At Honest Jim’s Garage Pt. 02

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Chapter 6: Secrets exposed.

Nikki was stark naked as she came to her car with tears streaming down her cheek, the small amount of clothing she had been wearing was clutched haphazardly to her chest. It was cold outside but thankfully not below freezing. Despite this being the middle of the day there didn’t seem to be anyone around in the area. As she searched for the keys in her purse she dropped everything on the ground. Nikki finally found her ears and opened the car trunk then she pulled out a pair of jeans and a shirt she had back there and pulled them on. Nikki picked up everything that was on the ground and threw it into the trunk and slammed it shut. She rushed around to the driver’s seat and got in. After starting the car she threw it into reverse and quickly reversed out into the road. Nikki breaked hard and then peeled out down the road. She was lucky they were empty.

When she came to the main thoroughfare she stopped hard next to the curb and laid her head down on the steering wheel and cried until she felt ready to drive again. She wanted to talk, needed to talk, and the only person she could talk to was Kara. It was nearly three o’clock and the aquarium where Kara worked would be closing down soon so she could catch her there. Nikki pulled out onto the highway more calmly as she now had a plan. After only a few minutes she pulled into the empty parking lot of the aquarium and got out of her car.

“I’m sorry we’re closed.” a not so helpful guy informed her as she walked towards the entrance.

“I’m here to see Kara, I’m her friend.” her voice still thick with tears. The employee recognizing that this might not be something he wanted to get in the middle of just conceeded.

After unlocking the gate he said “She’s probably over there in building 11 in the employee lounge. You can go right in.” Nikki hurried off in the direction the young man pointed.

She found the door and entered the room. There were about 8 round tables and at each one sat a few people talking, probably waiting for people to come pick them up after work. She saw Kara over in the far corner talking to a petite black haired woman and she rushed over to them. As she neared Kara looked up “Nikki! What are you doing here?”

“I need to talk to you.”

“Umm, alright. This is Kat, she’s going to be …”

“Alone!” she interrupted. Now Kara noticed the way Nikki looked. Her face was red and puffy and overall she looked sloppy. Her long blond hair was wild and messy. She never let herself look like that, ever! She was also barefoot.

Kara stood up and looked left then right. “Alright… Let’s go in the bathroom.” and the two hurried off together and went into the women’s restroom.

Kat looked over at the next table where two ladies were sitting and they caught her eye and said quietly “What was that all about?”

Kat got up and smiled slyly. “I’ll go check.” and upon reaching the women’s room door put her ear to it. They watched her for a little bit then turned back to their own conversation.

Inside the restroom Kara had hopped up onto the counter and asked “OK, what’s wrong? What happened at your orgy?”

Nikki looked at her friend and with a teary pout mumbled “I can’t tell you.” and took the soap from the counter top and began to lather her hands then began to wash her face.

“Well you rush all the way over here because something happened. You rush so fast you forget your shoes and now you don’t want to talk about it? Come on Nik, we’ve known each other for 3 years now. Lived together most of that time. Heck, you even came with my family when we went to Florida that one year. Nobody knows you better then I do. You can talk to me. I’m not going to hold it against you.”

After Nikki washed the soap off she let her head hang down and let the water drip off her nose and through her bangs. “You’ll hate me. You’ll think I’m sick and perverted. Worse then a whore.”

“No I wont. Look, sometimes in life things just happen. Things you don’t expect to happen. Talking about it can help you … get on with life. Talk to me. Did they hurt you?”

“No, they were very nice to me. We were having fun. Until …”

“They paid you right?”

“Yes. I got the money.”

“Well then, until what? They paid you and you had a good time. That’s exactly what you wanted right?”


“Well then what happened?” Kara tried to come up with something so far fetched it couldn’t have happened in order to get Nikki to talk. “Did your father come back and catch you?”


“He did?” Kara blurted out in shock. “What happened?”

“He fucked me!” and Nikki replied and fell to the floor and began to sob again.

Kara sat there in stunned silence for a few moments. “Why?”

“How the fuck should I know?” Nikki spat.

“I’m sorry” Kara said softly.

“JJ too. He just came over and stuck it in my mouth. And I sucked it” Nikki said through her sobs.

Kara got down with her and hugged her. “I’m so sorry. He shouldn’t have done that.”

“But…, but…, casino şirketleri but I let him.” Nikki eeked out.

“You were just taken by surprise.” Kara suggested rubbing Nikki’s back. Nikki cried for a few minutes on Kara’s shoulder before Kara offered “Do you want to hear a secret?” When Nikki didn’t reply she continued. “It might make you feel better.”

