At the Book Festival Ch. 02

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After Beth and her daughter had worked me over like totally in their RV bedroom last weekend, they invited me to a big sex party they were going to host in their real home up in Phoenix.

“Our sex club is all mother-daughter pairs,” Brittany said, “but now and then we like to invite sexy single women like you that enjoy the mother-daughter fantasies. Are you game?”

“Sure, I said. Mother-daughter fun is my hugest fantasy, and you guys were so fuckin’ hot today I’ll do just about anything for a repeat.”

Beth said, “You’ll be expected to go through an initiation as we introduce you to the other women. I can tell you what to expect now . . . or wait until the action starts and let you be surprised . . . or shocked.”

“Let’s wait. I love surprises. Anything that’s kinky, as long as it doesn’t involve piss, anal, scat, or excessive pain.”

Beth and her daughter laughed. Brittany patted my butt. “Don’t worry, we have the same restrictions as you do.”


So, as I drove up to Phoenix the Saturday after the Book festival, it was all I could do to keep from masturbating along the interstate. I was getting so wet just thinking about Beth and Brittany and what they might have in mind for me in front of all those other sexy mother-daughter teams they’d invited. They’d sent them photos of me, and sent me photos of them ahead of time to whet my appetite, and like wow! They were all hot and I just couldn’t wait to meet them in person (not to mention fondle them, play with them, and do kinky sex things with them.

I checked in at a nearby motel, showered, and then got dressed as ordered in a little girl’s outfit, skimpy plaid skirt a couple sizes too small with no panties, and a T-shirt with no bra. Then I did my red hair up pigtails.

Nervous as shit, and trembling with excitement, I somehow made my way to their home without getting into an accident. My bald pussy was already wet under my skimpy skirt, and my nipples were erect and tenting my tight -T-shirt.

Beth and her daughter Brittany greeted me at the door and God did they look hot!

Brittany was dressed up in a little girl’s outfit like me, her blonde hair in pigtails, and her skirt so tiny I could see the bottom of her pussy lips peeking out at me. Her T-shirt hugged her pert bra-less tits like a second skin. Beth was dressed . . . if that’s what you want to call it . . . in heels, hose, and skimpy tennis skirt. And that’s it. She was naked up top and already had tell-tale lipstick marks all over her pear-shaped tits. It looked so fuckin’ porn. And I wondered if I was late had the party already started without me?

“Welcome, welcome,” Beth said. “All the women, all the mommies and daughters, are waiting and anxious to meet you.” She embraced me and gave me a kiss touching her erect, naked nips against my clothed ones. With no bra on, my nips were already erect and tenting my too-tight of a T-shirt, but when Beth touched her naked, erect ones against mine it sent electric bolts all through me and made my nips really ache. And with her daughter standing there lookin’ and lickin’ her lips it made it all the more erotic. It brought back so vividly all the wild, hot, totally erotic times we had last weekend.

Brittany joined her mom in kissing me, and soon we were all locked in a three-way kiss with the mother and the daughter pawing me all over-and me them.

But before things got too hot, Beth broke it off, and taking my hand said to her daughter, “come, let’s take Marge down to our sex room.”

I thought it was neat that they had an entire room dedicated to sex play. It was down in their basement casino şirketleri and once there it exceeded my expectations. In one corner of the room were a pair of long couches where all of the Mother-daughter teams sat at a 90 degree angle from each other. There were three pairs of M & D teams not counting Beth and Brittany.

In the middle of the room was a long table with four chairs on either side of it. And I was curious what that was going to be for. Maybe I was going to be served for dinner? All those sexy mothers and daughters chowing down on me, eating me out, suckin’ on my tits, licking me all over? Uummmm.

In the far end of the room was a device that looked like some sort of “wooden stock” device people used in the middle ages to punish miscreants. That really spiked my curiosity.

As I entered the room I was delighted to see that all of the women were as attractive as they had looked in their photos-and they were all dressed just as slutty as Beth and her daughter.

They all stood up to greet me, and as Beth introduced me they all took turns smothering me with hugs, kisses, and gentle pats and fondles on the rear.

