroom.

I waited a good ten minutes and then I got up and moved quietly down the hallway. Stopping at my mother’s bedroom door I listened to what was going on. I did not see anymore that night, but near as I could tell both women fucked both guys and sucked both guys – more than once. Naturally I had developed a hard on and just as naturally I went back to my room and took care of it. One thing was certain – having watched what went on I wanted to see more.

Over the next few weeks I remained awake when ever my mother went out hoping to see more, but I only had one opportunity to see something. My mother brought a guy home and fucked him on the living room couch. The first time she took the guy doggie style, sucked him hard again and then she let him fuck her in the missionary position. When they were done she walked him to the front door and then headed up the stairs for bed. I waited until I heard her bedroom door close before I beat myself silly.

Then, at least as far as my getting to watch was concerned – disaster struck. My dad came back. For almost six months all was harmony between my folks. It was during this period of sweetness and light that I made a discovery. The heat vent in my bedroom broke – when I pushed the little knob down to open the slats they would not move. I took the vent apart to see if I could fix it and while I was down on my knees I noticed that with the vent out in my room I could see into the next room through that room’s vent slats. Since the next room was the room casino firmaları that Aunt Maggie used when she stayed over I figured that I could put the vent to good use.

The inevitable finally happened. Mom and dad got to squabbling and things escalated until he packed his bags and left. He wasn’t gone two days when Aunt Maggie called and told my mother about this great party they could go to. Aunt Maggie came over early and carried her stuff up to the room she used and I already had the vent cover off and was lying on the floor to see what I could see. Aunt Maggie stripped down to nothing and walked around the room naked admiring herself in the large wall mirror. She pushed her breasts up and nodded approvingly and then she sprayed some perfume in strategic places and started to dress. First came the garter belt and the slowly, almost lovingly she rolled on her nylons and attached them to the straps hanging from the belt. She stepped into a pair of black lace panties and then she put on a pair of ‘come fuck me’ high heels. Watching herself in the mirror, and apparently being satisfied with what she saw, she put on a black lace bra and then wiggled into an extremely tight dress. I did not notice her leaving the room because I was busy beating myself raw.

I was awake when they came home that night, but before I could take my place at the stair railing I heard them coming up the stairs. Taking my vent down I was already in position on the floor when Aunt Maggie and her boyfriend of the evening came into the room. Aunt Maggie did a slow strip for the man and stood in front of him in only heels and hose, “You like?” she asked. His response was to strip down faster than I would have thought possible. As he moved toward Aunt Maggie she went to her knees and opened her mouth. As her lips wrapped around his already stiff cock one of her hands came up to caress his balls. I watched as she very slowly and lovingly sucked his cock. I was so hard that I hurt. I watched for the next two hours as Aunt Maggie sucked him, fucked him and gave him her ass. When the guy left my dick was so sore from being beaten that I didn’t think I’d be able to get it up for a month.

From then on that vent became my TV. I watched as Aunt Maggie sucked and fucked her way through the town’s male population. I saw her fuck two guys at once, three guys at once and on one memorable night I watched her take on six men. Occasionally my mother would join in and on a few occasions she came into Aunt Maggie’s room and asked her if she wanted to swap partners. Aunt Maggie always said yes.

Believe it or not there were some nights when I was too tired or my dick was too sore for me to watch Aunt Maggie do what she loved to do. One such night I was home in bed trying to recover from a bad day at football practice – a day when güvenilir casino it seemed like I was the designated tackling dummy – when I heard Aunt Maggie come in with her ‘guest’ of the evening. I turned my head into the pillow and tried to go to sleep. It must have been around two in the morning when something woke me up. I heard the door of my bedroom open up and footsteps approach the bed. Someone climbed in bed with me and I felt a cool hand slide down my stomach to my hard cock.

“Wore it out, did we?” said Aunt Maggie. “But I know what to do.”

As her hot mouth wrapped itself around my cock I realized what had happened. She must have gotten up to go to the bathroom and on her way back she had angled a little to the left and had come in my door instead of the door to her room. She though I was her ‘guest’.

Her magic mouth had me hard in less than a minute and she took her mouth away from my cock and swung over me and straddled me. Her cum filled pussy slid down my dick with no trouble and then we were off to the races. I was surprised that I stayed with her for as long as I did. It must have had something to do with all the jacking off she had caused me to be doing. Eventually though I had to let loose and as my cum shot up into her pussy I heard her chuckle, “I told you that you couldn’t wear me down.” She swung off me and then settled down on the bed to snuggle up against me. Her hand wandered down my body to my cock and she said, “Don’t you worry baby. You get a little rest and then I’ll get you ready again.” And she did.

Movement on the bed woke me up. Aunt Maggie was sitting on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands, “Oh sweet Jesus what have I done? How did I let this happen?”

I of course knew what had happened and I had loved every minute of it and before she knew what was happening I had pulled her down on the bed and was between her legs and going for glory. Aunt Maggie put up token resistance, trying to push me away and saying, “No, you mustn’t, you can’t” but I could and I was and even as she protested she was fucking back at me.

When we were finished I moved up on her and pushed my limp dick in her mouth and waited for her to suck me hard again and then I moved her up on her hands and knees and took her from behind. When she was getting ready to leave the room she looked at me and asked, “You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

I grinned at her, “Not as long as we can do it again.” She smiled a little and left the room.

Until the day I joined the Army Aunt Maggie and I carried on a torrid affair and to the best of my knowledge my mother never found out about us. I was not the only one in Maggie’s life and I continued to use my little personal TV set. By the time I left for the Army I was a confirmed voyeur and there was never any doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t always be one. The night I met my bride to be, the moment I saw her and even before being introduced to her, my first thought was “I wonder what it would be like to watch her fuck?” It was great, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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