“What?” Nikki asked.

“I’ve also had sex with my father.”

Nikki sat bolt upright. “What!?” Her sorrows momentarily forgotten.

“It’s true. When we went to Europe.”

“But Dan’s so normal. You’re so normal.”

“Yeah well it was my mother’s idea.”

“But she’s so normal.”

“I know. But like I said, sometimes things in life, things just happen. And that happened to me.”

“How?” Nikki asked incredulously.

Kara leaned back against the well. “It all happened because Keith left me. I wanted to be made love to. I just needed one of those toe curling orgasms. I refused to sleep with just any guy that I might pick up at a night club. So after about a couple weeks of moping Mom decided that Dad could help me.”

“And that was it? She offered him up and you two hopped in bed.”

“No, it wasn’t that easy. But when you’re horny like I was and you get a thought like that in your head, it just grows and grows until it’s all you can think about.” With that Kara told Nikki everything. (For Kara’s story read “Twisted European Tryst” linked to in my profile.)

When Kara finished Nikki thought about it for a few moments. “So that’s why you looked me up when you got back here? Because of that dream.”

“Sort of. Mostly I really like having you as a roommate and I can’t afford a nice apartment all on my own. Sure you do porn but you were clean, nice and always paid your bills on time. But I did want to make sure you never slept with Keith.”

“Nope, I never did. He never even tried.”

“Good. That dick.”

Ignoring her Nikki mused. “I’d never heard of anyone having sex with their own father. And now it’s happened to both of us. What do you suppose it means?”

When Nikki said that, the door opened and Kat stepped in with a haunted look in her eyes. She shut the door behind her.

Kara didn’t miss a beat. “We’re going to be awhile Kat, can you get a ride with someone else?”

Kat ignored her and said “I’ve done it too.”

“Done what?” Kara asked suspiciously.

“No way!” Nikki denied. “No way!” she said pointing at Kat.

“It’s true” Kat countered.

“Done what?” Kara repeated firmly.

Kat had walked over and sat down on the floor next to them. “I’ve had sex with my father.”

“You’re lying!”Nikki accused.

“It’s true” Kat asserted.

“No, I can see it.” Kara said matter-of-factly.

“Why?” Kat and Nikki asked as one but for different reasons.

“Remember that married guy I flirted with at the gym last month? Right after Thanksgiving?The one I said I went all porno with? That was her father.”

“Porno?” Kat asked with suspicion and jealousy heavy in her voice.

“Nothing happened, I just felt his muscles and had him feel my butt. That was it.”

“Oh?” Kat said skeptically. Then she continued “Well it was that same day. After he came back from the gym we went to a costume party. He was wearing a big bear costume and I got cold and climbed inside. Then one thing led to another.” Kat burst into a big grin “and then it led there again out in the parking lot and like almost every night since then.” Kat sighed contentedly. Both Nikki and Kara were looking at her with their eyebrows arched so she told them the whole story. (For Kat’s story read “The Dancing Bear” linked to in my profile.)

Nikki looked at Kat. “You really did it?” and she nodded. “Then towards Kara “You too?” and she nodded. “The world’s gone mad!”

“Why? You did it!” Kat countered.

“I didn’t want to do it. That’s why I’m in here crying!” Nikki said with a touch of annoyance in her voice. She pointed at Kara “You did it cause your mother turned you on” then over to Kat “and you, you’re having an affair with your dad. He’s cheating on his wife, your mother, with you!” Nikki voice rose in volume as she spoke.

“Calm down Nikki” Kara scolded her. She got up and walked over to the door and peeped out. The room was still half full. “Let’s go someplace else. Up on the roof” and she jingled the keys in her pocket. “It’s a little more private then here.”

“And no eavesdroppers!” Nikki countered.

“Hush up!” Kara said and led the other two over to the back of the lounge where an elevator took them to the 3rd floor. They grabbed an extra coat for Nikki from Kara’s small office she shared with a couple other coworkers. From there they climbed a ladder that went up to the roof. Someone had gone to the effort of dragging a love seat, a recliner and several assorted pieces of patio furniture up there and built a small private sitting area. The sound of exhaust from the water cleaning systems would drown out their conversation before it could reach the edge of the building.

“Wow, casino firmaları there’s a great view from up here. Look, there’s the University.” Kat observed.

