Aunt Arabel Ch. 01 – First Time

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As a kid growing up, spending weekends at my aunts was quite normal. A big part of my family lived in a short walking distance, so we all see each other on a daily basis.

My aunt Arabel was a 38 years old 5’6 brunette, with curly black hair, nice big tits and a large curvy ass. Her face was normal, but her body was great and she always used short or tight outfits that made men take notice of her “assets”. She also was rather outgoing, funny and open minded. I guess those traits were helpful in her marketing related freelancing job. She lived a few blocks away with her only daughter (my 19 year old cousin Kathlyn).

I was 18 and were on summer holidays. My aunt invited me to go to the beach with her and Kathlyn. Kathlyn had her friend Ruth spending a few days with them, so the four of us went to the beach.

We had to go very early in order to avoid heavy traffic. So, about 7am my aunt picked me up. The girls sat in the back still half asleep, and I sat in the front along with my aunt. The trip was uneventful as we made small talk and listen to music on the radio trying to fully wake up, specially Kathlyn and Ruth as they stayed up late in a party.

An hour and a half late we finally arrived to my aunt favorite beach. It had fewer people and warmer water. As we arrived early it wasn’t too hot yet, so after finding a nice spot we just laid down and ate some snacks. The girls were still sleepy and fell asleep again.

My aunt and I just kept talking as she made all the usual awkward questions about girls and stuff. I tried to reply without making her notice how uncomfortable how was talking about it with her.

A little bit later the temperature was rising so she told me to reach for the sunscreen and apply it on her back. I did as requested rubbing the lotion on her back and shoulders. But after that she told me to keep going and rub the lotion on her legs and butt too. I was a bit nervous to do it because I knew I would get excited with “boner probability”, but I had to do as requested. I began in her ankles and moved my way up to her legs and thighs finishing in her great ass. I did it in the most professionally non sexual way I could, but still felt my dick twitching getting a semi-boner. It was difficult not to get aroused as not only I was caressing my aunt thighs and ass, but also had a great view of her bikini pressed pussy lips!

I handed her the lotion so she could do her front, and lied belly down in my towel. She thanked me and made a joke about my hands being on her ass and now me being belly down on the towel. I laughed and tried to change the subject. She got up and told me it was her turn to return casino şirketleri the favor and immediately began to rub my back and then went to my thighs, pressing and grabbing my muscles while pulling my shorts up to have a better reach: “Your ass is firm. All that sports is working for you!” she said and laugh.

“Maybe it would be better to wake them up before they get sunburned.” – I replied in order to quickly change the subject again. She agreed and woke the girls up and they applied the sunscreen too. After that we just played some cards while talking and laughing.

A while later, it was really hot, and they wanted to go for a swim. We got up and made our way to the water. I was behind them allowing me to take a good look.

Kathlyn was about 5’9, pale skin and long straight dark brown hair. Like her mom, she had big tits and large ass. Her body was firm as she was in a dance group. Ruth was about 5’8, pale skin with freckles and blonde hair. She was good looking with a slim figure and nice perky boobs.

Finally we were in the water and that helped my dick to rest. It wasn’t too cold but was enough to kill the semi-boner at last! We were swimming and playing. Pushing and pulling trying off balance each other in the waves. We were having fun, and I enjoyed seeing those bouncing tits and poking nipples. After a while, Ruth was feeling tired and cold. She and Kathlyn went back to the towels leaving us behind.

I guess my aunt might have caught me looking at her asses as they made her away out of the water, because she asked me another of those award questions.

– So, which of them have the best ass in your opinion?

– What? – I replied caught off guard

– Kathlyn or Ruth, which have the best ass?

– I don’t know. I guess I didn’t pay attention.

– Yes you did. I know you did.

– Uhhh… I don’t know… It’s awkward. Kathlyn is my cousin!

– And I’m tour aunt, but you still had your hands all over my ass! – She replied with a smirk.

– But you were the one asking me to rub the sunscreen!

– And you didn’t like it?

– I didn’t mind doing what you’ve asked.

– Nice reply smartass! So, how about it? Kathlyn or Ruth?

– Well, I guess it’s better to reply so you could let it go… so, maybe Kathlyn. I guess it’s bigger…

– ahahahah I have the same opinion. And it’s nice to know that you like a big ass. It means it wasn’t a big sacrifice when you had to rub mine!