All of the women sat back down on the couches, including Brittany and her mom. And for the first part of my initiation I had to model my sexy outfit for them and give each of them a lap dance.

Beth put on some hot music with a strong beat, and though I had never thought of myself as a “dancer,” I couldn’t help but sway my body to the beat. I moved up to the first mother-daughter pair. The mom had her arm around her daughter’s shoulder and was fondling her tit, while the daughter rubbed her hand on the inside of her mom’s thigh. That turned me on enough to encourage me to be more aggressive with them.

Moving my body as erotically as I could to the music I stood close enough that my legs were touching theirs. Looking each one of them in the eye I fondled my tits while licking my lips.

“Ummmmm, sweetie,” the mom said to her daughter, “see how sexy Marge looks.” And with that she removed her had from her daughter’s tit and began fondling my hips and ass. “Just feel this gorgeous butt she has.”

The daughter then joined her mom in fondling my legs, hips and ass while they both talked dirty to each other and how they’d love to eat me out. “OMG yes, mommy,” the daughter said. I’d sure love to role play mommy-daughter with her sometime.”

“So would I sweetie, with her nice round bubble butt and huge tits (she reached up to give them a fondle) what a wonderful sexy mommy she’d make for both of us. Just think, we could both pretend to be her daughters and suck on her tits. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“OMG yeah, mommy, you’re makin’ me so fuckin’ hot just talking about it.”

Giggling, I turned around and wriggled my ass at them. As they caressed and fondled my butt, the mom stuck her hand up between my legs to play with my pussy.

“Oh, sweetie,” the mom said, “you should feel how hot and wet our new guest is.” And with that she grabbed her daughter’s hand and crammed it between my thighs and up my skirt so the both of them could play with my pussy at the same time.

And, OMG did that feel good, having the mom and daughter playing with my pussy and ass at the same time while talking dirty to each other and treating me like I’m nothing but some sort of sex object.

Before my knees got too weak I turned around and shook my ample tits in front of the mom’s face. While her daughter continued to fondle my pussy and ass the mom busied both her hands on my tits.

I climbed onto her lap, rubbing my cunt against her thigh in time to the music casino firmaları while she buried her face into my cleavage. As the mom devoured my tits making lewd licking and sucking sounds her daughter continued to play with my butt while talking dirty to her mom, urging her mom on.

Before coming on the mom’s lap, I moved over to the daughter and repeated the performance, while enjoying the mom’s dirty talk.

I went from one pair of mommy-daughter teams to the next getting higher and higher on the kinky sexiness of it. The aroma of hot pussy, mine and all of theirs, filled the room making us all even hornier.

And all the while, all these sexy mother-daughter pairs fondled me and talked dirty to each other and to me, saying all the things they’d like to do to me and with me. So fuckin’ squishy!

In the process of my modeling for them, and giving them lap dances, and their fondling me, it wasn’t long before I had somehow lost all my clothes.

After I’d made the rounds, giving each woman a lap dance, Beth ordered me to crawl under the table and wait for further instructions. Soon, to my delight all the other women came to the table and took their seats two mother-daughter pairs on each side. And what a gorgeous sight it was, being able to look up all those skimpy skirts as they sat down, and see all those luscious legs just waiting to be kissed and licked, and all those shaved pussies just waiting to be licked and eaten. None of these women were wearing panties so their horny wet pussies just glistened at me, winked at me, and beckoned me to just dive right in.

“Okay, Marge,” Beth said, “time to show us all what you can do with that mouth and tongue of yours.”

I started at one end of the table, one of the young daughters I’d just met . . . but couldn’t remember her name . . . as if it made any difference anyway since this party was just for pure sex. I began by gently kissing and licking the insides of her thighs.

And the girl let out a little giggle and a squeal of delight. “Ummmmmommy,” she said, “This feels so fuckin’ good.”

“I’m sure it does, sweetie,” the mom sitting next to her said. “But it’ll be even more fun if you’ll play with mommy’s tits while Marge licks you.”

“Sure, if you’ll play with mine, too.”

“Certainly, now give mommy a nice big kiss.”

The erotic talk of this mother-daughter pair and the sounds of their dirty kissing made my pussy really gush. By this time I had worked my way up to the tops of the daughter’s thighs and so I just crammed my face into her sweet, young crotch and began chowing down.