“Yeah, wonderful” Nikki’s anger had faded but her gloom was back. She collapsed into the corner of the love seat and seemed to melt into the jacket she was wearing. Kara sat beside her and Kat sat cross-legged on a recliner with more then a few holes in the leather.

“Me and a few of the grad students built this last year. Somewhere we could get away and smoke a little green.” Kara said smugly.

“You smoked pot!” Nikki said raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“Not often. Mostly it was Keith’s thing.”

“Mmm” Nikki said noncommittally. “I thought they drug tested here.”

“It’s funny, we’re supposed to but our budget’s so small we can’t afford it so Mrs. Triad, that’s my boss, just fakes it up as though we’re all clean.”

“Kara?” Nikki asked, “how can you act so normal after what you did. I mean you fucked your Dad for weeks then come back here and you become the exact same person you were before. I don’t understand it?”

“Well what else was I going to do? It happened. I did it. Now I’ve moved on. I’ve learned you can’t just let things go on bothering you for the rest of your life. You’ve got to live it and with the decisions you’ve made. So when something like that happens you’ve just got to … What’s the word I’m looking for? Readjust your world view so that it becomes a part of you. Accept that it happened and move on.”

“I’ve got a couple joints” Kat offered. “Want to share?”

“Yes!” Nikki said decisively. “I think I could use a few good hits.”

“OK, why not” Kara said shrugging. So Kat lit one up and they passed it around a few times and all relaxed visibly.

Kat giggled “We should form a club. The Father Fuckers Club. The FFC.”

“We could march in parades.” Kara proffered merrily.

“We could make the day after Thanksgiving National Daddy-Daughter day. Get them to offer discounts when they come here together.” Kat said.

“And on motel room rates” Kara laughed and Nikki laughed a bit with her.

“We could march on Washington” Nikki offered.

“Demand that they force the networks to have more father-daughter couples on TV to represent us” Kara suggested.

“We’d need a flag.” Kat began. “Something meaningful.”

“How about if you have FFC on it but the middle line of the middle F is shaped like a penis and it’s fucking the C.” Kara thought out loud.

“OK, maybe a little too graphic though.” Kat said.

“How about a motto?” Kara asked.

“The family that plays together, stays together” Kat shouted excitedly.

“We can do better then that” Kara said. “How about ‘It’s not incest, it’s Funcest!”

“How’s this for a PSA?” Nikki said. Then she acted it out. “Do you see this penis? This is the penis that created you, the one that brought you into this world. This is the penis that planted the very seed from which you grew.” And then with an extremely serious look on her face. “Have you made this penis happy today? It’s not incest. It’s funcest. Fundamentally approved by the FFC, join today.”

Kat fell off her chair laughing. Kara’s face turned red as she doubled over in laughter and Nikki grabbing the joint was laughing pretty hard herself.

“Let’s order some pizza.” Kara suggested.

“Yes!” Kat said as she climbed back into the recliner.

So Kat placed the order and as she did so Mrs. Triad opened the hatch and stepped onto the roof. Nikki hid the joint behind her back quickly. While Kara hopped up and rushed over to her.

“Hi Barbara, listen my friend here’s having a bit of a hard time and we just came up here for some girl talk.”

“OK, that’s fine” Barbara Triad began. “I just wanted to check up on you. I’m about to lock up. You have a set of keys too, so make sure things are secured when you leave.” She turned halfway to go before saying “I don’t want to hear anything about cops when I come in on Monday.”

“We’ll be good.” With that Mrs. Triad nodded and went back down the hatch.

“Wow, she’s pretty cool.” Nikki said taking a hit of the joint before offering it to Kara.

“She’s an old sixties radical. She’s probably done enough shit to put all three of us in our graves?”

“Thirty minutes.” Kat said as she snapped her phone shut. “So .. you think she did her father?” and all three burst into giggles.

“Ooh ooh, we could get people to sponsor us. A dollar for every minute of fucking we can do. Raise money for the cause you know.” Nikki proffered.

“OK, you’re feeling better” Kara declared.

“I don’t feel so weird anymore.” Nikki admitted. Together they fleshed out a little more of the FFC before moving on to other subjects like school. Graduate school for Kara, Nikki’s senior year in college and Kat’s senior year in high school.

After a lull in the conversation Kara sat up quickly. “Oh! Before I forget” she began. “Kat’s mother kicked her out.” She swiveled towards Kat güvenilir casino and cast an accusing finger. “You said she found out you were having sex in your room. It was your Dad, wasn’t it?”