I just smiled saying nothing and took a dive trying to kill the conversation right there before it went any further! My aunt then saw a girl floating near us and told me that casino firmaları she never seemed to be able to do it. I tried to explain how she should do it, but still she couldn’t. So she asked me to hold her. I had one hand in her back and the other was in her upper thighs. She just kept floating in my arms for a while.

Then she told me she would like to try other way, and without giving me any heads up, she putted her legs around my waist and leaned her body away letting it float. I had to grab her by the side of her ass while she had her crotch pressing mine. I was trying not to get another boner, but she had to feel my dick twitching a little! I was getting very uncomfortable trying my best to fight an erection! Luckily a bigger wave came and forced her to break her grip. I suggested that we should get back to the towels and so we did.

The rest of the day was normal. We played cards, ate and swimmed some more before heading back home. There was a little bit of traffic on the way back and we arrived just in time for dinner. I ordered pizzas while the girls were taking turns taking shower. I was the last to take a shower and while I was in there I just had to jerk off to relieve all the “tension” my aunt had caused me!

I got dressed and went back to the family room for pizza. It was a very hot night. Kathlyn and Ruth were in shorts and sleeveless t-shirts, while aunt Arabel had a short nightgown. All of them looked sexy and none of them had bras on. I had to quickly put those thoughts away before I had a hard on that would be very noticeable in my sports shorts.

We ate pizza and had some drinks continuing to talk and laugh. A while later Kathlyn and Ruth went to bed as they were very tired after not having much sleep the previous night because of a party. There were only two bedrooms so my aunt said: “well, they occupied Kathlyn room, so you’ll have to ‘bunk’ with me”.

I wasn’t expecting that and quickly replied: “I’ll be fine in the couch. I’m not even sleepy so maybe I’ll watch some TV.”

– “Ok, suit yourself. But there’s plenty of room in my bed. My ass is not that big you know…” – she replied laughing. She brought some sheets and a pillow and went to the bathroom. I covered the couch with the sheets, took my sports shorts off and covered myself to the waist and lied there zapping. After a while she came back to the living room.

– What are you watching?

– Nothing special. I was just zapping and just left it in the movies channel.

– I’m not sleepy yet. I’ll just join you for a while longer. Make some room for me please.

I was not understanding at first, but she just laid güvenilir casino in the couch in front of me in a spooning like position. As I was taller than her, I could see the TV while her head was on my arm. She just pushed back, pressing her back against my chest and her ass against my crotch. But now I had only a thin pair of boxers restraining my dick. As she was finding the right position to make herself comfortable, her short nightgown pushed up, making her ass almost fully exposed. She didn’t even seemed to care about it, almost as if she was trying to tease me on purpose.

To make things worse, she grabbed my hand and pulled my arm so I would embrace her. Now it was official. We were spooning and my dick was twitching again. If she didn’t felt it before when we were in the water, she was definitely going to feel it now, as I had no space behind me to try to avoid it. My mind was racing and I tried to thing about everything that could prevent my dick from getting hard.

My aunt had the remote control and was changing channels and stopped in a movie that didn’t help. There was nudity and at the first sex scene there’s was nothing I could do to prevent it: my dick was fully hard pressing against my aunt ass and she was definitely aware of it. I stood in silence almost in panic, not moving and almost without breathing.

In seemed like an eternity of awkwardness, until my aunt began to move her hips a little like if she was cradling my hard cock between her exposed butt cheeks. My heart was racing and my mind was blown out, when I felt my aunt reaching my waist and moving her hand inside my boxers. At first I froze. But after a few seconds, as she fully grabbed my dick and began to stroke it, I gained some guts and moved my hand inside her nightgown and fondled her big tits.

We remained in that positions for a bit, until my aunt stopped. She reached her panties and pushed them off. I followed and kicked of my boxers. She resumed the position but slightly raised one leg allowing me full access to her pussy. I was dripping pre-cum and was with surprise that I found her pussy equally wet.

There was no stopping now, so I placed my dick in her pussy, rubbing her pussy lips first, and suddenly pushing all of it inside of her in one trust! She moaned but didn’t complained. As one of my arms was still under her head, I moved the hand that was caressing her tits to her pussy rubbing her clit. I was now fucking my aunt and it was the most excited I’ve ever been! I picked up the pace and began to fuck her faster as we both moaned softly preventing the girls to wake up. I felt her pussy to clinch my dick and it was all I could take… I just came inside of her shooting several times before almost passing out!

We just laid there for a few minutes before she got up and whispered: “The offer to come sleep in my bed still stands. And now I’m pretty sure you don’t mind my big ass”.

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