“Ngggggg, mommmeeeee,” the girl moaned.

Above me the sound of her gasps of pleasure made me redouble my efforts. By now I had slipped my hands under her ass and was squeezing it tightly while cramming my face harder into her cunt, rubbing my nose against her clit, and driving my tongue up towards her G-spot. The girl wrapped her sweet, white thighs around my head and squeezed firmly holding me in blessed “captivity.” And her feet tapped almost spastically against my back and butt as I furiously ate her out, loving the sound of her moans, and the taste of her hot nectar now saturating my face.

Meanwhile, the woman behind me had slipped her foot between my thighs and was teasing my own horny, dripping cunt . . . which I much appreciated.

As soon as the daughter I was eating had gushed her orgasm against my face, I gave her a few final licks, a sweet kiss on her puffy lips, and then moved on to her mom and repeated the process all over. With all the mom’s and daughters around the table dirty kissing each other, the nasty, erotic sounds güvenilir casino interspersed with their dirty talk kept driving me higher and higher as I licked away at the MILF before me. And all the while the feet of all these mothers and daughters were teasing my cunt, my tits, my butt, everything sending indescribably thrills throughout my body.

By the time I had fishing eating to orgasm all eight women, I was desperate for my own relief. But my erotic “torture” was just beginning.

Beth and Brittany led me over to the wooden stocks contraption in the corner. They stuck my head in the large hole at the top, with my hands poking out through the two small holes to the side. Below that were two holes for my tits to poke through, and below that two larger holes for my legs. So, thus, it was like I was sitting down, my upper thighs resting on the wood of the bottom part of the holes fit for them, and my ass and cunt exposed behind, and my huge tits also exposed to the front, as was my head.

And then they started on me.

A mother-daughter pair started licking, kissing, and sucking on my ample tits while another woman leaned over those two and while fondling the tits of the two sucking on me, she began licking my face and lips most lewdly. Another mother-daughter team positioned themselves on the floor in front of me so they could kiss and lick the underside of my legs from my feet to my upper thighs.

Now of the other three women I couldn’t see ’cause they got in behind me but one of them began kissing and licking my back from my neck down to my butt while another one alternately spanked and fondled my ass cheeks. The remaining woman, or girl, positioned herself on the floor somehow so she could lick my pussy.

They soon had me moaning and squealing in ecstasy. I longed to return the pleasure to someone . . . anyone, but trapped as I was I couldn’t do a thing but whimper and moan.

And before I could cum Beth gave some sort of a signal and they all rotated to a different part of my body so that each of them could work on a different body part. And with all that kissing, licking, spanking, and sucking they kept driving me higher and higher until I was in agony. Never had I felt so horny, so sex-crazed. Then they’d switch places again each time before I could cum. I’d cool off a bit, and then they’d start in again just driving me so friggin’ crazy. All these sexy mothers and daughters doing me like this.

By the time each of the 8 women and administered to each part of my body I was totally out of my mind. I am as much a pleasure giver as a pleasure taker and not being able to kiss, lick, and fondle all these beautiful mother-daughter teams while they were doing me drove me totally bonkers.

But worse, they wouldn’t let me cum. They just kept tormenting me with all this exquisite pleasure, but then before I could go over the top and orgasm, they’d break off, exchange places, and start all over again. And it just kept driving me higher and higher.

Finally, after all eight of the women had gone the rounds, they let me loose and then arranged the two couches into a massive king-sized bed. The backs of the couches folded down and the women then scrunched the two couches together and put sheets on them in anticipation of catching gobs of girl goo.

Beth and Brittany took my hands and led me to the bed. And then all the women fell upon me and we all frolicked in a mass of female flesh. Kissing, licking, eating, fondling, playing, tribbing. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

And I was in sheer heaven being smothered in that wonderful orgy of moms and daughters and their sexy flesh.

After we’d all eaten our fill, we cooled off and got dressed. I told Beth and Brittany that I’d just had the best time of my life. And Beth promised me I could come back every Saturday and party with them . . . if I wanted to.

Like hell if I’d say no.

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