Kat blushed furiously. “Yeah.” Then with defiance clear on her face. “She actually went out to the garbage cans and dug through them to find the bags I threw away and tore it open and searched it. She found a few used condoms and she lit up like a bomb. She’s been such a bitch lately. So yeah, she kicked me out.”

“Nikki, I offered to let her stay with us for awhile. She can move into the pantry. It can fit a single bed and a dresser and it has that one set of plugs. I hope you don’t mind.”

“For how long?” Nikki asked.

“And that’s why your Dad’s going to pay a third of the rent for you.” Kara pointed again at Kat as more of the story unraveled in Kara’s mind.

“I’ll be good” Kat said. “All of my friends are either still living at home or they’re in the university dorms and already have a roommate. Mom said I have to find a place by Monday.”

“She’s a good kid” Kara said waving off Nikki’s suspicions. She held the joint in front of her face. “although she is a mother fucking pot sm…”

“Father fucking” Nikki corrected her.

“That’s right.” Kara cried victoriously. “A father fucking pot smoker!” and they all burst into laughter again.

They were interrupted by Kat’s phone ringing. “Pizza!”

“I’ll get it” Kara offered.

Nikki passed her a couple twenties. “It’s my treat.”

Kara took it. “You are the richest one here” and went to get it.

When she was gone Kat asked Nikki “So you gonna fuck him again.”


“Why? Wasn’t it good? Is he handsome?”

Nikki shrugged and pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them.

“You’ve already done it once. If you fucked him once why not again?” Kat asked.

“Because it’s weird. Why do you keep doing it? It sounded like he basically raped you that first time.”

“It wasn’t rape!” Kat snapped. “It was just rough. And unexpected.” Kat’s voice softened. “Just like with you. It turned me on so badly though. Just to think of him doing me right there on the floor with everyone standing around us not knowing what was going on inside the bear costume. Now we’re like one of those new couples. The sex is fantastic.” Kat leaned back into the recliner with only a satisfied smile peaking from behind the hood of her sweatshirt.

“Aren’t you worried your mother’s going to find out?” Nikki was asking as Kara returned with a couple pizzas and some drinks. They all took a slice and began to eat as night began to creep over the city.

“I did at first but not anymore. I almost want to get caught. To see the look on her smug face when she walks in and sees us fucking on her bed. And what could she do? Tell everybody that her husband is sleeping with her daughter? As if!”

“You don’t feel guilty?” Kara asked.

Kat scoffed. “Not at all.” She laughed a little to herself. “Ironically though I do feel guilty that I don’t feel guilty. It seems like a normal person should feel guilty. I guess I’m not normal though.”

“Don’t be too hard on her Kat” Kara said. “I’m sure she’s just trying to do what she thinks is best for you. That is her job as a mother you know.”

“And she’s doing that by throwing me out?”

“She’s just worried you’ll get knocked up too young. She’s probably thinks that by kicking you out you’ll get your priorities straight. I bet she expects you to come knocking on her door in a few days and apologize.”

“Hmmph!” Kat grunted dismissively. “Fat chance of that.” Then to turn the discussion back to Nikki she said “You never said whether it was good or not.”

“Well …” and Nikki drifted a bit in thought. “You know I do porno, don’t you?”

“Really?!” Kat’s eyes bugged out a bit.

“Yeah, and I’ve been fucked by tons of guys. And he did everything right. I mean if it was anybody but him I probably would have cum several times. All I could think though was ‘This is my Dad. This is my Dad.'”

“What about your brother?” Kara asked.

“Pff. He came so quickly he was hardly even there. With my Dad though he must have pounded me for about 10 minutes. Usually guys have to stop every now and then to let their dick calm down. He just kept going. No one’s every fucked me like that.”

All three of them sat there in silence for about a minute thinking about that. Kat broke the silence. “What about your Mom?”

A sad look crossed Nikki’s face. “She died a long time ago.” and again they lapsed into silence.

“I’m sorry.” Kat apologized and the silence drew on. Again it was Kat who broke it. “Well, I think it’s so hot. There you are getting just pounded by your Dad and there’s all his friends standing around watching you.”

“You did it in front of people.” Kara reminded her.

“Yeah but I couldn’t see them and they just thought Dad was dancing. They didn’t even know I was there. To actually have people watching you, the thought of that just turns me on.” Then Kat bit her lip and looked at the two. “I have an idea. How about I call my Dad to come pick me up and then I bring him inside the gate and let him fuck me over by the concession stand. And then you two can watch.”

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